The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's do this

Okay i am going to UPDATE with some readable material because my cousin left the cutest wall msg (in the world) asking me to update and i really can't disappoint her. Also K expressed her dissatisfaction with me too so i gotta type more than 4 sentences haha

The "Christmas" holiday zoomed by extremely quickly and with my peanut-size memory i've forgotten most of the details already. Funny though, i didnt get my usual PRE-Christmas Blues this year. Perhaps ive grown out of them? Because i dont have the POST-Christmas Blues either. So strange....Anyways going to review the 24th-27th days because it was the most EPIC days of the holiday and i survived on very little sleep.

Christmas Eve
From what i remember, this day was absolute crunch day. Lx and i were suppose to go pre-boxing day shopping and shop for last minute gifts for his family. Prior to that though, he was to go DimSum-ing with my family because i think we will be creating a tradition of that from now on (Christmas Eve is dim sum with my family, Christmas Day is dinner with his family). Unfortunately lx's Christmas Curse strikes for the third year in a row and he comes down with a chronic case of the flu and had to cancel on that. I remember thinking to myself, omg this is fukking deja vu. Thankfully, his bff took me shopping instead and spent more money than i haha.

@ Night it was Christmas Eve dinner at my cousin's house (the turkey i ate was the best turkey ive had in five years). I dont see my cousins very often and it makes me very sad because lx and his cousins are unbeliveably close even with the age difference AND the fact they dont even live in the same country...while all mine live within the city and i don't even see them more than twice a year. sighs.

Anyways that night i was seated with my older cousins, in their thirties and it was really nice to finally be able to talk to them on a level where we understand each other. Two of my cousins are fairly grounded in the print industry and it was too awesome, speaking "print" with them while their husbands attempt to jump into the conversation with random print knowledge. "Is the stock FSB-certified" (inside GCM joke) haha aw. it was hilarious. Of course i am plentiful jealous of them because they know SO SO many people in the industry to a point where it seems like one of my cousins has worked in every damn print shop known to a trade printer and the other one has TI Group knocking on her office door and offering to print her wedding invitations. Argh. so so jealous. They also can cook amazing turkey too. Gah. Even more jealous lol.

I also got to see the kids who i call my nephews and neices (i dont know what u call cousin's kids) are the most adorable kids in the world. Here i am adoring lx's two nephew and neices, i adore mine even more. Absolutely cuteness galore. That said though i'm terrifying of having kids hahah.

I've been following justbee@xanga's life for the past two months. Shes the creator of (a REALLY large wedding blog site-turned network) and since shes "married" now, she talks about her post-marriage life in the Big Apple and she's very entertaining because her husband and herself r really rich so she always has adventures and shopping tips to share. More recently, she started blogging about her pregnancy, and even MORE recently- the birth of her new baby. Anyways, since shes an avid blogger like myself- she blogged about her labor experience and nothing beats reading someone's personal experience in Child Birth. All i have to say about that is, i don't know if i can survive childbirth when the time comes hahah It sounds excruciating. I knew that it was (very) painful, but reading her experience made me want to cringe. So yes, i love kids but afraid of having them. Thought i would share.

Ok back to my original thought: so we came home from my cousins' and i HAD to begin baking because the mister's family christmas dinner was in less than 24 hrs. I originally was going to make Cheesecake Bites, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cookie Monster Cupcakes for the kids. Since i couldnt grab the cream cheese and ricotta cheese in time, i had to minus the Cheesecake Bites from the plan and only do the other two. I started at around...10pm? I went to sleep at 3:30am-ish. Half of my batch of cookies turned out like shit (overdone) and the other half i kept to use for the mouths of my Cookie Monster cupcakes.

I have this pic loaded up everywhere because this was my first time baking cupcakes from scratch and they came out REALLY tasty and it actually LOOKS like cookie monster and not a blue blob...thus i am VERY proud of myself. =]]] I think im going to make it a tradition to bake (different kinds) of cupcakes for his family events because the adults were REALLY into it. Even though i had to make the flour batch TWICE cuz i fukked up the process, crush the brown sugar until the skin on my fingers peeled because it condensed in the jar and frosted those damn cupcakes until i felt like fainting. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. haha.

Christmas Day
I remember waking up particularly early because i had nightmares that my cupcakes flopped and i actually ran downstairs to check if they were in-tacked at 7am haha. I still had presents to make and wrap, presents to give out, cards to write, nails to do, hair to straighten before the mister came to get me. It was all a blur, probably because it was gloomy and rainy and i dont remember much when its grey and dark outside. I finally made it to Lx's (WITH a Starbucks ^^) and spent the night at his house and replacing him in all games and festivities because he had to sleep at 10pm (for an early bird 7am shift the next morning). Again, i don't think l'll ever learn all of his extended families' names and their relationship to one another. There is simply too many each time and i swear the older ladies all look the same. lol His sister is great to me and really made me feel comfortable by sitting next to me during games so i feel less like an outsider. I am tres thankful that shes treating me like "family"....actually overall im glad she likes me or else life would really suck (she might turn her kids against me if she didnt like me!!!) haha. It was another late night b/c i spent it helping lx's mom clean up and maneuver through their mountain of gifts received for being a host.

Boxing Day
Like i said previously, i spent the night and was awaken by the kids poking at my face looking for Grandma at 730am lol Couldnt really sleep in because they started yelling around 9am. The morning goes by with relatives showing up and LX coming home for lunch before going back to work. It was a very Sunday-morning-family brunch sort of feel......but that sounds really gay so i didnt bring that up to LX and he probably won't read as far as this so i dont feel so lame typing it. I told myself that i must NOT go to the mall because ive spent far more than i intended to earlier this month and i was quite successful. The day ended with us going to watch Sherlock Holmes (which i kind of fell asleep to....) because Avatar in IMAX was sold out until yesterday @ the Vaughn location. I'm SURE a lot of people think we're being too picky because we refuse to watch it in "3D" or "2D" but i mean if ur gonna watch a movie that was MADE for IMAX....should respect that and watch it in the same technology it was made right? Just my opinion. It was a short night because i was so exhausted from the past 2 days.

&&&&& yeah thats my super long ass summary of the 3 most important days of the holiday haha Met up with K and everyone for Frankie Tomatoes on Saturday and then later Cranium-ed it up @ Lx's with his bffs. Was seriously one of the best Cranium games ive ever played. We mustttttttt do it againnnnnnnnnn =D

Im seriously starting to lose my touch with blogging. i feel like im boring and not entertaining anymore...or even MORE boring and even MORE not entertaining from before. Gah. I guess thats what happens when ur life is boring.

NYE is gonna be quiet this year. LX is working an evening shift and l'll probably be bringing in my laptop and blogging about 2009 while waiting for him to get off work to do something random.

There you go. I updated. lolllllll

P.S. i also went on a nailpolish high and bought these two colors.

That new mustard yellow is officially my new favorite color entering 2010.

Monday, December 28, 2009


(via source)
Too pretttty! Paris, France you are too romantic.

I want to blog, but my napping mode just kick in. I'll be back eventually with too much writing.

Friday, December 25, 2009

best 10 dollars EVER spent.

on Matte Nail Polish. Dark, sexy Russian Navy Blue ; ))))))


Will blog soon with pictures!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


My apologies for not blogging.....I notice the # of hits r still up meaning people r still dropping by....with nothing to read....and as K puts it- UR BLOG DIDN'T ENTERTAIN ME (today). Sowies sowies~!! haha But ive been SO busy to the point where tonight i ate my dinner (a ham Sub) on the BUS at 845pm at night coming from STC with a bag of goodies. But the day is finally here!! Christmas Eve as we speak ^___^. Going to be a LONGGGG Day tmr.....actually in a few hours =____=. The mister is here at 1030am, bright and early to take my parents to dimsum and then afterwards pre-boxing day/last-minute gift/baking ingredients shopping. I still have a LIST to buy for and no idea how i am going to pull it off Gahhhh. Then evening I have a fam jam to attend to see all my super cute nephews and nieces. Then possibly a Karaoke event hosted by the mister's friends but more than likely a pass for me because i must stay home to bake til i faint and probably wrap presents til dawn.

Surely l'll blog after all my baking, wrapping and sleeping is accomplished.

Happy Holidays in the meantime to everyone ^^
PS. THANK U TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT SENT ME GIFTS & GREETING CARDS IN THE MAIL!!!! I lurve snail mail because its uber romantic but so sneaky when it comes to obtaining my home mailing address heh (aside from E who asked lol) Thnx u thnx u! <3 : )

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Posts to Come

Annual Reflections broken down into Categories
New Years Resolution possibly broken down into Categories.
Expect them! I am in full blogging mode. They are going to be heavy duty word vomits.

Epics 2 week

Alrdy done:
  • Dermatologist Appointment- 2010 is the year my skin will be beautiful again!!!!
  • Met up with Chocolate for Wings and intense Starbucks-ing. Sad Albie couldn't made it
  • Ikea trip with K. Scouting out prices for the big reno in 2010! Dun dun dun. 
I foreshadow the followings in the next 2 weeks (in no particular order):
  • Christmas shopping for my list of 9 recipients (three down!!) and for misc. things such as pretty wrapping paper and tinsel to jazz up the exterior of the gift..baking ingredients...maybe a gift for myself! Who knows.
  • Christmas DIY Gift Making
  • Continuation of Project Debbie Travis on a Budget: Wallpapering(tentative!), rearranging furniture, cleaning up, organizing clothes & little DIY Projects around the room.
  • Christmas Wrapping!!!!!!! 
  • GCM Girls Secret Santa Exchange & Get-together
  • Sexy Girls Secret Santa Exchange & Get-together lol
  • Wings Night @ D's
  • More Joy Teas, Caramel Brulee Lattes and Cranberry Bliss Bars!
  • LOTS of Christmas Baking and Dessert Making
  • Actual Christmas Day! Traditional XMAS Dimsum with the Family in the morning.
  • Fit in Skating somewhere in there
  • Go back DT just to take a picture with the damn Swarovski tree....and then leave rite away haha
  • Writing up my New Years Resolutions
  • Watching Avatar in 3D and Sherlock Holmes
  • Boxing Day Shopping
And i stop at the 26th because i have no idea what im doing for NYE and if i am even doing anything at all. As always, it depends on my mood. As of now though i am in a TERRIFIC mood and cannot wait to go hit the LAST-SATURDAY-BEFORE-CHRISTMAS crowd this weekend ^_____^

Sunday, December 13, 2009


(via Source)

HAHHAHAHA ohmyeffinggawd, ppl r SO creative. i laughed so so fakking hard when i saw this lol ai. The things i find on the internet.

Anyways next 2 weeks is going to be epic!!! I am soooo excited for the holidays. I think im starting to get into the holiday spirit. Shopping, 2 Secret Santas, Room Reno, Avatar in 3D, Christmas, boxing day and i dont remember what else.

Will be back to blog more later!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Day

One day l'll be able to sport that. When i am stick thin and can tuck in my shirt ! Yes!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Room Detox Continuation

If anybody cares enough to remember, during the late summer i began to detox my room and wanted to give it a complete makeover. I gave myself a nice Queen size bed (a huge upgrade from a SINGLE) and rearranged all my furniture around. Then i got REALLY lazy and stopped with my "Debbie Travis on a Budget" Project. Now, thanks to K i am in full reno mode again lol
Color Palette I am aiming for


The walls are probably going to be Tin Pail or Prune and/or a mixture of the two depending on my mood in the Spring. Right now my aim for Boxing day & before the New Years is to find the cheapest deals on pretty storage boxes and bedsheets to bring my room into a less cluttered-state (thus the boxes. Shove all my crap in one place and consider it neat) and bring my room a step closer to the color palette (thus the bedsheets). Re-organize all my clothes with the wardrobe piece that i will be inheriting from K (TTHNXLUV!), get that piece of furniture to fit in my room by re-arranging my furniture again (the mister and my brother is going to be so angry with me), do something about all my bags that currently has a home on my floor, put up the curtains the mister got me from oh-so-long ago and getting my dad to create some shelf space for me!

Yays yays im excited once again!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I've been at it like a pig for the past 3 months. I've totally wasted three months worth of gym membership when i had to continue paying even though im not actually going. Gah. Ninty-ish dollars gone. Let's hope starting next week i can get back into it. Feeling like poo, physically. My chub is exploding again. I really should do something about it instead of just whining.

Anyways it started to snow today and i was in a way kind of happy because this means the Christmas spirit in me is coming back soon!!! Even with the Eaton Centre decorated with its Swarovski Tree and Starbucks and their Red Cups, I am not even close to feeling the Christmas spirit. I completely forgot that the Cavalcade of Lights existed and didnt even realize it until GlobalTv did a feature. I felt rather numb watching the pretty fireworks go at it at Nathan Phillip Square when normally i would feel all warm and bubbly when i see pretty lights and was actually really depressing lol. Hopefully, i can see the boys on Saturday for our overdue date and then sneak in skating with the mister at night to bring some Christmas cheer back into our lives lol I also have to start Christmas shopping for the family, Lx's family and close friends. I crossed the biggest one off my list today (being no-good) and that's always a good thing because i always stress about what to get him every year.

Also praying that the MINUS degrees weather isnt going to hit before my new jacket comes from BC!!!!!! I havnt bought anything BIG in a long time so this is reallly exciting for me. lol I am also going to conclude that there is absolutely no UGGs in my future because the only ones i want have officially been discontinued and i have no desire in wanting any others. I must find a different way to keep my feet warm. lol And can someone pwleaseeeeeee let me know when pretty bedsheets go on sale? I'm having no luck with these : ((

I foresee in the near future.....
  • A really big reno job in both my room and Karyn's haha
  • A trip to the dermatologist
  • Possibly two secret santa's
  • Skating @ Nathan Phillip Square
  • Three months over-due Movie/Starbucks Date with the Boys
  • Dinner with the Cousin
  • Gossip Girl & House Catch-Up Drama Night
  • Annual Christmas Cookie Baking for the Mister
Ok suddenly this turns into a random word vomit because my blogging mode switched on. Since ive gone past my bedtime im going to have to cut short and cheat with point-form.
  • Songs on Repeat: Lady Gaga- Bad Romance and Jason Derulo- Whatcha Say. Both were heavily influenced by Gossip Girl.
  • The Victoria Secret Fashion Show was pretty good this year minus that whole reality-hunt-for-the-next VS Angel thing. i really despise the winner, she was cocky and couldnt walk but thats just my opinion. i lovee lovee the Black Eye Peas and Fergie's thunder thighs. i really didnt like their song Meet me Halfway at first but again, under the influence of hot half-naked chicks that song is on repeat too. 
  • Obsessed with organizing/labeling/filtering/categorizing my e-mails in GMAIL. i really do have some sort of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). 
  • I find myself getting my nails done every 2-3 weeks or so. It is the most princess-thing i can do but there's honestly something about having someone shape and buff your nails for you that's just so satisfying....even though i technically can do it myself. I think its one of those things i would skimp out on a lunch just to save enough to go to a nail bar/salon. 
  • Matte Nail Polish: you are mine soon.  
  • Last night i dreamt i was part of the TWILIGHT/NEW MOON/ECLIPSE movie and i was with the "Wolf" Gang (sadly Taylor Lautner was NOT in my dream) but regardless the wolf guys were REALLLLLY sexy in my dream hahaha. ^______^
  • Have a new found love for Vitamin Water. I downed a whole bottle and a half tonight. It was delicious. I kept on wanting more. I dont know if this is normal.
  • Met up with the kids this past weekend and gamed it up til 4:30am. I was completely dead the next day.
  • Successfully planned another Birthday Surprise that worked out beautifully. I still haven't lost my touch : ) It reminded me of why im always the planner for events. Seeing people happy made the stress completely worth it at the end. 
  • Twin tried hot yoga for the first time yesterday and reported it back to me on a one on one basis and basically: I AM SOLD. J and/or Cousin, we must go soon. lol
  • i heart mister. he makes me laugh.

    Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    Before i forget.

    (via Source) (I want my hair long like the girl in the pic AND her sweater giggle)

    Shopping list for myself! Need to look for cheap yet a stylish:
    • Jewellery Stand/Holder or specifically something to hold my necklaces (Necklaces flying everywhere and getting tangled)
    • Bedsheets (Mini yellow and purple roses against pale green is not cool)
    • Scarf Box
    • Recycle Bin/Basket
    • Large Clothes Box (for my stay @ home clothes & PJs)
    • Mittens (refuse to buy any over 5 bucks....even though my TNA ones are losing its warmth strength. Dont buy TNA mittens. They dont keep u warm.)
    • Large Hot Rollers  (im in no rush for this but keeping an eye for a set that are discounted and is sooo cheap its like one of those i-get-lucky type of cheap......but not cheap in quality kind of product)
    Amongst other things i don't remember but i should because it'll come in handy seeing everything is currently on sale. Oh right, like this hat i saw Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey) wore on Gossip Girl. AND winter jacket shopping very soon! Before it hits zero degrees.... tho that seems so unlikely because it is currently freaking nine degrees outside. Madness. Looks like TNA parka here I come? I need peoples opinions and testimonials on those Tatula and Community jackets. I'm looking for something fitted, yet warm! Most importantly WARM. I'm getting old and i can't stand the cold.

    I wonder if Karyn is able to get me dirt cheap uggs from Vegas. When i mean dirt cheap, I mean under 80 bucks. heh. Sorry cousin and mister, im giving in. I will take those beats from u guys when i see u. xD Then again, the chances of her finding them for THATT cheap, in MY size, in THAT style (heard they discontinued making the Classic Mini's) and in the color (Chocolate) I want are probably pretty slim and at zero. If that is the case it would simply mean it wasn't meant to be!
    Shopping, shopping. A girls death.
    PS. Ninja Assassin was quite good. Big Ups to Rain for his role. lol

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    Victoria Secret Christmas Fashion Show

    Every year I torture myself by watching the Victoria Secret Fashion show in December. I always look forward to it because it always means Christmas is around the corner and also, there is something so satisfying about watching those girls walk the runway with their cleavage and buttocks swinging by in those gorgeous shows. heh. The best show to date is the year they had J.Timberlake as guest performer!!!! I thought the show that year was unbelievably hotttttt. i hope this year they got Lady gaga or someone like her to guest perform!!!! Btw. I am so Team "Alessandra Ambrosio". The girl is HAWT. I hope shes still in the show this year and hasn't retired like Giselle.

    I hope I don't miss it tonight! Tonight is date night with mister.


    (via Source)

    Can I get this for 76 dollars? (Plus Shipping & Taxes).
    I would be so cute if i sport that around. Pouts.

    Saturday, November 28, 2009


    Laying in bed and sulking for the past 3 days has made me stare at my blog for a long time with no motivation (or energy) to type anything. Anyways, i am thinking of changing my blog URL very soon (like half an hour-soon maybe) so just a heads-up to frequenters that the next time you return,

    might not exist the next time you come. So you know the usuals on how to stalk/track me down. Check facebook, link and twitter.

    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    every part of my body hurts so so much.

    my head, my body and my heart.

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009


    (via Source)

    ahahahaha dear god this made me laugh so hard at work. (( It was particularly painful because i have discovered I am sick and pain is bolting all over my body. =[ )) Anyways, ahaha!!! The kid reminds me SO MUCH of lx's oldest nephew and I can completely see him doing something like this too lol!!! If the kid from Calvin and Hobbes was Asian, and had a webcam, he would look like this I swear.

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    Justice- Please Read Me

    I assume everyone who reads my blog has me on facebook and/or twitter right? To those who don't have me on fb&twitter and/or missed my tweets and link sharing-notification on FB- please read this.

    I woke up this morning, went onto my Tumblr dashboard to catch up on my usual overnight entries that I missed and discovered this case, in bold, titled:

    Give 8-year-old rape victim, Na-Young, the justice she deserves Petition

    First, rape is already the worst most brutal, inhuman act a soul can perform (I personally think its much worst than murder. At least when you're dead you don't have to deal with the horrendous aftermath and its a type of closure in my opinion). Second, adding in the words 8-years-old AND Justice- there is no way this will end well. I went and read the case and I was immediately (not almost) sick to my stomach. I am struggling extremely hard and refraining myself to start typing my string of profanity and foul curses upon this fcuking animal because I plan to publish this entry on facebook and twitter (hmm maybe l'll do it in a separate entry) to continue to help create awareness and try my best to utilize the power of social media to help as much as I can.

    You can read the case for yourself here:

    I really must stress to those who cannot handle extreme brutality and gore of any sort  because the case details include graphic descriptions of what this sick bastard did to the child and its seriously not for the faint heart.

    Again, here it is:

     To do a quick 3 sentence summary- the bastard that raped (and did a whole lot more than just rape, l'll leave it at that) and permanently destroyed this little girl's life physically, mentally and emotionally- only got a sentence of 12 years. Yes, 12 fcuking years. He's 50 now, he'll come out in time to celebrate his 62nd. What-the-eff right?

    The petition hopes to get the Korean Government to reopen the case and give a heavier sentence to the perpetrator. It's extremely easy and takes about one minute of your time. I even created a step-by-step visual manual to the online signing process for those who think you have to do all this signing up and fuss with registration etc etc. Take a look at it. It's quick, easy and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

    If you have a heart, you would want to help bring justice to this little girl and her family. I signed it, no anonymous setting or anything. I really wish that those I know would feel the same as me and try to help make a difference.

    Thanks Guys for reading this, and coming by my blog.

    Friday, November 20, 2009

    New Moon

    Need i say more? ^______^
    New Moon tonight with Twin. Wish me good luck in surviving the night!

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009


    Enough said. That is the most creative proposal i have EVER seen and i had to share even though i am probably digging my grave by doing this. ANYWAYS, Its right up there with the bakerella proposal (that can be seen here). Maybe its extra awesome because its a "social" media/blog thing and im a big social media ho. Oh-how i love seeing sweet things like this popping up in my dashboards. Some men are just so creative. Marissa Nystrom must be so happy right now haha

    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    One Day

    Disneyland Resort Paris, Marne la Vallée, France (via source)

    I hope the mister can take me here one day. Or Disney World during Christmas to see Cinderella's castle covered in "ice" lighting.


    I feel like i havnt really "blogged" in weeks, due to the past 2 weeks being horribly stressful and mentally/physically exhausting. I worked over 75 hours (didnt make 100! but sure feels like it) in the past 2 weeks on coordinating and setting up my company's 10ftx25ft booth at Graphics Canada (Canada's largest Printing and Graphic Arts Trade Show). Along with that, i was in charge of creating, branding and designing my company's "new" product's corporate image and its accompanying literature that needed to be printed for the show. That said, i pretty much solo-ed everything and was in sweats, hoodies and runners for 2 weeks everyday at the office.

    Thank god its all over now thus the need to catch-up on blogging.

    Everyone pretty much know about how stressed and tired i was and i just commented on that so theres no need to go on anymore in risk of repeating myself. Graphics Canada 09, the mother of all trade shows that occur every 2 year officially marked its end yesterday at 4pm. As much as i bitched and complained about the WORK involved in making the show a success, i honestly loved and was excited to be part of it this year. I love Print as much as i say i hate it. I think what made it really successful to me, was the fact that i got to see old classmates and also the family when they came by. Yesterday, the mister and almost everyone in the fam dropped by and pretty much hung around my booth for a good hour. I think that to me was the best part of my 3 days at the show. I havnt seen the kids in so so long and seeing them yesterday made me realize (again) how much i miss them and how much we must work at staying in touch because what we have is a fortunate blessing. It was also really nice to see the mister, all this working has made phone time and going out time very limited if not non-existing. He really didn't have to come because he wants to derive away from Print (haha) but he did anyways and wore an embarrassing visitors badge that had a silly made-up company name i made up for him. haha The fam and i then all drove 20 minutes to the west and had Goat while FB-ing and comparing pics of hot girls from GCM, it was so completely random but so completely us. Hope to see everyone very very soooooooon. =]

    Oh yeah im goin back to GCM to be a "guest" lecturer on Tuesday..... Isnt that hilarious? Im going back as one of the people i use to hate listening to a year ago. lol sighs, oh the irony!

    Moving on. i received my first official birthday cake last night and its my first since...2nd year when the girls surprised me with a McCain chocolate cake in the lab lol all thanks to Karyn. You're amazing my dear, it was so thoughtful and i was seriously SO surprised, i thought the 2nd box had "ET"'s body and was an extension of his head haha thank u again and lots of lurve =]

    Btw, i dont like celebrating my birthday hence the lack of thoughts on it.

    Today was suppose to go dress shopping with the cousin but i was forced to stay home to do budgeting and activity logging for 3 months worth of work. It was a complete fail. I did it for like...40 minutes and somehow ended up on my bed and was knocked out until dinner time. I'm sorry about bailing out so last minute! i hope u found your dress though.

    On the subject of dresses and shopping, i was lucky (well not really sure if its considered "lucky" lol) and was able to hit CB&UB for their 50% family&friends sale at the mall yesterday morning while waiting for my manager to come get me. Holyshit did i do damage on my visa. I bought the most GORGEOUS dress in the world. Its soooo gorgeous and it reminds me of something Serena (from Gossip Girl) would wear. Midnight blue, rhinestones, one shoulder. I wish Syl's wedding is next month because i want to wear it RIGHT AWAY. HEART HEART HEART. Also with that, a dashinggggggggg fire red one shoulder (again with the one shoulder) with a crazy drape-like side. Erm, the only problem with these dresses is i can't really wear them right now because my body isn't exactly catered to the dresses but i bought them anyways because i feel like i can work on my body to fit into these dresses. It also means even though i have new dresses, its equivalent to not having any new dresses in the first place because i can't wear them out right away. I know, i don't know why i do that either. I am still dress-less for the upcoming few events i've "Accepted" to. Big Boourns.

    Ah, i guess thats it.

    Now, catching up with Gossip Girl and dreading the work week =[

    OH OH, and NEW MOON in five days. I am SOOOO excited. Jacob Black..i am ready for you. pwahahhaha

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    Is it even possible?

    I think i MIGHT hit 100 work hours in 2 weeks.

    Gawd even typing that felt disgusting.

    So so exhausted.

    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    In a little more than 24 hours...

    Gotta have new product branding complete.
    Includes, logo, 4-page brochure, data sheetS and two 87" banners completed.
    Everything's gotta be on press by noon tmr.

    Problem is nothing is finalized. !@#$

    Wish me good luck =[

    Friday, November 6, 2009

    56 Hour Weeks Anyone?

    The next nine days is literally going to be hell for me.

    Working my ass off between work, my own work from home and going out inbetween.

    Wish me luck on surviving without getting sick!!!

    CANNOT wait until GC09 is done.

    Thursday, November 5, 2009


    (via Source)

    So so so sexy. Would take so much to look like that lol

    Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    the most wonderful time of the year

    (via Source)

    Yes, Starbuck's Red Cups are back!!!!!
    && that also means the pastry that ive been waiting for oh so patiently all year has returned!!!!! 3 words: Cranberry. Bliss, Bars. ^_____^ I don't know why but Starbucks during Christmas means a great deal to me. A gloomy cold day can be cheered up and warmed up by some heavenly goodness in the red cup. I heart so so much. Can't wait to head over to a SB with lx.

    Anyways, thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and gifts! Yes, i totally suck for not doing anything (again) this year. I'm just a big emo-burger when it comes to celebrating my birthday. I'd honestly rather go, dress up, by a new dress and celebrate other's birthdays : )

    However i do foresee the following for the month of November:
    - a much overdue movie/dinner/starbucks combo session with the boys
    - ET's Hot Pot Dinner
    - Graphics Canada
    - Ernie's Birthday Event
    - My Italian dinner date with K
    - Drinks&Music with the Girls for my Birthday
    - Cousin's Annual Spectacular Birthday
    - virtually no gymming = more weight gain
    - lots of money spending : (

    I am completely restraining myself from spending money. It's really hard because i have this new princess-complex where i can't wear the same dress twice if the clubbing/party/dinner event has cameras (which is 100% of the time b/c im the camera keeper) and i have like four of those to go to this month......Yes. i completely agree how terribly rotten i am. I have no conclusion to this thought aside from that lol

    I do however am craving for a new messenger-like bag to carry my laptop. I've been bringing my laptop to work and it sits so uncomfortably in my current bags during my 20minute travel (haha) and i fear the discomfort will kill me when it snows. I've been eyeing this white vintage-style adidas bag and i can get it for 35% off (because VisaPerks! ^^) which comes out to $49.48 (incld. shipping&taxes..) versus it being 59.99 in stores. Shall i? It would look great with the new winter jacket, glasses and uggs i plan to purchase come-winter?

    Hmmm i sound so much like a spoiled princess that needs her shopping-fix, in the past 2 paragraphs. :S

    i swear im not.


    Monday, November 2, 2009


    i feel the same. elle-oh-elle.

    Friday, October 30, 2009


    There's two days left in the month and my brother and i are surviving on THREE GIGS of bandwidth at home. We've been monitoring our net since the 2nd week in October and have been very generous with our downloads and streamings and limited ourselves to using only 1.5gigs (TOTAL, not each) per day. Regardless though, we are so so so screwed hahaha Pray that we can make it!!!!


    This entry will probably trip everyone out so i thought maybe i should put a disclaimer before reading any further.
    i am NOT suicidal nor do i have some sort of chronic terminal disease in which lead me to writing and preparing for my death lol It's just a thought that came to me as i was doing some reading and upon finding that image (above). 
    Everyone who knows me, know that i am a avid, hardcore blogger. I don't know why I am comfortable with "sharing" my thoughts with the dangerous world wide web and its inhibitors, nor understand why I get comfort and satisfactory from blogging. It's probably one of those most single dangerous thing I can do online aside from posting my home address, cellphone number and facebook password (all at once). I have an open blog(s), an open Twitter and at one point during university my facebook WAS open to anybody that was in the Toronto area (population: 5.5 MIL). I  made that completely private due to the fact that I was using my full name there and i did not want potential (and current) employers, potential in-laws, older relatives and creepy older china men to see what i like to do on the weekend (i.e. Dressing up for Halloween. Big no-no. Cannot impress potential in-laws or employers that way lol). A lot of people has expressed their "concern" about my blogging and not holding back on my thoughts can be ammo for the enemy...which i agree. I dunno, someone who wants to DETHRONE me (gossip girl influence there) or want to steal my job lets say- can FEED information to whomever that has the power to give them what they want. As much as that is true and blogging, my one comfort and one trait that gives me individuality amongst most people I know can potentially be my downfall. I can only say- OH WELL, to that. I don't believe in privatizing my blog (explaining why will take to long and i still need to do work) and don't think l'll be changing that belief anytime soon.

    That said, lets say if i DO die tomorrow. (Which personally i don't think is very likely but at the same time IS possible due to all the deaths that's been popping up all over the news from negligence and THE FLU. It makes me believe our bodies are so weak it can't even fight the common flu/cold anymore. Also we have become a more accident-prone species granted with all these nifty gadgets.) What the hell is going to happen to my blog/tumblr/website/facebook/twitter/pics on laptop/etcetc.!?!? id think it would be rather creepy if anyone decides to take over any of them...Anyways! So i found this:

    "Legacy Locker is a safe, secure repository for your digital property that lets you grant access to online assets for friends and loved ones in the event of death or disability. For each account you place in your locker, you can designate one beneficiary to that account."

    How thoughtful? & Smart? I might just consider using this.....not now though (duh) but in the near future. I think is nice to be able to leave something behind that would allow your friends and loved ones to keep access to your blog/fb, without having them need to go into a large legal headache battle with facebook or blogger to gain access to your account.

    Yeah yeah l'm nuts. lol It's halloween i'm telling you....the whole creepy...spooky....death...thing......yeah. Nobody gets it. lol

    Good Day to all!

    Thursday, October 29, 2009


    Whoever thought Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan) is not cute should think twice after looking at this pic.
    He is SO so so cute ohmygod (in a very weird, awkward way) I now must divert 0.05% of my time to him (the other 99.90% is with Chuck Bass and 0.05% is for Nate...) when he has some screen time on GG.
    The eye candy just doesn't stopppppppp.

    Halloween in T-minus 2!

    Wednesday, October 28, 2009


    Circa. Saturday. Anyone?!?!?

    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    Deja Vu

    So i have my gay rash/hive thing again. My eyes are mega swollen, blotchy and itchy. Same goes with my arms. I'm just praying it doesnt spread. I think i can almost conclude that my skin is so sensitive, i am unable to undergo any type of intense, exfoliating, facial-like procedure....which is a big bummer. Hopefully since this my second time in two months, it will go away faster because i've reacted faster to treating it and it will go away by.....HALLOWEEEN!!!!! Omg if i have this for Halloween, Octobers is officially my CURSE month. The reason being ever since i think Year 2 University, every October i've been cursed with either an intense cold, a kidney infection (!!!!) and/or now, an allergy rash.

    Yeps not good.

    Anyways, Sylvia & David's Engagement dinner was last night and it was a total success. I hope they enjoyed themselves very, very much. This is totally vain of me, but i just wanted to show off my very lame (but somewhat successful) attempt at calligraphy while writing in their card....3am in the morning.

    HMMMM, i think i did a wonderful job...don't you think? ^^;;

    Thursday, October 22, 2009


    And this is why you must double check all your e-mails.
    "Sounds great Doug!"
    Can turn into,
    "Sounds great Dough!"
    Then you'll REALLY look stupid.
    ahhaha (good thing i caught it)

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    reblog: TVB

    i'm pretty much reblogging the exact entry J did last week. but started today, were two super great TVB dramas that is going to make my bandwidth usage skyrocket because i am (well, my brother is lol) is going to download these in HD and i'm going to come home and enjoy these babies.

    indeed i have gone drama-nuts.

    First up, Beyond the Realm of Conscience [ 宮心計], 35 episodes

    I watched this just now and it was SO dramaful, exciting and intense already i cannot wait to watch tomorrow's episode. Even the poster looks fierce. I also gotta add how effing HAWT their eye makeup is. They all got some intense smokey MAC eye going on, on almost every single character and its sooo sexy.The costume are also really pretty and seductive too. lolll

    Second, Born Rich [富貴門], 41 episodes

    I havn't watched the entire episode yet, only the first minute when the theme song is playing and i paused it to blog about it lol Without even watching it, i KNOW its good and i already like it because the theme song is good. haha Yes i totally judge a drama by its theme song. Also because i am a HUGE fan of Gallen Lo and this is his first drama back from "retirement" that's similar to all his hit dramas (Golden Faith, Cold Blood Warm Heart, Threshold of an Era I&II) .. it's gotta be good. Maybe i can sneak in 15 minutes before sleeping.


    we like to be silly

    Today marks our 2.5 years.

    Yeahhhhhhhhh that's it : ))))))

    Sunday, October 18, 2009


    Pretty Picture of the day ( via Source )

    Actually more like, pretty girl of the day. Notice the hot voluminous hair, perfect hollow cheekbones, slender neck, mole above lip, big pretty smokey eyes. Sighs. lol.

    Economical Decisions

    Last night after dinner with his parents, LX and i were completely clueless on what to do. We were too poor to call people to come out.... actually we didn't want to go out in general because going out requires money but we didn't want to be boring either. In the end, we decided that we wanted to watch a movie and/or go for ice cream floats @ Demetres. That's when our thinking caps turned on and came up with this:

    Movie => Wanting to watch an older movie to save money on the ticket => Me suggesting we go rent one @ Blockbuster => Lx propose that we DOWNLOAD it instead => Saw V DVD Ripped in less than half an hour.
    What would cost: $ 21.00 ==> Now costed: $ 0 [ SAVINGS OF $21.00 ]

    Dessert @ Demetres => Ice Cream on Sale @ Shoppers Drug Mart => Coke at my house => Us Preparing => Homemade Ice Cream floats
    What would cost: $ 4.99 (x2) + tax&tips = $12.59 ==> Now costed: $ 2.99 [ SAVINGS OF $9.54 ]

    Aren't we so smart? I feel like we are ^^


    I am so proud of my creation!! Ah, i keep on looking at it and love it more and more haha. A large congrats again to Sylvia and her fiancee. =]

    two nights in a row bullseye

    To dream that you are being chased, signifies that you are avoiding a situation that you do not think is conquerable. It is often a metaphor for some form of insecurity.
    To dream that you have been assassinated, represents a hopeless situation which need your immediate attention and action.

    You people must be getting bored with my rants. Even i'm bored with them.


    Its early in the morning. I'm laying in bed, blogging on my blueberry and still stressed to the max. Even though I have a million and one negative things going through my head, there's one thing that literally gives me the strength to face those million and one things.
    That said I want to tell the world how much I love Lx. Thank you for putting up with me.
    Okay done.
    Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    double bullseye

    To dream of your brain, suggests that you are under severe intellectual stress. It may also symbolize your problem-solving abilities and that you need to put those abilities to use. Alternatively, it may imply that your ideas are not receiving enough attention and validation. You are concerned that your knowledge and teachings are not be transmitted clearly.
    To dream that something is rotten, suggests that you are wasting away your potential. You have failed to make use of the opportunities that have come your way.

    I dreamt that  i somehow managed to open my head, see my brain and parts of it was rotten!!! It was so effing dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had to pick out the rotten parts but it was so unbelievably gross holy shit.

    But again, my subconcious hits the mark again, double bullseye.

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    double fffound

    D&G Dolce&Gabbana Black Lace Bow Peeptoe Pumps
    1950's glamour, 4.5" Black patent peeptoe with cream satin and black lace bow detail.

    Happiness for only $470 CND!

    And on the subject of shoes and shopping:

    (via source)

    Christina Aguilera's actual closet. Messed! That's ridiculously hot. She's ridiculously hot in that outfit too. Her kid kind of looks neglected there though. With all those shoes you would think she can afford some pants for her baby lol

    This is what i do when i'm sad- look at other people's rich lives and expensive sexy shoes lol

    Monday, October 12, 2009


    Hmm, i know i've already posted twice today already (about twilight ^^) but suddenly my blogging mode switched on and because work tomorrow (frowns and sobs) is going to be stressful and frustrating i probably won't have anytime to blog from work like i normally do which is why i'm going to start word vomiting right now

    It's Thanksgiving Monday and my family attempted to be festive but failed miserably and we ended up with salty turkey. I don't know why but the entire day i was really bitter and grouchy and i feel terrible for it, but every little thing somehow managed to annoy the crap out of me. I feel sorry for acting out this way, i guess i should try to make it up on another day. I blame the weather, for being so crappy and gloomy. & Rainy for the rest of the week. I can already foreshadow how grouchy l'll be for the coming week.

    It's already the middle of October and i've been really disappointed up to this point so far. My life has been put on hold for almost two weeks because of this rash i got. I missed Nuit Blanche which to me was one of the bigger disappointments (again, will blog about that later), canceled several outings including my nails evening with C. Stopped gyming in fear my swollen face and neck would alarm people. I''ve gone to work with icepacks (3x) and replace them bi-hourly to ease the itch and my days and nights has gone by with an icepack to my neck, face and hands.

    The only GOOD i can see that came from this rash, is a second chance at beautiful skin!! Haha as corny as that sounds, lx and i found the rash might have killed all the acne on my face and under advice from the dermatologist, my face is on its way to clear skin!!!!

    Yes, the only good thing and now back to bad things.

    Work has definitely gotten much more stressful and i dread going to work tomorrow to face the pile of codes i have to understand and sort through. Its been almost half a year since i've started to work here and i think it has gotten to a point where i'm so sick of being unappreciated and most importantly, being overworked and not being compensated for it. I can deal with the non-appreciative part, but the not being compensated (in wage or benefits) for my work has really begun to bother me. I'll leave it at that.

    Anyways, i'm looking foward to the rest of October and hope only good things come out of it. My 30 month with LX next week (we're not celebrating it, i just like bringing it up lol), S's engagement dinner, L & LX's Bday and most importantly, Halloween. =D

    My nails also need to grow faster b/c i have been manicure-deprived. On the subject of nails, i am waiting patiently for the new month to come so i can buy either that new MATTE nail polish @ Sephora or Dry Martini from Mac. I told myself that i'm only allowed one new color per month and since i used up this month's quota for Sephora's Dark Room (It's suppose to be dark Green but it actually looks black. I was very disappointed because i don't want another black polish and wished i bought Mac's Beyond Jealous instead), I'm not allowed to get anything else until November.

    Moving onto shopping. I have told myself that i must really stop buying little things immediately because i need to save up for four larger purchases.
    1. Insurance/Driving School
      I've come to realization that i only have 2 years to get my G and i am royally fukked hence the need to speed up the process and pray that it will come easy to me. I've been procrastinating since 2007 lol
    2. Passport
      I have all my forms filled, i just need to go take that photo and head over to the passport office @ STC to get this over with lol This too, I've been procrastinating since 2007.
    3. Winter Jacket
      Whether it be a TNA Jacket, a CND Goose, or some other brand one. I really would like to have a new one. I told myself since year 3, my graduate year WILL be the year i get a TNA jacket but i'm very hesitant because this year for some lame reason they only have the jackets made in Black, and i think either Brown or Green. All of which is not what i wanted because my heart was set out on purchasing the dark Navy blue one, and my second choice would have been the gray. Now since both my first (kind of my only choice) and second (passable) choice are not even MADE this year, i really don't want to even get it because everyone has the black one and the other two colors don't appeal to me. Thinking back, the one jacket i am literally HUNTING for is this gorgeous Zoo York one that i saw back in 07. Think TNA jacket but dark navy blue and red plaided-insides. Absolutely gorgeous and unfortunately i let that one slip by for only $225-ish. That's my winter jacket tale. 
    4. New Glasses
      Fairly straight-forward, i'm tired of my current D&G ones, they've been horribly scratched up, abused and bent by me and i want to discard them for a pair of black Roberto Cavailli's that i've seen once make a special appearance on Sex & the City. i doubt l can find the same ones but l'll settle for anything similar.
    5. MAYBE MAYBE- Uggs
      Alright i know the mister AND my cousin are intensely against me buying it (lol) and becoming a bear but i noticed the three boots i bought during my little insane spree are not really....erm warm and comfortable per say.... I know i totally deserve losing a toe or two for spending so much money on 3 pairs of Gossip Girl-like styled boots but i really need something comfortable for work......which is where Uggs come in!!!!! A pair of Classic Mini's in either Chestnut or Chocolate isn't asking for too much.....!!??? This of course is not a priority,which would let me of the hook for a bit.
    That summarizes up the four (and one maybe) large purchases that i want to make and it's definitely going to be costly and be paid entirely by only yours truly. Yes even the glasses because i have no benefits!!!!!!!! Sighs.

    Ah, i think i might have wanted to type more but its 10pm and i need sleep to face the day tomorrow. No Body Pump for me tmr because i pretty certain i'm staying late again.

    Maybe l'll walk that extra 20 minutes to get myself a Starbucks tmr. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

    Get off my Case on Twilight

    I bet you watched at least one shitty show, read one shitty book, or listen to one shitty band that is equivalent. We all have our tastes. Yeah, Stephenie Meyer writes like a 12 year old boy, and yes, it is just like every vampire book on the face of the earth...

    But i like it, and at this point, being a dick about twilight is just as overrated as liking it. So shut the fuck up already.
    (via Source)



    ( via Source )

    I laughed SO hard when i saw this hahaha I absolutely had to share. So so true!!!! Rofl.

    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    Burger King

    A conversation i had and the reaction i got.

    [ Twin ]
    i feel like burger king now
    [ Twin ] LOL
    [ Me ] LOL whats wih u ppl an burger king
    [ Me ] ive never had a whopper in my life
    [ Twin ] WHAT
    [ Twin ] UGH slap in my face. i am sadden. and disappointed
    [ Twin ]  i'll buy u a burger king for u bday
    [ Twin ]  infact we're having bk before twilight since its right across the street
    Are Whoppers really that great? lol
    LX lurves it, twin lurves it, seems like the GCM boys lurves it too. i guess its time to try??? Minus the veggies of course.

    Happy Thanksgiving !

    Friday, October 9, 2009

    New Layout (after 3 months)

    Pretty Picture of the Day (via source)

    Yeahhh i couldn't wait lol so here it is. I found a template and tried to make it look more "tumblr"-ish because im currently obsessed with Tumblr but didnt want to migrate completely over there. I'm currently going through the, i am into vintage, romantic, soft and glowy look phase which would explain all the pretty pictures and the yellow floral wallpaper i have going on. (i hope its not too much....but i personally adore it). There's lots of tweaking that needs to be done. Would have fixed all the bugs before letting this layout go live but the other account didnt have certain features i have here.

    & thank god for the weekend. i really need the break. Work is making me really frustrated and stressed. Will stop here, don't want to think about it until tomorrow.....when they're supposedly going to call me to give me an online training....during the long weekend......yeah. fak. Should have specified a time-frame i would be available. I hope they don't call me. 

    Anyways, enjoy the new look!

    10 Things Men don't like about Women

    1. QUESTIONS - A man hates when a woman starts asking questions about everything, they dont go to the point, they like to play around with questions, to see if they can get you to confess something you did, its often known as trick questions, and only a few man know their way out of a non-stop questionaire of a woman.
    2. TAKING FOREVER TO GET READY - Is there a thing a guy hates is waiting, guys have no patience what so ever, especially when is time to go out and a woman spends hours changing clothes and trying different stuff, a man hates when a woman takes time for every little action they take.
    3. EMOTIONAL SHOULDER - Men dont like when woman treat them as another girlfriend or talk about feelings with them, men dont like to be treated as emotional support.
    4. OPINIONS - Guys dont like when a women ask them for opinions especially when is girl related, examples are DO I LOOK FAT IN THIS? SHOULD I WEAR THIS ONE OR THIS ONE? and those are the most commons and most hated ask questions from women to men.
    5. SEX WEAPON - Men hate when a women uses sex as a weapon, when they want to get something out of the man, or use excuses to punish a man by not having sex, that is one of the most hated it things known to men.
    6. SHOPPING - Shopping with a girl has to be one of the worst punishments a guy could get, they simply cannot decide for anything, and they have to try every single piece to see if they like it, men do not have the patience for this and we including me know that 24 hours is not enough for a woman to go out and buy a pair of panties.
    7. TALKING - Women are natural talkers, they can spend hours and hours talking non-stop about the same thing, and men hate this, they simply cannot stand a woman go on and on and on about something, specially when they talk about themselves.
    8. CRITICISM - Men don’t like a woman criticizing or judging another woman, we think is unnecessary and treat other women as rivals or criticize other women’s clothes, shoes and pretty much anything they dont like on them.
    9. SILENT TREATMENT - This another most hated things from women known to men, the silent treatment is a stage a girl uses to not talk or even look at you while you try to talk or explain something to them, its like a man doesnt exist to them and it could go on for days.
    10. GOOD MEMORY - Is there one thing we men hate is the women’s good memory to bring back past mistakes we men made, they can remember the details and every time a discussion happens they bring it up to make you miserable and make you remember every mistake you have done in the past year.

      (via source)

    Really? Does guys really hate all this? I'm guilty of pretty much all of that haha and even worst i think i do #1,3, 4 and 8 excessively. Dear gawd the mister must hate me so so much hahaha

    Thursday, October 8, 2009

    Back in Action

    I FINALLY have Adobe Master Suite Collection back on my laptop all thanks to lx and his miracle installation. I don't know how he did it because when i went through the same procedures and used the same CD and keygen as he failed miserably on me....sooo....yeah. Kudos/Yoda (inside joke heh) to my boyfriend. haha Honestly though, those 2 months without Photoshop was brutal. I don't know how the hell i would have gone through life without it. It almost felt like i lost all my drive because i wasn't able to do any type of design work. Even lx noticed how i seem to have lost focus and that really bothers me because i hate not being productive.

    So i made up my mind.

    I will buy the real version of the Master Suite in this lifetime. No more pirated versions!!! hahaha.

    Anyhoo. New layout in the works. I am in love with it and would load it immediately but I might possibly change my blog URL. I'm in the middle of working on some logistical issues that requires 24-48hrs for changes to be effective....i don't know whether it will work so i dont want to change layouts just yet. In event when you people do come by and see a broken link, its probably means i sorted out the logistics and i have in fact permanently changed the blog URL (probably to [insert an unknown word] so go find the updated blog link via other channels (i.e. my twitter, tumblr or facebook) you guys stalk me at.  

    Stay tuned.

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009

    add-on: scarves addiction

    I was stalking through my own pics from year 1&2 @ GCM and saw myself wearing a really nice scarf and then asked myself "heyyyyyy where did THAT go".Sadly i already knew the answer to that and became a lil bitter. Argh those pictures reminded me of how many scarves i have lost over the years by either leaving it at GCM (i even know who took one of them!!! ahhh) or on the TTC.

    damn if i've just been a LITTLE more careful i wouldn't need to buy all these new ones!

    or not.

    They don't call it an addiction for nothing. gah.

    I wrote this up a couple months ago but since its autumn now, it seems completely necessary to bring it up again. Reblogging so i know what to get and not freaking buy the same thing lol Scarves i will eventually get:
    • A Hot Pink-colored scarf
    • A red-colored scarf
    • A green-colored scarf
    • a floral patterned scarf
    • a pastel yellow-color scarf
    • a pretty patterned scarf of some sort
    • a striped scarf
    • a nice looking, jumble, suffocate-myself-in wool scarf in general
    • another square scarf of any sort would be nice (lets make it four!)
    • a white scarf
    • a plain black square scarf
    • Perhaps a nice grey-colored wool scarf

    I am in desperate need of a new scarf box because my current one is totally overflowing.
    Maybe i really should have gotten it yesterday at Ikea.

    You Know You Love Me

    Otay felt like adding my comments to some of the hollywood gossip i encountered in the past couple of days.

    1. "Artists don't need to go to College"
      - Taylor Momensen aka jenny humprhey from gossip girl is SUCH a moron. Reading the article made me pissed, her character annoys me too ever since she went on that crazy fashion-rebel thing. Holy crap. Click here to read allll about it. She also needs to DRESS her age. Turning into another Lindsay Lohan, i swear.

    2. Kevin Zegers
      - On the note of gossip girl, saw pictures of Kevin Zegars on set. I, am, disappointed. He looks aged and fat. Just like Leonardo DiCaprio : (

    3. “Oprah wants the 2016 Olympics to be in Chicago”
      - You know, just because Oprah says so. I SO think Chicago is going to get it. Nobody crosses Oprah!!!! Not even the international Olympics committee or Obama. NOOO ONEEEE

    4. Jon and Kate Plus Eight
      - Ah, the big entertaining one. For the past week they have made headlines on pretty much every gossip site i visit.

      First, TLC fires Jon as i mentioned before pwahhah then he goes and shuts down Kate plus 8 with his sign.

      ahahhahaha omg that made me laugh so hard internally. Somebody that can spell their name wrong obviously got some issues right? hahahahah

      Next, there's apparently a huge war between TLC and Jon G’s legal team and they're firing press release statements (as ammo) at each other. TLC’s latest ammo:

      “Jon Gosselin is Self-Destructive, Unprofessional and Opportunistic”.

      Seriously though, he’s either really a big douche or he’s been wrongfully accused all this time and it’s gonna be the whole MJ thing again where if he happens to die from a sudden death (lets say tmr), everyone is gonna say he’s the best reality show daddy in the world and all the cute babies are gonna mourn, there will be a big legal fight between kate (and the eight) and that new trailer-gf of his over his insurance policy and that’s gonna be front page news for the remaining month to this year. Yeah, I so see that happening

      Latest news on them: Kate is beyond furious that Jon raided the joint account of $230,000, leaving her with $1,000 to pay all the bills. Kate sobs and says she can't pay the bills.

      LOL and it just keeeeeps coming and commmmming.

    And that's all. Lunch over!

    old-school love

    Last night on facebook, the first Wex (my highschool)-sweethearts from my grade changed their status to ENGAGED. As expected as it was and we all saw it coming but rather it was a matter of time of when it will happen- i am at complete loss of words when it comes to describing how unbelievably happy i am for them. Even though i've had no direct contact (well maybe except for the groom-to-be, i had an occasion few PSY classes with him over the 4 yrs at Ryerson) since high school, it's still great to see them tie the knot (finally). They're both really kind people and definitely deserve each other.

    In a way i think i'm way TOO happy for them? Given the fact i don't exactly hang with them haha I guess this news for me is also validation that fairytale endings do exist. For the past couple of years i've been pretty skeptical of this (especially when it comes to highschool sweethearts). With all the break-ups i've heard, witnessed and been part of- it makes it all the harder when everyone around you (including yourself) isn't living that fairytale dream that you believe in. Thus with them tying the knot, they're living proof to me that old-school love can survive (!!) in this modern day era where greed, money, technology and ambitions can destroy all that.

    Whichhhhhh would explain why i am SO SO happy because they're going AGAINST the grain!! (ha ha GCM nerd joke) A big congrats to them! I'm excited to see her load their wedding pictures.

    Up next, G&N, ET&Jules, and enoughabout-you&A on the alter list lol. I'm waiting for those facebook status changes.

    Face is slowly recovering, neck is still gross but on the path to recovery. What i'm actually quite fearful of right now is the swelling around the eye area. B/c the eye area is extra sensitive, i fear that the wrinkles that are visibly present are going to stay there permanently. Shit i was telling the mister last night i look like i'm forty and that scares the fcuk out of me. I've been going out (only for work and either walmart or price chopper) without makeup on for the past week (FYI: There hasn't been a day where I have left the house without eyeliner on since 2004) all while praying i don't bump into anyone i know, or anyone lx knows (i don't want to embarrass him). I don't understand how something can appear so quick but can take SO long to go away.

    Oh and i bought New Moon tickets for myself and twin.
    Even though we are a month and two weeks early. giggle giggle.

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    this is a test

    Testing mobile blogging from blackberry. Test test 1 2 3
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    "To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal."

    I dreamt i was pregnant and Edward Cullen was the daddy (PWAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA).
    Now if you disregard the explicit rowdy aspect of the dream, i find the the significance meaning behind it is exactly what i feel like i need right now. A big "X" marks the spot calling for me. Maybe this is really the time to re-evaluate what i want to do with my life.

    Sunday, October 4, 2009

    Starbucks Addict

    Gah and here you people think i am a Starbucks freak, always hanging around there lol. I'm a noob compared to this guy! Bringing his mini mac and his 15" monitor with the keyboard and the works!

    Quick update.

    i missed Nuit Blanche yesterday night (will write an more in-depth blog entry on my feelings on that) because the mister assessed my face and felt like i was in no shape to leave the house, let alone walk around Toronto until sunrise. So, i stayed home and was bitter (because he made me chop my nails) while watching Legend of the Condor Heroes 94 (the one with Chi Lam!) until 3am.

    Face is slightly better today, but probably only due to the fact that i have an icepack/cold compressor bag stuck to my face every waking AND sleeping second. Hopefully a right can come out of this mess of wrongs. What i mean is hopefully this rash on my face can lead to my face clearing up. I also need to really buckle down and start detox-ing my system and begin a meal plan for the next few months. I need to start watching and taking care of my health because indirectly that will affect my weight and appearance of my skin in a positive light. I'm fairly confident i can do it, the only obstacle is making the time, or rather setting a time aside for me to plan for it all and of course, discipline above all. If lx can quit smoking for me (and of course himself), i know i would be able to do this for him and myself.

    Yeah that's about it.

    Friday, October 2, 2009

    Day6: Life with a Hair Straightener

    I picked up a Hair Straighter at some Beauty Supply Store by the misters this weekend and to my surprise i didn't spend as much as i thought i was going to. Anyways, l'll like to express (here, i already expressed my feelings on twitter) how surprised i am..actually more like shock, on how i was able to go through life without a hair straightener. Seriously guys, i thought we were friends? Why'd you people let me live life with bush-like hair? haha Shame on all of you. Honestly i am still in disbelief how different my hair looks once its straightened. It seriously is one of the greatest invention EVER (@ what jennut's tweet said lol) Also as twin once said to me (and she is always, ALWAYS righ)

    " it (buy the straightener). It will change your life. Like how Harry Potter and Twilight did."

    YES! INDEED! I no longer look like a lion!!!!

    Moving on.
    Hmmm I havn't word vomited in a while, so here goes all my randomness.

    I actually wrote this entry a couple of days ago but didn't get a chance to complete it so some of the material is pretty old and lame. The most exciting recent news is i broke out in nasty red rashes all over my face. I'm not exaggerating about my face being very red, bumpy, swollen and itchy all over (even on my eyelids) and has kind of spread onto my neck. I'm currently typing with an cold compressor pack thing on my face. sobs. Not good at all. I went to work today with a cap on and my scarf shielding my face completely (only my eyes showed). I wish i took a picture of the bus driver man's face when i first got on the bus. It was so priceless because his face expression changed so fast in matters of seconds!! I'm sure he was scared (that i might bomb the bus), curious (what is this girl trying to hide) and freaked (because i might also be carrying the H1N1 virus). I think i'm gonna dress the same way tmr night, i hope i don't scare people at Nuit Blanche.

    Next! A large congrats to S on her engagement!!!!! I'm glad shes allowing me the great pleasure to help you create your engagement dinner invites and letting me use my "expertise" in finding you a printer lol that is indeed what i am good for. Four years of GCM is NOT going to waste!!!! Weddings + Printing = Me, a Happy Panda. Yay! She's my first friend that's getting married, and alrwdy, its so so different from a RELATIVE getting married. K and i are having a blast already with our bbm pre-proposal, post-proposal and pre-wedding chats. haha <3 Cannot wait for the engagement dinnnah coming up very soooon.

    On other side notes, i was reading up on some gossip-related news and found out that the show, Jon and Kate plus 8 will no longer be called that but changing to "Kate plus Eight". Hmmm. How very weird. I wonder are they going to make the kids say "NOW HERE'S A NEW EPISODE OF KATE PLUS EIGHT"......i can imagine it being awkward already since typing it was already pretty strange lol that would be pretty sad if they said that. I'm sure the babies will question where did daddy Jon go and then grow up blaming themselves for their daddy's departure when its really daddy douchebag's fault and i'm not going to get into that heh.

    AND AND on Gossip Girl, they announced recently that Kevin Zegers is going to be on a "cycle" of episodes. To those who don't know who he is, he's this really hot guy who looks like Chase Crawford and Leonardo DiCaprio (the titanic days) combined into one. I am tres tres excited that such delicious eye candy will be joining an already exciting cast. HHEHEHE

    Ok i wanted to a lot type more but my face is irritating me so must stop here and probably head to bed

    again, excuse the broken english. i really should put more effort into my typing.

    In the near future i foresee:
    - a trip to the dermatologist
    - an engagement dinner @ baton rouge
    - a pedicure date with C @ 10spot
    - a rush at work
    - more time spent at the gym
    - a movie (maybe), dinner, starbucks session with the boys
    - 30month anniversary with the mister

    Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    A New Dream

    After seeing this picture, it inspired me to want to go to Paris and sip Starbucks!!! All while wearing a pretty outfit with hot shoes. Linking arms with the mister and perhaps be chomping on some french baguette with cheese. (inside jk. hahah)

    It would be suchhhhhh a classy and romantic affair.

    Of course sipping Starbucks wouldn't be the only reason why i want to go to Paris, duh.

    Word Vomit blog entry in the typing. Stay tuned.

    Friday, September 25, 2009


    Gorgeous picture. <3 Twilight

    Thursday, September 24, 2009

    Jumble of Thoughts

    This picture makes me feel so so sad.

    Maybe because long hair means a lot to me and I currently miss mine terribly. (God what was i thinking when i cut the four inches long. Did i forget how freaking long it takes for my hair to grow?! Gahhhhh) OR because there's like a couple of thousand things going through my mind and i just want to go body combat all of it out of my head. Since my thoughts aren't exactly too organized right now, l'll start type-jotting things again.

    So why are there a couple of thousand things going through my mind right now. Last night the mister left my place well after midnight (and that's REALLY late b/c i'm normally in my bed and under my covers by 10:30pm) because we spent the night talking (about pretty much everything) and he left me with a lot of questions and a lot of things to think about.

    That's the thing i absolutely love about Lx, is his objective perspective. There's that saying/quote or whatever that says "You should think outside of the Box"- i personally feel that he is able to do everything that quote asks for and more. I find its very hard to take a step back and be objective when there are a million monkeys (metaphorically speaking) surrounding you with chatter and as a result you become trapped in this so called "box". I am glad he is able to step out of that. That said, being someone that thinks with their mind but act on their heart, it's very hard for me to be objective when 101% of the time i am influenced by my emotions or the emotions of others (and how they would feel if i make a certain decision). Having him explain and share his perspective not only helps me become stronger (if not immediately) but also makes me consider a lot of things, which brings me to present-day and my essay-like typing for the past twenty minutes.

    Sorry to bore. That's the end of that rant.

    Next. I love the gym, it makes me feel wonderful but i'm not seeing results and its discouraging me. It kind of sucks because my main motivation was to look fantastic for Halloween (notice i said Halloween and not my birthday. I love Halloween way more than my own birth-day so lets not disappoint the dork this year!)

    And this ice coffee isn't perking me up either.

    I need a higher paying job too.

    & a hair straightener. Yeah. I got my hair trimmed with twin last weekend @ a small Korean place and the results was fantastic. Straightened, thinned, styled, 20 bucks!!! I heart. But it becomes a bush again after a wash so all that is kind of useless if i go back looking like Aslan the lion. Any suggestions on where and what brand/kind i should get since im kinda a hair-straightener noob? i will luv you forever and thanks.

    I still need to go stalk the other BMV locations. Alice in Wonderland is really dry.

    OMG it just hit me. I just had a total EUREKA moment. I know EXACTLY what i can get Tall Jenn for her Birthday and she would absolutely LOVE IT. My only dilemma is, i HAVE to go to Urban Outfitters ASAP before it sold out. My vague memory reminds me i only saw two left at the store and its sold out all over America and apparently Vancouver. SHit shit shit shit.

    Oh and this made me feel uber great:

    That's my popularity at its all time highest over at Tumblr. I feel special. ('Mind you that its normally at ZERO). Yeah...i should stop spending time on the internet and do some REAL LIFE EXCITING ACTIVITIES!!!! Note: the sarcasm.

    Nuit Blanche next week! I am tres excited because i consider the free 'contemporary arts night' to be something special between lx and i but since we both are so boring now (haha), we don't mind going with other people. I also miss coco and albie. The other night i spent half an hour on the phone with coco and we both agreed that we need to do something in the near 2-weeks future because we've been deprived of each others company. I do hope i get to see them both soon.

    Lastly, I apologize again for the lack of structure and sense in this rant. & i did not realize this would turn into a word vomit. And and! Even though i sound so terribly depressed, frustrated and upset- i'm feeling actually quite fine but just a little tired (from lack of sleep). That would explain the lack of my usual bubbly (online) presence.

    Good day.


    tweeet tweeet