The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I keep on falling more in love with Edward Cullen

God the new movie trailer (New Moon,2nd twilight movie) is premiering in six hours.
I absolutely cannot wait to see his wonderful God-like face introducing it.

Okay im so im not suppose to apply intensive pressure to my nails because i just got them done (they're so ghetto looking =D ) and they're suppose to last up until convocation which is in approximately 12 days....hence im suppose to keep them from experiencing impact. This means refraining from quick movements, opening tight caps/lids/bottles, excessive scratching and no machine gun typing. sighs, i can do with all the above except typing. According to most, i type so loud ppl next door can hear me. Exaggeration? Yeah a lil, III think these people are exaggerating because i do not type THAT loudly.

i think. Or i can be lying to myself.
Anyways im on this blogging high currently so fuk that.

First up on the list, UP!
I saw it with the boys in 3-D and that movie was SO cute and SO amazing i absolutely cannot explain how wonderful it was. The side story was so charming and sweet and it fit perfectly with the purpose of the lil old man's "adventure". There were many moments where i bawled a lot to a point where im sure chocolate wanted to tell me to can it (haha). The whole movie was adorable and hilarious, the mister fell in love with Russell, the adorable fat wilderness explorer kid and it was simply a great watch. It totally deserves its super high ratings and reviews. Yay, the movie shows that love can still exist when you have fake teeth and canes (those who watched it would understand what i mean).

Next, the week of farewells.
We first had L the other day, leaving back to Vancouver. *sad*. Then A, venturing off to different parts of the world *sad*, and then yesterday after BBT, K announced his soon-departure up north for a job offer that he couldnt turn down lol. Its getting so depressing, NOW its slowly starting to hit me that this is no jokes- we really r growing up, this really is the end of the road for this portion of our lives. Just when we all began to really "see" each other OUTSIDE the walls of GCM. Irony sucks balls.

Convocation is going to be fun (hopefully), i honestly cannot wait to take THAT picture ive wanted to take since year one. THE picture i speak of is taking a picture of us five girls in our gowns. I've dreamt of this picture for soo long and its finally going to happen. I will hunt each of them down personallyand kidnap them from their families that day if i have to. I think l'll even make a facebook event just so it would happen. haha (seriously). I just have to make sure i sleep at like 9pm the night before so i can get up super early that morning to put on my face and do my hair. That would probably mean getting up at 5:45am (i need 15 mins to snooze and sober up) to be dt at 7:30am.....fak. Also my shoes finall arrived via UPS- they dont fit *thumbs up*, and my dress has yet to arrive. . Ah the Joys of getting ready to graduating.

Third, Twilight.
I just watched the trailer for New Moon. I put my headphones on for maximum excitement and put it on full screen to get ready for an orgasmic ride.......and i was disappointed. Very....disappointed. =(((( f-c-u-k, fak. That one scene, THAT very scene in the book that teared me in half, broke my heart into a thousand pieces and made me fall into depression for the next 12 chapters- i expected that scene to give me chills. All i felt myself say when they showed that scene in the trailer was- thats it? The movie is going to suck. triple sighs***

Taylor Lautner on the other hand is...."very handsome and will grow into a handsome man". Unfortunately I am unable to describe him in any further explicit details or fantasize about him as i do with Robert Pattinson in fear of getting arrested because Taylor Lautner is 17 years old. Yes he is a minor and I shall stop there before i incriminate myself. heh


im too disappointed to blog on any further. i guess lll stop here : (

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coming Out

Not many people know this, but im a huge Archie Comics Fan. (PWAHHAHA i bet some thought i was going to declare the discovery of my new sexual desires for females pwahahha)

Moving on: Nobody really knows, its really just those whom ive known since elementary school, would know that i have hundreds of comics (95% of it was inherited from my three older cousins) while the other 5% my dad bought them for me haha.

The Craziness hidden away:

Here you can see how deep the drawer is:

Yeah,crazy eh. I actually have another 12"x20"x12" plastic storage case in the basement that has more of the even OLDER ones back from my cousins days in the ninties and eighties lol ive read these comics so many times and i am so not sick of them. Its really crazy haha who would have known right? lol

Anyways i wanted to set that up as a primer.
For the actual purpose of this post, to those that actually care and know about the plot- here is an excerpt copied and pasted from a Globe & Mail Article (courtesy of KP on fb)


Archie commits – finally

ne is blond, loyal and kind. The other, raven-haired, charming and rich.

Both great catches in the eyes of many, but after 67 years of being entangled in the comic world's longest-running love triangle, Archie Andrews is set to tie the knot. His fiancé? That vixen Veronica Lodge.

Gasps resounded from the comic's fans yesterday after Archie Comic Publications announced the flighty redhead from Riverdale picked Veronica over Betty Cooper. The publisher sent speculation swirling in mid-May when it announced a special marital-themed storyline for release in August but didn't reveal the lucky lady. The wedding will take place after the gang graduates college and venture out into the working world.

Response to the proposal has been markedly divided. Betty fans are outraged the girl next door has been ditched yet again for the beautiful, yet spoilt, Ronnie. Many question whether Archie should marry at all, lamenting a possible end to the enduring comic-book soap opera (The last time the comic toyed with ending the triangle, Archie chose a third option, Cheryl Blossom, in a cop-out ending.)

You can read the rest of the article here


Now my opinion. One word: GAHHHHHHHHHHH.Oh Archie how can you disappoint me like that.
I cant believe this bull, im outraged that he chose the Glitz and rich. Shows how materialistic men are. All about the BEAUTY and the MONEY. Totally using Betty for food and alternative purposes!!!!!

ARGh. mEN are such jerks man.
I'm actually curious, who is actually GLAD to see Archie end up with Veronica?...hmmmm Maybe i should go stalk some discussion forums and see.


On a more serious tone, im really sad that they actually made the decision to end this...almost seven decades-long love triangle between Archie, Veronica and Betty. Its like when Harry Potter 7 (the novel) came out, i felt like my childhood died the moment i turned the last page to the book. That inner child is slowly diminishing (my inner child is actually a really fat kid so its gonna be a while til im totally out of my kid-mode hah) as all these things that my childhood holds a firm attachment to, comes to an end. Its really sad and miserable actually, im sure a lot of people feels the same way.

There's 6 parts to this series i think, and I am so going to buy every single one of them. Lets hope in the later parts he regrets it and goes for Betty instead ^^ lol or as how the mister put it:

"Don't worry. Archie will divorce Veronica, come out and say all along he really loves Jughead (his best friend)"

sighs. only you Lx, only you. =_____=''''

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sixth Sense

I sense.... i will be dropping a lot of cash soon....on ordering clothes online.
Majority of those purchases are going to be dresses because this is going to be the SUMMER OF THE DRESSSES!!!! wahahakakaka the summer of dresses and caged gladiator stilettos. yums.

So- Tiki @ the Docks this Saturday anyone??????????????????
(after Karaoke that is)
The next three weeks is going to be super awesomeeeee. It will definitely be picture-worthy.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Old and Random

I have come to that age, where mothers tell their kids to call me "Yee yee" instead of "Jeh Jeh" .

hahaha it sucks to be old

Also, as i went on a shopping trip by my lomesome self today, i saw the first pair of Gladiator heels that i want. Theyre so ultra sexy, even tho they give off the appearance of caged monsters chomping away at my feet. Now i just have to decide whether its worth it to get it now with a 10% discount or should i take my chances and wait for it to go on sale....hmmm decisions decisions.

&& my convocation dress is currently on a plane right now. i really hope it fits because it goes by "Hong Kong" sizes which basically means petite and even petite. The description said it "should" fit mediums, im hoping it also supports my size Venti behind.

On that subject, i received an email notification from Ryerson re: RSVPing to the event. Even with that notification im not feeling like im actually graduating. I'm seriously starting to wonder when its going to hit me that i dont have to go to school anymore because none of this convocation/graduation business is getting through to me. I'm just looking at this event as another excuse for me to buy a new dress/shoes, dress up and take a gazillion pictures with the GCM kids. lol Its also gonna be a pretty epic event because both my parents and the misters parents r gonna be there too and ya.........l'll let our TVB-like imaginations run wild. That will definately be a blog-worthy moment. haha

ok time to floss and go snoring.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Because theres no COMMENTS link...

To my best friend J
OMG i am sooo happy to see you on here. I was actually thinking of how i should convince you to come over but i dont need to nowwwwwww haha I also noticed when you FIRST migrated, it was around Aug 2008....which was pretty much when i migrated last year too haha yes! We think alike, design (template-d designs anyways haha...i need to still play with the HTML..found a great place with nice templates but we can change it to our liking of course. l'll link u it later) AND thought process is similar. heh heh heh Miss You lotsss. And i dont know how to use GoogleTalk...cuz im borderline stupid like that.=[

& i cant believe you are up at 9am on a Sunday.I force myself to stay in bed because its a weekend and i deserve to lay there to do nothing lol

Yes! My best friend is on blogspot.
Just gotta convince my cousin a very subtle way because shes loving xanga haha & Maybe even Jo sure theres a few stalkers whom he doesnt mind losing in the process of migration! haha! : P

i go against the grain (hahaha someone in GCM/print pls laugh with me)

Despite everyone's trash talk about how shitty the Wolverine movie is, i liked it ALOT. hahah but ive been known to like shitty movies. I watched it last night with the mister and D and they both totally trashed it at the end while i loudly verbally express my deep liking for this movie. They just ganged up on me with its flaws and obviously i lost. >.<

So I have a small movie crush on Ryan Reynolds (aka. Deadpool aka. the guy with the bullet-proof swords aka. the snakeskin man at the end of the movie) and also, Daniel Henney (aka. Agent Zero aka the guy with the guns).

Look at this fabulous piece of meat:

Holy crap he's GORGEOUS. ahaha Clearly, he cant be of Asian decedent. Probably a hybrid, you can even tell by the name. haha giggle giggle
Ok l'll stop before lx gets all pissed off with me. lol

So thats one summer movie down, six more to go?
Up in 3D with the dream team this friday!
Must, must make mental note to go DT to buy discounted movie tickets!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gotta Love Quark 8 for looking sexy
Such an improvement from Quark 7, 6, & 5 lolllll
Only printers would understand this

Friday, May 22, 2009

Starbucks is Bliss

I'm off work, and walked a quarter of a mile (okay maybe not that long...but it really did feel like it with my laptop in my bag) from where i work to the nearest Starbucks. I am currently waiting for the mister to come get me for dinner and my blogging urges came. Hopefully I can finish writing this before he comes...because i have tendencies to do other things while i write up an entry.

For example,

I just...finished another episode of criminal minds =D
Or...i turned on restaurant city to feed my minions and to buy a giant squid for my restaurant rooftop.

Anyways, i find Starbucks to be very peaceful and came to notice a continuing trend of these sudden blogging urge feelings i experience. Everyone who knows me know that i am a big Starbucks addict that spends too much money there. To put it in better context, lets just say Im sure i could have saved it all up to buy a really sexy looking leather jacket instead of iced coffees and green teas. hmm I would consider myself a Very Important Person at Starbucks and expect to be treated that way haha Just now I ordered a usual Venti Customized Berryblossom White Tea, Steeped, with eight pumps of syrup on light ice *courtesy of Mils who introduced me to this drink* I order it that way because i am very important and arrogant like that...also because i really do like it that way. Anyways to my surprise, the girl understood what the hell i wanted!! wahaha Normally i would have to go through my whole speech on how i want it made/repeat my order/repeat AND explain how i want it made - and people would still look at me like im a bitch-that-deserves-to-be-stabbed. Because of that, i tipped her well, and fed her Unicorn Fund (dont ask, thats what the tip box said) and have concluded i love this Starbucks and will spend more time here.

As I was walking here, I was thinking of my "future" with my company. So I am a Marketing Associate, no secret (seeing that i have it up in my profile). What ive also mentioned numerous of times on my past life (dorkus_x), is that i have absolutely no experience doing anything Marketing/CRM/PR/Communications- related- which makes this position very challenging for me because I am not utilizing what has been implanted in my brain for the past four years. Instead, I am trying to scramble all those extra "minor" related knowledge and string them together to create an effective campaign. Not good.

Also my boss aka the president pointed out a truth that ive been avoiding for the past eight years- that my English is shit. Its to a point where i know if i dont do something about it, i will not be able to go very far on this career path. Which is why I am considering some sort of supplementary English-Writing class/journalism course (actually it was more like a recommendation from him)...yeah, pretty sad and hardcore. I know. You would think all this blogging would be some sort of practice for me, but i really think its just making me lazier when i type in slang and not in proper English because this is informal writing. Anyways a big portion of my job is to write press releases for the company and create press kits...yeah DESIGNING press kits is a piece of cake, i don't know so much about writing the content. That goes with website content, product brochure content, case studies, etc. Design? Thumbs up and happy face. Content? Scared and sad face. sighs.

With that said, the purpose of this portion of the rant is that at the end of my walk I came to the conclusion that I do want stay with the company for a long time and move up the rankings, even if it means needing to take English courses and learn how to drive (yes, that is another factor that is preventing me from getting promoted some day). Go ambitious me! Wish me good luck though because English scares me.... I'm Chinese! Chinese people no good with English! lol =[

Alright the boyfriend is here and im hungee.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Keeping my Word

Sometime last June I said to myself that i will go and chop off my hair and get some sort of bob cut (b/c angled bob cuts were hot last June) the minute i graduate (meaning after Convocation) because i wanted something new and what better way to celebrate the end of my undergraduate and non-adult life then to do something that i've never done before. So keeping to my own words, i went ahead and chopped off my hair.

Not completely though.

Haha because i was too chicken shit to go any shorter.
You will see this is what i looked like before i went out to get it cut.

Notice the hair length.
Now, thirty dollars later.

See! Its not SHORT-SHORT, but its much shorter than how i normally have it. (Actually the angle i took that picture was bad, its actually shorter)
Maybe after convocation, l'll grow bigger balls and cut it shorter. : D

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My left eye keeps on twitching

The mister and his buddies has a routine of going to bbt with their laptops and game til the place closes. When we first began dating, i honestly would go out every night and do the same thing except i wont be gaming, lll just be doing my own thing on my laptop instead. This is a typical night:

Hardcore nerds we are indeed.

But yes, thinking back now, i rEALLLY dont know how i was able to do it for almost every night for like 8 months because now i get SO freaking exhausted after sitting for an hour.

its either im old or im sick of bbt. or both.
but its okay, b/c the boys r cool and i would assume they enjoy my company because im weird, young, naive and dorky.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This 9-5 Life

Its only the second week of my fabulous 9-5 working life yet i am so bored of it already. My routine is as follows:

7:15am- WakeUp to do my morning bathroom routine, turn on laptop before going to the washroom, assign positions to my minions on restaurant city (freak, i know), load an episode of Criminal Minds that i did not finish the previous night, check my blog subscriptions, check facebook photos, check weather. THEN, i begin to choose what to wear and change
7:45am- I set my laptop beside me and sit on the ground and begin to put on my face in front of the mirror while the episode of criminal mind that i was loading begins to play. I guess i do my hair too during this time depending on my mood.
8:05am- I go downstairs to eat breakfast and carry my laptop with me so i can finish the episode of Criminal Minds
8:20am- Leave the house.
9am-5pm- The wonderful 8 hours of being a noobie marketing associate
5pm-7pm- I either:
a) bus home and catch up on whatever that i missed during my 8 hours at work that i wasnt able to check on my blackberry and feed my minions on restaurant city.
b) the mister comes get me and we go to Starbucks and spend time together until we both gotta go home to eat with our families : )
7pm-8pm Dinner with the fam, gossip about my day with the parents, have meaningful, intellectual conversation with my dad regarding real estate trends, fruits and the goddam tamil protest(s) going around toronto.
8pm-10:15pm I do whatever i need to do to prepare for the next day, or procrastinate and go make-believe online shopping...all while feeding my minions and watching Criminal Minds
10:30pm- Pause Criminal minds, call the mister to say goodnight & the snoring begins

Talk about being super boring.....and sad.

I'm a freaking robot thats OBSESSED with Criminal Minds, Restaurant City and the Internet. I have no social interaction whatsoever during the week...which is why i look forward to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so much because its the only days im able to stray away from my "9-5" schedule and actually SEE people (even though i get dead tired by midnight =__=). But ya, im sure people who do 9-5 as well actually have lives other than me so kudos to you guys lol

However with that said, its the weekend now and i tend to migrate to the misters for a couple of days during the weekend when the house is free. Yesterday i went to some warehouse sale that sold dirt cheap Smashbox, RedEarth and Elizabeth Arden make-up (and a lot of other cheap stuff). Holy shit i think i walked out with like 200 bucks worth of stuff and im actually considering going back for more even though its a TERRIBLE idea.

As you can see in the picture, i ended up getting:
- an Elizabeth Arden Quad Shadow Palette (im starting to get confused on what colors i have, and what colors i DONT have)
- a RedEarth brow kit (gotta learn how to shape my my invisible eyebrows)
- RedEarth Duo Eyeliner in blue (for two dollars!!!)
- Smashbox Matte Dry/Wet Foundation (i think i just found the best foundation in my limited-knowledge world on foundation)
- Smashbox's Bronzer Disc that was 57% off the original price (now i just gotta learn how to apply it without looking like burnt toast)
- 99 cents Sally Hassen Nail Stuff
- other misc. stuff like Dove Facial Kits and things for my brother.


I need to stop with this spending. I was actually crossing my fingers as they scanned the stuff and prayed it wouldnt go over 2 bills because i think thats all i have left on my Visa and it would be pretty embarrassing if they swiped it and it goes DENIED (happened before, very embarrassing, people give u that mean dirty look.)

I guess this 9-5 thing isnt so bad since its paying for my debts. Blah.
Okies, time to go make mango pudding.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I know I JUST attended my formal/prom, but its a TINY bit different because:

a) The mister and i didnt do the whole PARENTS TAKE PICTURE of us thing (b/c thats gay nowadays and even more gay for him b/c of his age haha). In fact! We didnt even take a PROPER picture of us together that night. All we got was this (and many similar ones):

I know! How terrribly unclassy of us.

b) no corsage!
c) no limo
d) no "shes-all-that" moment b/c the mister has seen me in the dress before.
e) no big group picture
f) no sunshine warm weather! (we had rain!!!)


What provoked my sudden urge to want to do prom was while coming home just now, a black limo jeep turned down my street and i suddenly began reminiscing high school prom, the weather, the joys, the fact i can actually call it PROM and not have to put it in quotations whenever i talk about GCMs "prom".

I'm just being silly, but this also means its time to re-watch She's All That : )))
& spy on all the teen highschool girls dress up like they're of-age but they're really not.....yet they look better than me. sighs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Almost everyone i know is going/IS on vacation, and I am SO jealous.
There's a couple of people that I know are in the states, then there is a HANDFUL (quite literally) going (the rez girls)/already in Cuba (Lilian!). Some of the GCM kids are going on a Mediterranean Cruise, C in California, and i dont remember who else is where.

Again, I am SO jealous!!!!!!! I can't wait until the mister and i can go on our Europe trip in the distant future. Perhaps i should get my passport, maybe that'll motivate me to do something about it lol

In the meantime l'll just stalk everyones vacation pictures when theyre back. haha

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tumblr fame

*thumbs up*
i feel special.

Attempt One

Okay I am going to start to blog here, and migrate in a very subtle matter until those whom has been accustomed to Dorkus_x can adjust and hopefully move with me lol : (

Yesterday night i went to go see Star Trek with the boys and i probably was the biggest Trekkie noob in the theater. Overall though I totally enjoyed it and thought it was SO effing awesome and i have a small secret crush on Spock aka. Sylar aka the psycho killer on Heroes. hahaha ai, i am attracted to the weirdest people, it amuses me sometime too.

Now i just gotta watch Wolverine, Angels & Demons, Terminator Salvation (I'm not too keen on this movie...but l'll give it a chance b/c the mister is really excited about it), Transformers II (Yaaaaa Meghan Fox...not), G.I Joe and UP (in 3-D). Note to self: buy discounted tickets @ ryerson. take advantage of my soon-to-be expired Student Privileges.

Ok now jumping to another topic,

Ever since ive been working, ive been spending SO much money at Shoppers. Its so disgusting what i can find there and i would spend about fifty-seventy dollars each trip. Totally outrageous, totally something i gotta stop....after i convince myself to not buy that Shiseido Skin Regime kit. (After using it once, *courtesy of Jennuts travel kit*- i totally love it and want it because Neutrogena and Shoppers brand isnt working out for me.)

& as ive said over on dorkusX- my lips are as dry as fukkk. Seriously. This damn allergy reaction of mine is mildy over, but now the aftermath of the reaction are dead skins and i look like i have chocolate flakes on my mouth. Pardon my descriptive details, but Its actually really nasty.

I would word vomit more but it almost bed-time and i gotta finish another episode of criminal minds or else i wouldn't be able to fall asleep.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

migration: consideration

It's that time again, where i am seriously considering migrating from dorkusX to over here.

tweeet tweeet