The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've been up since 5am.

Working and Coding away.

Took a nap for 20minutes from 8:45am-9:05am

Took a 5:30pm-9pm break to do my shitting/eating/showering/resting

Continued to work until now when i think i deserve something call sleep.

What the hell man. Ministry of Labour Involvement much?

Monday, April 19, 2010

3 Years

Just like that. 

1095 days and counting. Even though we make each other soooooo mad sometimes. There's nothing a smile and the sound of laughter that can't cure at the end of the day.

In case i haven't told you lately- You are doing a great job being the amazing boyfriend you are. 


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekends don't belong to me

I've been in a REALLY foul mood all day today and i think i know why.

Its because i'm doing work for the rat....on a Saturday. More specifically, on my 3-Years Anni-with-the-mister weekend ALSO my last weekend before my trip There's pretty much a deadline this Wednesday and the stuff needs to be completed/tested by Tuesday afternoon. That said the work load is not simply something that can be completed all in 2 days. Its more like four, FULL 8-hour work days worth of time that is needed but im squeezing it all into my weekend + Mon and Tuesday. Suddenly my "part-time" status has turned into hell.
  • - I am UNPACKED
  • - I don't have my room cleared so the mister can paint it when im away. This itself is a DAYS activity
  • - I'm UNPAID
  • - I haven't gymmed in 2 weeks & i feel sooo flabbby. I was in A-SHAPE 2 weeks ago now imback to ground zero
  • - i need new flats b/c my mutant toes punctured holes through my current flats trying to be freed

On the bright side though,

  • - lx bought me Converses because he felt like i had no "shoes" i can wear and abuse
  • - There are packages in the mail coming my way
  • - Cuba in 7 days!!!!!!!!!!
  • - 3 Years Anniversary with the mister come Monday
  • - GCM Girls Dim Sum Morning tomorrow morning
  • - Daddy's Birthday dinner AFTER dimsum = day of weight gain

Yeah thats it. im going to go back to being bitter now.
Actually you think im in a foul mood. the fat bitch beside me needs to fucking lighten up. so freaking ass rude yo. My only conclusion is she must work for a BIGGER rat.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sex and the City 2

I along with almost every girl and gay man out there LURVES Sex and the City. There is something just so fabulous about being able to have unlimited disposible income, wearing 6 inch tall thousand dollar stilletos to a baseball game and having a blast with your soul mates whom you call your girlfriends. I mean, even the mister somewhat follows the series (because he is a secret Samantha fan)...its gotta be gooood. I think aside from the fashion and romance that comes with the series, its the fact that the show puts a huge emphasis on how important girlfriends are to a girl (i like saying girl instead of women because it makes me feel old). For the series finale, most crappy finales would normally focus on is the protagonists and their storyline and kind of....stopped it right there. The End. Lights Closed. But for this particular series, they ended it off fairly simple (but meaningful) at a coffee shop scene where all the girls meet-up. It was kind of like a, we-end-where-we-started sort-we-did-not-forget-our-roots of ending, which i appreciated very much. Because in my opinion when the end meets and the man is not there your girlfriends always will be. Also girlfriends can't break your heart. The most they'll do (the real bitchy evil ones) is steal your shoes or boyfriend and in that case we can always hunt them down and smack them silly. Guys on the other hand if they break your heart, smacking them silly won't take the pain away. But that's just my theory. haha 

I was pretty skeptical about the 2nd movie coming out so soon. The first movie (which i have playing on my 2nd screen as i type) in my opinion came out in perfect timing. It was almost exactly four years later after the most amazing series finale- fans like myself could not ask for any more. The first movie was so amazing. As ive blogged about it before, the moment Big and Carrie came on the big screen i felt crazy chills down my spine because ive missed them so dearly and seeing them again was just such an amazing nogalistic feeling that filled the theatre. Anyways so i thought when the movie ended there was no way they could make a sequel. So when the trailer for the 2nd came out...i really hoped that it would not be ridiculous since i read spoilers like Miley Cirus [barf] made a cameo [which she did. barf]. I don't know why i ever lost faith in SATC because the trailer was....crazy awesome. Wow. Shock factors. Came smacking at me, one after another. I'll just list my comments in sequence of when they appear and those that actually watched it will know what im talking about.

  • - "Me and you. just us two" the inscription on the watch carrie gives big - LAME. LAMEEEE. omG LAMEEE. SO LAME I WANNA GAG.
  • - Love the miranda, steve& brady scene. One of the last ladies i thought would be married with kids, she turned out to be the first.
  • - "What happens after you say i do?" LIFE ENDS. ha ha ha 
  • - The scene where Samantha sees that guy in the jeep and she looked like she was having an orgasm on the spot. I laughed so hard haha
  • - Where's Abu Dabi? 
  • - The "Carrie meets Aiden" in the market Scene- i think my heart stopped. the words FORBIDDEN was jumping at me.
  • - When Miranda says to Charlotte "Being a mother is hard". Again, absolutely the last person whom i thought would say that. Here was Charlotte, the fairytale believer but the one that had to get the worst end of the stick- with a failed marriage, divorce, failed eggs, adoption. I mean she does get her happy ending but she's exhausted now that she finally has her dream marriage and dream family. Its exactly like that story The Monkey Paw- Be careful what you wish for. 
  • - "I think you're playing with fire" Charlotte to Carrie. DUN DUN DUN. Hits me at the core. 
  • - "Something happens" Carrie to Big. STAB TO THE HEART RIGHT THERE.
  • - && ALLLL the Aiden,Carrie running away scenes.
  • - "We made a deal ages ago. Man, babies, it doesn't matter. We are Soulmates" - Samantha. Words cannot express how much i agree.

Ohmygod rewatching it makes me all excited all over again.

I want to be a glamorous diva tooooooooooooo. Pouts.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cousin-ly & Hubby Love

I love how my cousin would randomly call me with contract work available for either me or the mister.

Its nice to know that we're on your mind!! Honestly though, I love her and her boyfriend lots. They are the most generous, loyal and sincere people i know and it makes me very happy and fortunate knowing that they're there for us- drunk and sober. haha! Its a shame that we do not get to see each other (as four) as much as i want to. Hopefully in the near future when we're all financially stable we can head out on a trip together! Either somewhere that's all inclusive, SNOWBOARDING in BC, NYC/LA, or HK : )))

They're sooooooo cute. My favorite, most-down-to-earth couple. Heart heart heart. So after looking really hard for pictures of us four i realized that we have none so i settled for the next most decent and nice looking pic of you guys that i could find (in your album) haha Food court date soon? This time YOU guys can be the tour guides and maybe Poker & Big2 again. lolll

I felt like dedicating this entry to you.

Gotta get back to illustrating tho. Poos.

PS. I hope you don't mind me loading a picture of you guys.

PPS. If you do mind, l'll just hafta stick in Pikachu's face again somewhere. lol

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thee Summer

Nothing exquisite (i.e. Paris, LA, or Tokyo) but at least the images are exciting!!! hahaha


On a hunt to transform my phone into this

(via Crackberry Forums)

Is this SO stylish or what!?!!
Hopefully it won't cost me more than 25 bucks haha Maybe i can get J into this project with me and he can help find some crazy awesome discounts and then help me install it lol


Anyways this weekend has been interesting. Funeral yesterday and then today- a case of the rat's failure to notify me that i didnt have to work today....which resulted in an almost wasted weekend because i canceled everything because i thought i had to work. !@#$# Crazy Curses to you rat!!!!!

I foreshadow in the distinct future though:

- Meet up with the girls to discuss last-minute Cuba trip stuff & dollar store shopping
- Dimsum with the GCM Girls
- Daddy's Birthday aka delicious-weight-gaining-dinner
- Crunch on client work before leaving for....
- a CUBA trip in T-13 days!!!!!
- 3 Years with the Mister 
- Clash of the titans & Alice in wonderland (still) movie trip with the boys (i miss you guys. i have so much to share)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Celebrity Crushes

I have these random phases where i go through an obsession period where all i do is be obsessed with a certain celebrity. I would then proceed to YouTubing their interviews/appearances/etc and downloading all their movies (whether they be main or guest stars) to watch over and over again.

My last celebrity was Robert Downey Jr. Before that i believeeeeeee it was Ed Westwick.

I've fully moved onto an Eason Chan.

Been downloading all the movies he's been in, in the past 10 years. HEHEHEH I indeed am a freak.

Sorry about the lack of blogging. Complete Inspiration fail.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


Oh gawd 林峰 (Raymond Lam) is so dreamy.

Youtubing his Concert in HD & its giving me such a crazy high haha

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Is this what insomnia feels like??? this is ridiculous. i should sleep but i suddenly have this crazy urge to blog.

my long weekend has begun off not exactly how i planned it early in the week. i really hope the mister isnt sick tmr or else things are just going to get even more disappointing.

So i finished watching this series (recommendation from my brother): Don Juan DeMercado ( 情人眼裏高一D)

And i LOVED it. It was such a cute (but very unrealistic) mini seriessssss. I went through it in one day. haha

A quick synopsis: Its about the main character (being Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍)), and he's this really (& i mean REALLY) ugly guy (the actor deliberately glued his eyelids to give off the appearance of lazy eyes for this role) who has had it rough his entire life because of his physical appearance.To a point where nobody will even give him a chance to sing even though he's a really gifted singer. Then one day he eats a piece of chocolate that turned him into this SUPER HOT looking guy (being Bosco Wong) that every girl wants to mmmmmmm. However the effect only lasts 24 hrs and after that period of time he turns back into his ugly self. The story goes into involving other actresses and how they fall in love bleh bleh.

Anyways the first episode was actually REALLY sad because they made it really extreme how he was picked on and bullied because he was ugly....and i absolutely hateeeee watching things like that (as many can tell, im very sensitive when it comes to bullying and people judging others based on appearance). Good thing my brother reassured me that it picks up from there and it won't always be sad.

So in the series- Wong Cho Lam actually sang a couple of times and i think ive fallen in love with his voice.


YEAH THATS RIGHT. I have a huge crush on his voice and i am CRAZY because the guy looks like a clown and is short like a tree stump (ok fine im a hypocrite b/c here i was just now talking about how i hate others judging ppl based on appearance.boohoos) but that doesn't change the fact that his voice is OH SO crazy nice and kinda dreamy. The entire night ive been youtubing his performances and i cant get over how much i am in love with his VOICE (errr not face).

GAH. SO CLOWN LOOKING.SOBS. I AM OFFICIALLY CRAZY or my NERD COMPLEX is hitting me hard again. But his voiceeeee omgeeeeee.Who knew such a face can produce such a voice??!!

VOICE. I REPEAT......... maybe.

The irony in all this is he sings the one song the Mister does NOT like [相逢何必曾相識] and it happens to be the one that made me go all wooozy and butterfly-ee [In my opinion he sings it better than the original singer!]

Sighs. Maybe i just need sleep because clearly my love for geeks is taking over my brain & making me delusional.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Not-so-Good Friday

Rough start to the day.

Now all plans are canceled to work on shit for the rat.

Not even paid 1.5x.

Fuck you man. Seriously.

Working at a Starbucks but not the misters SB therefore no discount and im already on my second drink. Tempted to buy more treats because its going to be a long afternoon and i need some happiness.

The negative side to the heat is that it brings out all the CRAZIES, UGLIES and ANNOYINGS people (this chick beside sounds like shes talking while pinching her nose) to Starbucks.

Bright side is my headache is gone, I'm wearing a SUMMER dress with no tights/stockings/pantyhose, new sandals and STRAIGHTEN HAIR THAT I HAVEN'T HAD IN 3 MONTHS (all thanks to my lover K).

That is all.

I can't wait to see lx tmr. Its been a really long week for the both of us. 17 more days until our 1095th day!

Side thought-
Yesterday during my Pump (weights) class, the theme of the music being played was the 90s. So that included the obvious people like BSB, NSYNC, Britney, RickyMartin (who decided to randomly come out of the closet this week) etc. Anyways i found myself pushing myself to the limit a lot more than usual because the music (specific songs) that was being played reminded/brought back ALOT of bitter memories. They pretty much consisted of my fat, emo days and that just fueled me to push it to my max. It sounds so stupid but i really couldn't believe how i let my grade 9 memories motivate me to work hard.

So it made me realize two things:
1. Everything reminds me of something. Whether it be bad or good.
2. I will never forgive and forget those people and the memories that associate with these people. There are just some things that people (kids then) did that pretty much crushed any self-esteem i had. Things like the (popular) GIRLS not even looking at you when you talk but giving their full attention to your prettier girlfriend next to you when they speak, choosing groups based on popularity and prettiness, guys that won't even give you the time of day because you were fat, dorky, wore glasses and was Chinese and when they did it was because they can help you design something awesome to hand in... It was things like that, that made me walk away/grew up with scars and feelings of unworthiness and low-self esteem. I don't know did it make me stronger but it sure made me more BITTER. ROARRRRRRRR.x

It was a very bitter class.

tweeet tweeet