The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pre-San Diego Entry- i promise

More than likely im going to do one more post before i fly out to SanDiego on early Monday morning. So if you can just entertain yourself by skimming or looking at my Harry Potter stuff, u'll get somewhat of a little read before then.

I should really sleep though. i gots an early Arsenal game to catch in a couple hours.

i am a wizard not a baboon brandishing a stick bitch


I just came home from watching the movie and I am still in disbelief that the movies are actually (and finally) done. This last Harry Potter film was.....unbelievable. Even though the story ended 4 years ago, i felt like I still had the movies to look forward to. But now, the magic really did end tonight for me and the millions of childhoods. A whole generation saying good bye.

I thought the movie REALLY did the last book justice. I waited 5 years, to see the great Hogwarts Battle. 10 years to see R&H finally hooking it up, 5 years to see that duel scene between M&B. To have all that visualized for you on screen is indescribable, and for it to be just as amazing as you imagined it in your head?!?! Again, indescribable.

To also grow up with the actors and actresses that plays the characters is also pretty amazing. Look at the change and transitions, visual:

sheeeesh. look at how HANDSOME they look now.

They were SOOO cute and tiny.

Part i cried the MOST


The Snape character was given proper justice in the movie. I think for his scene, i cried the hardest. Probably the hardest ive cried for ANY movie. Its right up there with the Notebook, beating out UP.

And of course, the trio- whom i will miss terribly


# # #

Plus not enough emphasis on Ron who's the dorkiest boy in the world.

# # #

“The stories we love best do live in us forever, and whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you forever.”
— JK Rowling.

I know that, its very hard for a lot of people to comprehend why and how this is such a significant. But its very emotional. Something that you have loved for 10 years (hey, longer than ANY relationship ive had with anything/anyone) its not that easy to see it end!!! If you think of it from OUR perspective, we find it very hard to understand why YOU GUYS, don't see the emotional attachment. Someone tweeted:

"lol @ people who have an emotional relationship with the Harry Potter films. They are good, but no need to cry that they are over."

FIRST OFF, i unfollowed that person that said that. Second, well, imagine me saying "Hey, your pet (insert animal here) was good to you too but no need to cry when she/he dies." to you.


Yeah harsh right? That's exactly how we, as HP fans feel when you guys say that to us. It's actually a little hurtful, for me anyways. We don't expect you to understand because it IS difficult to understand but don't make it seem like its a joke (okay so i joke all the time about being a wizard and that there's such thing as *magic*, that's just me being difficult and being a clown haha) and that we are just blowing it out of proportions. Life as it is, is unbelievably difficult and brutal, this for us is just a lil bit of magic that we found. Plus, give it a little credit for its millions of supporters- its gotta fucking mean something right? I hate to compare (and believe me i am able to compare because i am just as hardcore with this series) but being disgustingly OBSESSED with Twilight (the movies) is VERY different from being obsessed with Harry Potter.

Something that’s worth so much in my life, that IS my life actually, has come to an end. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been part of this since its started. i stayed til the very end, the love for it isn't going to fade and i'm proud to be your friendly HP geek.

Life feels that little bit more emptier now. But thanks to all my friends who's been putting it up with this many years. Thanks to twin that got me started and shared the same love for HP with me all this time.

That's the end of this generation for me~

PS. Forgive the awful.....grammar, sentence fragments and unorganized thoughts. Its late and i'm still a bit overwhelmed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a hearty long read

ROFL SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! ANDDDDD, as someone said- If the Nat and Mila made a movie, it'd be "Black Swan II" HAHAH IRONYYYY


Hello everyone. I know that i've been totally MIA. I promised a blog post. I promised to keep up with my photo challenge but i've failed and i'm sorry. There's just been SOOO much going on and i feel like i have no time to do anything (aside from gymming. Seems like im there a lot eh).

Primarily im preoccupied with four things: Work (Freelance & Job Interviews), Arsenal Asia Tour & Transfer News, Comic Con planning and everything else that i will lump into MISCELLANEOUS.Thought i should do a quick rant while BLOG MODE is still on.

1. Work (Freelance & Job Interviews)

Before i head out to SanDiego, i really needed to finish up revisions if i want to be paid. Also, i've spent the past few days working on a design practical as part of a hiring process for another job interview that i got for ANOTHER company. Shit, doesn't it feel like something i've said before??? And to add onto that, about an hour ago i received a phone call to arrange a prelim phone interview with a second company this coming friday. This is getting a bit fucking ridiculous. Every time it SEEMS like i am getting close to a hire......something happens but NO FEAR, i have (yet) ANOTHER prospect lined-up. Clearly, im doing something right with my job-applying and its also very clear that its something that i am not doing or doing wrong during the final round of the interview process. I mean, i made it through first of all of them, you'd THINK i was doing something right. Apparently not. Ugh. #FML.

Wish me good luck though nonetheless! I gotta start prepping for it after finishing typing this up. Don't forget to send those prayers this way!!!!

2. Arsenal Asia Tour & Transfer News

You people will PROBABLY think this is silly. But no, this is not a laughing matter nor a matter to be taken lightly. Currently my team are in Malaysia and will be traveling to CHINA to play some friendlies with the teams there. Every day i busy myself with tweetpics and tweets of how theyre doing in asia and as well concerning myself with new players who might be joining the team and those who are leaving. It's extremely overwhelming and ive expressed this to people re: how its been effecting my mood. Twitter lately hasn't been a very good place to be lately for fans like myself. But seriously though, this consumes my life.

3. Comic-Con

Indeed we are in the final countdown days until i head to San Diego!!!! Not only are there up-to-date news almost every hour for me to stay on top of, there's also the scheduling that I am SO STRESSED OUT about. Its not even FUNNY how much i have to plan for.

Just to clarify what goes on at the convention. The San Diego Comic-Con (or #SDCC) is not just an enormous party where the participants are geeks, nerds and wizards. We don't just go there to read/buy/trade comic books, to dress-up, to get autographs from comic writers and illustrators and to have jedi, telekinesis mind-sex with the opposite sex. Sure all that STILL happens (ha ha) but there's more to it including something call PANELS. Panels are basically seminars/talks/presentations. It can be anything from: Obsession: How TV and Movies Go from Fascination to Phenomenon? to Oh, You Sexy Geek! to The Vampire Diaries Screening and Q&A.

In the recent years, the TV and Movie industry caught on, on this wicked-ass gathering and decided to use this event as a method of marketing whatever they wish to promote. So tv shows such as, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Dexter, Bones, Chuck, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Family Guy, Futurama, Big Bang Theory et more, were/are all present. CAST INCLUDED. In the past, movie previews inclded Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, all the obvious superhero movies (X-Men, Ironman, Spiderman, Thor, etc), Tron, Twilight, Harry Potter, again, all present with the cast.

Overall its really just a huge event for geeks to unite. And lots of free swag.

Now that i've kind of explained comic con, Visual:

Yes, that is the schedule for the panels (which ive obviously shrunk to emphasize all the material im drowning in) that are available for the 3 days i am there (the convention is 4 days but im leaving that Sunday afternoon) and myyyyy task right now is to PLOW THROUGH THEM. Deciding what i REALLY want to see, what are my backups and of course, factoring in WAITING TIME for the bigger stuff i want to see. i.e. The Big Bang Theory panel which is currently more popular than the TWILIGHT panel #GEEKSUNITE.

i, repeat. i am SO stressed.


And behold, the things i need to do and the faces i must see!
  • Gym- I've been going at it pretty hardcore for the past 2 weeks. Doing two-three hour sessions, 4.5-6 times a week. Another thing that i've brought up amongst friends, is how unhappy i still am with the way i look. I'm unhappy because I know i can do better, i can look better than this. Why should i settle when i know that i am capable of achieving my ideal physique? That's what i tell myself anyways. Its a good thing that i love food way too much because I'm starting to sound like a Bulimic.

  • Going out. Seeing people - No surprises here. There's peoples faces i want to see, birthdays to celebrate, catch-up that must occur. Enough said, those take up time. Not a complaint though.

  • HARRY POTTER COUNTDOWN- The time has come. After ELEVEN years, it is FINALLY coming to an end, the Harry Potter movies. I have my tickets ready for Friday, I am ready to bawl my fucking eyes out, I am ready to say good bye to my childhood with twin beside me. It is going to be disgustingly epic. I'm going to type up a Harry Potter-related entry soon to commemorate friday. Await.

# # #



Thursday, July 7, 2011


I know i know, i am lagging behind on the easiest photo blog challenge in the world. i can't help it if im a busy girl!?!?! Blogging is like an UNPAID full-time job you know. (Well for me it is, unlike those lucky ones who gets paid to blog #sideeyes).

I would LOVE to do a catch-up soon time with some actual typing and ranting but not until i get this design practical out of the way.

On that note- I was OFFICIALLY rejected from P.A the other day (which was pretty devastating but expected). Fortunately, i actually had ANOTHER interview lined up (seems like i've been saying this A LOT haven't i). I was told that they would like me to move onto part 2 of the hiring process immediately (hence the design practical). If I pass that one, then its one more interview with the VP of sales and that's that. Much thnx to lx the other day for taking me there (this place is....pretty effing far).

I should really continue with this task though. I underestimated its complexity and tedious nature. A starbucks session is probably needed tomorrow.

Tis all. Happy Thursday!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Project 30 Days V2.0 - Day 6

6. A picture of you making a goofy face at the camera.

Tough days

When they tell you you’re not good at something, it’s time to prove you’re not good, but the best.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Project 30 Days V2.0 - Day 5

5. A picture of you in your favorite outfit.

I wanted to get a full pic of the dress. My face isn't all that exciting anyways. But yes, loves this dress (even though the topic calls for an "outfit"). Its like being wrapped in a blanket. Very cozy like warm oatmeal cookies. Not so good on a 38 degrees Celsius day though.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Project 30 Days V2.0 - Day 3 and 4

Even though i'm mad busy this weekend i still prepped material ahead of time for u kids. Love me, i know u want to.

3. A picture of you on your birthday.

My Birthday last year. Hands down, the most amazing, heartwrenching, beautiful one.

4. The youngest picture you can find of yourself.

Mommy said i was a GIGANTIC baby with crazy troll hair. It makes SO much sense now looking at pictures. That might have been me at half a year old. HA.

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful long weekend!

tweeet tweeet