The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Combat it Out

I had a pretty cruddy end of the day today. I really don't like playing the Blame Game at the office and i am in no particular mood to play it at 4:30pm. That is definately not something I am looking forward to facing tomorrow at work. It's going to be a long day...i better load it up on the whole wheat "organic" crackers and roasted garlic hummus aka my new favorite snack in the whole world! (Next to those Cranberry Addictivethins...mmmm nom nom noms).

As routine goes, every Tuesday and Thursday are my gym nights (Pump & Combat respectively) because my shitty membership only allows me to go on those days (and Sunday...but those mornings are dependent on soooo many factors like if whether i slept at midnight orrrrr 3:30am) and only at one specific club. Anyhoo, rain or shine or snow- i'll be there and ive been doing SO SO great. I am SO close to my prizeeeee. HEHEHEHE. So I find myself enjoying Body Combat a lot more than pump because its more cardio mixed with "subtle" strength training. Also the fact its like *make-believe* training for your big knock-out fight with...iono. the bitch with the large teeth you hate. (Sorry, thats my make-believe fight. argh i really dont like her.) Okay so im sure everyone has a bitch with large teeth that they secretly want to take down in their hearts - this IS the class to attend to take out your anger and punch your fat out.

Who doesn't like violence right? Clearly I do because i swear i see nobody around me when I combat except my opponents face. Sometimes it turns into the rat! and we all know how much i hate the rat.

I can't believe i just typed that. It looks so incriminating.

Anyways! So its a great class that i wish i can attend every single day. According to the website the class is described as:
 BODYCOMBAT™ is a non-combat (okay so maybe the Combat part i totally made up in my mind), martial arts-based fitness program with moves drawn from Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Kung Fu, kickboxing, Muay Thai and Tai Chi. With the following benefits (c/o
  • Improves heart and lung function and reduces the risk of heart disease(Yeah yeah)
  • Tones and shapes key muscle groups
    (Muscles eat fat for breakfast/lunch AND dinner! Win.)
  • Burns calories for a leaner body (The two magic words together: BURN and CALORIES. Can't lose)
  • Improves co-ordination and agility (I'm still pretty clumsy. This is a maybe)
  • Improves bone density (Can't tell!)
  • Improves posture and core strength and stability (I suppose. But im still very lazy)
  • Builds self-confidence (in my mind...haha)
I felt like blogging about this tonight because i still felt unbelievably pumped from the class five hours later. I swear I havn't had such a great class in SO long. I mean every class is great and I sweat my ass and armpits off (ive had so many injuries from pulling something too hard) every single time but today's class was exceptional. The instructor (who is freaking awesome because he is Jah-mai-can and such a biggggg buff guy with dreads....oh and hes very entertaining too) threw in some new CHALLENGING moves (i.e. LUNGES. omg my cousin would have freaking died today from doing Lunges hahah i was thinking of you the entire time MizTran!!!! & how your bum hurts from those hardcore lunges you did in the past 2 days) and even though it was sooo painful i loved every second. AHHH. Craziness. I am like experiencing a crazy adrenaline rush or something. Which is very weird because its close to my bedtime and im normally flat and down on my bed..........instead im blogging...on my brothers computer. I wonder if my mom put anything "extra" in the soup that might be the cause of all this..............

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Strangeness. I had a string of babble and then i looked over @ the tv and saw the LEGION trailer and i lost EVERYTHING in my head.

And just like that I lost my blogging high.

Booooooo(b)s >.<

Negative 50

I think the couple across from me should stop making out and concentrate on figuring how they're gonna keep warm when they off the bus because the girl is wearing a skirt with sheer tights and both are seriously wearing what looks like SPRING jackets (with no hood) in what feels like negative 50 weather. AND to top it off, they actually have to go findddd their friends house so its not like they're gonna hop off the bus and get into a house immediately. (Yeah i got all that from eavesdropping with my super spy skills and creepy tendancies).

Seriously, nobody cares about their toes and fingers anymore.

Ok putting mittens back on.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

im boring

Does anyone else find me boring nowadays?

Anyways, saw these! && wondered why i didnt pursue Fashion Communications.....and why im not rich and pretty. SIGHS.

Valentino Spring 2010

Emilio Pucci ready-to-wear spring summer 2010

Purdy isnt it? Makes me want to shop (Zara = huge sale = me going crazy) !!!  Suddenly my new favorite store is Zara......on sale. Nonetheless their stuff is stylish but not so Forever21 price range for me lol Maybe its just me but i haven't seen any of Zara's Headband collection in their stores? Or is it just a States (argh no fair) thing? I'm lacking headbands (like how im lacking scarves....).

On another note, I REALLLLLLLLLY need to get a move on my much delayed/procrastinated Room Reno that I declared back in July09 (ish). I mean, even lx is starting up with his and we havnt even finished with mine. Argh argh! Things i NEED to accomplish:
  • Go grab the wardrobe from K!!!!!
  • Wallpaper my closet door
  • Buy fabric for my DIY projects (for the room & K's belated Christmas Present)
  • Patterned Wrapping Paper/Stock to cover bookends
  • Buy: Bookends, file storage, binders, large black stylish storage boxes, large laundry hamper, wooden clothes hangers, bed/bomforter linen
  • Paint Room (the minute its warm enough to keep windows open all night)
I feel like i am repeating this list over and over again with nothing crossed off.

& it is probably the case too. =___=*

Anywaysssss. I'm so so looking forward to the weekend! Like i mentioned before double Winterlicious!! @ Fred's Not Here & Oliver and Bonacinii because we are poor but want relatively decent lunch food. Its just gonna suck a tiny bit because of the super cold wave that's coming this weekend which means i'll have to bundle up and not allowed to look pretty because little bundled up eskimos aren't pretty.

I'm also feeling lucky. Maybe the mister and i should try Avatar IMAX again? haha

Monday, January 25, 2010


How can u resist, when the two sexiest guys (Ryan Gosling & Ed Westwick) on the face of the earth is into Starbucks too?
hmmmmmmmmm i wonder what it feels like to serve them....



I tend to not have that many nightmares but when I do, its horrific to the core.

Basically last night before I slept I watched the Lovely Bones trailer again. A recap for those who don’t know the plotline. The Lovely Bones is a movie based on a novel written by Alice Sebold about a young girl that was raped and murdered and it follows her life in heaven as she watches over her family...and killer. Yeah, it is exactly as graphic, messed-up and creepy as it sounds. Anyways the trailer seems freakishly accurate to the novel and it makes me want to watch the movie now even though @karlantonette & @_fadeaway both are telling me its shit...i might go against their warnings and waste 2 hours of my life for the hell of it lol. Anyways that being the last thing on my mind, I dreamt that I was the girl that was murdered except that the people around me were GCM CLASSMATES (the NON ASIAN ones...which is freaky on its own haha). Everyone just kept on dying mysteriously and nobody knew why and by who. It was freaky and scary as hellllllllllllll.

Then the killer gets caught and the dreamscene changes and by complete randomness, I was proposed to by Ron Ng (guy in picture).

HAHAHAH mmmmm yumyumyums (I had SUCH a great time looking for his picture lollllllll). It was such a sweet proposal!!!! It was by the river and everything and he (being the celebrity hahah) totally sweet-talked the entire proposal and it was just SOOOO perfect. GAH. hahah I suspect its from watching the VALENTINES DAY trailer last night (too) and the part where Ashton Kutcher proposes to Scarlett Johannsen totally melted me and left an imprint on my whacked-up subconscious. Muahah I’d like to note that the guy in the picture is a HK Celebrity that at one point I was/am utterly in love with and he is the same age and has pretty much the same Chinese name as the mister. Total irony I swear haha.

Back to my nightmare because it actually didn't end when Ron Ng proposed to me ahhah.

The even more freaky thing was that even though the “killer” was caught....he WAS NOT THE ACTUAL KILLER (!!!!!!!!!!) and the next thing you know it went from my sweet river scene to a scene where I was chased and about to be raped and murdered by the real one. At this point of course I forced myself to wake up because I felt myself getting mentally exhausted from the fear. Sadly by then it was 7:40am in actual time......which meant I only had 10 minutes of non-murderous rest/sleep time because my alarm is set for 7:45. ARGHHHH. & No i dont remember what the ending was.

Creepy much??????????!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lack of Lappy

For the past almost two weeks, I've been laptop-less and still ammm without a laptop even tho D has fixed it for me already (thnxU thnxU!). Anyways, you would think I would have gone bonkers like I normally would but in fact I've been pretty alright without it.

For the first time in a very long time I've been able to curl up in my bed and read until bedtime and then actually sleeping early instead of stalking wedding blogs or someone. Its quite nice actually because I've been also able to do things that I've been procrastinating from doing around the house and in my room. The only crappy thing is the absolute boredom I experience whenever I straighten my hair. For those who don't know but it actually takes me about 2 hrs to dry/straighten my hair and time normally flies when I have a drama on or an episode of Criminal Minds playing. Otherwise...its been a nice change to be away from a computer.

I think after I get my laptop back I'll make the effort to close it at a certain time to give my brain and eyes a rest away from the screen and more time focused on reading....whether it may be Harry Potter (for the tenth million time) or The Host (which I should start)...or what I've been reading for the past two nights, my Harry Potter fanfiction (the very same one that nearly made me fail two exams b/c I'd rather read this than study in previous years)!!

Ahhhhh for all you HARRY POTTER fans, I highly recommend you reading the fanfaction "Crossroads". I don't know who the author is even though I am fairly suspicious whether it was JK Rowling herself that wrote this Lily/James Potter story because it is THATTT GOOOD.

OHHHHHTAYYYYY. Enough of my geeek spasm there.

Double Winterlicious lunches coming up this weekend! I am tres tres excited to see the boys..especially after bumping into A the other day!! Gah I miss seeing him so much and I swear I would have jumped him if I did know it would be horrribly awkward hahaha Then the day after the girls...not to mention all the freaking food I'll be consuming :D

This weekend was the Interior Design Show and roaming DT with the mister. Judging by our preferences in certain areas of the show/design...It is very obvious that there willl be major design clashes the day we move out....which will be sooooo blog-worthy Haha <3

Now. Gonna finish up my chapter before turning off the lights for work tommorrow.


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Thursday, January 21, 2010



i felt my heart slowly breaking into tiny pieces as i read this.

Monday, January 18, 2010


(via Source)
"At just 23 years old, The Hills star Heidi Montag decided to go under the knife for a second time and have a staggering 10 plastic-surgery procedures in one day."

I call it as i see em. A MILF that has issues is what i see looking back at me. Heidi Montag has gone insane.


(via Source)

I am completely intoxicated with the thoughts of pastels, tights, dresses, blazers, shorts, light scarves and over-sized sweaters. I am SO SO ready for you Spring. Please come sooooon.

My deepest and most sincere condolences to my friends and their families whom has lost someone recently. I'm utterly shocked at how close these incidents are to each other but it only shows how life is too short. Life should be extravagant and to think too much and not enjoy it defeats the purpose of living. We should not take for granted and appreciate those who means the most to us and not hold regrets.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blogging on the bus

This morning I was actually not planning on getting up so early for BodySteps and decided subconsciously that I will go in the afternoon instead. I dreamt that I was debating this and for some reason I took my dream seriously and decided to get up to go for an early afternoon workout (in my dream it was 130) to discover that it was actually 915am and I was fully awake and reved up........argh. And that was how I was able to make it to my Steps class.

On the way to the gym on the 53, first came the BIG old lady that attempted to sit on me by completely ignoring my presence. I felt her big bum on my hands/arms. I didn't even have time to block her and I guess she knew she failed when she gave a nice big HHHHMMMMPFFFF.

Second was the Chinese girl that dressed like a star on or something. Ripped stockings, 8inch leather platforms, tight skirt that was actually see-through, heavy makeup. Very pretty face tho.

Argh and a guy just poked me with his vinegar bottle.

Anyways back to my story. As I was about to shoot her my "Ur-such-a-hoe-what-would-ur-parents-think-argh-argh-but-u-have-such-a-pretty-face-and-nice-fit-body-and-im-jealous-and-hate-u-but-still-think-ur-a-hoe-argh" look, I noticed how beautifully curled her hair was so I then proceeded to stare at her hair in a rather-brokeback way. It was major fail.

Off the bus I go when I reached my club and while walking in this little older lady walks in front of me, decked in reallly nice Lululemon and adidas gear. I felt sooo unfit and shameful cuz the lady in front of me is probably older than my mom but she's so much more fit than I am....more hip too.. (In style and probably has better hips than me)

It also kinda reminded me of the 70 year old at J's gym that can do the splits.

And we both can't. lol

Shame shame on all of us young kids.

Yay finished just in time at my stop. Outsss.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fob Talk

After watching Laughing Gor 之變節 (Turning Point), i am officially in love with Michael Tse again.

GAHHHH. Its like the Young and Dangerous phase all over again. Heart.

I'm also really into Nick Cheung and Francis Ng.

Even though theyre like so old but so attractive.

I think its the ghetto-bad-ass roles they play. What major turn ons.


Thursday, January 14, 2010


I think I went a little too hardcore during the combat track in Body Combat today and totally pulled/strained my right hip muscle. Arghhhh I've been currently laying on my left side and belly since 9 with a magic bead pack thingy you use for sore anythings- on the hip. All while doing my nails, watching Peter Chao (Pyrobooby) vids on Youtube ON my blueberry (b/c of a lack of lappy) and having a facial mask on.

I suppose this all would have been really relaxing if there wasn't so much pain shooting in my hip.

Anyways in the middle of watching Pyrobooby, I thought of a brilliant goal motivator for myself. Basically starting this week, if I attend a total of 18 gym sessions, at the end I get to buy myself something from Lululemon. What better way of encouraging me to work out more than to reward myself with shopping AND keeping fit at the same timeee! Telling myself "Looking good" and/or "to look awesome for the beach" clearly isn't doing its job seeing I've been saying it for the past 8 years and I still lack (and exponentially far far away) the janet jackson machine gun abs.

I am quite a smart cookie aren't i.

Alright I'm at two! Sixteen to gooooooo.

After I recover first though.


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


All in common: LIBRARY! In my future i shall have one too.
It will be a sweeeet day when i put all my Deluxe Editions of Harry Potter and Twilight on the shelf.

Hope you guys didn't have too much trouble finding this

(via Source )

Avatar the movie has been out playing in theaters for approximately 3 weeks and five days in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D. It's still freaking # 1 at the Box Office internationally and it was officially the 3rd failed attempt that the lx and i couldn't watch it on Tuesday- and that REALLLY pisses us off because we're both big movie-watchers and not being able to see a #1 box office film within the first 2 weeks of its release reallly annoys us.

That said though, we've been only willing to watch it in IMAX 3D and will not even settle for 3D let alone 2D. You might call us picky but like ive blogged about it before, it was made for this technology so why should we settle for less. There's only THREE theatres in the GTA that has IMAX theatres which are Scotiabank (DT), Colossus (Vaughn), Coliseum Mississauga (Sq 1). For us, the Vaughn one is actually the closest and that's been the one that we've been lurking at for the past 3 weeks. Its unbelievable how sold out they are and we are kind of at a bigger disadvantage than everyone else because we can't buy our tickets online due to the fact we have these IMAX certificates and we would actually have to pay extra if we order them online vs. lining up and using them. Its such a bitch. arghhh.

Hope we see it soon, cuz its making us very very angry. AND it better be as great as its hyped up to be.

Moving on -

The other day on Twitter my cousin used the term "Twin Couple" when she was referring to the mister and i and i thought how appropriately cute that was lol I find her and her mister to be the biggest goofballs and i absolutely adore their company. There is seriously not a dull moment EVER whenever we have our double date and i always feel the love between them even when they are bickering....and lx and i just laugh at them. I'm at that age where a lot of my friends are in relationships (especially in the GCM fam, every girl has a boyfriend!!!) but what i find interesting is that every couple has their own "personal flair" and after endless conversations with K and the cousin, I can almost conclude that there is no "normal" way of being a couple. What I mean by that is not every single relationship needs to go by the unknown textbook of how a "classic" couple is suppose to be and how they're suppose to act. What lx and i may find fun others might find it being ridiculous and vice versa, what others think are "normal", we might find it to be boring. After explaining all that, I find that my relationship with lx is very similar to my cousin's relationship with her boyfriend. We're the type of couple that enjoys bickering and picking on each other ....which lots of people find weird because couples are "suppose" to be nice and polite to each other. YAWNs.

Anyhoo we had a delightful, calories and sugar-filled evening the other night over Poker and Big 2....just like exactly how she blogged about it lol Lets do up a wings night soon! Hearts you both lots.

Other random thoughts:
  • I've been on Beast Mode for the past 2 weeks and i shall CONTINUE to be on Beast Mode. 
  • BEAST MODE is when you are eating healthy, working out, not drinking every night and working hard! (Rob Kardashian)
  • I need to get the cousin to show me how to use the weight machines. 
  • Talked to J about this, but i want to get the GCM kids together for a "Chinese New Years" dinner in February (either early Feb before CYN or late Feb after CYN). Probably hotpot and some unknown activity afterwards. Await for the FB event kids!!
  • 2 Winterlicious lunches with the ladies and then one with the boys (back to back!!) because we all can't afford Winterlicious dinners.
  • I'm still hunting for things for my room. Gah. So hard. && just obtained the gorgeous patterned wallpaper from K last night. <333 Can't wait to put it up!!
  • 4th Attempt at Avatar with the mister soon. 
  • Much needed trip to BMV. My booklist significantly grew after my last visit to Chapters. 
  • I actually have no laptop at the moment. Its under the attack of trojans, worms, hijacks (?!) and viruses soo i havnt turned it on since Sunday. I am on facebook significantly less and being very unproductive in terms of my design work etc. Its starting to annoy me just a tiny bit this little inconvenience............
  • It's a little hard to believe, but i've actually read 7/15 books Nicholas Sparks (aka the author of THE NOTEBOOK) has written. Actually its not THAT hard to believe given that I am the type of person that likes to deliberately watch and read things that makes me cry. I might make it a goal to do 15/15 this year.

I'm starting to sound boring again. I'll stop.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Track!

I'm almost there! hahah
That's Taylor Momsen for those who don't know. or Little Jenny Humpfrey from Gossip Girl. I don't like her. But i do like her hair very much. & Legs. She has some beautiful pocky stick legs.

&& im breaking out like crazy. J says this is my skin purging and cleansing itself for pimple-free skin. I hope thats the case and not an issue of hormonal imbalance : (((

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Mommy Said

Last night my mommy told me that i had a big butt. And since i agree with her, i think another new goal for me is to work towards having magnificent buttocks too.

Thought i'll share.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I had a nerdgasm just now from watching the "leaked" teaser trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Pt.1). I'm sure its spreading like wild fire over the net right now and because its "leaked", i fear it will be taken down soon so i hope xtine sees it before its gone!!! I cannot WAIT for the actual official teaser trailer. Its going to be so so epic.

Looks like Ron's down (i think thats him). Haha! Hot Blazer Hermione. Very Burberry.

Hot Yoga made me sick

The other night my cousin, K and myself went and tried out Hot Yoga because it seems to be the "fad" thing to do with your girlfriends on a work evening. I really wanted to see what the hype was about and also sites were saying you can "trim CMs off of ur waist" if you incorporate hot yoga into your fitness regime and i think that pretty much sold me.

We went to Moksha Yoga Markham to discover you gotta take off your shoes/socks when you enter. It was a real bitch already b/c the room wasnt even properly carpeted and clearly wasnt big enough for everyone to take off their boots. Im sure its not problem during the summer but it was so nasty yesterday. Wet stinky feet much? The "Express" class we took was 17 bucks and i refrained from buying their 300 dollars 20 class package to see how i liked it first and im really glad i didnt because i came out of the class feeling nauseous and STRESSED. Honestly, who feels stress after YOGA? Uhhhhhh i did.

On their website, they had nooo warning whatsoever about participants needing to have STRONG endurance. Nor do they caution you to take a 60 minute class versus a 90 minute class if its your fist time because the heat was seriously overwhelming. I didn't even factor in that possibility when i went in the sauna-like room until we started doing the warm-up and i felt like i was going to die. There were two possibilities that could have happened. One, i pass out and totally embarrass K and my cousin (not very ideal). Or two, die in that room from the heat (Not the most ideal one either)!!! I swear the entire time in my head i thought i kept on thinking, the last thing i am going to be doing before i die is this stupid doggy hot yoga move with this bitch (the instructor)'s voice ringing in my ear. Just utterly wonderful.

Obviously i survived to tell my horrid tale.

So afterwards, we're about to leave the place we walk past the snooty instructor girl and out of courtesy (because i am so polite and nice) i thanked her for the class. She then begins to speak in a way where she was pretty much making fun of me and "teaching me" what i should do in life. I was so dumbstruck that i just walked away completely shocked at how bitchy and rude she was. I think if we walked any slower (or if she talked any faster) i think K would have punched her nose or something. She was extremely rude and to me, not instructor-worthy at all comparatively to all the instructors i've had at Goodlife. She was far from being friendly, thoughtful and informative about Yoga. I understand that you must be at a pace where the regulars won't be bored with your class but at the same time i would think a YOGA instructor should be very understanding and shouldn't judge whether you can complete her routine or not.

That said, today i had to leave work early because staring at the computer screen made me dizzy (reading gossip just wasn't at its usual height today) and the heavy feeling and stabbing pain in the head did not help at all. After my three hour nap my head still feels rather stabby. I suspect it was the heat that really hit me hard because i did two power-combat&pump classes prior to hot yoga (all in 5 hours) and i completely overworked myself. Conclusion to that is, i won't be returning to any of those classes that are taught by that bitch and i am either gonna try out Yoga Tree that is by the misters or Moksha Yoga Richmond hill which is ALSO by the mister lol. If i'm gonna return to the Markham location, its gonna be when i have much better endurance. I guess the whole "hot yoga twice a week" as a new years resolution is a big complete fail for me. And it hasnt even been two weeks into 2010!!!!!! !@#$!!!!

But seriously. Who gets angry after Hot Yoga? Isn't it all about the zen and tranquility!!!?? Gah It probably is just a kay thing, i have opposite reactions to everything i swear.

On another note. I'm also glad ur joining Goodlife jennut :  ) Ill see you next week!

Ooooookies. im done with my bitch rant. 

I also would like to announce a life goal of mine. Which is to find this hoodie:

A Bape DC Comics Superheroes White hoodie w/ a Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash Gordan and Superman print!!!!!!!!!!!!! (WITH SEWN ON EARS!!) Isn't it SO SO cute?!?! Even if it costs me two-three bills. And perhaps maybe travelling to either HK, JAP, LA, and/or NYC to get it- I willllllllllll buy it for LX....... so i can wear too.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Felix Felicis

Can someone tell me where to go find some Felix Felicis aka Liquid Luck. Or some sort of good luck charm or something to rub off of?!?! Because the mister really needs it. = [

2009 Wrap-Up - Long and Boring

I know l'll be writing this post in pieces, hopefully it won't be too too choppy. At first I As tradition goes, ever since December 31st, 2005 over at dorkus_x@xanga, i've been typing up my reflections on my year and what i have learned in that year. Half a decade has past since then and now here I am typing up my first new years wrapup on blogspot. I was really debating how i should type this up but i think for the sake of my disorganized blogging tendencies i think l'll just do sections versus something else I had in mind.

On an overall note, i felt like 2009 was the year that I learned the most about myself and also the year that opened my mind up the most. I would say it was a good year- though i do hope very much that 2010 would be better for me financially and physically. As I get older, I don’t expect much so as the same as 2009, I don’t expect very much from 2010 because we are all going downhill. Haha

That said, 2010 marks a new decade. Ten whole years since 2000 when i was fourteen-ish and we all prepared for the MILLENNIUM. I can't even recall half the things i did and experienced in all that time. As sad as this may sound, but i doubt l'll ever experience the same excitement and drama that i went through in the past ten years in the coming ten years. I guess it will be different experiences but surely it won't be the same as highschool, GRADUATING from highschool (the worst commencement ever. i deliberately missed mine), my drunken drinking machine youth, entering GCM, graduating university, all the people i have met, wanted to kill, loved, meeting the mister, first graduate job, etc. In the next ten years i can only see bills and more bills for me haha.

And just a random FYI. 2010 was also the year Lisa Simpson got married in the 1995 episode.

Haha. Thought I would share that interesting point. Lol

Anyways now the fun stuff. I spent NYE with the mister’s sister and his brother-in-law and their cousins/brothers/friends, playing poker. It was a little weird at first because they're all MARRIED but thnx god they're fun people and didn’t make a big deal at the fact that I was the youngest, non-married person there. The original plan was to go watch Avatar in IMAX 3D but due to ridiculous circumstances we opted out for last minute poker instead lol I am having GREAT feelings about 2010 though because that same day (on NYE) I found 15 bucks cash at loblaws while shopping with the mister’s sister and won the bigger portion of the pot at Poker (it was my first time playing on my own with MINIMAL assistance from lx) and it was SUCH an awesome way to end 2009 and start 2010. Lets hope this lucky streak continues for the rest of the year.

Here are some of the New Years Resolutions that I realllllly hope to keep (again) but are most likely doomed according to statistics.

All my life I have always been the one that believes in working hard for a salary and coming home with stable income. This was very much heavily influenced by my dad whom I believe is the most hard working man I know. Nobody works harder than him to provide income for the family. This year because of the recession and the automotive industry downfall, both my parents lost their job and money definitely became a number 1 concern for all of us. I have seen him work labour intensive jobs over the past half year, watch him come home with sore knuckles and knees, putting his hands in medicine water in the evening to prevent shaking and to only watch him repeat all of that the next day because he refuses to put the burden on anyone else. I won’t talk about my job situation here in risk of compromising my current role but those whom ive talked to should understand why I need to stay even though....i should really leave. At the same time of course, after briefly sharing why I believe in working hard for a stable income, this year also made me realized how important it is to be ambitious and how critical it is to have passion in the work you are doing. Since I’m a heavy believer in just “making money”, I never really shared the same vision as the mister did when it came to “starting my own business”, or waiting out for the job that gives you “the” drive. I confess that for the longest time i’ve always felt like he was wasting his time when I believed making mediocore money is more practical than dreaming of big money. I am guilty of being complete narrow-minded (please forgive me!!!!!) until one morning when I woke up to go to work I felt no drive. I felt empty and the worst part was, I couldn’t design anything decent anymore. That scared me a lot because design to me is everything in my life. And then everything somehow clicked one night when lx and I talked well past 2am about what was really bothering me and what was making me change. All the past discussions lx and I had on goals, money and career, all the stuff that never got through to me somehow just made complete sense. I finally understand that it really isnt all about the money. Its about fulfilling yourself and doing what you love and for me its design...anddddd some other stuff that im not going to bring up. Most importantly though, I finally understood where he was coming from, why he has these plans and why he believes so strongly in certain things. I think its really hard for people to understand which is why I don’t expect anyone to. As long as I am able to understand myself, I believe the path would be a lot more clear......not to sound religious or anything like that.

In conclusion for 2010,
  • I got to get my website up and going (I totally ditched that)
  • Really reflect and figure out what I want to do in life and find direction
    Because its not even about money anymore...even though it probably is but for the sake of sounding less greedy, lets say its not.
  • Find a more steady job
  • Start financing, build a portfolio and save up for my dream.

This is on every girls’ resolution list and most of us fall off of it in the second day haha That said though I still gotta try and at least blog it down to remind myself that I did at the very least attempted to begin a more healthy lifestyle. I joined Goodlife fitness in July/August-ish and was doing rather great until I fell sick, and got my hives (TWICE) and work became insane and that’s when I stopped for three months. Gonna start up again with the following resolutionsssss:

  • Find a sport that the mister and I can play and not be lazy about it
  • Grow my hair longgggg.
    I am 4.5” away from my goal.
  • Take care of my skin
    Meaning no picking at pimples, lots and lots of green tea and water to keep myself hydrated)
  • Lose weight
    No number in mind. Just an overall difference and so I don’t feel so ugly in pics (noticed I don’t load pics anymore cuz I tend to go on a pics hiatus when im fat) and i also have five dresses i bought that i cannot wear with my current body size.
  • Get back into my fitness regime
    Working out 3 times a week, strength train, cardio and hot yoga twice a week. any1 care to join me let me know!!! K and i are on this regime until S's wedding haha
  • Go get my Physical test that ive over-procrastinate about
  • Eat more fruits and make an effort to make sure every cooked meal has some kind of vegetable I can eat (even if it means yams everyday)

  • G2 G2 G2 G2 G2 G2
  • Indoor Volleyball with the kids
  • Outdoor Paintballing with the kids
  • Cottege Cottege
  • Learn how to contour my face (haha sounds wrong) & how to use bronzer PROPERLY 
  • Bake more
  • Complete my DIY Projects
  • Get my Full Set of Contacts for the year
  • SNOWBOARD SNOWBOARD (not this season but the upcoming winter season cuz I don’t have gear and the mister and i r gonna go hunting for CHEAP CHEAP gear once the season is over in March-ish.)
  • Finish my room reno by Summer 2010

I started this entry at work a few weeks before Christmas time, then christmas came and this completely went cold. Then I started up again at Starbucks while the mister is working but that failed on me too because I was in a really comfortable sofa chair and watching dramas while sipping on a nice grande Caramel Apple Spice (with whip and explosion of caramel sauce) and seemed more like the appropriate thing to do than to blog. Finally now im back and finishing this up at work.....heh. I guess that’s all? I KNOW I will be triple editing/adding onto this through-out the day.

Happy New Years to the people that come by my blog. Lots of thanks =] and wishing you guys the best of everything.

tweeet tweeet