The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 day -you- challenge

Bad picture. But the best ur gonna get lol

That's the end of THISSSS challenge! A new one to come!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another 10 Day Challenge!

In my other post the other day i mentioned that i needed to hunt for a new challenge to do. Karlaantonette answered my prayers and suggested this one! (Thnx u mah dear- i do love your commenting very much. As should ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO COME BY SHOULD DO TOO. UGH UHGH UGHHHH) So here it is, another 10 day challenge (ignore the tumblr part. im too lazy to edit it). I think after this one i am going to start up a 30 day one again because a, my contract is ending therefore more time on my hand, b, the blogging mode is starting to come back a bit now. Like anything else, blogging requires you to do it consistently (practice) for it to be easy. I'm hoping after two, 10 day challenges, it should be easier. Of course it depends on the topics too, some are just a drag to rant about. Anyways, i digress. On to the challenge and the actual read!

Day 1- Ten things you want to say to 10 different people right now.

Person 1- I wonder why we stopped talking? I mean we were such great friends and then one day it was like it meant nothing to you? Its a shame. I miss you lots dude.
Person 2- Stop being naive and lying to yourself. He's not coming back.
Person 3- You make me so angry sometimes. You don't fucking know how lucky you are.
Person 4- So um, why did you never gave us a 2nd chance? Not that i want it, but it was always a big what-if eh?
Person 5- You are such an immature pathetic little boy. Excuse me while i fucking punch your lights out.
Person 6- Its unfortunate we met under such bad circumstances.Otherwise i think things would be....a lot different. At least the way i act towards you anyways. I wouldn't be so protective of myself.
Person 7- You're not better than me, dream fucking on.
Person 8- Oh mister gooner, whyyyy is god so cruel. lolol
Person 9- You make me sick you douchebag.
Person 10- I'm not giving up

For obvious, obvious reasons - i cannot use names or initals because it will stir up drama and shit fo shureeee. Especially given half of the stuff i want to say to people aren't exactly..........nice. haha 

I doubt any of you can figure out who's who anyways. Except maybe K. or C.

10 day -you- challenge ; Songs


  1. Prayer - Endless Love OST

    I really thought i would get over this song in a couple of years because i thought it was one of those songs where i would like it for a predetermined (but unknown) time and then i would totally forget about it. Interestingly enough its still that "it" song of mine since i heard it first in grade 10. It's one of the theme songs from a Korean drama call "Endless Love" or "Autumn Love" call "Prayer". So for the past 10 years, i've been telling anyone that would care (or not care but will listen politely to me) that i want my future husband's gift to me, to be able to play the first 1 minute and 45 seconds of this song on the piano for me during our wedding. I mean it's not really that bad considering the song is almost five minutes long (actual song, not the piano version in the Youtube Vid), i just want 33.3% of the song played. With that said, I do NOT want to tell him that I want this but rather I am hoping he would find out on his own by either stalking all blog entries i've ever wrote or ask my friends what i want (hence why i am trying to tell as many people as i can heh heh clever eh). Interestingly enough, when I got a Korean friend of mine to translate this song (that i want played for me at my wedding), i was told that it's actually a very tragic and sad song about death and it's not very good for a wedding. ..............Bleh. Knowing me, i would choose the only song on the face of this earth that is bad luck for a wedding. Nonetheless, I still want this played since i only want the melodic version, it won't be so bad because not the actual words will be serenaded to moi.  Take notes future husband.

  2. Por Una Cabeza - Carlos Gardel

    I think strings music is beautiful. I would choose it over a band orchestra any day. I might even choose the violin/viola over the piano which is saying a lot because i love anything that is played on the piano. The violinist in this vid is so brilliant and so perfect. This song just means a lot to me. That's all.


I just realized i gotta find another challenge QUICKLY because this one is coming to an end tomorrow is going to be dry and boring around here again!!!! bah.

On a hunt.

Apparently there's a Megan Fox, topless thing that's circulating around (and taking over) twitter. I can see that her boobs are very important.

I wanna see these very important boobs. I suspect theyre deformed. Like her thumbs.

Just saying. No hate here! lol

Monday, March 28, 2011

10 day -you- challenge ; Films

  1. 500 Days of Summer
    I loved every single thing about this movie. I even brought it on DVD......and for all your information i don't believe in buying DVDs when i can download them so that is saying A LOT. My 2nd actual legit DVD haha. I think what i truly loved about this movie is the realistic vs. expectations element they always play on. The movie highlighted and touched upon a lot of real relationships problems where no other "mainstream" romance comedy would bring up. One being feelings can change at any moment. There's no promise, no guarantee because nothing is constant except change, feelings included. In short, no fairytale endings bitches! It's sweet, playful, romantic and uberly tragic. Which is pretty much everything i love about a movie. Also Joseph Gordon Levitt is like my dream guy.

    Turdy, hot and romantic. Yums.

  2. The Notebook
    From my last entry, i'm sure people have gotten the hint that i really dislike it when books are turned into a motion picture. Mainly because they always manage to fuk it up pretty badly. ESPECIALLY with Nicholas Sparks books. He has about i think 13 books or something. I've read about 6 of them which is a little less than half but nonetheless still a lot. That said i've also watched all the movies that are based on his books and they were alllll shit (especially A Walk to Remember. I am sorry to all those who are fans of the movie but the book made me bawl from like chapter 10 and on (there's like 20 chapters in the book) whereas i swear i just teared at the last ten.) That's until i watched the Notebook. My god is it accurate and for once, the movie was so much more sad than the book (which is VERY impressive for my standards). An absolute tear-jerker. I recommend it to all guys that want to impress a girl and still be able to enjoy it. I love the actor and actress, plot, the idea that even with time, distance and other people that enters your life, that one love you share with another person won't fade away. So optimistic and naive of me but if noah and allie can do it- EVERYONE has hopeeeeeee. Sorta. Unless you're me. Then you have no hope.
  3. Pearl Harbor/UP/Sex and the City (1)
    For my third favorite movie, its a tie between Pearl Harbor, Disney & Pixar's UP and the first Sex and the City movie.
    • Pearl Harbor because i have always been interested in the events that took place prior and after the bombing of the harbor. It was just beautiful how they were able to incorporate a storyline with the history (very well done actually, according to my limited yet i would say good understanding of the pearl harbor attack). Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett is just an extra bonus treat for me. I also gotta add that i was completely smitten by the idea of a romantic plane ride with my future hunk towards the sunset, and preferably a proposal occurring afterwards. Since the only pilot i do know is J and i am definitely not marrying J (bahahha) so that one is crossed off my list. haha
    • Every single person whom i've talked to and has watched the movie UP, absolutely adored it. GUYS included!!!!! I think it was just a cute movie that everyone enjoyed because everyone is a big kid at heart. I've also never cried so much for a cartoon, so it gets credit for that lol
    • Lastly, the first Sex and the City movie. I thought it was absolutely amazing (as oppose to the 2nd movie). I loved it so much i even went to see it two more times after watching the midnight release (and i had work the next day!). For me personally, the idea of Big and Carrie finally being together is like a dream come true for any girl who is unable to be with the person whom is not necessarily the best for you, but you need to be with them because they're like a drug. Don't get me wrong though- i'm a Big and Carrie oppose to EVERYONE i know who is an Aiden and Carrier shipper. lol It can also be because i am a devotee to the Sex and the City cult, the movie had that much more of an effect on me.

r u guys as impressed as i am that i am actually caught up with this challenge? heh.

im a dorkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Noticed those girls inching away from her.
Thats how i feel when i start talking nerd (harry potter, vampires, comics, sci-fi) and soccer with my girlfriends. hahah


Cream Filled Willies - truly an after dinner delight
Buy em [ here ] for only $10.80! haha!

The shit i find eh.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

10 day -you- challenge ; Books

  1. Harry Potter
    (In the following order from most loved to least love: Book 3, Book 7, Book 6, Book 1, Book 2, Book 4, Book 5)

    Everyone knows what a hugeee Harry Potter fan. Just to make it clear though, I am a BOOK fan, not really a movie fan. I watch the movie for the pure sake that i am a book fan and i ought to contribute to the movies because it is based on the book - even if it sucks bulls balls. Anyhoo. Hands down, favorite book(s) no doubt in my mind is Harry Potter. It seriously changed my life (made me into the geek i am) and pretty much following it from the start has been phenomenon. I can tell you people now that its a whole lot more than just people in capes, pointing sticks at each other, mumbling some sort of pig latin while maneuvering themselves on a broomstick and banding together to kill a man that has severe facial disfiguration. Its a LOTTT more than just that. But this is not the place and entry to re-explain it as i have tried to many times. Ugh. Muggles.
  2. Twilight
    (In the following order from most loved to least love: Book 1, Book 4, Book 3, Book 2)

    Ok don't start judging just yet. First off, just like Harry Potter - i am a book fan, NOT a movie fan. The movies are rubbish and does not even capture the essence of the book. I don't support the movies, i support the books. I actually hate the movies but i watch it because R.Patz is eye candy delight. I think for me personally, what really sold me was the idea that an ordinary girl (plain jane i guess) is able to have her fairytale ending with a super hot, ideal guy. Who doesn't love a good fairytale story? Especially a romantic schmuck like me. Anyways, another book (series) that changed my life.
  3. Twisted, by Jeffery Deaver
    In terms of an actual novel (or collection of short, twisted, oh-my-gee-covers-mouth shocking stories) its gotta be this one. There is nothing else (aside from HP and Twilight) that comes before this book. Great read if you are into shocking, "twisted", thrillers.
  4. The Other Daughter, Lisa Gardner
    I believe this was my first "adult" (not SEXUAL adult, but from the non-teenage section at the library haha) mystery novel that i read. I really don't remember what its about but i do remember that the ending was shockingggg. My mind might change if i read it again but for sure, first novel for me. Gotta mean something.
I'd also like to add that i am not one of those girls that only read fantasy, magical, fun stuff. i do read a lot of different kind of books AND true crime ( but it just all happens that the ones that had an impact on my life happens to be the two series that has the most controversy. Just because i believe in magic and vampires are cool doesn't mean a total nutcase. You people can still take me seriously!


10 day -you- challenge ; Food

I will interpret "5 foods" top five food i love. I mean i can be real pessimistic and do 5 foods i hate but that wouldn't be very fun to blog about. Even thoughhhhh....i do tend to be a bit more passionate (angry) when it comes to subjects i have a negative connotation associated with it. Nah, favorites it is. Easier. lol
  1. Chicken Wings or Fried Chicken
    i can eat SO many chicken wings, its very disgusting. Same goes with fried chicken. if i can eat fried chicken (w/ mash and gravy) every single day without gaining weight or having a stroke, i totally would.
  2. Egg Benedict
    I LURVE egg bennys. Actually, more or so specifically....i love the HOLLANDAISE SAUCE. hahah i can SO eat that with anything. I would put it on my potatoes, in my sandwiches, on my apple slices if i can yo. But i can't because l'll be judged. Yes, even by my best friends and own family. Terrible. lol
  3. Potatoes
    This would probably be my all time favorite food in the world. I can live on potatoes for the rest of my life and l'll be content because of the many varieties of dishes it can produce. Who doesn't love potatoes?!?!?
  4. Oyster or Mussels
    i can eat so much of either one to a point where people either tell me to stop because i am scaring the people around/next to us or until i am sick of it. Oysters can't be raw though. The last time i put raw oysters in my mouth, i thought i was going to die.
    As mentioned in one of my previous entries- this dish is made up of three main components and of course, all three happen to be my most favorite food in the world. Cheese, fries and gravy --an absolute god's gift. The dude that invented this should win the Nobel prize award. Him and the dude that invented the hair straighter and the Air Con. Geniuses, i tell ya.

Saturday, March 26, 2011



This is Hideaki Akaiwa. When the Tsunami hit his home town of Ishinomaki, Hideaki was at work. Realising his wife was trapped in their home, he ignored the advice of professionals, who told him to wait for the army to arrive to provide search and rescue.

Instead he found some scuba gear, jumped in the raging torrent - dodging cars, houses and other debris being dragged around by the powerful current, any of which could have killed him instantly - and navigated the now submerged streets in pitch dark, freezing water until he found his house. Swimming inside, he discovered his wife alive on the upper level with only a small amount of breathing room, and sharing his respirator, pulled her out to safety.

If he had waited for the army, his wife of 20 years would be dead.

Oh, and if that’s not enough badassery for one lifetime, Hideaki realised his mother was also unaccounted for, so jumped back in the water and managed to save her life also. Since then Hideaki enters the water everyday on a one man search and rescue mission, saving countless lives and proving that two natural disasters in a single day - and insurmountable odds - can’t stand in the way of love.

-- SOLIDER!!! This man should be Japan's hero.


Worst Person Ever of the Day: Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network)

6-year-old Enzo, who was diagnosed with life-threatening Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the tender age of three, wanted nothing more than to spend an hour or two of the few he might have left cooking with his idol, Ina Garten the Barefoot Contessa. (Bed-ridden Enzo often watches the celebrity chef’s Food Network show with his mom by his side.)

But when the Make-A-Wish Foundation approached Garten to help make Enzo’s dream come true, she turned them down — twice. According to TMZ, a book tour got in the way last year; this year, she simply responded with “a definite no,” blaming “scheduling conflicts.”

Enzo was reportedly heartbroken by Garten’s inexplicable rejection, asking his parents “why doesn’t she want to meet me?” But M-A-W took the incident mostly in stride, issuing a statement saying that “[f]rom time to time, planning for wishes doesn’t turn out as originally envisioned, despite people’s best intentions and efforts throughout the wish-granting process.”

Meanwhile, Enzo has moved on to a new dream: Swimming with dolphins.

-- what a heartless bitachhhhhhhh.


Japanese engineering is no joke. They get their shiet done.
Toronto roadside crew should take a lesson or two from these guys.

10 day -you- challenge ; Places

Going to name SPECIFIC places.

  1. I want to go to London, to the Emirates Stadium
    To watch Arsenal play and meet their green dinosaur mascot, Gunnersaurus Rex.

  2. I wanna go to Disney world
    Who wouldn't want to go the happiest place on earth? lol Never been but WILL go one day.

  3. I want to go to Seattle, to the first Starbucks that opened in history.
    For obvious reasons. lol I can't be called an addict if i've never even been to its birthplace.

  4. I want to go Italy, to see the Trevi fountain.
    Call me stupid but I believe in magic and under the influence of many, many romance comedy and romantic movies - i totally think things can happen here.

  5. I want to go to this bookstore, El Ateneo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    One of the grandest, most majestic book store in the world. It was a theatre turned into a bookstore. What I would spend a day in this place. To read and to blog. I am left speechless thinking about that.

  6. I want to go to HogwartsThe one in Orlando. Apparently its spectacular and breathtaking. Being the huge Harry Potter fan, i must go and see for myself.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I swear i laughed for hours.

10 day -you- challenge ; Wants

  1. I want to travel.
    Oh there is just so many places i would like to see. I'm not going to spend too long on this one because the tomorrow's entry is going to be on "the 6 places i want to go", so that would be the elaborated entry for this "want". 
  2. I want 500 followers on twitter.
    Not happening but a girl can always dream lol
  3. I want a flatscreen tv hooked up in my room, complete with the sports channel.
    Obviously, this is for high definition soccer viewing on Saturday mornings in my bed. Giggles giggles.
  4. I want a fairytale ending.
    I believe in it, i want it, don't know if I'll get it, we shall see. 
  5. I want a full time job at my dream company- MacLaren McCann.
    Preferably with the perfect benefits package.
  6. I want to be a size 6.
    Pants/shorts/skirts, im a size 10 (groans), shirts im a size 6, dress im a size 4-8. Go figure? It would just be perfect if overall i'm a 6. Makes life so much simplier.
  7. I wants………………..hunter boots, new blackberry, ipad, ipod, imac, nail polish, everything at H&M, heels, life-time premium megaupload/fileshare/rapidshare membership, aaron ramsey, oxford shoes, black rimmed frames, meet a turdy green dinosaur, everything at Urban Outfitters, unlimited bandwidth, a zillion books, many soccer jerseys, new shelves/boxes/baskets for my room, color laser printer, fernando torres, many vintage hobo bags, everything at Zara, more make-up, to watch actual EPL soccer matches, laptop bag, pretty long gossip-girl-like hair, etc.

Not really in the mood to blog tonight but did it anyways because i want to complete the challenge!

Tomorrow are the EuroCup Qualifiers- leaving work early to meet up w/ A at an undetermined bar to watch her team les bleus (France) and my team, la roja (Spain) play (not against each other). And then an eventful weekend.

I think i need a rant session.



I strongly suggest that. Its a Radiation Dose Chart. (BE SURE TO ZOOOOOOOM)
Quite interesting.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

10 day -you- challenge ; Fears

In no particular order:

  1. Driving
    I don’t care what anyone says, I am terrified of driving. Mainly im afraid of damaging the car. Since my family aren't in the greatest financial shape, we really can't afford having me eff up the only car in the fam. There was an incident where my brother kept on yelling at me (how bad I was driving, etc. etc) and by the end of it - I felt like a moron, and completely incompetent when it came to operating a vechicle. From that day on I have not driven. You'd think I am being extremly silly for letting my kid brother get to me but if someone barked at how terrible you are for a good 20 minutes non-stop at an activity that you don't even have that much confidence in, in the first place…..can be excuriating and damaging to your confidence level and only fuels your fear. On top of that, it really doesn't help when half of the people you know have zero confidence that you can do it. It's like, seriously guys? Thanks for making me feel more incompetent. Just saying.
  2. Vegetables
    Closest friends and people who eats with me would know this but, i have a psychological fear of vegetables. Meaning, I have not ate a piece of green since the age of 4 when I started kindergarden. It pretty much consists of everything aside from corn, potatoes, yams, string beans, mushrooms and the more recently- asparagus, zucchini and spinach. Everything else is out of the question. My mind has this natural reflex that tells my body to "reject" vegetables by making me want to gag, throw-up, eyes tear-up and i get nauseous sometimes. It's.....quite weird. According to my mother though, I ate vegetables when i was young but one day after i came home from school i just decided to not eat greens. I wonder what happened? Clearly its suppressed. Ah well. I'm an odd one. Which leads to my next fear......... 
  3. Unable to have kids because of my veggie-defect
    Obviously I know that vegetables is a necessity in human diet. (And for who is curious- my daily #2's are great, thank you very much). That said its even MORE important if i want kids. This was something that I didn't take into consideration until Twin brought it up with me and just like that, i fear for my unconceived (lol), future child. The thought is actually very frightening because everyone knows how much I love kids and babies and if I am not able to have one.......yeah. Fearful. But let's not jump the gun - my next fear of......... 
  4. Not getting hitched
    Yo, what if i never find myself someone? I'm doomed to be a veggie-deprived Starbuck loiterer. You know the ones that sit at Starbucks but they appear to be doing nothing? Except in my case l'll be the lil old asian lady that JUST HOPES, the love of her life will stroll in the door to order that same tall, 2 pump toffee nut, 2 pump white mocha bold she has in her wrinkly litte hands!!!! On a more serious note, sometimes i feel like I'm just not FIT to be with someone. I expect too much, i give too much, im the biggest whiner on the face of this earth and i can be so difficult. God i wouldn't date myself. Oh and to add on to that- i now have unrealistic expectations in person due to my new found love for soccer players. If you don't look like Aaron Ramsey, i don't want you.................. See what i mean? There goes my fairytale! It Starbucks. Actually i shouldn't say it ends because it has never started! Seriously, i'm not joking.
  5. Brother's path being difficult
    My biggest worry for pretty much my entire life to this point, is my kid brother. Honest to god, i love that kid so much but fuck, does he piss me off a lot. He is probably the only person in this world i would do anything for. He's spoiled as fuck but thats both my fault and my parents fault. He's had it rough. I know he has. Sometimes (alright maybe ALL the time) I don't understand whats going through his mind. But you know what, its okay because no matter what l'll always be there for him. No matter how many times hes screwed up, how many times he betrayed my trust, how many times hes called me a psycho bitch behind my back - he's my kid brother, who i know has my back when i need him the most. It just scares me a lot, knowing that he's going to have a more rough path than others. As his older sister i feel useless not being able to help make it less difficult. (Just re-read that paragraph. Not sure if i made my point but too lazy to rewrite it haha)
  6. Not being able to be the person I want to be, achieving the goals i have set out
    So not only do i worry about my brother, but i worry about myself. There's a lot i aim to do, to be but I am constantly held back by obligations and responsibilities that doesn't allow me to take certain routes because there are things that i need to take care, people to look after. It scares me a little, i dont want to look back and have any regrets. More importantly, theres a certain reason why i want to succeed. And if i don't succeed, that reason wouldn't exist any more. And i don't want it to go away.
    i shalll elaborate on this......later. 
  7. Rodents and small animals
    Simple enough i think. Any of the following will make me run across the street, pay no attention to on-coming traffic just to get away from them. I would be good if this world has NONE of these: Rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chipmunks, squirrels, pigeons, raccoons, groundhogs and sometimes cats. I've made it clear that if anyone dares to bring one in close proximity of me, i would end our relationship. I don't give a shit who it is. I won't even forgive Cesc Fabregas (captain of Arsenal) if he throws a mouse at me. And that's saying a lot.
  8. Becoming legally blind
    Yes - my eye sight is REALLLLLY bad. When i take off my glasses and i look at someone, their face is actually just a blob of color. Lets not get me started on when i take off my glasses at NIGHT - damn everything just becomes a flashy disco (i have SEVERE astigmatism too). My left eye "prescription" is around 775 degrees (7.75?) and right eye is at 825ish degrees. Anyone at 1000 degrees would be considered legally blind thus pronounced a handicap. Aka l'll become a handicap if i ever reach there. Sure lll get perks like being able to park in handicap spots.........BUT I'LL BE BLIND. Iono people, if thats a price id pay just to walk a few steps less. Being blind isn't quite something i want to achieve that's for sure. Its actually really scary because u become that much more vulnerable. 
  9. Tripping down the stairs
    Kind of silly and l'll keep it short. But its true. When i walk down the stairs i fear l'll trip and die. Or worst, trip and get laughed at while laying helplessly at the bottom of the flight of stairs. I'd probably be in too much pain (OR CRIPPLED) to BBM for help! God the thought is scary.
  10. Teeth going back to original state
    Iono was it my impatient-ness or my ortho is not a very good orthodontist but my teeth are MADD shifting again. I got braces 2 yrs ago but after a year and maybe a couple of months, my ortho allowed the removal of them and i'm stuck w/ expensive "invisalign"-like retainers. Even WITH retainers my top row of teeth are shifting and i REALLY, REALLY don't want to have crooked teeth again. Not only because i can't afford getting braces AGAIN (fuck nuts) but just the pure fact that it would be crooked. I look at pictures and am disgusted by the way i looked before i got braces. I NEVER want to go back to looking like that thus.......scared to death. Ugh. I hate dentists. You guys robbbb me pooooor. 
Woot. done! Hopefully everything makes sense because im not going to edit/reread what i typed.

I understand, fears are meant to be faced.......but that only means time, and i know i am capable of it. Except maybe for the rodent one. THAT i refuse to face/get over. haha

Time to head out for MWDC biatches!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Had this saved away for a while. But it's the "UP" House actual real one. : )

Who says dreams dont come true! Anything is possible!!!!!!!!!!!...............if ur funded by the National Geographic folks.

10 day -you- challenge ; Loves

The four obvious:
  1. Family
    My life. Enough said.  
  2. Friends
    Girlfriends whom are like sisters, boys who makes me laugh and drunk - key people required in my life. I cannot be more thankful. 
  3. Futbol/Arsenal
    This has officially earned a #3 spot (not that this list is ranking my loves in order) because it has become that big of a part in my life. Whether its for the game, the guys, my team - anything related to it, J'TAIME! I mean if i am able to give up eating octopus and squid until 2014, it's GOTTA be love yo. 
  4. Food
    Maybe this is why i will never be able to get skinny because i don't really believe in cutting anything out. I would eat poutine every day of my life if i can. My happy level depends on my food intake. Feed me and my happy level soars!

    Bhahah didnt even notice they all start with F's. Moving on.

  5. Blackberry
    I am perhaps one of the biggest crackberrys ever. I've walked into doors, tripped over benches, honked at in parking lots, been grabbed - ALL B/C.....i'm always paying attention to my phone. The only other person i would say that comes close to being as obsessed as i am is probably annnbug. And maybe J too since he does my blueberry tri-monthly maintenance work. But i love it. It's my life. Defines who i am. 
  6. Design
    Design is so vague, broad and subjective that its hard to say what i mean by "design" being a love for me. It can be defined in so many ways but i'm not exactly sure how to articulate it so i'm going to leave it to yours imagination to figure what "design" is. Either way, its a love of mine. 
  7. Blogging
    I have blogging since Monday, January 03, 2005. That's six years that i have not abandon documenting my life because I absolutely love blogging. I love sharing my thoughts for others to read and i don't mind others knowing more about me because i really have nothing to hide. I'm probably not as funny in person though. Snickers. Its my love for blogging that drives me to take the time out of "job searching" time to type up something or share something for those who come by my blog. No doubt that blogging is a love. 
  8. Potatoes + Cheese + Gravy = Poutine
    Who doesn't know that i love poutine? Shiet i just revealed (yesterday) that i use to drink that meat juice as soup! That said the three top food categories (yes they have their own categories according to MY food pyramid) in my life all happens to be in ONE dish, God is good to me. That's gotta be love.
  9. I can't think of a skip to #10. 
  10. Fashion, manicures & pedicures, caesars, paper, shopping, post-it notes, shoes, tequila, weddings, hardcover books, typography, sad chinese/mando music, starbucks, facebook, harry potter, fairytales, smell of sharpie markers, photography, wine, scarves, myself, ribbons, make-up, megaupload, office supplies, piano or strings music, vintage anything, twitter, Pandas, mcNuggets, twilight, text messages, fat things, honey, bookstores, calligraphy, love.

Yay done! Now to jump over to my soccer blog to blog there! lol

Monday, March 21, 2011

imma boy

im totally digging these looks. i dont know why.

10 day -you- challenge ; Secrets

 Easy enough right? 10 Days. I totally can do this.

I am going to really try and go a bit deeper and see if I can reveal some things that are a bit more personal (yet not incriminating) aka more embarassing. Please, no judging at the end of reading this list.
  1. Whenever i work out, i think of the person whom i want to UP the most, or those people that walked the other way because of the way i look. Its what fuels me to work harder. ANGER. roar. 
  2. My skirt ripped at the hip part today. No lie. I felt embarrassed and fucking fat. 
  3. I've sinned. I need to cleanse them by donating lots of money Japan Earthquake funds. I'm not kidding.
  4. I almost died from drowning once. In the wave pool at the West Edmonton Mall. Two lifeguards had to jump in to save me because the currant was dragging me down (into where the fucking machine was). The fear and panic i felt is not definitely not something i want to experience again.
  5. If the white idiot and his bat mobile came back and asked me to take him back- i probably would. 
  6. I miss a lot of elements from my previous LT relationship. Having someone that would iron my dress shirts for me would be one of them. Because i cannot iron a dress shirt for the life of me, and he was so good at it. lollllllll :( 
  7. I pushed a girl out on the road once. Almost got suspended for that. 
  8. I have a folder, that has 1,510 files organized into 32 folders - of wedding-related things. 
  9. I drank gravy for lunch as a child, thinking it was soup for a good year before i learned what's gravy real initial purpose. 
  10. I don't know how to wash 60% of the vegetables we (well, you guys) eat. So don't ask me to wash vegetables okay?

Now that was fun, wasn't it? One every day, for 10 days. 


 Credit: Here
The other night's perigee Moon, seen over the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. 

That is SO amazing. Obviously i missed it. GG.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sick as a dog & a random fffound

Therefore no updates!
that said i have a day off on tuesday. i will get some blogging done on that day!

oh ya and i noticed (yes i did notice) i TOTALLY failed on my 31 day march blogging challenge. bahaha maybe l'll do a 10 day one just to see how that goes.

Random fffound:

B/c Obama is your home-fry.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Monday, March 14, 2011

Beast Mode: Spring & Summer Edition

Summer is quickly approaching and i REALLY need to buckle down and freaking get back into my beast mode regime that i started last summer that i sadly, failed to keep up as the winter months approached. I felt i could get away with wearing large shirts and black tights all season. Now the season to wear dresses and no tights is fast approaching thus the need to lose my huge middle area because face it- people judge you no matter what people say.

See. Gerard butler totally judging. lol TRUEEE SAYYYY.

Things to do and change up!

  • Gym, gym, gyM
    A no brainer. Start up with weight training again, continue w/ combat, do more cardio inbetween, attend a new class and throw in kickboxing/Muay Thai again.
  • Hot Yoga
    Cousin and i were discussing whether this actually helped or not. I was a bit on the fence but she was convinced that it did help with the toning and weight loss last summer. Perhaps its a placebo effect but im sold lol I want to start up again with the cheap classes. lol
  • Drink water and green-tea like a fish
    Okay maybe not a fish because i don't know if fishes drink the water they swim in....bahahha. But the idea is there. 
  • Eat out MAX, three times a week
    Not only am i noticing myself eating out ALOT, but it's also become expensive too. Since i am on a bit of a budget at the moment, this SHOULD help the wallet and waistline. 
  • Drink three times a week
    This is a BIT harder because i drink......almost every other night (AT MOST, NOT EVERY WEEK). The fact that i dont really mind the taste of beer anymore (ewww yucky. i converted. sorta. i knowwwwww. bleh)....doesn't really help the cause. I also drink socially for futbol, dinners, parties and for no reason at all. i'm going to try. Wish me good luck on this one. 
  • Going to REALLY try it with the veggies this summer....
    Enough said. I should. Before i lose friends because i am such a weirdo.
  • When at Starbucks-
    • Allowed to have a yummy SB pastry only once a week 
    • Allowed to have a relatively creamy-sb drink once every 2 weeks but stick to non-milk beverages. Avoid cream (liquid. Not whip. I've always said no to whip).
Moderation is key! I know i can do this because i did it last summer!!!

On a completely random note:
I am currently debating whether if i should spend a bit of my tax return money on an ipod that has more space (only 2 gigs), sync's (it just stopped one day), locks (because of the next point) and doesn't have a metal piece sticking out of the top (which interfers with where the lock button is). AKA, a new one.

errrrr i don't have 27 songs on the ipod. it's actually just a playlist that has 27 songs for those wondering lol

Absolute fail yo. In my own defense though..........i didddddd have it and used it religiously almost every day for the past 3.5 years. Okay fine, its still a fail. Along with the fact i accidentally swallowed some cleanser as i was washing my face earlier tonight. I'm uber cool aren't i.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Go donate dammmnit.

I was going to go on mindlessly blogging about my life when A bbm-ed me to tell me that she heard that a Tsunami was suppose to hit Japan in (a then) 15 minutes. I really don't remember what my reaction was except that i felt horror for the people. Like, if you KNEW this was coming at you.....where can you run? Who are you going to warn? Does the people even know? Because i'm sure INTERNET/TV/PHONES are down. While the rest of the world knows EXACTLY WHEN and WHERE disaster is going to hit and the # of people in other parts of the world cannot do a single damn thing for these people. It's like knowingly having the knowledge of when one is going to die yet we can't do anything to help them. That's how i feel right now.

Um, i'm not one to be personally attached to these type of natural disasters (i.e. Hurricane Katrina, Haiti, China Earthquake a year ago). It's extremely unfortunate, its extremely devastating, tragic- the list goes on. I know, i get it. I may sound extremely insensitive but what good will it do if i cried with everyone else. It's not that i don't care but I believe in taking action and the best action is to donate money for relief and to help them prepare for the future (whether its to stay alive in current conditions or to rebuild the country). Because i am pretty atheist therefore i will probably get shot for saying this but - praying won't help those citizens have food in their stomach, shelter over their heads, a warm blanket on their shoulder. Sure you may pray for the natural disasters to stop "coming" but directly for the "people", its not gonna do crap. I'm not a hypocrite either, i DID donate money and i plan to donate more. To me it's just one less drinking night, one less dress, one less poutine. I will survive, i don't know about the Japanese at a time like this. If you really DO care, you would do something about it and not just say you do. But that's me just saying.

{ADD-ON after talking to someone that pissed me off:
As SOME of you may know. I don't really like the Japanese. Mainly because of what they did to China in World War II. I'm not exactly sure if anyone has really heard or know about this part of history, but this period of time where China went through the worst, unimaginable sufferings (BECAUSE of the Japanese) was called, The Nanking Massacre (Nanjing Massacre) or the Rape of Nanking. It's exactly what it sounds like, mass murder and war rape that occurred during what was a 6 week period. (From wikipedia- During this period, 200,000+ Chinese civilians and disarmed soldiers were murdered and 20,000–80,000 women were raped by soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army.) I absolutely REFUSE to go into history details because this is NOT the time to. I've watched documentary's (sickening) on this and read up on this and put it this way- i was pissed at Japanese people for weeks. Many, many fucking weeks. So if even i am willing to donate to help them, that's saying A LOT. So all you fucks can leave me alone about me being "insensitive" and not caring and how i shouldn't say that praying won't do anything. It's MY opinion and I don't see you effing donating now do i? SCREW YOU. UGH. Way to kill my mood.}

I leave you guys with some images which i found that completely killed me. Yeah, as if the videos and images of the rushing, gushing, dangerous dark waters coming at you and moving huge cargo ships across the highway is not enough for me. Again, i know, the insensitive-ness, i don't know why.

The magnitude of the damage is....horrific. A country, drowning. LITERALLY.
I got the images from here. Should go see more. 

Pictures of children hits me.....really hard. I love kids and seeing them scared and confused kills me.

Evacuation and keeping the kids warm.....poor lil things......

Credit: here

Suffering Family
Credit: here

To check for radiation.....
Credit: here

And what totally makes my heart cry?
Poor terrified Pananda grabbing onto a policemen's leg after the earthquake.



I am going to dedicate tomorrow night to blogging because i miss it much and im sure MANY of you want to see actual content instead of fffounds and random chinese words that u dont understand.

As of now though i really need sleep.

I am mentally and emotionally burnt out because of soccer.


That's right, because of SOCCER/FUTBOL. Not anything else. I will have a nice lil rant on that later.

Gonna sleep so i can be well rested to C tmr.

Hopefully by tomorrow night there will be something interesting to see!

Thursday, March 10, 2011



Monday, March 7, 2011


Fakery i wanna blog but must sleep because i gotta get up at 4am!!! Gah. Perhaps l'll do it tomorrow.

Leave ya with a fffound!

Coolest idea. EVERRRRRR. 


BBM, Txts, FB Wall Posts, etc.

I was shooting a scene in my new film, No Strings Attached, in which I say to Natalie Portman,

“If you miss me, you can’t text, you can’t email, you can’t post it on my Facebook wall. If you really miss me, you come and see me.”

I began to think of all of the billions of intimate exchanges sent daily via fingers and screens, bouncing between satellites and servers. With all this texting, emailing, and social networking, I started wondering, are we all becoming so in touch with one another that we are in danger of losing touch?

It used to be that boy met girl and they exchanged phone numbers. Anticipation built. They imagined the entire relationship before a call ever happened. The phone rang. Hearts pounded. “Hello?” Followed by a conversation that lasted two hours, but felt like two minutes and would be examined with friends for two weeks. If all went well, a date was arranged. That was then.

Now we exchange numbers, but text instead of call because it mitigates the risks of early failure and eliminates those deafening moments of silence. Now anticipation builds. Bdoop. “It was NICE meeting u.” Both sides overanalyze every word. We talk to a friend, an impromptu Cyrano: “He wrote nice in all caps. What does that mean? What do I write back?” Then we write a response and delete it 10 times before sending a message that will appear to care, but not too much. If all goes well, a date will be arranged.

Whether you like it or not, the digital age has produced a new format for modern romance, and natural selection may be favoring the quick-thumbed quip peddler over the confident, ice-breaking alpha male. Or maybe we are hiding behind the cloak of digital text and spell-check to present superior versions of ourselves while using these less intimate forms of communication to accelerate the courting process. So what’s it really good for?

There is some argument about who actually invented text messaging, but I think it’s safe to say it was a man. Multiple studies have shown that the average man uses about half as many words per day as women, thus text messaging. It eliminates hellos and goodbyes and cuts right to the chase. Now, if that’s not male behavior, I don’t know what is. It’s also great for passing notes. There is something fun about sharing secrets with your date while in the company of others. Think of texting as a modern whisper in your lover’s car.

Sending sweet nothings on Twitter or Facebook is also fun. In some ways, it’s no different than sending flowers to the office: you are declaring your love for everyone to see. Who doesn’t like to be publicly adored? Just remember that what you post is out there and there’s some stuff you can’t un-see. But the reality is that we communicate with every part of our being, and there are times when we must use it all. When someone needs us, he or she needs all of us. There’s no text that can replace a loving touch when someone we love is hurting.

We haven’t lost romance in the digital age, but we may be neglecting it. In doing so, antiquated art forms are taking on new importance. The power of a hand-written letter is greater than ever. It’s personal, deliberate, and means more than an email or text ever will. It has a unique scent. It requires deciphering. But, most importantly, it’s flawed. There are errors in handwriting, punctuation, grammar, and spelling that show our vulnerability. And vulnerability is the essence of romance. It’s the art of being uncalculated, the willingness to look foolish, the courage to say,

“This is me, and I’m interested in you enough to show you my flaws with the hope that you may embrace me for all that I am but, more importantly, all that I am not.”

— Ashton Kutcher


Seriously, even though i am the biggest social media whore and the biggest crackberry. Nothing counts more than hearing that voice you miss during the day when you don't see them.

Unfortunately that's just too hard for some people.

If you can't even provide the basics, there's no point. I am not willing to sacrifice the basics.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Project 3031: March Edition && blog mode on

Day 4: The best vacation you've ever gone on/your dream vacation

I'm going to choose to rant about my "dream" vacation and that would be to see Europe. Anywhere. I want to have a net book on me and just blog, by a canal or a cafe. Be able to experience the culture, the art and just in general be able to appreciate life. I don't know how to do that in Toronto. Things are so busy here, so complicated and nobody has time to just sit back, take a breather and realize/notice the natural order of things, the beauty that lurks in every detail of the cold, dark, expensive buildings we have. It's quite a shame. I remember K and I once talked about how Toronto is beautiful too but there's just so much "new" Toronto that overshadows the "old". I.E. A timmies RIGHT BESIDE a gorgeous cathedral on Bloor. Go figure right?

The world is out there. I just gotta poke my head out. Be brave, and be more selfish. Do something for myself instead of for others. Explore and enjoy another world. That would be my dream vacation.


Tis weekend is hereee and March is seriously going to fly.
  • Tomorrow is the Cousin and R's annual Juss 4 fun fete and if anybody remembers from my FB pics from last year- it was crazy and messy. I anticipate the same for this year. 
  • There's also what seems like to be a zillion Arsenal games for me to watch this month. The day honestly just goes by so much faster when I know the boys have a game to play the following day. 
    • That said, it only means dear Annnbug and i will be having lots and lots of WAG nights and days at Scallys aka Gooners Central.
    • I got my first Arsenal jersey (i think its safe to admit it here? i dont think any of my gooner twitter friends read my blog) and i can't wait to order four more. 
  • Another job interview next week! I hope its not sketch because i feel like it is. Meeh. More interview experience for me. I keep on getting interviews, and things just keep on falling. But hey at least im getting calls right?
  • I got my taxes done and put it this way- i think my San Diego trip is paid for. FUCK YES. 
  • I need to up it with my work out. I've been on a good healthy lunch diet (not so healthy dinner but thats not the point) but not good w/ a workout regime. Fakerys. 
  • The event that i was hired for is this Tuesday. I am nervous. I've been working on this since November. I hope there will be plenty of hot eye candy. Since i am in charge of the majority of registration, it basically means i get to talk to the majority of these hot eye candy. Giggle giggles.

Okay i need to go figure out my day for tomorrow now. And also clean my room. The clothes hill on my bed is very big and its starting to bug me. 

I'll be scheduling some posts through out the weekend. So enjoy! Outs.  i lied. didnt get around to it. sorry!


What is the point of being taken when the other person makes you feel like you're single.

Its always me, isn't it. The screwed up one.

As always, my dreams are so accurate.

To dream that you suddenly discover your nudity and are trying to cover up, signifies your vulnerability to a situation. 
Becoming mortified at the realization that you are naked in public, reflects your vulnerability or feelings of shamefulness. You may be hiding something and are afraid that others can see right through you. Metaphorically, clothes are a means of concealment. Depending on the type of clothes you wear, you can hide your identity or be someone else. But without them, everything is hanging out for all to see. You are exposed and left without any defenses. Thus your naked dream may be telling you that you are trying to be something that you really are not. Or you are fearful of being ridiculed and disgraced. Such anxieties are elevated especially in situations where you are trying to impress others. Perhaps you are in a new work environment or in a new relationship. You may be expressing fears or apprehension in revealing your true feelings in such situations
To dream that you are wrapped in a blanket, indicates your fear of the unknown. You may feel some sort of threat/chaos or sense some coldness from those around you.


So so horribly wrong and inhumane on so many levels.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project 3031: March Edition

My bad. im late. I actually wrote this up a couple of days ago but "saved" it and didn't finish it until.....well when i finish this i guess. ha ha. Lets see how this phases out. I actually never really completed another challenge back in like October (Just checked. It was my 30 day meme that i kept up for 10 days.....HAAAA). I might go back to it depending on my mood.

Day 1- What You like people to call you
How about i list the stuff you SHOULDN'T call me because that list is a lot shorter. You can call me anything but slut, ho, home girl, darling, sweetheart. And i don't like "KK" either. That's lame. I remember when this dude started calling me sweetheart. I wanted to barf and block his arse. Dude, if i wouldn't even like it from the previous mister- don't you dare start calling me that after one meeting. Ugh. Its not sweet, its repulsive.

Day 2- Best Teacher you've ever had
I'd have to say my grade 1 teacher. I was a really weird child growing up. I had this habit where i would breathe very rapidly when i started speaking. I guess because engrish is not my first language i would get real nervous thus the strange-hyperventilation tendencies. It actually got kinda dangerous because i would either breath too much while speaking and then start choking or i would not breathe at all and speak very quickly. She was real great and actually help coach me to not be so freaky when i spoke. She also was the first one to encourage my reading habits when she noticed that i could read the books that were more advance for a first grader. I was very proud that I could read better than most kids my age that did not have parents who did not know English. I don't know what happened, my english is complete shit now lol She pretty much she did not give up on this weird lilo chinese girl. Hurrah for Mrs.Robson who must be at least 70 now!

Day 3- Your favorite thing to do on the weekend
I gotta say this has changed drastically since ive started to follow futbol. Now seriously all i want to do is watch futbol all day. Its very disgusting and life-consuming but i love every damn moment of it and have no regrets for devoting my life to becoming a gooner (a term for fans who follow the team Arsenal aka the turdiest most amazing team in the whole wide world). Otherwise i do love spending my day at Chapters or at a book store. I find it very relaxing. If not, Queen Street-ing it. West or East, i loves it. I think i will make an effort to explore it more this summer (even alone if i have to). I'm use to doing things in solitude nowadays.


Wow i really do miss blogging. Work has turned me into a non-blogging monster. Sad face. But happy face for lots of pay and extra big happy face for big big tax return! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. San Diego just paid for itself. mwahahha. 136 days until SanD!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just lovely


tweeet tweeet