The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the Go Bitching

Its about 9ish in the morning and I'm at the "Toronto Chinese Community Services Association" with the mother to so some stuff with her.

We've been waiting since 830 (No ETA of when we will be served might I add) and what's pissing the shit out of me is watching the employees literally stand around doing jacksquat with their Milk Teas in their hands while there is a LINEUP of people (including myself) waiting to be served.
There are several things that annoys me.

One. Disorder. I hate people who don't keep order especially those that butt people in line when there is evidently a line formed. I also dislike when people get served first but came AFTER those that's been here first. That infuriates me. Sadly the mother was contributing to it which made me even more angered.

Two. Cranky Asians. I find that when they havnt had their dimsum, they are cranky, rude and likes staring you down b/c you're wearing shorts and no tights like all the other fob chicks at the place.

Three. Lack of food. In short; I-get-cranky-and-bitchy and my face is sour-looking like I just received a poorly made SB.

Combing ALL THREE are big no-nos and is a calling for destruction.

Honestly if I can do this myself at home I wouldn't be standing around. That girl with the iced coffee better not be the one to serve me. I'm tired and bused passed a Starbucks earlier (wished I stopped for one). I am ready to take down as many asians they have coming my way.

And just like that, a CROWD of them comes walking this direction. All with very OOGLY shoes on.

Oh one of the employees just looked at me and I think she can tell I'm getting pissed as I looked at her with looks of dissatisfaction & discontent and then looked down at my bb and began furiously punching at the buttons.

I hope its our turn soon. For the sakes of these people of course.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


nos·tal·gi·a (n-stlj, n-) n.
A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.

I originally wrote this a couple of days ago but never got around to publishing/finishing it until this sudden blogging urge i have right now at 2am-ish when i REALLLY should be asleep to get up at 8ish for tomorrow. Anyways i had to go back and change all my tenses to past tenses because all recent events are now PAST recent events. & l'll probably be jumping back and forth. Forgive me if i dont make sense. Kickboxing really tired me out tonight.
Come back for pretty pictures and possibly better edited/structured thoughts tomorrow. My brain is mush and my thighs are on fire from having the laptop on it for over an hour.

First and foremost, i must rant about futbol. Just because it has taken over my life and has become almost like a full-time job. Seriously, watching futbol is takes up so much damn time that i do jacksquat in between. That said after when futbol is done, i gym (or at least attempt to) or i watch true blood. Just like that the day is over!!!

The other day i headed out to watch both the Brazi vs. Portugal game and the Spain vs. Chile game with a friend i havnt seen since the Wex days. In other words that means six years. I love the World Cup- it bonds and reunites people! That was unexpected fun. Its always more fun to watch the game with friends than by yourself and with a mother who doesn't know anyone except Beckham (who isnt even in playing!!!! haha) and kaka (because his name is easy to remember) and the lang jai (hottie) that fell from Spain (Torres). My mother is so silly.

A small rant about the ENG vs GERMANY game. One word. Brutal. It was painfully brutal to see them be humiliated and defeated like that. Wayne Rooney, i love you, you big tubby Ogre but you seriously disappointed me and the rest of the world.

I still love Lampard (picture) and Gerrand though. I am sad that their "Golden Era" (Lampard, Gerrand, Terry) ended on this low note....but nonetheless they will remain legendary in my books. I still love you England!!!! But there goes my shirt. I hope i dont outgrow it (cough become fat) in four years. EFF.

Look at how kind he is to kids. So lovable.

I still remain convinced that the Refs are bribed and are out to get Kaka (i.e. Yellow cards passed out like candy) and Torres (having people STEP on his injured leg) eliminated. Terrible, crook people!!!! Just because they are good looking doesn't make them dangerous. I also don't care what anybody else says about them being useless. Its very hard to be THAT good looking and talented at the same time. People ought to give them a break. 

Since my beloved ENG is kicked out. I have redirected my energy and will be channeling it towards Torres and Kaka (Spain & Brazil respectively). Spain vs. Portugal game tomorrow!!!!! Going to be uber excitinggggg.
Okay. I got that all off my chest. Now that futbol is done. Moving on.

This weekend i actually ventured downtown to club for R's bday. To be more specific and dramatic, i went on Saturday night which was the day of all the crazy G20 riot. Yeah i really think everybody in the limo had a death wish or something because we were heading almost towards the heart of the war zone. It wasn't the smartest thing to do but we did it anyways- with style and alcohol.

Just a side note about the G20 protests- talk about Toronto being UNDER PREPARED. My gosh. All the shit that happened!! People flying out of maholes??! Torching Cop Cars!?!? Fucking Insane.

Heart. Crying.

Many of you may find this to be completely hilarious- but i have to admit that when i saw the protesters smash the windows of the Starbucks(SSS) on heart actually hurt a tiny bit. MAN FAK YOU CRAZY RIOTERS. I bet HALF OF YOU drink their expensive-ass coffee so i don't see a point in destroying them when you will probably go back to where ever you are from and order a tall iced coffee in a grande cup with extra ice, 3 pumps hazelnut syrup, 2 pumps classic, an inch of non-fat milk, with a dome lid and an accompanying venti (not tall) straw to relax yourself from a day of successfully  DESTROYING and ATTACKING everything in sight.

The video for this picture is actually here.
If i was the cops i would whip these guys so hard with my extendo.
And what's a G20 protest without a random Asian and our winner pose.

That is all. I digress. Back to my crazy night.

The club that we went to was actually really decent, the crowd wasn't too Unionville-ish/Bayview-like, no pushy people, and they even fed us munchy sandwiches and cupcakes?!?!? That was a definite (pleasant) first. I also ran into a friend that i've also known since grade 7 and again not seen in 6 years. It was extremely nice to be able to experience kind of like a blast from the past moments twice in a week. I enjoyed myself very, VERY much. The music was superb and i was buzzed enough to not feel my feet. Big smiles. i hope R had a wonderful birthday evening.

Let's just linger on a topic for a bit. The definition i have at the beginning of this entry was the mood i was in when i was typing this. As i've mentioned, i met up and bumped into two people of my past and it made me decide to try something one evening after dinner. I was feeling really nostalgic and in particular it was my kind of post-Wex and Pre-GCM days that surfaced. Lately i've gotten into a habit of taking after dinner strolls by my lomeself and that evening i decided to go down this route that meant a lot to me. It was a route that i took with a certain individual 6 years ago and I haven't gone on that path since because i was too scared of what i would feel. I guess since i was reminiscing the past, it made me want to see what it would feel like to take that route again this many years later. Anyways i took that walk and expected myself to feel...sad i guess. I lingered, stopped and sat at that very spot expecting to be sad when instead i felt really peaceful. It was nice to be able to think back and just smile and be thankful. What happened 6 years ago was key example to how i shouldn't live life after a breakup. 6453 meant the world to me at the time. And for a very long time after that. Something that very little people would not understand. Then i was able to let that go for someone that brought bliss into my life. Which leads to my next point- Sitting there also made me think of a lot of recent events, and i was able to conclude one thing. That time does heal all. Walking down that path was living proof to what i thought was an impossible type of pain that i will have to live with for the rest of my life. The type that i was fearful of....but does not exist anymore. It gave me a sense of relief and a little bit of reassurance, that one day it just won't hurt anymore. The tears will stop. I think more than anything right now that's all i need, a constant reminder that one day.....the heart will stop aching.

I apologize for going so boring and emo. I also hate blogging about 6453 because that topic is so 2004. But I haven't incriminate myself like that in so long and i needed that outlet before i bug the shit out of twin or bestest about it.

Moving on.

Random (SHORT) thoughts because its 230am and i need sleep:

  • I'm getting fat again. I needdddd to step it up with the kickboxing and time spent at goodlife....and stop eating Egg Benedicts.
  • Tomorrow i am going to go pick up my fuckking 400 dollars retainers. I am going to march in there and be snooty and bitchy to the people and never going back. I'm sorry lx. i failed you. I grant permission for you to scowl at me the next time you see me.
  • I just finished watching a TVB drama and it was like watching my life being acted out by really good looking actors and actresses. I was soooo devastated. But luckily for them, TVB always gives them a nice happy ending. Me on the other hand is not so lucky. Fml. 
  • I got myself into a "dilemma" (two actually) and i have no idea how the fuck to get out. Argh. I need a hit man to terminate certain individuals. Or a brainwash device. Either way i need them to disappear. Please go away.
Wow. okay. i think that's enough of a read?
I'll probably be editing this with pictures (of hot men) and other accompanying visual "references" (if any) during the day tomorrow because right now, 256AM is my limit. I am an old lady.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Best Quote Ever

"I don’t know what my life was before I discovered Kaka & Torres
It was probably a lot less horny."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

2nd Place- i would let diego maradona snort coke off my tits any time he wanted to

LOL ew he's so fat and old (He is the Argentina Head Coach) but the confession is SO FUNNY LOL

3rd Place- Wayne Rooney, I have never in my life wanted to !@#$ someone so badly. I need it. I want to grab onto the little hair you have left while you do me wildly. I want to hold on to those pale milky white thighs and never ever let go. I need you wayne rooney. I dont care if england is dissapointed in you, you can come live on my bed any day.

HAHAHAHHA "....want to grab onto the little hair you have left" and " pale milky white thigh" HAHAHAH 

Courtesy of


PS. I have an ACTUAL "entry" typed up for people to read and its saved in drafts.
Publishing it soon once its complete.....

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Why are you so perfect KaKa? You make me feel fuzzy and wuzzy.

Friday, June 25, 2010


im so exhausted from my day but im in such a blogging mode.

...........alright i tried.

ok i guess l'll postpone it until the morning when i get up to watch the Round 16 games.

In short- it was a nostalgic kind of day for me.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 Years of Harry Potter (Pic Spam)

Dear god its been TEN YEARS whole years since the FIRST Harry Potter movie came out, Thirteen since the books. This phenomenon that has shaped my life (turned me into a crazed, obsessive compulsive individual) and apparently is ending today, according to Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy...aka the blonde kid that plays HP's rival....for those who care) on his twitter. Actually its kind of contradicting because it officially ended almost 2 weeks ago (refer to pic) but Tom Felton said it was today for him!!!!!!!!!!!!

I digress.

Oh look how handsome the boys have grown up to be!!!!!!
(Particularly Tom Felton. Left, lower corner. mmmmmm)
Firm believer since book 1 they were going to end up together and have really smart but dorky babies (in the book) !!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHHE

It really doesn't feel that long and it still amazes me how I am still able to read the book and discover little bits of details that i have overlooked the first 20 times around in the past 10 years. That's saying a lot because there's 7 books!!!! J.K Rowling is a genius. That's all i have to say about the woman. Being able to develop a world, relationships and its accompanying details, fate and future all while shoving small tidbits of it in Book 1 that links to Book 7. It's unbelievable. I think it will be mandatory in my household in the future to read Harry Potter or else no internet!!! Anyways the absolute last movie is to be aired NEXT year in July so that said i have about a year left of my life before i actually need to grow the hell up.

Sighs. The transition fuking scares me.

The Harry Potter era is ending!! Sadly, even Twilight can never live up to this.
I need someone to take me to Hogwarts and buy meself a wand.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fifa fever

My wallpaper. It's enlargeable. Thought l'll share.

I want a cupcake

Ohkayyyy so apparently there was a 5.5 magnitude earthquake that hit Southern Ontario (aka TO, Scaborough, PARTS of Markham (i say parts because i was in Markham and felt jack squat), Sauga and i don't know about Richmond Hill) that i did not feel. i dooo feel kind of jipped (even though J was scared out of her wits!) because everyone I knew felt it. Not really the type of bandwagon you want to jump on but nonetheless it would have been "interesting" since Toronto doesn't experience earthquakes due to our "rigid" crust. The last one was recorded in 1998 (Mag 5.4) and 1986 (Mag 5.0). I got my findings here. So yeah. I was jipped. lol The best status change by far about the quake tho, was by TP
"Earthquake!! In my office toilet!!"
Hahah good job terry. Good jobbb. 

What was more interesting though, was my newly acquired friend at SB was telling me about there being Army Helicopters in the area (probably heading downtown) as he was walking down steeles & brimley. Man this G20 stuff is getting scaryyyyyy. I'm a LITTLE big frightened about going down there this Saturday. But not frightened enough to not go. haha

So what is a blog post without me ranting about football?!?! Here it is:


That's a nice big IN YOUR FACES to all you haters. Though i might add that they will probably be murdered in round 2 if they were to face Germany. Actually, even Ghana. They would be frightened by their dark skins. And lets just say that they somehow miraculously beat the 2nd rounds and make it to Quarter finals, there is no chance in hell they can beat Argentina. By the way the brits are playing, they really are not that good (they keep on wasting their energy on CHASING the ball instead of playing it smart. by the time it gets to them, they're all outta breath!!!) That said now, it just means i gotta go get myself a Spain or Brazil Shirt.

Jot down thoughts-
  • Went back to Goodlife for the first time in 3 months and it felt GREAT. i was THINKING of canceling my membership but i think if i can afford to maintain it i think i will because i really enjoy it. Even though Body Combat made me completely out of breath (absolute Cardio fail), i felt that wuzzy feeling that makes me feel like im doing some good to my body. Also after attending Kick Boxing, my "posture" during Body Combat is a lot more "correct" now haha Extra added bonus is i bumped into C and made a gym date for next week!!! Ah. <3
  • I want to get more into cupcake baking and cupcake decorating. 
  • I hope to see A & Spyo soooooon. July 3rd yes yes?
  • R's Bday Bash @ Courthouse Saturday. Shall be exciting.
  • Upcoming Brazil Vs. Portugal game. Watching it for the skills and tactics involved. Not for the hot men (b/c Kaka is suspended. SNIFF SNIFF & im not very fond of C.ronaldo and his abs. )
  • Going through True Blood way too damn quickly. Vampires are so sexy.
  • One week until ECLIPSE (3rd twilight movie)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Summerlicious with the Girls? (Sorry everyone...i can only afford one summerlicious meal this summer and im going to reserve it for the girls..)
  • The Last Airbender with the Boys is going to be so damn epic. The trailer is epic. The storyline is epic. It is going to be gooooooood.
Okay i guess thats all. Need to get bak working on portfolio stuff.

Completely random. But the Starbucks im at suddenly smells like Instant Noodles mixed with XO Sauce. HAHA maybe im just hungeeee.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Curses of the World Cup (& large Pic spam again)

Football Photographers are serious eh.

I don't even remember what day into the tournament we are into but ive seriously come to several conclusions. One of them being that there is some crazy curse cast on the hot guys of FIFA (1), the coaches of the "champion" teams (2) and the heavy contender teams in general (3).

Actually with (3), A and I believe that its most likely because the European teams thought that they are so awesome that they actually don't need to practice as hard as the smaller country teams. There is also the possibly that since a lot of these men actually play for other teams (for Club Football during the year) and not for their home country, this might be the first time theyve played together in a large tournamen thus the absolute lack of team coordination and bromance. Also since they're all big-shots, they're really just playing for themselves and feel the need to show off what they are capable of on the "world stage" instead of working TOGETHER to crush their opponent. Sadly, England is a good example of this. The men clearly do not like working with "each other" (British Pride!?!? WHO KNOWS) and we have Rooney, the crazy swearing, striking bull that hasnt scored any goals!!! Sighs. How i wish Owen and Beckham was still playing. Games would be so much more magnificent.

As for the (2), the coaches for these champion teams must be on crack and blowing some crazyyyy S.Africa herbs because so far- their GAME PLAY/TACTICS SUCK SHIT. Especially the French team. Omg i don't even want to get into a rant about how ridiculous the french team. From inner BOYCOTTING (refer to my hot men rant in a bit) to refusing to practice to potentially not showing up for tomorrow's game against RSA, their team director quitting, expulsion of one of their strikers??! It's a freaking joke.

And the curse on the hot men. Sighs. Where to begin.

1. The Boycott of the Golden Boy

Basically there's a zillion rumors surrounding how the French team refuses to eat and practice with Yoan Gourcuff (The crazy fool coach admitted to this!!)

"They don’t like him because he is not like them, he doesn’t like to go to the clubs, he listens to opera music, he comes from Britanny while most other players come from poor quarters, and he doesn’t go to prostitutes like the others, his mother is a teacher etc….He is a nice guy, that is the problem."

i stole that quote from A's rant about the idiotic French team. What the eff?!?!? Who the hell says that. DOUCHES!!! The entire team are douches!!!!

& then he sits as a substitute during their 2nd game? Really now? The coach is a crazy fool!!! Putting away one of their best midfield strikers!!! HELLO. He's a MIDFIELD striker for a reason!!! You know. He strikes QUITE WELL from like 70m+ away from the goal?!?! Omg he needs a good headbutt to the face from Zidane. Gourcouff needs to pack his bags and leave and forget about even including "Playing for the FIFA 10' France team" on his resume because the team is a bunch of clowns. It makes me SO angry thinking about this. France deserves this humiliation.

2. Kaka & the Red Card

(There was seriously something crazy hot about the men on the Brazil team wearing Assassin-like black gloves while playing their first game. It was UBER sexy. )

Actually, this tops my list of things im pissed about. Even though yesterday's Brazil vs. Ivory Coast game was one of the best games played to date (the other one being Brazil vs. N.Korea) but also the one that made me the most furious! I was not at home when it happened but the moment when Kaka got the red card, a tsunami wave of texts and msgs came pouring my way. (I'm sorry K, it mustve been really annoying lol ). And it was just plainnnnnn cursing from that point on. Even after rewatching the game last night, i noticed that he was pushed and on his ass so many times throughout the 90 minutes that i lost count after 13 falls. ARGH. It was definitely not his game. My heart BROKE when he was forced to leave the field in the middle of the game. His face (and fans!!!!) were shocked beyond belief. My god words cannot described the anger i felt. Bright side was his on-screen time was excellent (it was like the KAKA game haha). That said, he's going to be absent from the Brazil vs. Portugal game......which is such fukking BS.

3. Torres not on his game

( Mesmerized by tattoos....
i hate men with tattoos. i think its OOOGLY. but i completely change my mind now. It is mad hot.)

Alright so after those two devastating things, i was SURE during today's Spain vs Honduras game Torres was going to be swept away by a magical wind or something. SOMETHING was going to happen to him!!! Pretty much the entire game, he missed every fucking shot. It was too sad to watch him try and fail, try and fail, try and fail!!!!!!!!! This guy is FAMOUS for striking and i just could not believe the multiple failed attempts. It got to a point where i think the Spain coach got fed up and 20 minutes before the game was over, he was benched. BIG SIGHS. Another one benched. I was/am so disappointed. His struggle to score made my heart whimper a bit. He clearly looked so sad and angry at himself for not doing his best.

Look at all this!!!!!!!!!!! These super, skilled, sexy, sweaty players are being benched/suspended!!!! A CURSE!!!! It must be those annoying buzzing horns!!! Or some crazy, black magic air the men are breathing!!!!!!!!!!

YARRRRRRR. & thats MY crazy rant and pic spam haha. I really just need ENGLAND to make it to Round 2. Is that too much to ask?!?!?

Ok sleep time OUTS.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


The other day, Big G calls me to tell me that one of our highschool friend's father passed away and asked if i would like to go to his funeral as a gesture of respect and support for our friend. It was something that i did not want to say no to and wanted to do. I don't talk to her at all ever since highschool ended but she is definitely one of those whom i see periodically (on campus or a club) and we both would swear that we need to catch up (and mean it...not out of courtesy. You know those type of people whom you see and you are obligated to talk to and they say "Keep in touch" only because its polite? Yeah i hate those type of people and that type of BS. If they were serious about "keeping in touch" then that moment would not have been the first time in X amount of years where you cross paths. A simple "take care" is better then being fake.) but because lifestyle and schedule conflicts, sadly it never happens and its a shame because i believe we enjoy each others company very much. I remember during the S thing, she was there for me at least once a week to accompany me to bbt. I felt like even though the drifting apart occurred, i can at least show some support.

This funeral was the first of many things for me. 1) It was conducted in Korean (which made things....very confusing) 2) It was personal in a sense where i did remember her father as a cheerful little korean man that always fed us very good sushi. 3) it was conducted in a Chapel-like area 4) it was a Christian-styled ceremony and 5) it killed me seeing a friend cry like that. J is always happy whenever i see her. Our relationship is basically us goofing around and laughing at each other. We both are just naturally bubbly people (except maybe me. im just bitter now lol) I've never seen her so devastated and so sad. I knew i was going to a cry a tiny bit but i did not expect myself to cry so much. Her cries echoed the room and it was really, REALLY sad and agonizing. Nobody should ever feel that kind of pain. It was completely heart-wrenching. If i was in her shoes right there then....i don't think i would have even been strong enough to stand. It got me thinking about how short life is and again how precious life is and the people and things that we have in our life. After going through so much myself the past 2 months, i still am unable to stress how people should not take life for-granted, and should not take the people in your life for-granted. Something twin pointed out too was tomorrow is Fathers Day.

Dot dot dot. 
(Those who didn't make the correlation.....her father just passed away....fathers day.....get it?)

Yeah. As if this was not devastating enough right..

We ended up at the burial too which was a bit random but thank god it was not as sad as during the viewing. My condolences to her family. I hope she holds up after this ordeal ends for her. May her father rest in peace.

Friday, June 18, 2010


"Manchester United Striker Michael Owen Backs England Goalkeeper Robert Green After Nightmare Error Against USA"

Even my love supports Robert Green.

Just saying.

GOOOO ENGLAND!!! I want to wear my shirt out tonight!!! lol!!!!!

Freaky Dream: Running away from a Rapist Murderer

To dream that you are running away from someone, indicates an issue that you are trying to avoid. You are not taking or accepting responsibility for your actions. In particular, if you are running from an attacker or any danger (of being raped and killed!!!), then it suggests that you are not facing and confronting your fears.
To dream that you are trying to run but cannot make your feet move as fast as you want them to (this was when i was trying to run away from the rapist), signifies lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.
To dream that you are running alone (everyone else died!!!!), refers to your determination and motivation in the pursuit of your goals. You will find success and rise above those around you. (I'm skeptical of this part) Alternatively, the dream may mean that you need to hurry up in making a decision.

I am so darn imaginative aren't i. That or too much Law & Order :SVU & Criminal Minds for me.

Upcoming Highlights
- 2nd England Game
- Online Clothes Ordering Evening with Cousin
- Hot Yoga
- Funeral (Not exactly a "highlight")
- Wedding Errands Day + Fathers Day
- More Kickboxing and Kettlebells
- A Desperate Manicure
- Re's Fabulous Birthday Night. (I'm prepared and equipped to be crippled that night since i did not solider it in heels during our last night in MTRL.)

PS. The Lakers vs Celtics game tonight was intense. I'm sorry that i, along with the cousins bf neglected the cousin during the last 15 minutes of the game. Again, l'll owe it in increments of Starbucks. I LOVE U! lol!! But the game was seriously so close and as D described it as "stressful". It seriously was. I wish all bball games were this stressful. It would be so much more fun to watch.

. I cannot wait for you to be back in TO A!!! This world cup has bonded us.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 6: Champs...NOTTT.

This entire tournament is giving me a freaking mental breakdown. Today i thought we would finally be seeing results that were predicted. Spain will be taking it homeeeee bitches. But the game was so brutal and Spain- EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS lost to the Swiss. It was NOT a draw either. It was a DEFEAT. An actual defeat that has never happened in the history of Fifa.

Dot dot dot

WHAT THE HELL MAN. What the hell is going on!?!?! I am LIVID as i type this. This was the game that was seriously suppose to be IN THE BAG. How can Spain suffer a defeat?!? They absolutely cannot when i have them PICKED as the TOP 2. (haha) The next thing you know it will be Korea vs. Japan in the last game. TTTHHHEN l will seriously not be the one with the last laugh. lol!!!!

That said though, the game between Argentina & Korea and France & Mexico should be good tomorrow. I hope for better results!! ESPECIALLY from France. MMMM lots of Gourcuff screentime please fifa!

Now it comes to my daily pic spam of hot guys that makes me jizz my pants. I introduce to you....Fernando Torres. MMMMMM. He's like a Channing tatum of football HAHA

Okay so i noticed that all the hot football players im in love with, are married with kids. I included the last pic because he's walking his ADORABLE dog with his preggo wife. Man, I need to start hanging around football practices or something. These guys are CLEARLY the marriage type HAHA. Oh my im going crazy from his hotness.

This one i found it for you A!!!!!! This was the moment (after their defeat *sad face*) he took of his shirt as he walked off the field. MMM CHISELED BODIES AND TATTOOS NOM NOM NOM

Side Note-
Sorry everyone for being so boring and only blogging about football and men. I swear there's only.....a week and a bit left? haha My life will be nothing BUT lots of jizz and football. Oh and of course all the other stuff in between like my freelance work, kickboxing and kettlebells, lots of bar time and R's bday fete. You know. The usual suspects. Oh and of course the next twilight movie is coming out at the end of the month and its PERFECT because it happens to land on a when there are NO games on. Yes!

### ADDED 

The World Cup tournament this year is rigged. SERIOUSLY. I missed the entire RSA vs URU game just now but i was following it on my BB (i downloaded a fifa game/score tracker app TEHEHEHE now i will be ALWAYS in tune with the games hehehehe) while i was out with K for the hour....but i was shocked with how every time i REFRESHED the app (Sorry dear, about my lack of focus lol) ...the score for Uruguay kept on increasing by one?!?!? Now, I just watched the highlights for the game and i am in disbelief how the game was played.

This is so devastating!!! Tomorrow i REALLY need Greece and Argentina to do their thing!!!!


I am so upset.

Just like that. I made a 400 fucking dollars mistake.

I am NEVER going back to my orthodontist.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fifa: Brazil vs.North Korea DPR

Okay this was THE match that i think shocked everyone. Even though North Korea lost, i felt like they lost with dignity and had redeeming qualities in aspects. Before the game, I was CERTAIN that Brazil was going to eat the Koreans for breakfast and then use their bones as toothpicks!!! I txting Tall J and the cousin and telling them how the koreans must be SOOO scared at the beginning of the game. To me, it was like playing with lions lol hungry, hungry lions. The game was very exciting, i was completely impressed with their defense and overall I thought they did amazing. Apparently according to my dad, when Brazil played China- they were massacred 6-0. Um yeah. How embarrassing lol so good for you DPR!!! Kudos to the asian countries for actually having a backbone this time around!!!

But im still glad Brazil won because it ups my picks in the pool. TEEHHEHEHE

Anyways. Mad picture spam of my (and Tall J's) fifa love, Kaka #10!!!!!

Look at that face.

God every time he has on screen time, i think might have jizzed my pants a little. Can you believe he's married, has a kid and plays the piano?!?!? I mean aside from being a WORLD-CLASS Football player (He plays for the Real Madrid team with C. Ronaldo). He's all that too!!!? That's unheard of. There is NO SUCH MAN lol!!!

& For the record. Most of the men who plays football is better looking when they are Stressed and Sweaty and on the field. HEHEHE.

Day 5 tomorrow!!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 2 & 3 : Fifa

Yeahhh my last post was a bit depressing (to those that understood) but i think i was in one of those "moment" thingys. I felt better when i woke up from a long and what seemed like a dream-less sleep but i'm sure my subconscious is still working overtime.


Its day 3 into the wonderful world of FOOTBALL (A and I decided that we're going to use the term Football instead of soccer now because it sounds less amateur-ish) and the status on my pool picks?


Argh. First off. Who the hell would predict that Korea was going to blast through the game with two damn goals over Greece. I can't believe how shitty Greece was playing, the old guys need to get off the field if they're going to be playing like that. I didn't wake up in time to watch the entire game but im glad i didn't because i would have been pissed off as hell for the entire morning. Argentina brought one home which was a little sparkle of hope for me until the England game. Wow. I don't even know where to start with my DISAPPOINTED thoughts. I swear i went from going FUCK YES to FUCK NO (when US "scored") in a snap (even though it was really a good 36 minutes inbetween). That said though, i'm still 110% England and their keeper (mmmm he is yummy). MAKE ME PROUD ENGLAND!!!!!

Today, results again were not so ideal except for the wonderful game that Germany played against the Aussies. For this game, i thought it would be fun to come out to watch on a bigger screen so headed to our new favorite bar with the cousin and ram. The game was freaking disgusting though. Four goals? That's insaneeeee. I found myself thinking what a strong team Germany was and kind of wished i switched my picks after seeing them play today. They got the tactics, strategy and skill down coldddddddd. I was very, VERY impressed. While the Aussies were just playing with brute force. Not impressed. Like what A said, it was plain pitiful to watch. But hey it just means a potential point for meeeeeeee!

I stole that pic from A. But that's Yoann Gourcuff (of France) and he is deeeelicioussssssss. Gah. I hope France makes it to Semi finals so this fine face gets more screen time.

I think when round 2, Quarter finals and semi-finals roll around. We're going to start hitting the bars dt where all the people go for certain nations. I absolutely cannot wait for that.

So at the end of this world cup business. I foresee myself:
  • Being poor from all the texting i am doing. Tall J and I are constantly txting each other back and forth on the progress of each game and all the hot men involved (what we do best). Same goes with the cousin when she's at work or not with me. So far though, most of my texts consists of ARGHHH.NOO.FAKK. FML. Not too positive lol.
  • && I'm going to be fat from drinking and eating at the bar.
  • Oh and being poor from spending money at the bar.
But its COMPLETELY worth it because its FOOOTBALLLLL.

The games continue tomorrow!
我發覺我今本玩不到. 每場牌是很不順利.
事實是,一直我的“好運”和"感覺"對我所有的牌....是因你以起...是因為你一直是我身邊給我信心. 不是什麼"運氣"或者任何東西..一直是你.



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 1 of World Cup

Currently, im sitting in bed (K's bed to be percise GIGGLEs) and about to sleep but wanted to share my thoughts on DAY 1 of the World Cup. SOOOO. Status report on my pool odds:


Why?!? Because my money was on FRANCE to be my pick 1 from Group A and they go and freaking TIE with Uruguay!!! Seriously. I thought France was a sure win (a GUARANTEED 1 POINT for me) but now i have to be on my ends, HOPING they kill Mexico AND South Africa...even though it completely conflicts with my 2nd pick in Group A..being South Africa!! ARGH. I was COUNTING on France's win so they wouldn't NEED to beat South Africa to move on.

And what's with South Africa (RSA) having such bad defense!!!!! Dear gawd i just wanted them to freaking strike!!!! I really hope i got my money on the right team!! I chose them over Mexico!!!

Overall though. It was a good opening. Totally got me in the mood. A and I were madly pinning each other during the France game. Its gonna be like this for the next 2 weeks dear!!! 

Anyways. Nights out. Long day tmr.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Fifa 2010

Okay so everybody knows how i am totally into the World Cup. I'm such a bandwagon hoe and totally jumped on just because everybody did a couple years ago. But i am SO serious about following the games this year. Mainly because i have money riding on the games so it would be kind of nice to know whats going on haha.

Click to enlarge.

The guys are running a pool and i don't really know what my odds are and how the rules really work (i actually should get a lil more info from J who's running it haha) but all i heard from the cousin was "Soccer" "Pool" "Money" = SCHWEEEETTTT. OKAY IM IN FROM ME!!!!!!

As you click on the above image, you can see that my final pick came down to Brazil. I was completelyyyy torn between Spain and Brazil and i actually changed it three times (in pencil) from initially Spain to Brazil...back to Spain...then Brazil and then back again and just SETTLED for Brazil because i would kick myself in the ass if they won.....but i think i would kick myself even harder if Span did (they won the lastest Eurocup for anyone that cares).  That said though, i think the underdogs are Argentina and Germany and can totally spook everyone....maybe even the US too...i read some stuff on them. Sadly my beloved England is not going to make the cut so i'm going to try to wear my (ENG) shirt every chance i get haha.

Saturday, first ENG match vs USA. wahaha

Let the games beginnnnnnnnn and win me some good drinking money!!!!!!! =D

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pic Spam

SUCH a random night. So cheap toooooo.

Let's do it again for FIFA 2010!!!!!!!!!!


i had one of those dreams. Where everything in the dream...was normal again. I mean there were no changes, nothing out of the ordinary, it was all the same like nothing happened.

It was a complete nightmare.

Because i know that it won't happen again....i felt that "complete" feeling again...and that for me, hurts a lot.

I woke up feeling like i was back at zero.

I don't need to decode any of this. Its just that part of me that i've so successfully suppressed- missing the past.

Argh. This is what lots of alcohol on a weeknight does to you.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Harry Potter

New Harry Potter (Movie #7) teaser trailer out. Effing Crazy!!
I need to re-read the book again. For the twentieth time.

My childhood is slowly coming to an end as Harry Potter (movie form) is ending soon too!!! =[


COPIED. COPIED.COPIED. I am SO doing this.

Confession: " I'm one of those girls that flirt their way into getting free things at Starbucks. "

I know. i am SUCH a cheap hoebag. haha the REAL experts are the ones that don't need to flirt and STILL get free things. SIGHSSSSS. haha

Spoke too soon

i will never, EVER escape the rat. i swear.

[[ Starbucks drink ]] Tall, No Foam, No Whip, Extra Sweet Cinnamon Dolce Latte.


Just submitted my Employment Insurance application.

Please pray i get approved and receive decent "benefits" :((((

Making myself egg benedicts tomorrow because i'm too cheap to go to Milestones. And not desperate enough to go by myself. Only bEcause evrybody i know works full-time and can't have breakfast with me!!!! hahah

Random side note away from delicious eggs.

I attended my first "low intensity" Muaythai/Kickboxing class with the cousin. For a "low intensity" class tonight, it was pretty intense- which i loved. Kettlebell for half an hour tomorrow but i think im going to be pwned by that again like on Monday.

Overall I'm loving it! I feel so much power when i wrap my hands with those boxer hand wraps. GIGGLE GIGGLE.

Lets aim for that toned body for the August "Camping" Trip that is growing by the second!!!

But back to the original post. Please please please pray for meeee. LET THERE BE BENEFITS!!! SOBSX

Monday, June 7, 2010

On Repeat.

Within Temptation – “All I Need”
The Elena and Damon dance scene ep.19.
Can you say CRAZY INTENSE EYE SEX. ahah I love this part.
It was by far the most romantic scene in the entire season.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

i wanna nappp badly but i have soo much to do. Blogging is actually one of my to dos so i thought l'll get it out of the way before i fall asleep at the keyboard.

As i mentioned in my last entry, there's lots of ummm i suppose "exciting" stuff going on. Lots of changes and things I am doing to keep myself busy.

First off yesterday, bright and early K came to get me so we can go meet S for her Florist consultation and then wedding dress hunting.

I like this pic of us

It was my first time going to any type of wedding-related appointments so for me being the obsessively weird- was completely ecstatic. I had a really good time and look forward to the weekend when she makes her final decision on the dress and cupcake testing. In the...7 hours (was it?) it was crazy how much i learned about what was involved in planning a wedding. I mean I knew that the amount of work and time that needs to be put into a wedding is outrageous but there was so much more to it. Mainly it was more like "industry" fyi-s that i picked it which was pretty awesome for what I am currently doing and deciding whether to pursue.

During the florist consultation, I was sitting there listening to S discuss what she wanted with the florist and as I sat watching the florist go through the details and her list of questions, i found myself completely submerged into the subject of weddings and inspired by the passion the florist women has for doing what she loves. This was also the same feeling I had when I was explaining how the "Invitation Design" process works for another girl.

I have always loved the subject of Weddings. I try not to bring that up to too many people (especially the male ones) because it scares potential mates (from experience). I think people can tell that I have a passion for this subject. Whether its for my own (even though whether if i am goinna get married is questionable and fuzzy at the moment lol) or others- I love everything about it including the mechanics and logistics involved in putting it all together. That said with no job lined up, lots of free time, two Wedding Invite jobs and a Wedding PLANNING job that I believe I am going to commit myself to....I think I am going to try and explore the Wedding Planning/Event Planning and Wedding Invitation route. Esthetically I believe I have the eye for pretty things, I have the interpersonal skills to work with people (im too nice and a big sap. brides love that), and i think i'm pretty organized and methodical to execute things...seeing im pretty anal when it comes to details and scheduling.

SOOOOOOO if i became a wedding planner/wedding invite designer- would you people refer me? lol

I have a zillion things to do for this. Aside from quoting these brides to-be, i have to get a site up so i can grab two more potential brides-to-be's attention. Then l'll be set for the summer until the fall. I'm praying to god that my application for E.I. will be approved because first, I need money. From now on i must be extremely conservative with my spendings. [ Went shopping yesterday. Terrible of me. ] because im still paying bills. Second if i do get approved, I'm going to save up to enroll in a winter course for Event Planning/Wedding Planning of some sort. I mean if I am going to be serious about it, i should put a little investment into getting certified and doing it the professional way. Basically E.I will be used for the following:

  • More schooling (fak)
  • Bills (Cell, Dad, Insurance, Gym)
  • Savings
  • Laser Printer/21"+ Monitor/New Laptop/Business-Related Equipment
  • Whatever that is left is for the spending =[
On that note, i've also taken up a side creative project with Junior. (Yeah MORE things to do). Mostly I am doing this for him as a favor because he's like a little brother to me but also for the exposure and portfolio building experience that is involved. Won't get into details but those who knows should know that he's busy over his head and im proud that he's accomplished so much to date.

Anyways random thoughts:

  • I'm getting pudgy again.
    The cousin has been on intense, hardcore Beast Mode for the past 2 weeks and i think it is time for me to rejoin her. I've been out of it for about 3 months now and i don't think my metabolism is holding up anymore. She's such a great source of motivation and so extremely informative (lol). We also have the same mentality on why we want to change our "lifestyle" and that's always good to have someone that is on the same mind set as you. At the very least she would understand what i am going through. That said, this week begins Kickboxing- two times a week. And its going to be the actual Muay Thai, wrapping your fingers and knuckles stuff. I don't believe its going to be anything like Body Combat. I wonder if my nails will get ruined in the process....haha. Less eating of course, Moderate eating on junk (as always....i don't believe in cutting stuff out. that's just lying to yourself) and start on my cup of oatmeal breakfasts again.
    - I think my goal is to trim to waist area by August (for CAMP MODE!!) and to be...possibly 1.5-2 sizes smaller by November. I'll consider that a birthday gift for myself lol Though im skeptical on that b/c im currently munching on fried yam cakes my mom made.
  • Watched Splice last night
    That was the most fucked up movie i've EVER watched. Aside from the fact its my third weekend in a row that i've been supporting the Cinema Industry (argh)....i can't believe what happens in the movie. I don't even care if i spoil it for anyone but basically it involves a far too long scene of Hybrid Sex (erm like...Humans and Hybrid) and Hybrid RAPE (Hybrid on Human). Dot dot dot. Yeah. DISTURBED?!? I still am.
  • Vampire Diaries Update
    To those that care haha I am on episode 18. I am four away from finishing Season 1 and have I mentioned....that I am completely, irresistibly in love with Damon Salvatore? Yeah. I want to box him, take him home and do things to him. mmmmmmmmm haha.
  • Must make a trip downtown (sometime this week) to see J (for freebies) and J (for tablet).
  • On Repeat: Lihium-Evanescence && Hey Daddy-Usher,
  • World Cup, FIFA 2010
    I don't know if its the men, the sport (that i actually enjoyed playing when i was YOUNGER haaa), the excitement or all of the above- but i am freaking excited. Gotta make plans with Tall J to go watch it at a bar. We're really hoping for a ENG vs PORTUGAL game again. This time around she won't be half way around the world lol && we can excitedly watch it together over lots of alcohol. I'm also a huge England fan (like every other ASIAN). I remember that particular game 4 yrs ago (ENG vs PORTUGAL) i cried at the end of the game when they lost and couldn't make it to semi-finals. It's pretty sad but i am very loyal to them. haha

    I was/am absolutely in LOVE with Michael Owen (age 30 haha). I remember my obsession with the guy during FIFA 2006 and during one of the games (could have also been the Portugal/Eng game) 51 seconds into the game he gets taken out and i distinctively remember EVERYBODY on msn, messaging me telling me he's down. haha sighs. Its such a shame that him along with Beckham is not playing in the tournament this year. Here's a good article about their absence. Link

    Sighs England doesn't stand a chance.

    Ok one more time. I can't get enough of his face.

    GAH. <3!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHEHEH
Damn i did well today (with the blogging).
Okkay. Time to do work and load CUBA PICS.!!!!!~

Friday, June 4, 2010


(via Source)

This is going to be oneeeeeeeee interesting weekend.
I'll be back to explain on Sunday! Lots of things happening.
So busy with so many things going on and its only the beginning.
Changes, changes, changes.

1. A new Twilight spin-off book is coming out tomorrow. HEHEHE
2. FIVE DAYS until Fifa 2010!!!!!!! (I have to go get my ENGLAND tee. teehehehhe)
3. 9 more episodes until i finish Vampire Diaries

Good Nights~

Thursday, June 3, 2010


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This actually made my heart hurt a little when i saw it lol!!!!!
Why are people SOOO cruel!!!!!

Chapter Closed

As i blog this, i am uploading the last of what needs to be completed for the rat. Then i am going to place everything on my external hard drive in a far dark folder somewhere that i won't ever have to see again. Put all existing file folders pertaining to this job away in my closet. I'm just waiting on my ROE and my 2nd paycheque && that will be the end of my first post-graduate job, a chapter close. A new one to begin.

It's interesting how i was kind of like one of the first one to get a graduate job yet i'm the first one to calls it quits and am back to zero.

On the subject on back to zero.

As many of you may have guessed/noticed. The mister and i are in fact no longer together. It still hurts as I type that but it only makes it the more true. I contemplated whether I should blog about this but knowing me I have to get it out somehow. He knows very well how i feel about us. But we both are at a point in our lives where it would be best for us to concentrate on what we need to do. Its actually quite complex and way too long to explain. Also, i choose to not explain it because its really none of anybody's business but ours. There are simply some things that others would never understand because nobody understands him as much as i do and me explaining it would just sound lame and stupid. I don't expect anyone to understand what happened and to me all it matters is we both have a mutual understanding of why we have come to this point.

There has never been a break up where I have bounced back this quickly. It's not because i love him less than anyone else. On contrary its because i love him the most and I know that it would upset him very much if he knew I was not doing anything worthwhile. Him, better than anyone else understands how precious time is and I know if he knew I was wasting it, it would be a waste of his efforts and his intentions. I only hope that as I continue to live my life that he will always remember that he's given me so many amazing memories to live on with and that i will always be his best friend- the one that understands the most and the one that will always be there to listen and be there to support him.

I am a firm believer in what is yours, will always come back to you when the time is right. There's no telling what will happen in the future. I leave this on that note.

I know that A LOT of people (particularly GCM-ers) have kind of turned a blind eye or remained quiet in regards to this matter. I thank you all for respecting us and I appreciate it lots. I'm sure so does he. Please don't act...weird around us when we do come out for events. Just because we're not together doesn't mean we aren't the goofy people we use to be. Another comment I want to sneak in here is a word of advice for people- to appreciate and value what they currently have. Nothing is ever certain. In a blink of an eye, that hand that you always thought would be there to hold you and help you can disappear just like that. Its really unbelievable.

The pain never actually goes away. Little things still upsets me but it all has just become numb. But i'm okay. At the moment anyways.

That's that. Thought i would get that off my chest in one go. I might even have disclosed a little too much but hey...that's me and my blogging tendencies.

It's just unfortunate that it took all this for me to close this "Rat" chapter of my life.

And here i was thinking the next few chapters of my life would be less emotional lol
i just NEVER get a damn break now do i?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Meaning

To dream that you are hunting, shooting at, or killing game, refers to the game of life. It also represents your ability to keep your animalistic nature in check and in control.

To dream that you are in a gymnasium, indicates that you need to apply what you learned and incorporate what you already know into your daily life. Alternatively, the gym may be telling you that you need to get more exercise
- LOL to the last part

To dream that you are topless, signifies your way of showing and exhibiting love. You may be inviting love toward your direction.

To dream that you are in a library, signifies your search for knowledge and your hunger for ideas. You may be trying to seek out new meanings to life or you need to study and evaluate your situation before taking action


我知道夢境不是占卜, 不是命定論
不能回答我將來會怎麼樣, 因為將來最終的結果
We are free to choose our destiny.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shupid MTVs

Watched such a SADDD mando MTV just now and cried like a baby.
I hate watching things that relate to my life. I don't know why i torture myself like that.

Meeh. =[

Going to continue with design work.


Back in the Game


I'll get a better idea after this weekend.


tweeet tweeet