The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Monday, March 29, 2010


(via Source......also an example of an UGLY engagement ring)

I was going through my subscriptions to blogs i follow and one of the guys i've been following for a year or 2 just announced that he was engaged to his XANGA counterpart (THEY MET ON XANGA!!!). && THEN the day before, a girl i know (via using her services to bake my cousin a birthday cake) switched her status to ENGAGED as well. Omg everyone is getting married and its getting ME excited because everyone knows what a big wedding whore i am and i love being part of wedding excitement....... even if it doesn't remotely involve me. Congrats to all the newly-engaged!!! i cannot wait to stalk all your wedding pics.

While reading about his engagement, i jumped to his fiancee's xanga and read something SO SO interesting.

Costco apparently sells diamond engagement rings.


Since i dont have a Costco Membership i'm not there alot so i didnt even notice they had a jewelery section let alone ENGAGEMENT rings. Now why would anyone want your engagement ring (the ring you want to show off to everyone) to be bought from Costco....versus Birks/Tiffanys/Henry Watson or even Peoples/Spencers....

Erm. Why not? lol

If I had to choose between a .75 carat diamond engagement ring from Harry Winston or a 1.25 carat diamond engagement ring from Costco (both priced the same)........why the hell wouldnt i go for the Costco one? Hellllllo. Bigger rock to flash in your rivals face!! Logic is knocking here lol Honestly whether the ring is high end or not, i really don't care about the brand because i for one do not care about brands. Yo this is coming from a person that went to Walmart to look for bikini bottoms b/c American Eagle was too expensive.I do not care for engagement rings even more.

That's right- i think the future fiancee should skip out completely on the engagement ring and just get the damn BANDS (but expectations are HIGH for this) because engagement rings are flat-out ugly and the ones i do like are overpriced and id rather have that spent on more practical things like an imac. Now to go into even greater detail to show my dislike for engagement rings-  if I were to ever receive a style that resembles something a really hot girl or princess would wear- l'll throw it in their face. (okay i wont be THAT mean) but i am THAT serious. Also why would I want an expensive ring? I'll be scrubbing toilets and green bins anyways once im married and wearing something so expensive would just remind me why i'm not married to Ed Westwick (HAHAH mmmm ED WESTWICK). No but seriously...its a waste.

Of course this all can change when i get older and become more needy and superficial. haha Back to the original intent of this post.

In this article here, it explained how one can purchase a same quality rock at a no-name brand store for a significantly less price. The example they used was:

A $16,600 round diamond from Tiffanys (just over a carat, with very slight flaws and a color grade of F, meaning colorless.....diamond mumbo jumbo that i do not undersytand), including the famous Tiffany setting. Appraisers estimated and said the same grade of diamond would cost an average of $10,500 dollars at a no-name store without a setting.
Yeah the pretty exquisite packing isn't there (make your own) nor is the prestigious branding...but what you gain in this example is 6100$ towards a new life. I would not want to put the significant other into a position of debt when the wedding planning hasn't even started yet (that's when the real horror begins HEH HEH). I guess what i'm trying to say is i won't pay for branding (lets temporarily forget all the other factors that contribute to branding like better quality, convenience and services) alone because its ridiculous.

But its interesting that you can find ANYTHING at Costco. Kind of like how you can buy coffins at Walmart? Craziness.

Tiffanys you gotta step it up with your marketing.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Maybe I am going way over my head on this one but i think i'm going to start up on doing P90x. Sure yeah its a huge diet/weight loss FAD but their marketing is SO awesome and i for one now appreciate GOOD marketing (Marketing/brand development is brutal.), so i must give into them especially when i see THIS (see below) this pretty face on every infomercial channel i flip by.

 How can you go wrong when a man name TONY (not Tim) Horton is going to be "training" you for the next 3 months!!!

I'm going through this crazy fitness phase where all i want to do is exercise but i am completely neglecting doing work (you know...the kind that allows me to put new clothes on my back and Starbucks in my hand) and everything else that i REALLY need to do. I'm actually very contradicting because i'm not exactly eating well so even if i do, do all this intense would be equivalent to me doing nothing if im still putting spoons of Honey Green Tea ice cream into my mouth periodically through out the day. What can i say....i'm fat for a reason right lol.

Anyways i digress. Back to P90X.

So because of my lack of disposable income, i'm in no position to walk over to Walmart to buy the kit. i must resort to downloading all 40gigs of the training system. FYI: I only have 60 gigs worth of bandwidth each MONTH at home. How am i going to do it? Easy- Starbucks Wi-fi Abuse.

Thanks to Starbucks l'll soon have the P90X, or (Power 90 Extreme), vigorous-but-magical-hope-created-and-hopefully-wont-fail-on-me home training system in my possession! THNXXXX YOUUUU. Its no wonder i love you guys so much.

I don't think l'll start the actual 90 days right away (this mayyy includes the diet plan. But that's looking like a lost cause right now because nothing can make me give up french fries), my plans are to do it when i come back from Cuba. Or whenever i finish downloading them HAA. I did only half of the Ab Section (Ab Ripper X) today and i was already ko'ed on the floor. That said im doing it again tmr and im DETERMINED to at least get through til the end. Even if it means i gotta skip a rep or four.

I realize that i'm not really making sense (because i am SO tired right now from Hot Yoga) and im not even going to bother re-reading it until the morning. Or never. Because i'm lazy.


Ps. I miss the mister and his insane laughter. His SB schedule is so wooky.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Layout...again

I don't know if i like it. It's a little too dark for me. I stayed up til 3am this morning trying to find the right template and im still not sure if i likey.

And i don't like this no work business.

Even though staying at home is SO relaxing.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Workout Schedule

BEAST MODE IS STILL least the exercise portion. haha According to my brother ive been eating (dinner) since i came home from the gym at 730 and its been at least an hour and forty five minutes and im still going.....hahah so i cant really say much about my "diet" being very beast-mode ish.....maybe beast in a sense where im eating like a beast. Anyways with this extra time available to me, my workout schedule works out to the following:

Monday- [ Body Pump ] [ Body Steps ] [ Body Combat ]
Tuesday- [ Body Combat ]
Wednesday- [ Body Attack ] [ Hot Yoga ]
Thursday- [ Body Pump ] [ Body Combat ]
Friday- [ Body Pump ]

I think my body can only handle STEPS & ATTACK once a week. haha i don't want to be fit as hell but be paralyzed at the same time. Hopefully this will show a little results by Cuba (which is in approximately a month and two days!!!!!!!!!)

The cousin and i have always been interested in high intensity workouts and both of us have been wanting to do kickboxing for the longest time. I think i must've sparked much more interest when i brought it up to her again about wanting to try it out. It sparked so much interest that we are actually going to go check out a Kickboxing place this Wednesday before Hot Yoga. Hopefully they have drop-in classes and they won't cost me an arm and a leg.

Apparently kickboxing can help one
"....usually lose anywhere from 10-20lbs in the first month ! And that is WITH OUT a change in the Diet......"
That sounds too good to be true eh. Because if it is really true.....i really don't mind paying the cancellation penalty fee (at the gym) to attend these classes full time as oppose to going to goodlife.

We shall seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
i need to buy more chocolate milks.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Goal

You know how i wanna go sipping Starbucks in Paris?

I have a new destination i MUST visit.

The First Starbucks (via Source)

The FIRST original Starbucks that ever opened is located in Seattle's Pike Place Market. This Starbucks retained its original decor (i think? Not sure) and exterior because of the historic codes of the neighbourhood. According to the history i googled up, it first opened in 1971 but been at the same space (1912 Pike Place) since 1976.

That is crazy. i MUST come here one day!!! && be a complete tourist and take a picture in front of the storefront hahaha as proof that i achieved my goal and im a total Starbucks-oholic that travelled across the country to do that.

Friday, March 19, 2010


(via Source)

There has been many changes to my current work status as some of you may know. I was told that my Fridays would be cut from 2 weeks ago until the beginning of April and from there they would evaluate our "cash flow" status and see if this Fridays-off business would continue.

Then 2 weeks later, 2 days ago i was told that i will be working from HOME starting probably this coming Tuesday because they want to cut expenses by not needing to pay rent anymore...............yeah.

Now YESTERDAY i was told that they want to keep me on payroll but cut my cheques in HALF. Which pretty much means I will be working 16.5hours each week ~ equivalent to working 3.3 hours a day or smashing it all together- 2.2 full days a week.

I guess I am officially a PART-TIMER now?

*&&&& what are my thoughts on this?

Strangely, this is kind of a good thing for me. Now with an extra 16.5 hours (which are suppose to be *work* time) each week to myself, i am able to do ALOT of things that i was not able to do because there was simply not enough hours in the day. This including looking for a BETTER full-time job, working on existing contract work (also finding new ones), getting up my portfolio site, cleaning and organizing my room and going to the gym every afternoon.

Interesting change isn't it?

The best side is of course sleeping in until 9pm, working in PJs and they're letting me take the mac and monitor home. =D

But of course the downside is im going to be poor. With my excessive spendings.

Give or take- don't know what will come out of all these changes.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


(via Source)

Its 17 degrees today, 15 yesterday, 16 degrees for the next two days. Does this mean summer is coming at full speed!?!? (Probably not, flurries are expected next week. LAME.)

But this coming summer im expecting it to be explosive. Or at least i want to try to make it "productive" as much as i can. I'm really gonna try and make this summer count!! I'm starting it off by going to Cayo Coco, Cuba and hope in the middle of the summer head down to Jersey/NYC and possibly something else to end summer!?!?! Don't know yet lol. But the things I want to accomplish this spring/summer:
  • Finish Room Reno
    Get the room painted, get the wardrobe in place and new bed sheets at the very least and I'll worry about decor and everything else later
  • Portfolio Site, Twitter & Blog
    I really need to get my portfolio site up and going. Its so essential and is my "money" making tool yet I've completely put that last on my to-do list. I MUST get that up and going by June or July at the very latest. I can't enter a new season without being done. That said while I'm at it, give my twitter page and this blog a new look. That's always fun to do lol
  • Business Card
    Can't skimp out on this (effort and money). Just tonight a random stranger the mister and i met at Starbucks and was interested in getting our contacts to potentially do contract work for him but it looked so bad because....WE HAD NO BUSINESS CARDS. SIGHSx.
  • Bikini Body
    Well not so much a BIKINI bod because that's like impossible for my size but at the very least i really want to slim down and trim my pear-shaped body. I am approximately 8lbs away!!! I just have to keep on gymming 3-4 times a week, hot yoga and eat in moderation and i shall be good!!!
  • Outdoors Paintball with the kids & Outdoor Volleyball with the kids
    Major negligence right there. I am guilty of all charges of not setting up something. I'm sorry guys.
  • Movies i need to download *ahem* see
    Includes: Clash of the Titans, Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, Iron Man 2, Robin Hood, Sex& the City 2, Avatar: Last Air Bender, Eclipse and Inception
  • Explore Toronto & the Eats with boyfriend
    Cuz we are fattys that wanna be artsy. haha
Okay lets hope i still have a JOB at the end of the summer to support all my plans.

*crosses fingers*


    (via Source)

    I did it. I mailed my broken hair straightener to the manufacturer out in Denton, TEXAS.

    I had the option to mail it

    A. via Regular Post and it will arrive in 6-10 business days - Cost: $4.56 ish
    B. via Expedited Post and it will arrive in about 4-6 days- Cost: $14 ish
    C. via Xpresspost Post and it will arrive in 3 days- Cost: $23 bucks ish

    With maybe half a hesitation i told him to XPRESS THAT PIECE OF JUNK FOR ME because i need my replacement ASAPPPPPP.

    And that's how i spent 23 dollars on a promise that my straightener will be safe and sound on a plane to Texas hopefully as we speak.

    Pray that it makes it there quickly and safely please. I'd appreciate it lol : )

    Now...the real countdown begins on when i get it back.

    My Bad. Again.

    Hello! I'm not dead! I've simply taken a 5 day extended weekend to.....go to driving school.


    *crickets chirping*

    Hahah YUP. Gotta do it because I know people are fed up with driving me especially the mister and my cousin!!!! They just know I'll cry if they say it to my face and since they love me so much they're just sucking it up Hahaha (I lurve u guys too) So that's what I've been doing during the day since Saturday. Yesterday was my "graduation" day aka last day and i completed my 20 hours in class. Ahhaha sighs. Yup now I need driving times done to get the road test.

    *Glances at lx and K*
    (Cousin I would bug you too but you drive a van and truth be told you are a female driving machine and I'm too scared to take it on hahah)

    Let's hope my daddy will buy my brother and I a used civic or something cheap for us to practice with.

    That's pretty much it. All week I've been working long and hard on my contract work and left me very little time to go gym, do long over-due procrasinated-tasks and go out on dates with tghe mister haha

    That said i went and totally beast-moded it up at the gym on Monday night by doing Body Pump, Body Steps and Body Combat three hours in a row, zero breaks in between. Oh i felt like such a soldier (because of the adrenaline)!!!!!!! && i was extremely proud of myself because i was at my max par (energy level was at maximum the entire 3 hours, i did not let myself slow down) and i even increased my weights during the strength hour. i think i did pretty well for someone who was on hiatus for a week.  But I'm totally paying for it now, my ENTIRE body feeling like i got punched out.
    I really liked the Combat class on Monday (a TINY bit more than my usual Thursday class) because everyone was SO hardcore and i loveddddd that energy but the instructor was so-so compared to the mellow (but lethal) Jamaican instructor who teaches on Thursday. Sad im going to miss hot yoga for the 2nd week but going at it again tmr (Combat) and friday (Pump). Might have to tone down the intensity because I think i might have done some serious damage to my right leg/knee and its starting to concern me. Anyone know a good physio that would pity and charge me less because of my low income? =[

    The week will end off pretty awesome with the weather being SPECTACULAR (Spring/Summer dresses every single day ehhehehe) and going out every evening. Ahhhh life is good minus my employment situation (please ask me about it).

    Not sure if i mentioned this yet but its official!!! I will be in Cayo Coco during April 24th-May 1st. The countdown is onnnnn for One Week and One Month left until paradise!!!!! I've shopped pretty much non-stop and i have everything i need so i am completely detoxing (except for the essentials i gotta buy i.e. voltage converter) until then. Then potentially NYC with LX in July??? Yays! Going to be a good summer!

    Also can anyone let me know where i can find a CHEAP  hair straightener??? Its Day Number-too-fucking-long-to-even-care-because-i-am-going-apeshit-without-a-straightener!!! I'm sending it to the manufacturer today (located in Texas. SOBSx) and it will take about a month and a HALF for them to send a replacement..............i really dont think i can go on life much longer without one (and i feel terrible for asking K for hers until the replacement arrives). I REALLLLY should have thought about how i was going to maintain my new trim before i went and let the Korean lady pretty much shave at my head (but gave me REAL cute school girl bangs ahha) because now i look like a MUSHROOM after every gym session, every morning i wake up. SIGHSSS. Twin suggested that i buy one for under 40 bucks but what im REALLY looking for is something under people please send me PMs and TEXTS on where i can find a straightener for that price. i don't care about the make, the model and from where. As long as it does the job until my replacement arrives- it will work!!!! im so so desperate guys.

    i actually have ALOT to "blog" about but i really should do the next time. Whenever that is =[

    Sowies im not entertaining anymore.

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Story of my life

    (via Source)

    Another Twilight-related post but this one is interesting. Trust, it shows what a big loser I am and people always like reading that lol [But it is mostly a Twilight haul heh]

    ANYWAYS. So as I blogged yesterday about going nom nom over the 10 second teaser trailer of the Eclipse movie (3rd Twilight Novel) and how this morning at 9am they’re going to premiere the 90 seconds trailer! Here I am, patiently awaiting 9am and to my dismay, the rat decides to come in early on the morning Eclipse was being viewed by THOUSANDSSSS of crazy girls like meeeeeh. Here I am, completely going bonkers because I see that its up and I can’t watch it because I got this feeling that l’ll get caught && everyone else around me is watching it!!!! It got to a point where I was SO DESPERATE that I scurried to the washroom to watch it on my blueberry. Ah desperate times calls for desperate measures right!!! But my Rogers Wifi was SOOOO poor it made the trailer choppy and images blurred that I gave up because I didn’t want to watch it like that!!!!! ARGH it was a complete FML moment for me on the toilet seat I swear. Came back to the office, completely disappointed. Then suddenly I hear the door opened and I KNEW THIS WAS MY MOMENT (the rat went for a pee).

    && that’s how I FINALLY WATCHED IT. Ohhhhh yesss finally.

    You have to consider the idea, that I might be better for her than you are.

    When Jacob said that to Edward, the look on Edward's face made my heart cry and i got chills down my spine. He looked like he was in so much agony and pain. SOBx I gotta give it to Robert Pattinson for having that "depressed" (but so sexy) vampire look and feel. I mean vampires ought to be depressed. THEY NEVER SLEEP. I would be pretty sad if i wasn't able to sleep. Anyways i digress. BIG SIGHHHS edwarddddddddddddddd. (Don't get me wrong. Edward Cullen is STILL A GOD. If there was an Olympian god out there- Edwards face would be on it haha)


    (On a serious critique and my opinion on the trailer- its obvious they switched up a lot of the plot line..AGAIN but I guess they have to, I’m not surprised at all because essentially the Twilight movies are rubbish but because i am such a fan its amazing to me. Edward looks more paler but so much more handsome than before. He’s like the STRONG, SILENT, SEXY (the super-fantastic three S’s!!) type that completely makes my heart melt....but Taylor Lautner just knocks me out completely. The replacement for Victoria looks soooo terrible. Her jumps were terrible and looked circus-ish. Not impressed. No glimpse of the vamp fam or the wolf pack, that was disappointing. I’m only hoping the 2nd theatrical trailer would show more of the other cast......because they’re just as important!!!!! Even though the movies are nothing without Edward and Jacob. Smirks. heh)

    I need to share this joy with someone. Blogging about it realllllllly isn’t satisfying it.

    So i guess in conclusion, TWILIGHT IS MY LIFE. *smiles*

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010


    It is finally here....the Eclipse trailer!!!!! Well ten seconds of it but it was such a HOTTTTTT ten seconds. Damn you Summit people for being such a TEASEEEEE. Ohmygod i cannot wait until tomorrow (approx. Thursday @ 6:00AM PST / 9:00AM EST!!)

    "I'm going to fight for you until your heart stops beating..."


    I'm still waiting for Edward to win me back hahah so far he's being massacured by Jake in my books. hahah i like how im on the same page and wavelength as my 13 year old cousins lol


    The other day the mister got me listening to this song that he discovered. He tends to find the most interesting things for me to watch and listen to. && Now i am so in love with it.

    Por Una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel 

    and oh-my-god it is one sexy and romantic song.

    We MUST learn how to tango.

    Just so we can dance to this song (this 2 minutes and 17 seconds song).

    Oh how it melts my heartttttt.......and i don't even like or know Tango. haha

    Ps. You can watch it here:

    Monday, March 8, 2010

    Tokidoki x Marvel

    Two words: Epic Collaboration.

    Its like just a little bit more than a week later and its already SOLD OUT on the official website. ohmygee. i need to go to NYC immediately to get these!!! So so cuteeeee.

    I want to get the hoodie SO SO BADLY for the mister && the spidey tee for meeeeeeee.

    & if i have excess money. i want the following toooooo.


    Since the MARVEL BAPE hoodie is virtually impossible to get (unless i fly to LA or Tokyo), this is the absolute closest l'll get!! Tokidoki you guys are tres BRILLIANT.

    Gah i wish i lived in NYC.

    Almost 3 Years Later

    I don't know why i still give him so much grief.

    i don't know why i still deal with these insecurities.

    what i do know though and appreciate more than i can ever show is-

    the incredible and continuous patience, effort and love that is given to me time after time i go through my crazy psycho-emo-mood-swings that makes one just want to give up. 

    i'm a moron i swear. i don't understand it either.

    i'm sorry but i thank you again and again and again.

    I know it will only get easier. One step at a time. =]

    i promise.

    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    Gossip Girl

    I missed that infamous scarf that can kill people

    (replace my answers with your own)
    1. The first character I fell in love with: Nate Archibald
      Still am when Chuck's beautiful face doesnt have screentime
    2. The character I never expected to love as much I do now: Dan Humphrey
      Well i started out not really paying attention to him but i am awfully intrigued (not love) by him now
    3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Jenny Humphrey
      Hate stab hate. Even though i love her hair and legs. But that's about it.
    4. The character I love that everyone else hates: Eric Van der Woodsen.
      Don't care what you people say bout him being young and "gay"
    5. The character I used to love but don’t anymore: Rufus Humphrey
      After what happened in the last episode before their haitus. *sobs* i have lost hope in good men on tv.
    6. The character I would have limo sex with anytime: Chuck Bass
      Anytime, anywhere baby. Anyyyytimeeeeeee.
    7. The character I want to be like: Blair Waldorf
    8. The character I’d blackmail/dump yoghurt on: Jenny Humphrey
    9. Pairing(s) that I love: Chuck&Blair
    10. Pairing(s) that I hate: Nate/Jenny, Chuck/Anyone Else, Blair/Anyone Else
    11. Favourite episode: The ones when all the dirty secrets are revealed haha or when the entire gang comes together to help/support each other out.
    12. My favourite character: Chuck Bass.
    13. My least favourite character: Bart Bass
    14. Which character I am most like: Serena Van der Woodsen
      Dramatic and enjoys showing her side-boobies. haha

    YESH. After like THREE MONTHS of no Gossip Girl, they are returning tomorrow night with episode 13 (Hurt Locket) and it is going to be DRAMAAAH-FUL. In the previews it looks like there's going to be SEX flying at us left and right. ohmygee EVERYONE is gonna get action, even lame jenny with sexy Damien. Gah. Excitements.


    Thursday, March 4, 2010


    Okay straight up. I'm no pro when it comes to make-up. In fact i'm pretty far from it. I simply want to share my opinion on a product that i think is worth blogging about and sharing my experience with it. In no way am i going to start taking pics and being all hardcore (awesome) like xteener, michellephan, iamgrape, etc. Anyways, i thought l'll write a small disclaimer before i proceed onto my "review" of MakeUpForever's Aqua Eye Liner.

    I guess most people know that i'm going to to Cuba in April and the first thing i started looking into was water/sweat/weather-proof eyeliner. One thing with me is I absolutely will not go out in public without drawing a dark, thick, curved line on my eyelids. (&& under eye concealer. But i dont want to get into that in this post). I told myself- okay, Concealer or eyeliner. I gotta ditch one and can't wear both to the beach. I decided that i needed the liner more because i didnt want to have any sort of "cover up" on my skin that will be fried by the sun.

    I soon realized I had a problem at hand because i will be entering a country that is practically a sauna and most of the eyeliner i use are not exactly err smudge or waterproof. (I use only gel liners and pencil during workouts.....Yeah see what i mean. Who the hell wears liner when they workout!?!?). Now seeing how i don't go out in public without liner, but i dont want to look like an emo goth girl on the beach doesnt work out very well for me because i am not paying almost a grand to stay indoors (which will probably be just as hot and my sweat will melt the liner!!!). I also refuse to spend 30ish bucks on the GEISHA brand liquid pen liner that my cousin bought because i'm poor- though it would have been the most ideal product to use because shes gone swimming in it (i think ha ha) and it stayed onnnnnn. Anyways after my readings of 10 billion reviews online, i went ahead and bought MakeUpForever's Aqua Eye Liner in Light Brown.

     I decided on brown instead of my usual dark, granite black because i wanted something more natural looking for the beach but i kind of contradict myself because there's really nothing natural about wearing makeup....on the beach. haha So after buying it, i thought to myself how was i going to figure out whether its CUBA-PROOF before im actually in Cuba.

    That's when my brilliant mind told me to wear it to Hot Yoga last night. =D

    I put it on an hour before heading out to the studio and then went through about an hour-ish of Hot Yoga before coming home to check whether it stayed on. During that hour, i sweated more than a pig, i drenched my undergarments and clothes (you know that you've insanely sweated when you wore a black tank and when upon taking it off you notice its one shade darker), and i also wiped my face with a towel (deliberately wiping directly around the eye area) several times during the hour. Since this isn't a pro review, i'm not going to upload any actual photographs. i thought illustrations will do just as good of a job showing the before and after.

    As you can see, before hot yoga the color was like a light-ish brown. After all the sweat and heat, i noticed that it simply faded to a even lighter brown and the curve and line was still in-tact. I couldn't really tell if it "smudged" under my eye or in the crease because it was so light that it might have blended in with my skin (my eye area is much darker than other areas of my face). That or it actually didn't smudge at all. I wouldn't know unless i try it out with a black or bright blue/purple color.

    All in all, this eyeliner COMPLETELY exceeds my expectations of a heat-enduring and sweat-proof product and i REALLLLY wanted to share that. As i mentioned before my main concern was smudging and to me i didnt notice any. To me this is 80% Cuba-proof and was such a great purchase. I think i'm actually going to go buy the black colored one now because it glides on so nicely and i can use it as a "grab and draw" on the go liner when im in a rush instead of taking my sweet ass time finding my fluidline and its accompanying angle liner brush. I think it'll be a great lower-eye liner too since they don't recommend using gel/liquid for lowerlash line drawings.

    That said though, there probably will be variations and hits & misses because according to twin, this doesnt work for her but liquid liner stays on like a tattoo...soo its hard to say for each person.

    Today i put it on and putting it to a test again and see if it can last a 8 hour work day and also a session at the gym. We'll see how that goes but i doubt there will be any surprises.

    Yay! i lurve finding new workable makeup! =D

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010


    Google Trends USA on March 1st

    Click to Enlarge


    ROFL LOLXXX!!!!!!!!
    OMFG hahaha I knew Americans are crazy (AND STUPID) biatches but that just freaking tops it HAHAHAH The messed-up-sick shiet they google!!! AHHAHA  FCUKKKKED UPPPPPP

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    A Letter

    Dear Father,

    If you wish for me to continue having the funds to help you finance the house and pay you back for my OSAP, can you please stop standing there and telling me that i brought all events that happened tonight all upon myself by repeating it twelve times (but using different words) and GO AWAY BECAUSE I NEED TO FINISH THIS FUCKING CONTRACT WORK BY TONIGHT if i want to be paid for the extra MONEY im making on the side that will be going to YOU because my income was cut by 25% today.

    Otherwise l'll happily oblige and sit here listening to you lecture me all you want and keep on saying sorry to the same thing over and over again.  

    - Your Daughter that is going apeshit


    Last night I got into a fight with my mom maybe about 10 minutes before bed. And then everything that's bugging me earlier in the evening caught up to me and I had a 5 minute psychotic meltdown at 2am. I woke up (on time) feeling craptacular and I decided to take off a little bit earlier from work to get a little time out for myself.

    My day just gets better.

    I was informed that my hours are cut. I now have Fridays off until further notice (that being April) starting this week. Apparently its a "Cost" issue, not my performance......which I actually believe. So yaaaa. Call me people haha!!! Actually I think I'm going to designate my Fridays to be Job Search and Contract work days. I should at least try to be useful and productive.

    Bright side though is my trip&plane tickets are confirmed. CayoCoco, Cuba April 24th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily for me I have cash saved up or else this wouldn't even be possible and then K will REALLY have a psychotic meltdown and killfeast with me being the roadkill.

    Anyways back to the present. Here I am. At Starbucks with no laptop and only my notebook and ipod (& of course my blueberry). My mind feels cloudy. Unclear.

    I don't like that.
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    Monday, March 1, 2010

    Hockey & More

    WHATTTTTTTTTTTT. After 8 years we finally brought the game back home biatchessssssssssssss.
    YAAA. The men's hockey team actually didnt win a GOLD since 2002 and they didnt even get a MEDAL in 2006 after getting kicked out by the Russians. I personally think they would have gotten shot by the public if they lost last night. But that's just me and my violent way of thinking.

    Yesterday i was working (argh) and missed 95% of the game. Fortunately for meeee i came home in time to watch the best 15 minutes of the game (the winning part). I confess- i actually thought Canada was going to lose. They were playing sloppy and did not take enough chances at shooting. The entire Overtime i was on the edge of my seat actually WAITING for the Americans to score. THNX GOD 87 did his thing and brought it backkkkkkkk. Ya ya. Canada Pride. THE ESKIMOS PREVAILSSSSSS.

    mwhahaha BIG UPS to the American team though. Yeah they're our rivials but you gotta be blind and totally biased (which most Canadians are) to not see that the Americans did an awesome job of surviving AND reviving themselves. Good job to them!!! They also have ALOT of hot guys on their team haha but they all looked the same after they lost. The gloomy and sour facial expressions were all very cookie cutter ish haha. i hate watching the loser team after the game because i would forget the winning team and refocus my energy to pitying the losers. Its such a bad humanity habit.

    Anyways so apparently the Men did not show up for the closing of the Olympics ceremony...which from what im reading- is very poor attitude coming from them. Steve Nedermyer managed to get into the audience but don't think anyone else did. Not that i give a damn because i didnt watch it either (I WAS BUSY!!) but i think people are just making a big deal out of it (even though i do see what they are trying to get at) like with the whole women's hockey team getting drunk and smoking on the ice. Boohoo. Those american reporters are just bitter that they just lost (omg the US Women's team looked like they were going to eat us after their defeat. They did NOT take it well).

    So after the game i wished i actually came out and went to a bar or something. The pictures popping all over my FB of the parties and celebration last night down at Dundas Square looked fun.

    Argh. You know work is picking up when i come in on a Sunday afternoon. sighs

    AND. More negatives.
    • I still have no hair straighter. I look like a Caspian Lion every day.
    • I have no dental insurance so i completely sold myself out and used the i-am-poor-please-pity-me cry with the reception lady to charge me significantly less. Its still a lot but significantly less. 
    • I feel like i have a cavity. Again. 
    • My retainers broke...meaning i need new ones...meaning i gotta pay. 
    • I spent money on a hand bag this weekend. I have like eight.
    • I didnt get to do hot yoga last week. I dont think my schedule permits me to do it this week eithers :(
    • Still no time to do anything. Laundry everywhere, my plastic teeth guard (aka retainers) is brown, slacked on looking for new job, uncomplete contract work, dirty makeup brushes that keeps on being used but not washed, dirty mirrors, un-ironed clothes, makeup palettes all over room, disorganized desk. 
    • No Starbucks for FIVE DAYS. 
    But of course some positives.
    • Just4fete this Friday. I am going to drink so effing much i might possibly top my labour weekend fiasco!! Wahahah
    • Booking Cuba trip tmr! 
    • Alice in Wonderland soon soon soon.
    • Seems like my face cleared up (minus the blemishes). Lets not jinx it now.
    • I get my teeth cleaned! (Despite negative point number two). I love the feeling of squeaky clean teeth.
    • ECLIPSE TRAILER out! in 13 days. <3!!!!!!! 
    • A vacation wardrobe courtesy of twin...coming to my closet in the next 2 weeks.
    • I FEEL like i LOST a tiny bit of weight. But of course that could be my STARBUCKS weight. (Refer to second last negative point)
    • Arrival of my packages in the mail.
    • Doing of the taxessss = Money that is rightfully mine returns
    • Drink feast weekend after...tentative.

    && the week begins. Already i feel like i have no time. gahhh.

    tweeet tweeet