The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's do this

Okay i am going to UPDATE with some readable material because my cousin left the cutest wall msg (in the world) asking me to update and i really can't disappoint her. Also K expressed her dissatisfaction with me too so i gotta type more than 4 sentences haha

The "Christmas" holiday zoomed by extremely quickly and with my peanut-size memory i've forgotten most of the details already. Funny though, i didnt get my usual PRE-Christmas Blues this year. Perhaps ive grown out of them? Because i dont have the POST-Christmas Blues either. So strange....Anyways going to review the 24th-27th days because it was the most EPIC days of the holiday and i survived on very little sleep.

Christmas Eve
From what i remember, this day was absolute crunch day. Lx and i were suppose to go pre-boxing day shopping and shop for last minute gifts for his family. Prior to that though, he was to go DimSum-ing with my family because i think we will be creating a tradition of that from now on (Christmas Eve is dim sum with my family, Christmas Day is dinner with his family). Unfortunately lx's Christmas Curse strikes for the third year in a row and he comes down with a chronic case of the flu and had to cancel on that. I remember thinking to myself, omg this is fukking deja vu. Thankfully, his bff took me shopping instead and spent more money than i haha.

@ Night it was Christmas Eve dinner at my cousin's house (the turkey i ate was the best turkey ive had in five years). I dont see my cousins very often and it makes me very sad because lx and his cousins are unbeliveably close even with the age difference AND the fact they dont even live in the same country...while all mine live within the city and i don't even see them more than twice a year. sighs.

Anyways that night i was seated with my older cousins, in their thirties and it was really nice to finally be able to talk to them on a level where we understand each other. Two of my cousins are fairly grounded in the print industry and it was too awesome, speaking "print" with them while their husbands attempt to jump into the conversation with random print knowledge. "Is the stock FSB-certified" (inside GCM joke) haha aw. it was hilarious. Of course i am plentiful jealous of them because they know SO SO many people in the industry to a point where it seems like one of my cousins has worked in every damn print shop known to a trade printer and the other one has TI Group knocking on her office door and offering to print her wedding invitations. Argh. so so jealous. They also can cook amazing turkey too. Gah. Even more jealous lol.

I also got to see the kids who i call my nephews and neices (i dont know what u call cousin's kids) are the most adorable kids in the world. Here i am adoring lx's two nephew and neices, i adore mine even more. Absolutely cuteness galore. That said though i'm terrifying of having kids hahah.

I've been following justbee@xanga's life for the past two months. Shes the creator of (a REALLY large wedding blog site-turned network) and since shes "married" now, she talks about her post-marriage life in the Big Apple and she's very entertaining because her husband and herself r really rich so she always has adventures and shopping tips to share. More recently, she started blogging about her pregnancy, and even MORE recently- the birth of her new baby. Anyways, since shes an avid blogger like myself- she blogged about her labor experience and nothing beats reading someone's personal experience in Child Birth. All i have to say about that is, i don't know if i can survive childbirth when the time comes hahah It sounds excruciating. I knew that it was (very) painful, but reading her experience made me want to cringe. So yes, i love kids but afraid of having them. Thought i would share.

Ok back to my original thought: so we came home from my cousins' and i HAD to begin baking because the mister's family christmas dinner was in less than 24 hrs. I originally was going to make Cheesecake Bites, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cookie Monster Cupcakes for the kids. Since i couldnt grab the cream cheese and ricotta cheese in time, i had to minus the Cheesecake Bites from the plan and only do the other two. I started at around...10pm? I went to sleep at 3:30am-ish. Half of my batch of cookies turned out like shit (overdone) and the other half i kept to use for the mouths of my Cookie Monster cupcakes.

I have this pic loaded up everywhere because this was my first time baking cupcakes from scratch and they came out REALLY tasty and it actually LOOKS like cookie monster and not a blue blob...thus i am VERY proud of myself. =]]] I think im going to make it a tradition to bake (different kinds) of cupcakes for his family events because the adults were REALLY into it. Even though i had to make the flour batch TWICE cuz i fukked up the process, crush the brown sugar until the skin on my fingers peeled because it condensed in the jar and frosted those damn cupcakes until i felt like fainting. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. haha.

Christmas Day
I remember waking up particularly early because i had nightmares that my cupcakes flopped and i actually ran downstairs to check if they were in-tacked at 7am haha. I still had presents to make and wrap, presents to give out, cards to write, nails to do, hair to straighten before the mister came to get me. It was all a blur, probably because it was gloomy and rainy and i dont remember much when its grey and dark outside. I finally made it to Lx's (WITH a Starbucks ^^) and spent the night at his house and replacing him in all games and festivities because he had to sleep at 10pm (for an early bird 7am shift the next morning). Again, i don't think l'll ever learn all of his extended families' names and their relationship to one another. There is simply too many each time and i swear the older ladies all look the same. lol His sister is great to me and really made me feel comfortable by sitting next to me during games so i feel less like an outsider. I am tres thankful that shes treating me like "family"....actually overall im glad she likes me or else life would really suck (she might turn her kids against me if she didnt like me!!!) haha. It was another late night b/c i spent it helping lx's mom clean up and maneuver through their mountain of gifts received for being a host.

Boxing Day
Like i said previously, i spent the night and was awaken by the kids poking at my face looking for Grandma at 730am lol Couldnt really sleep in because they started yelling around 9am. The morning goes by with relatives showing up and LX coming home for lunch before going back to work. It was a very Sunday-morning-family brunch sort of feel......but that sounds really gay so i didnt bring that up to LX and he probably won't read as far as this so i dont feel so lame typing it. I told myself that i must NOT go to the mall because ive spent far more than i intended to earlier this month and i was quite successful. The day ended with us going to watch Sherlock Holmes (which i kind of fell asleep to....) because Avatar in IMAX was sold out until yesterday @ the Vaughn location. I'm SURE a lot of people think we're being too picky because we refuse to watch it in "3D" or "2D" but i mean if ur gonna watch a movie that was MADE for IMAX....should respect that and watch it in the same technology it was made right? Just my opinion. It was a short night because i was so exhausted from the past 2 days.

&&&&& yeah thats my super long ass summary of the 3 most important days of the holiday haha Met up with K and everyone for Frankie Tomatoes on Saturday and then later Cranium-ed it up @ Lx's with his bffs. Was seriously one of the best Cranium games ive ever played. We mustttttttt do it againnnnnnnnnn =D

Im seriously starting to lose my touch with blogging. i feel like im boring and not entertaining anymore...or even MORE boring and even MORE not entertaining from before. Gah. I guess thats what happens when ur life is boring.

NYE is gonna be quiet this year. LX is working an evening shift and l'll probably be bringing in my laptop and blogging about 2009 while waiting for him to get off work to do something random.

There you go. I updated. lolllllll

P.S. i also went on a nailpolish high and bought these two colors.

That new mustard yellow is officially my new favorite color entering 2010.

Monday, December 28, 2009


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Too pretttty! Paris, France you are too romantic.

I want to blog, but my napping mode just kick in. I'll be back eventually with too much writing.

Friday, December 25, 2009

best 10 dollars EVER spent.

on Matte Nail Polish. Dark, sexy Russian Navy Blue ; ))))))


Will blog soon with pictures!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


My apologies for not blogging.....I notice the # of hits r still up meaning people r still dropping by....with nothing to read....and as K puts it- UR BLOG DIDN'T ENTERTAIN ME (today). Sowies sowies~!! haha But ive been SO busy to the point where tonight i ate my dinner (a ham Sub) on the BUS at 845pm at night coming from STC with a bag of goodies. But the day is finally here!! Christmas Eve as we speak ^___^. Going to be a LONGGGG Day tmr.....actually in a few hours =____=. The mister is here at 1030am, bright and early to take my parents to dimsum and then afterwards pre-boxing day/last-minute gift/baking ingredients shopping. I still have a LIST to buy for and no idea how i am going to pull it off Gahhhh. Then evening I have a fam jam to attend to see all my super cute nephews and nieces. Then possibly a Karaoke event hosted by the mister's friends but more than likely a pass for me because i must stay home to bake til i faint and probably wrap presents til dawn.

Surely l'll blog after all my baking, wrapping and sleeping is accomplished.

Happy Holidays in the meantime to everyone ^^
PS. THANK U TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT SENT ME GIFTS & GREETING CARDS IN THE MAIL!!!! I lurve snail mail because its uber romantic but so sneaky when it comes to obtaining my home mailing address heh (aside from E who asked lol) Thnx u thnx u! <3 : )

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Posts to Come

Annual Reflections broken down into Categories
New Years Resolution possibly broken down into Categories.
Expect them! I am in full blogging mode. They are going to be heavy duty word vomits.

Epics 2 week

Alrdy done:
  • Dermatologist Appointment- 2010 is the year my skin will be beautiful again!!!!
  • Met up with Chocolate for Wings and intense Starbucks-ing. Sad Albie couldn't made it
  • Ikea trip with K. Scouting out prices for the big reno in 2010! Dun dun dun. 
I foreshadow the followings in the next 2 weeks (in no particular order):
  • Christmas shopping for my list of 9 recipients (three down!!) and for misc. things such as pretty wrapping paper and tinsel to jazz up the exterior of the gift..baking ingredients...maybe a gift for myself! Who knows.
  • Christmas DIY Gift Making
  • Continuation of Project Debbie Travis on a Budget: Wallpapering(tentative!), rearranging furniture, cleaning up, organizing clothes & little DIY Projects around the room.
  • Christmas Wrapping!!!!!!! 
  • GCM Girls Secret Santa Exchange & Get-together
  • Sexy Girls Secret Santa Exchange & Get-together lol
  • Wings Night @ D's
  • More Joy Teas, Caramel Brulee Lattes and Cranberry Bliss Bars!
  • LOTS of Christmas Baking and Dessert Making
  • Actual Christmas Day! Traditional XMAS Dimsum with the Family in the morning.
  • Fit in Skating somewhere in there
  • Go back DT just to take a picture with the damn Swarovski tree....and then leave rite away haha
  • Writing up my New Years Resolutions
  • Watching Avatar in 3D and Sherlock Holmes
  • Boxing Day Shopping
And i stop at the 26th because i have no idea what im doing for NYE and if i am even doing anything at all. As always, it depends on my mood. As of now though i am in a TERRIFIC mood and cannot wait to go hit the LAST-SATURDAY-BEFORE-CHRISTMAS crowd this weekend ^_____^

Sunday, December 13, 2009


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HAHHAHAHA ohmyeffinggawd, ppl r SO creative. i laughed so so fakking hard when i saw this lol ai. The things i find on the internet.

Anyways next 2 weeks is going to be epic!!! I am soooo excited for the holidays. I think im starting to get into the holiday spirit. Shopping, 2 Secret Santas, Room Reno, Avatar in 3D, Christmas, boxing day and i dont remember what else.

Will be back to blog more later!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Day

One day l'll be able to sport that. When i am stick thin and can tuck in my shirt ! Yes!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Room Detox Continuation

If anybody cares enough to remember, during the late summer i began to detox my room and wanted to give it a complete makeover. I gave myself a nice Queen size bed (a huge upgrade from a SINGLE) and rearranged all my furniture around. Then i got REALLY lazy and stopped with my "Debbie Travis on a Budget" Project. Now, thanks to K i am in full reno mode again lol
Color Palette I am aiming for


The walls are probably going to be Tin Pail or Prune and/or a mixture of the two depending on my mood in the Spring. Right now my aim for Boxing day & before the New Years is to find the cheapest deals on pretty storage boxes and bedsheets to bring my room into a less cluttered-state (thus the boxes. Shove all my crap in one place and consider it neat) and bring my room a step closer to the color palette (thus the bedsheets). Re-organize all my clothes with the wardrobe piece that i will be inheriting from K (TTHNXLUV!), get that piece of furniture to fit in my room by re-arranging my furniture again (the mister and my brother is going to be so angry with me), do something about all my bags that currently has a home on my floor, put up the curtains the mister got me from oh-so-long ago and getting my dad to create some shelf space for me!

Yays yays im excited once again!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I've been at it like a pig for the past 3 months. I've totally wasted three months worth of gym membership when i had to continue paying even though im not actually going. Gah. Ninty-ish dollars gone. Let's hope starting next week i can get back into it. Feeling like poo, physically. My chub is exploding again. I really should do something about it instead of just whining.

Anyways it started to snow today and i was in a way kind of happy because this means the Christmas spirit in me is coming back soon!!! Even with the Eaton Centre decorated with its Swarovski Tree and Starbucks and their Red Cups, I am not even close to feeling the Christmas spirit. I completely forgot that the Cavalcade of Lights existed and didnt even realize it until GlobalTv did a feature. I felt rather numb watching the pretty fireworks go at it at Nathan Phillip Square when normally i would feel all warm and bubbly when i see pretty lights and was actually really depressing lol. Hopefully, i can see the boys on Saturday for our overdue date and then sneak in skating with the mister at night to bring some Christmas cheer back into our lives lol I also have to start Christmas shopping for the family, Lx's family and close friends. I crossed the biggest one off my list today (being no-good) and that's always a good thing because i always stress about what to get him every year.

Also praying that the MINUS degrees weather isnt going to hit before my new jacket comes from BC!!!!!! I havnt bought anything BIG in a long time so this is reallly exciting for me. lol I am also going to conclude that there is absolutely no UGGs in my future because the only ones i want have officially been discontinued and i have no desire in wanting any others. I must find a different way to keep my feet warm. lol And can someone pwleaseeeeeee let me know when pretty bedsheets go on sale? I'm having no luck with these : ((

I foresee in the near future.....
  • A really big reno job in both my room and Karyn's haha
  • A trip to the dermatologist
  • Possibly two secret santa's
  • Skating @ Nathan Phillip Square
  • Three months over-due Movie/Starbucks Date with the Boys
  • Dinner with the Cousin
  • Gossip Girl & House Catch-Up Drama Night
  • Annual Christmas Cookie Baking for the Mister
Ok suddenly this turns into a random word vomit because my blogging mode switched on. Since ive gone past my bedtime im going to have to cut short and cheat with point-form.
  • Songs on Repeat: Lady Gaga- Bad Romance and Jason Derulo- Whatcha Say. Both were heavily influenced by Gossip Girl.
  • The Victoria Secret Fashion Show was pretty good this year minus that whole reality-hunt-for-the-next VS Angel thing. i really despise the winner, she was cocky and couldnt walk but thats just my opinion. i lovee lovee the Black Eye Peas and Fergie's thunder thighs. i really didnt like their song Meet me Halfway at first but again, under the influence of hot half-naked chicks that song is on repeat too. 
  • Obsessed with organizing/labeling/filtering/categorizing my e-mails in GMAIL. i really do have some sort of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). 
  • I find myself getting my nails done every 2-3 weeks or so. It is the most princess-thing i can do but there's honestly something about having someone shape and buff your nails for you that's just so satisfying....even though i technically can do it myself. I think its one of those things i would skimp out on a lunch just to save enough to go to a nail bar/salon. 
  • Matte Nail Polish: you are mine soon.  
  • Last night i dreamt i was part of the TWILIGHT/NEW MOON/ECLIPSE movie and i was with the "Wolf" Gang (sadly Taylor Lautner was NOT in my dream) but regardless the wolf guys were REALLLLLY sexy in my dream hahaha. ^______^
  • Have a new found love for Vitamin Water. I downed a whole bottle and a half tonight. It was delicious. I kept on wanting more. I dont know if this is normal.
  • Met up with the kids this past weekend and gamed it up til 4:30am. I was completely dead the next day.
  • Successfully planned another Birthday Surprise that worked out beautifully. I still haven't lost my touch : ) It reminded me of why im always the planner for events. Seeing people happy made the stress completely worth it at the end. 
  • Twin tried hot yoga for the first time yesterday and reported it back to me on a one on one basis and basically: I AM SOLD. J and/or Cousin, we must go soon. lol
  • i heart mister. he makes me laugh.

    Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    Before i forget.

    (via Source) (I want my hair long like the girl in the pic AND her sweater giggle)

    Shopping list for myself! Need to look for cheap yet a stylish:
    • Jewellery Stand/Holder or specifically something to hold my necklaces (Necklaces flying everywhere and getting tangled)
    • Bedsheets (Mini yellow and purple roses against pale green is not cool)
    • Scarf Box
    • Recycle Bin/Basket
    • Large Clothes Box (for my stay @ home clothes & PJs)
    • Mittens (refuse to buy any over 5 bucks....even though my TNA ones are losing its warmth strength. Dont buy TNA mittens. They dont keep u warm.)
    • Large Hot Rollers  (im in no rush for this but keeping an eye for a set that are discounted and is sooo cheap its like one of those i-get-lucky type of cheap......but not cheap in quality kind of product)
    Amongst other things i don't remember but i should because it'll come in handy seeing everything is currently on sale. Oh right, like this hat i saw Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey) wore on Gossip Girl. AND winter jacket shopping very soon! Before it hits zero degrees.... tho that seems so unlikely because it is currently freaking nine degrees outside. Madness. Looks like TNA parka here I come? I need peoples opinions and testimonials on those Tatula and Community jackets. I'm looking for something fitted, yet warm! Most importantly WARM. I'm getting old and i can't stand the cold.

    I wonder if Karyn is able to get me dirt cheap uggs from Vegas. When i mean dirt cheap, I mean under 80 bucks. heh. Sorry cousin and mister, im giving in. I will take those beats from u guys when i see u. xD Then again, the chances of her finding them for THATT cheap, in MY size, in THAT style (heard they discontinued making the Classic Mini's) and in the color (Chocolate) I want are probably pretty slim and at zero. If that is the case it would simply mean it wasn't meant to be!
    Shopping, shopping. A girls death.
    PS. Ninja Assassin was quite good. Big Ups to Rain for his role. lol

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    Victoria Secret Christmas Fashion Show

    Every year I torture myself by watching the Victoria Secret Fashion show in December. I always look forward to it because it always means Christmas is around the corner and also, there is something so satisfying about watching those girls walk the runway with their cleavage and buttocks swinging by in those gorgeous shows. heh. The best show to date is the year they had J.Timberlake as guest performer!!!! I thought the show that year was unbelievably hotttttt. i hope this year they got Lady gaga or someone like her to guest perform!!!! Btw. I am so Team "Alessandra Ambrosio". The girl is HAWT. I hope shes still in the show this year and hasn't retired like Giselle.

    I hope I don't miss it tonight! Tonight is date night with mister.


    (via Source)

    Can I get this for 76 dollars? (Plus Shipping & Taxes).
    I would be so cute if i sport that around. Pouts.

    tweeet tweeet