The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I really should be forbidden to watch really sad emo movies that makes my heart hurt and tear & booger pipes turned on. I just finished watching The Time Travelers Wife and I really don't care what the crickets/reviewers/people say- i thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite the fact that the book was much better....and they completely changed the ending and they chucked up about 80% of the novel content- it did not stop me from crying like a baby. I think the last 20 minutes of the movie i continuously cried with no breaks......while wearing a facial mask.

Someone remind me next time to not do a facial during a sad movie. It doesn't do you much good.

There was one part in the movie where Henry (Eric Bana) says to Claire (Rachel McAdams), "I don't want you to spend your whole life waiting for me." - i think at that very moment my heart ripped into ten thousand pieces. SOBS. && "That" part (the fireworks part). HEART RIPPP X SOBSxxxxx.

"It’s dark now and I am very tired. I love you, always. Time is nothing."   Favorite quote in the book! Along with the other 10 zillion ones that are just as grossly sweet.
Thought l'll share. Now i just gotta get back to work.


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Guess who finally got their passport!?!
(After being ridiculed by my parents and brother on how i look like the Corpse's Bride in my picture)

HAHAHAH I can actually leave the country now.

Cayo Coco here i comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Four Things....and counting

There are four things (that i remember at the moment anyways) that i absolutely need to do but it all has been pushed back to the back of all to-dos due to laziness, procrastination and my short attention span. They include:
  • Iron all my scarves
  • Apply for the Trillium Drug Program (Since i get NO health benefits ho-hum....)
  • Re-Organize my Music Library
  • Organize my 1TB Harddrive
Fak fak fak no time.


You know i actually REALLY want to blog about 10 million things but i NEVER have the time to do it anymore. There is seriously not enough time in the day for me to do all the things i need to do. Especially now i have some contract work to do...i really have no time at all.

But again it can ALLL be excuses. haha

My apologies as always and expect a super long rant from me at the end of the week....again.

oh big boo(obs)ooos.

Monday, February 22, 2010


9 Years Old Emma Watson vs. 19 Years Old Emma Watson
(via Source)

Holyyyyshiet. Talk about growing up and filling in NICELY. Hard to believe its been 11 years since the first Harry Potter movie came out. I AM SO OLD. xxx!!!

Anyways i had quite an enjoyable weekend. I shopped til i dropped and stumbled into a Nail Salon on Saturday with K&J and then spent my evening at SB (my previous post details the fatty evening) and had a super fatty late night dinner at midnight. The mister took my family out for dimsum on Sunday morning and that's always nice because i think my parents really enjoy it. The day flies by with a super-long unplanned nap that goes into the evening and i FINALLY got around to wallpapering my closet doors (thnx u lx). I'm so proud of the way it looooooks. Yays. =]  I'm not loading any pics of it though, until more of my TO-DOs has been completed.

Oh i also got my shots for the trip. Shit who the hell knew it would cost SO MUCH to protect ourselves from Hepatitis???? Argh. Must pay again for Part II of the vaccination in 6 months.

I foreshadow in the near future:
  • More hot yoga sessions pwlease.
  • National Home Show (Scored free passes!) with mister
  • Shutter Island & Alice in Wonderland in 3D yooo
  • Just4fun Fete (aka Graffiti Partay)
  • Longer work-out sessions
  • Twin's Birthday
  • Booking, Confirming & Cuba Trip (I really REALLY hope the girls can come!!!)
  • Busy and long work days

Back to work!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fatty Mode


Can someone PLEASE remind me to not come on a night when they're clearing their food stock. This is NOT helping my attempt at a janet-jackson machine guns abs body.


Bright side today though i went and gave myself an awesome ego boost by doing some major shopping and got my bi-weekly nails done. But at the same time i did some major damage on my Visa at Fairview.

Cu-ba Cu-ba Cu-baaaahhh!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


To buy new gym clothes or to buy vacation/summer-wear, that is the question.

People have mixed opinions about Forever21. 
"Their clothes rip. xx Holes appear after 2 washes. xx i boycotted the store. xx They steal designs. xx I love Forever21. xx Meeh. xx The quality is what you pay for. xx Clothes is affordable and pretty."
Based on personal experience, nothing has ripped for me so far and i can afford it so why the hell not. Their jewelery is nice and so are their dresses!!! Jackets im so-so on. They're visually appeasing but not practical (Buttons sewn on poorly. But nothing my mom couldn't fix). Their $1.50 "fabulous finds" is literally, you pay what for what you get and i got ribbons glued onto large bobbypins which fell off after approx. 8 wears. Scarf and belts so far so good. I have yet to purchase pants, shoes, eyewear and headwear from them. I'm pretty much GOOOD with Forever21 despite all the negative comments and opinions about the store.

But I'm still in my dilemma at the end of this rant because i only haveeee so much in my gifts-to-myself fund. lol

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fail Blog

[[ Before reading- you gotta watch this video to understand what im talking about. ]]

Just now my brother and i attempt to show a Fail Blog video to my dad. Specifically, its the one that K loaded on her FB about PARKING FAIL (can be watched here).When my brother and i watched it again, we laughed so so hardddd. We start it and as the video played, the brother and i started to giggle again and we turned to see our dad's reaction and you see a COMPLETELY STRAIGHT face, not even a smirk! And we thought oh maybe he's not getting it and we proceeded on explaining as the video is at its 35 second mark. After explaining it instead of the GIGGGLINGGGG we were expecting from the beginning, we get a "Actually, that's not an easy parking spot to get into because that other car is in its way."

Dot dot dot

We reach the part the guy comes out of the car and parks for the girl.

STILL NO REACTION from our dad.

The video ends. And it was complete silence.

Crickets Chirping kind of silence.

&& our dad's facial expression echoed the words "WTF. im tired. you made me stand to watch this NON-Comedy!?!" then he walks away. brother and i concluded that our dad's reaction was a complete FAILLLLLLLLLLLL. hahahahhaha

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief

This is such a Harry Potter thing that K completely frowns upon and chooses to ignore its heavily influenced presence in my life.....but this looks like this will be what im reading in Cuba!!hahah can't ignore it there my dear!!! (Unless you leave me stranded in a hut. Sad Face.)

Apparently according to Twin its very HP-like and pretty much anything she recommends usually ends up being something i become obsessed with so i can't wait to start on this series of fiveeeee. I find it interesting and a little sad that I am only able to get myself into books that have a lot of fantasy and entertainment value to the plotline. I'm also not cutting nor limiting myself from reading other types of books (which i do indulge myself into/with) but its not something that i would choose to read on the shelf if i saw..lets say...The Golden Compass next to The Other Boleyn Girl. On a overall, my friends (such as C,J,A) read a wide variety of novels that actually has great substance to it.....while im into thunderbolts and vampires. Not saying that Thunderbolts and Vampires is JUVENILE but that's another blog entry for another day.

Or i can just be crazy. Haha I digress.

So I kind of went against my philosophy of reading the actual novels first before watching a movie made based on the story.....but i went ahead and watched this last night with LX.

I actually had about 2 hours to run to Coles and buy the book and read it but that would also mean i would roughly need to read (and comprehend!) about 200 pages each hour to finish the book.

Hmmmm yeah so i settled to watch it first.

The action was good, i love Greek Mythology, the acting was terrible but i still love Greek Mythology and the main kid has so much potential to be the next Zac Effron and you know me and the youngins!!! (Think Taylor Lautner haha)(Side side note: Taylor Lautner JUST turned 18 this month. Yums. No longerrrrr jailbait nomnnomnom). 


Overall the movie was tres entertaining for $5.52 thus i can only conclude the book should be better because it always is.



Saw my cousin's tweet && followed up on this!
After three years and two beautiful children, Nicole Richie is engaged to Joel Madden
Aw. I love them. I think Nicole Ritchie cleaned up well (once she ditched Paris Hilton) haha Yays. Down-to-earth love DOES exist in the celebrity world. Makes me believeeee again lol

Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Warned This is LONG

So here i am, a brand new year begins in the Chinese Lunar Calendar and i owe so many days worth of blogging to people whom has express their dislike in my lack-of posts and essentially laziness which cause them great inconvenience aka boredom. hahaha my bad =]

(I don't even know how i am going to do this because i have 2 entries saved up and about six other points of blog worthy things i wanna rant about.........yeah no idea. Its going to be maddd chopppy and tenses jumping all over the place.)


There's been so much shit happening with the TTC and they're virtually under the eyes (and cameras) of every rider. I actually wrote this entry up a couple of days ago but didn't publish it b/c it was half written. Then my cousin coincidentally wrote about the ttc too (Read here) and I was completely inspired to finish it because her thoughts on political and media issues are so welll written : )

Anyways i spend a major of my time on the internet (a commmon fact) and one day it was like the hit of a plague, the topics "#TTC" and "#TTCFails" begins trending on my tumblr (Toronto sector) and Twitter. It was all because of that unfortunate picture of the ttc man asleep at his post. Since that day, everyone's been constantly questioning why our municipal taxes are being spent on naps and inefficiency.

I take the TTC far more than some of my friends because of my handicap (lack of license) so i would think i am able to share some opinions because i have had my share of both good and bad experiences. There's been mad shit ones where i recall the time when i had to ask the entire bus for change because the busdriver man didnt bother looking at how much change i put in and didnt believe me. Or when it was what felt like -50 outside and TWO EMPTY bus drove right past me and i got on the third bus and totally bitched out the driver for his colleagues douche-bagness. At the same time i give MAD MAD respect to those bus drivers that drive the highschool routes. The bullshit they take from students is unbelievable and i remember very well a couple that were beyond cheerful and polite.

That said, um I think the situation has become very unfair for the drivers now that the younger generation (b/c we are the ones with the blueberries and iphones) has begun "stalking" their drivers every move. Its like people are completely expecting there to be more screw-ups. I feel like the busdriver can't even pick his nose on the job because then his one hand will be off the steering wheel and then the WHOAAA HE JUST PICKED HIS NOSE-pic will appear on the net and the public frowns on people that picks their nose. Seriously. Is that necessary?  BOOHOO. GET OVER IT PEOPLE.

I am completely bored and annoyed by this comedy. 

My past block of text may seem like I am completely pro-giving our taxes to people to nap on the job but that isn't the actual issue I'm describing. That incident was separate, unfortunate and stupid.

We all know it happens. It happens in every work environment. But nothing has ever been documented to give pressure to the TTC to "do" something about it. Its a good idea for the TTC to "tighten their belts" with their employees but at the same time people really need to stop it with the whole freaking-out-over-a-bathroom-break comedy or verbally harassing employees on the job (calling them useless and lazy, etc.).

We all need the TTC, regardless of the basketful of rotten, bitter employees. But why must harass the ones that ARE doing their jobs and minding their own business? Must we REALLY make the rest rotten and bitter for the mistake of those others? Shit without them driving our ass around we go NO WHERE BIATCHESSSS.

Just a thought. Stop being mean people.


The other night the mister and i SUCCESSFULLY watched Avatar Holymamas. After THREE attempts, this being our fourth were able to watch it in IMAX3D &&& was first in line and we got the sweeeetest seats in the entire theatre and chomped away on super awesome sneaked-in Chinese chips. lol We were actually in line for a good 2 hours ish and spent that hour watching The Hangover on lx's iPhone. It was such an ingenious move because our 2 hours did not feel like it.

Side note: Hangover is SUCH a wicked-ass movie. I cannot get over how freaking funny it was. I swear its the first comedy since the Wedding Crashers where i've laughed my ass off like that. Nothing else compared in between!!!! (Except maybe Tropic Thunder...that was disgustingly funny hahah). I think there's going to be a 2nd one and hopefully its going to be just as great. Zach Galifianakis (Alan) for the WINNNNN haha!!!!

So the movie situation was almost perfect- us being first in line, we have a great movie playing, snacks hidden away in my hobo bag, Starbucks on the side. An absolute WIN until- i had to pee. I was hoping i can hold it until i was in the theater, dropped off my shit and then come out and let it roll......but that did not happen because it was 10 minutes before the movie started and i told myself l'll take the chance and make a dash. I took my dash to come back and discovered they started to let people in. But the messed up part was i had to line up at the END OF THE LINE. OMGGGG. The thought did not AT ALL occur to me that i had to RE-LINE up because people arent going to let me butt in just because "my boyfriend is already inside". So yeah having to wait ten minutes to get to my sweet ass seats was kinda a waste of time haha

Again, the too perfect situation had to be spoiled by the HORRIBLE embarrassment of the ASIAN race by this family who sat next to us. I swear, every damn thing you AREN'T suppose to do at the theatre- THEY DID and they had to do it LOUDLY and in CHINESE. holyfaks. Kids, at the movies you are not suppose to:
  • Run into the theatres when there is CLEARLY a lineup of PEOPLE waiting to go inside 
  • Spill your JUMBO undrank soft drink on the carpet and leave it there
  • Literally SCREAM at the top of your lungs everytime an animal attack scene comes on the screen (even the 4 yr old daughter did not scream HALF as loud as the mama)
  • Leave your phone on NORMAL and let your phone ring for a good 30 seconds
  • AND THEN discuss in chinese LOUDLY with your spouse about whether to call the person back
  • AND AFTER THAT decides to call the person back and SPEAK CHINESE IN FULL VOLUME
Dot dot dot. ARGH I wanted to shoot them. These are the type of people that you hate because they TAINT the image of Asians.

Otherwise though the movie was pretty good haha. The plot was interesting, the world was interesting. At the same time though i think if i was to watch it in 2D i would be completely bored so big ups to IMAX3D lol It was worth staying out until 130am on a week night lol


For the rest of the other week nights - i completely went off of my BEAST MODE and went into EATING mode and have been eating way to effing much again which is NOT GOOD for the upcoming CUBA trip. Sobs. Now that CYN is over and the feasts has gone by i can focus on being a dieting machine again. On a shopping note I really want these shoes (not necessarily for the trip, just in general) lol

Beautiful. I agree.

My original thought before getting into shoes- was for half of the week i was working on the mister's Valentine's Day present. This year he decided on our behalf that we're going to craft/make something for each other instead of buying something. I guess since we both are very hands-on this is always "fun" and challenging. It's also great because we save a bundle lol. Since VDAY is over, its safe for me to load pictures of my DIY project that i was ranting about working late nights on for the past week on MSN.

That my friends, is a MOCK-UP of my vision. What i wanted to create was something for the mister to put in his room because he's currently dong his reno. I also didnt want to create something that he won't display and ends up under his bed so whatever i needed to come up with has to be CHIC and display-worthy. In the end i came up with doing Wine Bottles with Customized Labels.

That is the final product!!!

Basically what i did was i pretty much stole the artwork and textures from an existing wine company and just photoshop-ed and added in my own quotes. Since i am not SELLING these and they are for PERSONAL use, i'm in no way exploiting nor infringing on any copyright legal boundaries nor am i taking ANY credit for the work of the illustrations and patterns. Aside from all the legal mumbo jumbo i had to write there in case someone who is all too serious and decides to sue me i have to cover my ass somehow.................the project turned out pretty nicely doesnt it!!!! I wrote three letters and theyre all to be opened on Valentines Day this year, 2011 and 2012. i glued/sealed the 2011 and 2012 bottles so the mister can't go in and PEEEK. mwahah. Clever arent i.

I hope he likes them. Even though it aint no-
"manga-inspired graphic design on a Starbucks coffee cup featuring a photograph of Megan fox on SNL inside a professionally interior designed room with jazz music playing in the background wearing urban outfitter-like clothing eating rocky road ice cream with bacon bits sprinkled on top while playing a marvel video game that consists of a character who's wearing a star wars shirt who's just finished a filet o fish and now is napping and dreaming about DOTA characters frying chickens." 
(i quote Mr.J word for word LOLOL). i think my gift is very cute and pretty. haha

VDAY itself last night was pleasant even though there was its bumps but nothing that i won't get over. We went for a nice dinner down by the King Street West strip of Restaurants that lx and i frequent. I think we're going to make it a goal to try every single one of those restaurants on that street. Anyways we go to the one that he liked the most and again he always chooses the best dishes to eat and i always gets stuck with the mediocre one. The night had to end very early because he has to work today at 8am :(( Not before i get my crafted/DIY gift though- HOMEMADE CRANBERRY BLISS BARS baby!!!!! The STARBUCKS KIND. (FYI: My all-time favorite Pastry)


Okay they seriously taste like 95% identical to the ones they have at Starbucks so i freaking hit the jackpot. I am going to be fattttttttttt by Wednesday because i already ate 2.5 bars today. I'M AN ADDICT HELP ME SOMEONE. Thnx Mister!!!! Lurveeeee <333 Maybe next year he can duplicate the Red Velvet Cupcakes ^^ haha!


 (via Source)

HAHAH omg i absolutely had to share this because the picture reminds me SO SO SSO much of lx and i. Me being the super fatty girl and whining about him not telling me he loves me enough while hes just freaking shaking his head and wondering how the hell did he put himself in this predicament ahahhaha ohmygod i love him so much. ai.


Oh i HAVE to make a special mention to the delightfully, romantically pretty A whom (i assumed) sent out a HANDCRAFTED Valentines Day card to all the GCM girls. My dear you are perhaps one of the romantic girls i know. Please do keep it up because it makes me feel special knowing i am still in your heart. =]]]]


A super ghetto shoutz filled with love goez outz to my home girl K for being my lover and calling me out to have a crazy rendevous with EJS after the mister dropped me off on VDAY night.

Still here? I'm almost done i swear.
Now we're kind of back to the beginning, Chinese New Years festivities been going on the past weekend. Which also means Chinese People EVERYWHERE. I swear if it wasn't for the fact it is the New Years there would have been RED spilling everywhere because there was SO many idiots roaming the streets/markets/temple. Thinking about it makes me so angry!!! i.e. the lady i yelled at who tried to push her shopping cart out the ENTER door when there EXIT door was COMPLETELY FREAKING EMPTY!!! OMGG Who does that!!! Or the people at the temple who begins PUSHING you even though there is half of Markham's population of Asians in one room. PEOPLE- you're lucky you all have little torches (the lighted incense) in your hands or else you would have gotten a nice verbal beating from my brother and i.

I really shouldn't be so bitter for the new years. i need more hot yoga in my life haha.

So Year of the Tiger is unbelievably depressing for us big Orange Cats of 86'. My dad was just reading my horoscope to me and it kept on getting more and more glooomy. From terrible CAREER to big changes to RELATIONSHIPs (thats freaking the shit out of moi) to poor HEALTH and lack of MONEY. What the eff man. There was NO sunshine, not even a PEEK in the three articles he read to me first and i re-examined second. Nopes. No hope.

There you have it Tigers (majority of my friends)- this is the year of being patient, calm, rational and no attitude because that attracts trouble, doom and poorness. Basically dont act like a psycho bitch and you'll be fine. Bright side though, all you Oxs and Roosters are good! haha.

A Grand Happy Chinese New Years to allllllllllllllllllll =D
So before i end what i think might be the LONGEST entry i have every freaking typed in my history of blogging, i thought l'll share that i dreamt of Robert Downey Jr. last night and the first thing i did this morning was wake up to download Sherlock Holmes to watch again.................... Go freaking figure!!!! I don't even remember talking about the actor/ironman. Me and my celebrity dreams eh!!!!!

That said thought he is quite an attractive forty-five year old man. Who wouldn't wanna tap that? HAHA Okay I am a freak.

i swear i won't ever make anyone read through all that shit at once. I promise more periodic updates.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Plentifuls to Blog About

Ohmygod i have so much things to blog about but ive been DIY-ing for the past 3 nights and i am completely exhausted from doing that, going out and helping my parents with errands and chores for CYN. I have like two entries typed up and SAVED b/c they're INCOMPLETE. I'll probably just combine everything in one explosive entry on Family Day. I've decided that's going to be my REST and CATCH UP with the internet day haha
In the meantime, 新年快樂!心想事成! 身體健康!!!! (Stolen from J's tweet) lol Happy Chinese New Years people and Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


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Dear Taylor Lautner,
You are perfect. You may have a "gorilla" face and ooogly eyes according to K and LX. And even though you are six years junior of me... its ooooookay because age is just a number and i have hundreds of thousands girls who support me with my fascination of your machine gun abs.
Sincerely, Me


Machine Gun Typing Update

Hot Yoga

I tried it again with the cousin last Friday. This time i was smart and took a "Karma" class (these are the $5 dollars/donation classes) versus the normal 17dollars class that pretty much tainted my first impression of hot yoga (can be read here). This time around the instructor was much more funnier, friendlier and helpful than the bitch we had last time. I suppose gay men are a lot friendlier than petite Asian chicks. I also don't know if it might be the fact that ive been working out my arms a lot more and it could have contributed to the "ease"-ness of this experience........

Either way my mind is still pretty set on the fact that we had a shitty instructor the first time around though. Now that i'm pro-hot yoga (i wasn't angry when i went to sleep that night!)!! I definitely want to incorporate it into my "fitness" lifestyle at least once a week so the heat can melt away the fatttttt in time for my trip!

Dominican Trip

That said- i am finally going on my first out of the continent trip in approximately 2 months-ish with a bunch of girls whom ive known for half a decade. Plans so far is doing the oh-so-popular all inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic for a week. It is going to be so effing awesome because it means dressing up and drinking every night. Both activities i enjoy very, VERY much. I'm also hoping MY COUSIN (u broke mine and K's heart by DECLINING THE INVITE SO QUICKLY sobs.) will come join because it would be even more fabulous if she did. Also its an OPEN INVITATION to the other girls (Katie, Re & Lil) if MizTran is able to (find time and money haha) come!!!!! Honestly if you girls can come, words cannot describe how unbelievably EPIC this can be. Ahhhh. lol The mister said he'll sponsor me if i want but i dont have the heart to ask me to buy me more clothes when now looking at it i actually have a lot more than i need. His sponsorship will probably go towards paying for Phone Cards since that's one of the conditions the mommy laid out. I would probably have to call home almost every day to let her know that i haven't been eaten by a shark or mugged by the locals. I am tres tres excited because the last time i went on a trip with K and S, the trip was fcuking AWESOME and that was within the province so i can only imagine how awesome this will be. Also its my 2nd time on the plane. PWAHHAH #NOOBFAIL. No further comments to that haha.

The only things that are in my way is:
  • the Rat (might not let me take that many days off) APPROVED
  • My (lack of) passport status
  • Fat body (meaning Gym time is gonna have to be intense for the next 2 months so i can achieve that no-rolls belly)...kinda not really in my way cause l'll still GO.
My budget for this trip is $1200 bucks. That's including pre-shopping, trip fee (plane & accomendations & food), entertainment, passport fee and other necessities.  I am absolutely determined to stay under....wish me goodluck! lol More updates on the trip later!

Chinese New Years & Valentines Day

Chinese New Years is fast approaching and i always feel extra festive when it does. Its probably an AZN PRYDE thing. Hopefully the food wont overwhelm me and make me gain weight. Going to spend time with the family and then im actually allowed to spend VDAY with the mister...surprisingly. Its going to be a funnnnn weekend. =]]] <3 I'm also hoping i get my requested day off, to do all my errands and make it a FOUR day weekend lol

My DIY gift to the mister is slowly making progress. I'm waiting on my manager to obtain the essential "material" for me. Now if she fails, then i fail too and i am gonna end up with a failed DIY project and he'll end up with no Vday gift.

dot dot dot dot

dear god i cross my fingers and toes and hope she doesnt forget haha


(via Source)
Why are people so damn innovative??? After all these years with being partially handicapped when it comes to opening the damn packets, they've finally found a way to make me not look so stupid!!!!! Wahahaha.

Fourth Attempt @ Avatar in IMAX 3D

Heading says it all lol I think the mister and i are going to attempt it again tomorrow evening. Come on, who goes to the movies on Wednesday nights at 10:30.....aside from us. haha so lets all hope that we are able to see it even though I will probably be mad tired the next day. He has openly volunteered to drive me to work the next day (by staying over at my place) so i can sleep in for an hour more. Very sweet of him, i think l'll take him up on that offer.


DONE AND DONE. !! Must do work now.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


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Taylor Lautner & Ed Westwick - DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl.
I kinda began hyperventilating when i saw this picture. 
Need to go stalking for more pics of them now.

And this becomes my Sunday afternoon activity.


Ahh once again, weekend ends. & I have a zillion things to do today. I want to blog about my weekend but im more eager to share some "news headlines" i found as i did my usual lurks across the internet.

Lets start.

Mother forces son to kill hamster over bad grades

A Georgia mom who didn't like her 12 year old son's grades forced him to kill his beloved pet hamster with a hammer.

That's exactly what happened to this nutjob 38-year-old mother who thought murdering an innocent pet was the best way to teach her son a lesson.

According to the Washington Post Online, the boy was upset and told his teacher, who reported it to the Division of Family and Child Services, who contacted police.

Lynn Middlebrooks Geter of Warm Springs faces one charge each of animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery.

"The Boy was upset" is a bit of an understatement. I would think he is permanently TRAUMATIZED and will have relationship problems later on in his life all because of his nutty mommy.

9-year-old girl gives birth to a baby boy

In northeast China last Sunday, a 9-year-old girl gave birth to a healthy 6-pound baby boy. The identity of the father has not yet been released, although the police have reportedly been contacted.

Sadly, she is not the youngest girl to deliver a baby, according to other published reports. Two girls in Peru, ages 5 and 8, are both on record as giving birth to children of their own

- This world is becoming so SICK. It's like telling pedofiles its okay to go to poorer areas of the world to spread their seeds. ARGH. && it doesnt help the fact that Miley Cirus's 9-year-old sister is launching a lingerie line for kids. Yes, indeed fcukedddd up. Read about it here.
Argh. Seriously kids, its not COOL to want to be OLD. It SUCKS being/turning old. lol

Okay that's it. I need to do chores now.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have an intense shopping itch that seems like its becoming dangerously explosive if i don't buy something soon.

Therefore i must buy something soon.

Even though i kinda just promised K that l'll tone it down for a potential Vacay trip in April. heh

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I choo-choo- CHOOSE you.

What do you get a guy that is into Design, Photography, Star Wars, Urban Outfitter-like Clothing, Interior Design, Bacon, Video Games, Reading, Fried Chicken, SNL, DOTA, Jazz Music, Napping, Rocky Road Ice Cream, Starbucks, Megan Fox, Filet-o-Fish, Manga, Marvel..........for Valentines Day????

For a guy who has a million interests, this should be easy!!!
Omg i am stumppped.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Pwahahah to all my designer buddies & dearest cousin. hahah

Win (Fatty) Weekend!

Wow i totally deserve to be fat. I ate all weekend and its not looking so good with my "Beast Mode" that i currently was doing some-what well with. Its been a double movie, double Winterlicious weekend and i loveddddddddd every moment of it even though l'll probably be paying for it this week at the gym.

  • Jimmy the Greek Gyro Dinner (with Peas and Carrots in my rice!!! Be proud of me) && I Didn't finish the potatoes and bit of the rice.
  • FUZE Honey Greentea at like 1am
As predicted, that day i had quite a stressful day. It was a lot more stressful than i thought it would be so i OT-ed for an extra 2 hours. The mister and i ended driving back east and ate dinner in the STC food court and ended up watching Daybreakers. We've wanted to see this movie since the day it came out and it did NOT disappoint me one bit.

I now have a small crush on Ethan Hawke. I couldnt keep my eyes off of him throughout the movie. It was by pure coincidence that he played a VAMPIRE named EDWARD............................wahhahahahaha (reference to EDWARD CULLENT from twilight for those who did NOT make the connection). Even though hes old, HE'S HAWT. AHHH fan me please.

  • Lobster and Crab Soup, Roasted Beef Brisket with Yukon Mash, Mixed Berries Shortcake and big spoonfuls of Banana Bread Pudding with Vanilla Ice cream and Caramel Syrup
  • Two Venti Zen Greentea with 2 swirls of Honey
  • Ms. Vickies Sweet Onion Chips
  • 6 inch Cold Cut Sub on Wholewheat bread
LX and i met up with the boys for our Winterlicious lunch @ Fred's Not Here. I didnt really notice this but lx brought this up and I looked up and saw there being more Chinese patrons than there are Caucasians and this is Fred's Not Here we are talking about- not dimsum. I think the Asian population caught onto there being an annual seasonal dining festival and want to join in on the fun too. I don't know. It was all very weird to me because we eat at these restaurants to get away from large groups of asians and here they are too.

Anyways the lunch itself was very delicious. I think i would have just paid the full lunch price JUST to eat the soup. Afterwards we did our usual Starbucks thing and spent a good four hours just talking and catching up because we havnt seen Junior in months. We then proceeded to watching Book of Eli and snuck in our dinners. BAM. Just like that, double movie nights. The Cineplex Odeon gods must love us so much.

Book of Eli was ALRIGHT. That one little twist was probably the best part of the movie....and maybe the old creepy old couple part because they had military-style weapons. Weapons always makes a movie more fun lol Otherwise, too much sexual brutality (i.e. rape). Two scenes were already way too much. And there wasn't enough fighting even though I think the initial idea/purpose of the plotline was to (indirectly promote the bible) get people to appreciate the little things that we have and shouldn't take things forgranted. I think the message for me was lost along the way in the movie. Overall I preferred Daybreakers from the night before.

 i really liked Mila Kunis (JACKIE!) though. The windy messed-up boob-length hair, the bad-ass aviator sunglasses. She was hawt.

The night ended with us taking a trip to the ghetto west-end and as always, the day was fabulously great and i love these guys to death. I'm pretty sure the feelings are mutual amongst us four which makes me unbelievably happy.

Guess who got their laptop back!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeMEEE (finally)!!!!!!!!!!! Ohmygod it feels so great to have it back. I'm actually quite frighten to download anything now because of this attack (of the trojans and worms!) which isn't good for my drama-watching. D installed Windows 7 as my OS and im loving it. Its so so fast and everything is so smoothhhhhhhhh. I just hope i dont mess it up again seeing this is like my third or fourth time to reformat this piece of crap. I just need to re-personalize it and install all my ADOBE and OFFICE stuff and perhaps set-up an impenetrable security system and take over the wide wide web while in at it.


  • A small slice of blueberry cake
  • Tall Iced Americano, Extra Sweet
  • Venti Zen Green tea with one swirl of honey
  • Matane Shrimp Pate with flax seed lavash & tobiko vinaigrette, Hungarian Beef Goulash with Cottage Cheese and Sticky Toffee Pudding (aka a big piece of sponge in toffee sauce!)
  • Three glasses of wine
  • Hot Pot!!!
I regretfully skimped out on going to BodySteps because i was too exhausted from the previous day's activities (lots of walking around DT) even though i really should have just gotten up anyways b/C L began texting me at 9am lollll The girls and i had plans to eat at Oliver and Bonacini (my 2nd winterlicious this weekend) and eventually i had to get up and put on my face. Travelled to Starbucks to wait for the girls to come get me and the tale begins.

Everyone knows what an Avid Starbucks drinker I am. It has gotten progressively worst now that the boyfriend works there and we have become what I call- Coffee Snobs. We have been completely brainwashed by the weird-ass Green Logo and have urges to go to Starbucks if two days has gone by without having one. Because of that, I would say I am more or less NOT a noob when it comes to ordering and knowing its PRICES at Starbucks.

I do my usual order of a Venti Green Tea because i know the Green Tea will come into good use after my late lunch (Green tea BURNS fat!!!!! Or so i tell myself that anyways heh). The girl at cash rings in my order and it comes out to being double of what its worth. I told her politely (even though its a very arrogant thing to do) that she must have made a mistake because I only asked for ONE tea bag and not two. She goes into a long string of babble about how this is the new system since the new line of teabags came.

Stop right there.

Erm. New system?

Buddy i was just AT Starbucks YESTERDAY and they didnt ring in what im seeing now AND on top of that the bf made no mentions of this new system (yes he would fill me in just like if i was working for SB) so i dont know wtf you're trying to get at
 - all in my head. 

I asked again when was this implemented and she gave me more BS that its been weeks which again is A LIE b/c like i just saiddddddd, i was just there not even 24 hours ago. I called the mister hoping he can clarify this and give this bitch grief about her mistake and UNWILLINGNESS to just give me one fcuking teabag and more water. SADLY, the mister didnt pick up and i WASNT able to give the girl terror as i planned out in my i settled for an Americano (something they CANNOT fcuk up) and asked her to refill my card with 40 bucks.

At the end of ALLLLL that after paying for my drink and my recharge, she gives me a Venti Zen green tea (ONE teabag) on the house and apologizes for the "inconvenience" it has caused me.............BUT i should understand that this is how the system is from now.

I didn't know whether i should have been angry because shes still not getting it or impressed with the politeness and courtesy she showed which is what Starbucks Customer Service is all about!?!? That said though, i confirmed with the mister later that night that she is in fact moronic (i am right. Of course) and i should complain to a shift manager the next time something like this happens.

That was my Starbucks tale of the month. haha
The lunch was great! lolllll Had a wonderful time with the girls even though the food was not as impressive as I imagined it to be. Hopefully we'll have a nights out soon because i love dressing up with you ladies : ))

In short, in the evening when i got home i walked into the kitchen and saw all the prep for HOT POT. AH i swear the first thing that came to my mind was F.M.L. && just like that i had another too satisfying meal to end off the weekend.

And that was my weekend kiddos.
This turned out to be much longer than anticipated. Enjoy the work week peeps, happy reading!

tweeet tweeet