The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project 30 Days- V2.0

HA. Even though i was out all evening i did not forget!

1. A picture of you in your room

Ignore the mess.

2. A picture of you on your favorite holiday.

Halloween. Hands-down. Fave holiday. More than my own birthday

Since its 2am right now, i figured i would load Day 2 as well because i'm just THAT on top of the game.

Its going to be double beast mode day tomorrow to make up for all the cotton candy i ate today (i mean yesterday.....).


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


epic jitz game.

Project 30 Day- Version 2

Yeah yeah. New blog project except of blogging l'll be using pictures. Its a whole less time consuming and a bit more entertaining on all your parts i suppose. As like the last Project 30 Day (which was highly successful according to some feedback i got from people) l will be loading a new picture every day pertaining to the topic. The only catch this time is that l'll be editing it so it would look like an instagram. Yesh, this would be the only time where i really wish i had an iphone or an itouch so i can use the Instagram app to take pics (but otherwise its still Blueberries for the win!). I was inspired by one of the guys i follow on twitter who's a photographer. He's taken some pretty awesome pictures and i thought his instagram collection was pretty neat.

So that's that. This time around will try to take ALL the pics myself and/or pictures i've taken in the past that fits the topic.
1. A picture of you in your room
2. A picture of you on your favorite holiday.
3. A picture of you on your birthday or favorite holiday.
4. The youngest picture you can find of yourself.
5. A picture of you in your favorite outfit.
6. A picture of you making a goofy face at the camera.
7. A picture you miiiiiiiiight have edited to make yourself more attractive.
8. A picture of you on a night you regret.
9. A picture of you truly being yourself.
10. The most recent picture of you.
11. A picture of you being absolutely ridiculous.
12. A picture of a time in your life that’s over, but you wish wasn’t.
13. A picture of your life that’s over, and you couldn’t be more thankful that it is.
14. A picture when you were anything but happy.
15. A picture when you where nothing but happy.
16. A picture of you when you were a different person than you are now.
17. A picture with someone you love.
18. A picture of how you would like the world to see you.
19. A picture of how you would like to spend everyday
20. A picture of a time when everything was changing.
21. A picture that makes your heart hurt.
22. A picture that makes your heart smile.
23. A picture of one of the best days/nights of your life.
24. A picture of your past.
25. A picture of your present.
26. A picture you just couldn’t leave out.
27. Your favorite picture of yourself
28. A picture of yourself in the place you feel safest
29. A picture of you being silly
30. A picture of just you.
I'm going to be starting this on Wednesday (after i get my cam back tmr). I think some of them will be pretty interesting to see what i load, don't you think?


Monday, June 27, 2011

Dating a Gooner

The other day a friend messaged me to catch up and asked whether I was seeing anyone. I laughed, and told her no. I don't have time. Because of work she asked? I told her, No. Futbol.

Ahhhh that must sound SO weird right? But it's actually very true. This year is the year that Arsenal has finally taken over my life completely in all aspects (which annoys the hell out of people....because they don't understand). This discussion has come up many times between A and myself about how we are probably going to be single forever because our criteria (as listed out below) is so strict and there is no guy in this world that fits that description. We are officially screwed. I also DON'T have the time to include a guy who doesn't understand futbol. Its humanly impossible for me to fit futbol, the gym, work (whether it be FT or freelance or both), friends (this part includes partying and drinking) AND a guy into my life. That is, unless that GUY is PART of futbol. Plus, i am so in love with my team that he's gotta understand why sometimes i would have to choose them over him. I mean, my heart is only OH-SO big and there's about 30 of them (team mascot, chef, manager, assistant manager, some reserves team players included). I can only love oh-so many people at once. Not sure if i can include him. haha And vice versa, i'd understand why he chooses his team over me. Compromise, that's what its all about in a relationship isn't it? haha

  • He's not going to be pissed that i check my phone every 30 seconds because of Twitter
    It would be even better if he had an account himself. But not mandatory
    • Watches EPL. Of at least some sort of league. Preferably the English league
      This way we won't plan trips or events on days we know there's a game playing. Or he would NOT have ANY issues with me reserving my Saturday and/or Sunday mornings for futbol and understand why i gotta jet on a friday night because i gotta be up early for an early game. One more thing too is lets just say he follows the German league- their games are on at a different time than the English league. This way, this allows both of us to have our ALONE/DOWN time- it works out BEAUTIFULLLY for the both of us and enables us to lead separate (futbol) lives. (Since i deeply believe in still maintaining separate lives apart from each other).

    • Mandatory: Cannot support Tottenham Spurs.
      I'll create exceptions for ManUtd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Citey. Preferably no.

    • And of course nothing beats- being a Gooner.
      This way, we won't have any issues raising our kids (if he happens to be zee one) and making them decide at the age 3 which team they must support, mommy or daddys. (im serious).

    And of course the usuals- tall, geeky, charming, funny, talkative, troll, smart, has a British accent (Ha. Maybe that's extra). You know, REAL superficial stuff like that.

    Or if he wears this-

    I'm sold too.



    See what i mean. I am destined to be alone forever. Or knowing my luck, l'll find someone that fits all that but he's a giant big SPUD (aka. Tottenham supporter).

    Why Geeks Makes Good Lovers

    Source & Written By: AwkwardthingsisaytoGirls | With add-on comments by moi.

    One of the Universal Truths that lie just beyond the fabric of modern society is the axiom that geeks, along with nerds and other peoples who overinvest in intelligence but boast underdeveloped social skills, make the best lovers. Once people realize this, the sexual revolution that will sweep through western culture will make the seventies look like the fifties, and I’m not talking about wider pants. The reasons why geeks are unparalleled as lovers are simple and many:

    Geeks don’t sleep around.
    Geeks, through their higher IQ and therefore greater understanding of the tragedy of human condition, know that the dice only seem to have more sides on the other side of the table. Hence, they instinctively stay loyal to their lovers through thick and thin. Their social skills are also not well developed enough to support an affair, and frankly, geeks generally aren’t quite sure how they ended up with the lover they have attracted. When you date a geek, you know the geek will be yours until you are done.
    • I actually disagree with this one. Geeks, at the end of the day have penises. If given the chance and could get away with it- like any other male they would take that chance. This also is based on past experience so i am a tiny wee bit biased. I hate men. haha
    Geeks are good at the things they try.
    When’s the last time you met a geek who didn’t have some secret skill just simmering below the surface of a simple-seeming life, honed in the wee hours of the night? It could be hacking, playing video games, or the ability to insert and remove those stupid computer power plug things from drives without cursing or breaking a finger. Let sex become their new favorite late-night hobby, and you know that a geek won’t quit until he or she has learned how to hack into your brainstem through specific genitalia interfacing in parallel with general dermal and oral bonding.
    •  Tis quite true. You geeks are very determined individuals.
    Geeks are not interested in status.
    Geeks became geeks because they chose to spend their time doing things that would not necessarily make them popular with everyone else in school, like sports and fashion. The ability to resist peer pressure is important to a geek. This means that a geek is more interested in their or your happiness than looking good to others, which will come in handy when either (a) you need attention, in any sort ranging from the nurturing to the lascivious, and also, because both of those things are not necessarily unorthagonal dimensions, any combination of the two, or (b) you need to be rescued because it is the climax of a teen 80′s movie. Or both.
    • Didn't even think of this one. I suppose it makes complete sense. 

    Geeks haven’t formed bad habits.
    After years of serially dating lots of other women, many socially successful guys have become too confident to be intimate, think of women only for sex, and don’t have any intention of letting what in their minds is “just another girlfriend” enjoy the last spring roll. Let us not even pry into the diabolical, dark, twisted, and depraved mind of the girl who has serially dated many men. None of this is true of the geek, however. The lack of past romantic partners allows the geek to approach lovers with the zest of the neophyte. Geeks are not full of romantic confidence; however, once coaxed from their emotional holes like tame bunnies, they are eager to please and enjoy their newfound relationship.

    Geeks can concentrate.
    Geeks can focus their energy on one task with the intensity of a hunting cheetah. Granted, the task they are focusing on may have more to do with hunting orcs with a +1 Sword of Piercing rather than hunting gazelles with claws, but the fact remains that a geek, once set upon a task and given Mountain Dew, becomes a tireless slave to their goal. Put a six-pack of Dew on the bedside table and a geek between the sheets, and you have found yourself one relentless lover. When’s the last time all night actually meant all night? When’s the last time you were with someone who, if they needed more of the night, knew how to get it?
    • Bwhahaha. Geeks on steroids in bed. That would be pretty funny. 

    Geeks have excellent finger dexterity.
    Geeks roll dice. Geeks play video games. Geeks flip pages in books. Geeks type a lot, and use characters like ~ and ^ and | that no one else has any use for. Geeks use calculators in postfix notation. As a result, a geek knows how to use his or her fingers to greatest possible effect. Whether you have a button that needs pushing or a joystick that needs joy, a geek is the person for the job.
    •  You can look at this from two perspectives. Why yes, they have magical fingers. But will those fingers find you when there's a raid/mission they need to complete? HA. NO. Gamers are so loyal to their games- NOTHING can tear them away from their beloved characters. Yes, i am VERY bitter when it comes to gaming. Video games ruins lives.

    Geeks have imagination.
    Once you have found your amazing lover, you wouldn’t want things to become boring. That is where geeks prove their real worth. Replayability is important to the value-conscious video-game playing geek, and this translates to relationships as well. Wouldn’t you want to date someone who has created a Quake 3 mod? Wouldn’t you want to date someone who has written steamy Everquest fan fiction involving elven incest? Wouldn’t you want to date someone who wished they were Morpheus rather than someone who wished they were Barry Bonds?

    There are plenty of other reasons why geeks are the best lovers around, but don’t just take my word for it. Find the nearest sexy geek and coax that person into asking you out, even if you have to do so using instant messanger. Remember: the only non-sexy geek is a single geek.

    // Excellent article if i would say so myself.

    Geeks are sexy. Or Geeky looking guys.

    I would date Peter Parker (Tobey McGuire would work too) or anyone that looked like the actor that plays Beast (before he turned Blue) in a second. Or John Krasinski. MMM. Yeah.

    No judging girls- You people have ALWAYS known my taste to be questionable.

    Sunday, June 26, 2011


    I really ought to start blogging again. I miss sharing my thoughts and randomness and i'm sure as hell you guys miss reading stuff from me. Shockingly, people STILL come by to see whether or not i've updated (thank you oh loyal stalker ones). I guess i owe you guys THATT much for sticking by me. I'm considering whether i should pick up where i ended that 10 day Tumblr Challenge that i NEVER actually finished. HA (You can go through them by clicking on the BLOG PROJECTS link on the side there or here) Or just completely start a new one. The idea of starting a new one is extremely tempting at the moment so i probably will do that. I will be starting another Project 30 Day (older one can be found here or the entire month of September 2010) aka. the Photo project that EVERYONE loved. I shall begin that next WEDNESDAY when i get my camera back from someone. cough. haha <3

    So. What's new eh. AHHHHHHHHH


    Haha wow. I am SO terrible at this now i don't even know where to begin. ESPECIALLY because.....its almost 2am and i haven't updated in so long i don't remember what i have done anymore (happens with old age and lots of drinking) since my last, long word vomit entry. OKAY MAJORLY OFF. I FELL ASLEEP. ITS ACTUALLY 330 PM RIGHT NOW AS I'M TYPING THIS. I'M ALSO ROYALLY ANNOYED BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT RIGHT NOW. Holey crap MAJOR DELAY.It is officially four days later since i STARTED this blog, i am DETERMINED to finish it TONIGHT. RWAR.

    i digress. moving on-

    I'm still in the middle of this finding a job crisis. I'm getting pretty nervous again. The place that called me back for a 2nd interview has "delayed" the hiring because of some internal crisis so now im just AWAITING for them to sort that crisis out and see if they remember to call me. I don't even know what to do. I'm still applying (DAILY) for positions but seriously.....Graphic Design is hard stuff. Looks like I have to start doing "cold" e-mailing. I kind of wish they can get it over with, and just reject me if they really aren't that interested in me so i can move on.

    Other points of interest
    • San Diego ish in LESS THAN A MONTH
      Indeed kids. I will be in San Diego for comic con next month. Its starting to REALLY hit me because schedules of panels are coming out, more things are confirmed to be at the convention. It will be absolutely EPIC. The boys and i just need to wrap up some loose ends and i shall be off, snogging Ian Somerhalder. Hopefully. hahah Unfortunately, I will be missing an epic Canoe Summerlicious Dinner date w/ zee girls. I am quite sadden that l'll be missing it but hopefully when i return we can have another nights out at Brants. I'll be adding onto this subject more and more as the day gets closer.

    • Reading Percy Jackson series / a lil rant
      The other day at BMV i was able to find the ENTIRE Percy Jackson and the Olympian Gods boxed series in HARDCOVER for only 30 dollars which is a STEAL because each book usually costs about 25 dollars anyways (FYI. I try to buy only hardcovers, especially when it comes to series. I have a thing for hardcover books). 
      • Been reading that and even though i'm only on book 3, i would have to put it as 4th on my "Favorite Book Series of all times" list. Extremely entertaining, but NO WHERE near Harry Potter (#1), Twilight or the Hunger Games (which fights for #2). 
      • Also, don't judge me......because i read "childrens" books. These childrens books are GOOD. Ohkay. 
        • Earlier I was part of a discussion re: Harry Potter vs. Twilight. People were comparing the two series. For someone like me who is a HUGE (and proud) obsessive fan of both series- i get majorly annoyed when that happens. Its like comparing apples and oranges, seriously, dont be stupid now. If ANYONE has any say on this, i would think id be the one that has the most legit argument. Ugh. // rant done.
      • The Percy Jackson books also reminded how much i love Greek Mythology. I think if was rich and my family did not depend on me to bring home cash nor would i ever need to support myself in this lifetime, i would study Greek Mythology because its geniunely a subject that I've always enjoyed since i heard my first Greek Myth in grade 6. Too bad my life isn't that ideal.

    • Freelance Work
      Been busy as hell with freelance work. Might have slightly mentioned this before in previous blog entries but A and I are going to tag team and come together to work on a special project. I'm pretty excited about that, i think things should be pretty awesome once we have something to show.

    • Beastmode
      Since December i've put on a disgusting 10lbs. Fortunately for me, Combat and Weights HAVE paid off and i've lost 4lbs in the past 2 months (HUGE for me!). Just another 6 to go and l'll be back to how i was LAST August (which i considered to be the first time in my life where ive been the fittest AND skinniest ive ever been in my life).
      • I do have a new goal though, which is to reach that DREAM weight and physique by my 25th birthday this year. Essentially November 2nd is my deadline. You know. Birthday and all. I like being monumental about certain occasions. 
      • All my life i've been big (im serious) and i would REALLY like it, if by my quarter of a century i can finally reach that ideal physique so i can look at myself in the mirror and be proud of the way i look and not be ashamed as i have been all my life. Going to work really hard for that. 


    fjhskjskfkldsjfdlsk i think im done.

    Damnit i REALLY am losing my touch. Must work hard. Don't want to lose that blogging momentum. EVER.

    but ya. there u go. AN UPDATE.

    Saturday, June 25, 2011


    Tis all.

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Breakdown of my Tweets: ILLUSTRATED

    Click to enlarge

    Something for you all to look at while i type up an actual BLOG ENTRY FOR YOU ALL TO READ. I already loaded it on twitter (i actually kind of created it FOR twitter) which some of you might have seen already, or might not have.

    The purpose of it is to pretty much SHOW followers, what I tweet about. I noticed that after tweeting that im going to Comic Con, the number of.....comic book reader (aka, my beloved Geeks) followers....increased. But the thing is that i actually DON'T tweet about geek stuff all that much and i can imagine the surprise they get when all they see on their TL is ARSENAL, VODKA, ARSENAL, STARBUCKS, ARSENAL. Vice versa, lately i'm sure all my footy Arsenal followers have noticed the INCREASE in GEEK-related tweets (mainly because Comic Con is FAST approaching) and all know that i am in fact a closet geek that loves Big Bang Theory, Marvel, Pokemon and Harry Potter. To avoid the confusion and miscommunication, I thought creating an illustration would let them know, right off the bat that i am more of an futbol tweeter more than anything else. It's just been a bit............slow and dry lately because its off-season. When August hits- sorry kids. Its back!

    That said, i REALLY have to give some crazy creds to my non-geek, non-futbol, FRIENDS that follow me on Twitter. You guys have to ENDURE my excessive number of tweet updates and not only that- stuff that you don't understand. I love you guys OH-THAT-MUCH-MORE and thank you tremendously for sticking by me STILL.

    Okay without further adieu, im not going waste my precious time typing any more for this entry. Going to work on the MEGA HUGE (sorta) one thats been "Saved" for the entire week.

    Hope u like it though!

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011


    Seems Legit. #justSaying

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011


    I swear i wanted to blog SO badly last night but Freelance proposal work had to come first especially since im working with A on this one. Can't disappoint!

    I am going to really make an effort to pencil in an HOUR today to blog.

    Sheesh i have to make an appointment for myself to blog. How sad is that.

    This always makes me laugh. hahah


    Tuesday, June 14, 2011



    Sorry kids. been lacking on my tumblr posts therefore my fffound stash is going thin.

    Monday, June 13, 2011


    Pig Pig 豬;這世上誰最下賤?!?!

    HAHAHAHHAHA 林峰 (Ray Lam) you Kill me.

    Sunday, June 12, 2011


    I was inspired to type up a "lazy" blog post too because of A blogged about it earlier.

    This whole weekend has been completely fail in terms of productivity. I had a shit load of quote work to do, design concepts to come up with and an interview to prep for but didn't get around to ANY of it until today when i woke up feeling like i was paralyzed from the waist down (due to cramps). I still worked through it though because I WANT THIS JOB. ROAR. 

    That said though, of course i CONTINUED to procrastinate by editing wonderful photobooth pics that A and i took yesterday during what should have been a productive design session for the both of us instead of just ranting about it and then going to the bar because we're both SO futbol deprived.

    I digress.

    I really should do some work.

    Wish me good luck tmr kiddies!!! If you're part of that support i might be able to include u in the discounts i get if i get the job!!!!!

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    The waiting game ends. Life goes on

    As of today the waiting game officially ends. For the past week and a half ive been waiting for VG to get back to me on whether they made a hiring decision. Well they finally did and unfortunately for me I was not chosen for the position. : (

    So how do i feel? Hmm. Crushed. But not as devastating as i thought it would be (l'll share why in a bit). And extremely disappointed. I'm not disappointed with myself (on contrary, i am actually quite proud of myself for fighting it til the end) but more of the general outcome. I mean i spent, SO much time and effort on two presentations- it just really sucks that at the end of it all it didn't really pay off with the most ideal scenario. I have to say though (as vain as i might sound), i thought my presentation was pretty kick-ass so for them to hire someone else, that person is seriously someone i do not ever want to compete with....EVERRRRRRR.

    But hey, life goes on right. I created one of my best portfolio pieces and i am confident i can land a job using this as a sample of what i am capable of. Something im pretty sure i would NOT have done in my spare time. I also didn't think I was capable of pulling such ambitious deadlines either. I totally won myself a point in this round against myself.

    That said though.

    I actually have ANOTHER interview lined up for this coming Monday and shockingly- its even bigger than VG. How i manage it, no idea. But much thanks to J for hooking me up with the link. I think it was because i got the notification BEFORE i got the rejection, it didn't hurt THAT MUCH. I'm prettttty sure that if i had nothing lined up, no prospects i would be out drinking my sorrows away. Lets pray even HARDER for this to be the one?

    Gutted- but still in the game biatches. Bring it.

    Sunday, June 5, 2011

    The Waiting Game Resumes

    The weekend comes to an end and that anxiety wait begins once again since VG did NOT get back to me last week even though they said that they would. I DID have good feelings but not so much anymore. La sighs. I really, REALLY just need them to reject me and let me get on with my life (i.e. work on a new resume, increase in the number of applications im sending out per day and possibly.......findaretailjoborsomethingtosupportmyarse *shakes my head at myself*) :((((. I've been excessively spending money again and its not really something i should do.

    Not in the mood to blog. Maybe later.

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Dream Work Area

    Look at all those toysssss and books!!!!!!
    Most importantly, shiet look at that monitor!!! 
    And tablet. 
    And vintage red telephone.
    Probably comics hidden in that massive bookshelf.

    la sighs. I'm still waiting on VG to call me back. I'm getting more and more antsy every single time my blueberry email notification alerts comes on. Hopefully by the time i see A and the boys tomorrow, i will have good news for them.

    On a brighter note- Watching Les Bleus tmr play and then X-Men: First class afterwards. Tres tres epic day!!!!

    tweeet tweeet