The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Special Project

I have SO many things on my To-Do list for Operation Special Project but being the procrastinator i am, i am cutting my nails and watching dramas instead.

i really gotta finish this job though if i want to be paid =____=

and yes, its Canada's Day-eve and instead of out clubbing and getting drunk. I am home and watching the mister because he's sick.


Monday, June 29, 2009

yawns. mini LUSH haul.

i wanted to blog about LUSH (the brand) but tooo sleeepy to do rant too long. I guess the super long haul will have to be left for another day. As you can see the picture on the left, i am currently using their Green Tea Water toner and i heart.

I dont really remember where i first heard about this product but i do remember seeing it in C's washroom lol Actually i first heard some fabulous reviews on its bar cleansers (which i will be trying the moment i finish using up the bottle of The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Foaming Facial Cleanser my cousin bought me). That will be another topic for another day. Back to this water spritzer thingy, it is unbelievably refreshing and it makes your skin feel super squeaky clean, soft and tightened (not in an uncomfortable, botox-ed way). Maybe i am just totally sold on the product and not really paying attention to its composition (it might even just be 95% tap water and 5% other types of "good for me" water)....regardless of whatever its made of- this stuff is the shit. Perfect for oily blemished skin. Though it does not improve appearances of acne blemishes, it does make my cheeks feel like a baby's bottom.

and its only been four days. haha

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last Post about University

Blogging crave again- figured l'll satisfy that crave before it goes away.

Last night it was another GCM (Beyond the GCM years as i call it) event where it was originally K.Li's farewell party that morphed into E & LV's surprise joint-birthday event the moment K.Li announced that he WASNT moving to N.Bay anymore =____='' lol so no DQ Treat for him. As always, our surprises always work out at the end, so good job to us for being such great coordinators lol

There were SO many highlights to the night but a few that stood out and i could type the least amount to describe it was:
  • the food fight, chocolate was EVERYWHERE
  • the no-exploding power, exploding paper shooters that just created a big mess for the staff at the karaoke place (they must really, really hate us)
  • the 20 minutes before our surprise. it took four people to untangle two batches of balllooons that miraculously tied themselves in the car, while trying to cue the people at the place to play Happy Birthday as we entered the room
  • i got slapped so many times by lollll
  • but in return everyone took turns slapping him to sober up. lol
I figured l'll do my POST-GCM summary entry (the one Ive been meaning to write after convocation) right now to tie up everything.


It has been a month since i've officially graduated from the Graphic Communications Management program with my Bachelor of Technology of degree and minor in Marketing. With that said, not only have i graduated with an expensive piece of paper, a "title", a shitload of knowledge on the exciting world of Print and a new appreciation for paper and ink- I came out of my four years at Ryerson University with a bunch of people whom I have been calling my GCM family and have grown very fond of, a changed personality and philosophy in life, and a mister who has become my best friend, my listner, my play date and chicken-wings partner.

When i first applied to University, i went for Communications @ York, Fashion Communications @ Ryerson and GCM @ Ryerson...even know I know my heart was set on GCM because my cousin graduated from there some years ago, so choosing it wasnt a tough decision when i was accepted to all three. There were 3 programs however, that I did not apply for and it was Fine Arts @ York, Graphic Design @ OCAD and Design @ York/Sheridan. The reason being was my mind was set on the fact that I was simply not good enough for any art program even though I was applying from a Special Arts highschool (where I had almost as much Art courses, as i did with my academic courses), prior knowledge on how to use all the Adobe programs and recommendations from several art teachers. It makes me wonder and question, what my fate would have been if i had in fact chosen the art route, or any other route for the matter instead of choosing Print. Would i have had grown with a bunch of fantastic, good-hearted people? Would i have crossed path with the mister? Would I have been less bitter? lol The many what if-s will always remain a mystery in this life time.

Four years ago, I entered GCM with a brand new mindset to start fresh, start new, start again. That prior summer was a painful summer that taught me what betrayal felt like and the year prior to that was the darkest period of my life. The period where there was no sunshine, no smiles, no will, no tries. Only pain, darkness, and the will to do nothing but sit where i was because i have fallen so hard. It felt nice, to see new faces and have new goals and ambitions. That was when i met my four girls, the family that held me up and were my pillars for all those "moments".

Each of us, different in our own ways, somehow clicked and stuck by each other through the years despite differences and drama. Let's use these coming years as a test, to see can distance and time apart from each other change that. If it doesnt, bless the higher being, and if it does- it does not change any of those memories we created in the past four years that has influenced us into the person we are today. I love you girls, and this here in this blog entry is my official note of that.

Over the years, memories were accumulated and here is a couple that stands out:
  • Getting so wasted for premedia
  • Getting so wasted for marketing and management 101
  • L.Vo, the water fountain that sprayed water because she was so trashed
  • Vodka mixed with strawberry bbt
  • Peach schnapps and tall jenn
  • Drinking in the stairwell at the engineer building
  • Downing bottles of baileys right after exams in 2nd year
  • Failing premedia twice. Once when the class avg was 46 and 2nd time was boosted by 0.5%
  • My secret notes affair
  • Our trashed pub afternoon
  • The night when I thought dai jut lo was going to kill me
  • Secret picture stash on my C: (that is not so secretive anymore)
  • The candygram jannet bought me for valentines day through the GCM union that I NEVER RECEIVED TO THIS DAY. Its been three years. Hahaha
  • Pub Night @ distrik or something crazy like that
  • the stories that tall jenn and I wrote in code and nobody would EVER get
  • Instrumentations allnighters
  • Pickle barrel 5 days in a row
  • Hot Gang and the fan club
  • The first time I saw the mister in our GRA class- I told Wa to sit beside him because I didn’t wanna sit next to the foreign chinese guy hahaha
  • Tall jenn’s camera fish bag
  • Robert leung and Deedee wong
  • Nice-Arm and Dai-Jut-Lo fantasies
  • Blades (Hair)
hahaha : ))))

Then there was the extension to the family with the other kids, and the rez girls whom made life much more fun. I feel so fortunate to be able to go through university and am able to tell people that the people i chilled with at school are like family to me. I think it would have been very different if i was to have been in a program that had 300 people (in the same year). Instead i was blessed with great people and im quite thankful for that. Hopefully everyone else sees this and contribute to making an effort to maintain to stay in touch and remain a fam.

Specifically l'll like to sneak in a smaller subgroup whom ive grown very, very fond of in the past two years. This would be with coco, junior and the mister. Its very different, when i hang with these guys. The mood is different, and i guess we all understand each other very throughly while others may have small misconceptions. We talk about pretty much everything and as simple as that sounds, its actually hard to be do so with other people. It really makes no sense as im rereading this.....but its okay. I'm going to leave it at that. I can almost confidently say, that these guys will not disappear from my life anytime soon- and thats saying a lot seeing lots may change.

Then there's the mister. I don't even know where to start with him, which is why im going to make this short. I met him in year 2, and i remember the first time i saw him in the lecture hall, i made Wa sit beside him because i didnt want to sit beside that "foreign chinese guy" hahaha Who the hell knew eight months later i would be dating that foreign chinese guy whom nobody knew his real age haha : )) Funny how things work out, but im glad it worked out that way for both our fates. Life simply is as perfect as it can be.

After four years, all the drama, projects and personal obstacles that i endured and survived, I can conclude I will be forever, that bubbly talkactive girl that speaks loudly but I don't see myself as being as kind as i was four years ago (seriously lol). I am still as forgiving as ever, but i do remember the little things that have inflicted pain on me. It's because going through four years, i have learned to see the truth in people and the darkness that everyone is capable of. I do strongly believe in karma and it will bite you in the ass if you have ever done anyone wrong. I guess because of all this, it has made me a stronger person. Not the strongest, but notably stronger. (I don't cry as much now haha!) Yay for me.

Also a note on the subject of the TOPIC that my studies surrounded. As much as we all say we hate print, we want to get rid of print and cannot stay in print forever, i find myself loving Print. The other day, i had a 2 hour meeting with an organizer of the Graphics Canada show (Canada's largest Print/Graphic Arts Show that happens every 2 years) and i found every topic that came up during our discussion, was oh-so exciting. I even find myself flipping through the pages of Graphic Arts Monthly during office hours, reading about oh-so exciting topics on Print. Go figure. lol Hate it, love it- im destined to be stuck with Print forever (directly or in-directly).

I think i summarized my post-secondary experience up pretty well. It was great, it was undescribeable and ultimately, it was the right choice. No regrets, whatsoever.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time to hit up BMV

Reading List

  • The Host by Stephanie Meyer (Note: Kathy! Read this! Akemo said its better than twilight!!)
  • The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
  • Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult
  • My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • The Five People you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
  • For One More Day by Mitch Albom
  • A Complicated Kind by Miriam Toews
  • Alice in Wonderland through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy (The Lord of the Rings / Two Towers / Return of the King) by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • His Dark Materials Trilogy ( The Golden Compass / The Subtle Knife / The Amber Spyglass ) by Phillip Pullman
  • Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards
  • Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

i'm sure there's more but i forgot about them until i see the cover at chapters
i am going to go bankrupt la

Sunday, June 21, 2009

will Rogers charge me if i use my net in London?

i just came back from london (Ontario, not Britain) and am in total facebook photo uploading & blogging mode. the thing is that i am SO exhausted from the ride and the day that i really need to put a raincheck on those two items.

but once i take that raincheck- expect ALOT of overdue pictures (i.e. L's farewell dinner & more) and also a massive word vomit post.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I've been blogging pretty much every single day this week but havnt published any of it so im just going to copy and paste them all together into one big post, so i apologize for the chunkiness.

First up. I really gotta stop pushing my luck.

I am normally either the first one at the office (I currently have no key so I stand outside miserably for latecomers) or one of the first ones to be there. In my two and a half month with the company, ive noticed a trend. The trend is: my boss can smell when I am late.
Not the “2-5mins” late kind of late, I mean the 10-15 minutes, strolling in with tim hortons late. !@#$% He is NEVER here when I am waiting at the door yet he always catches me when im not in my seat. What the hell lolol Example today. I checked his calendar (all our calendars are synchronized for organization and efficient purposes) the night before and noticed he had an early morning OUT OF THE OFFICE meeting. Cools, thinking to myself I can take a little more time than usual. HAAAAAAA. Nothing I think every goes right. This morning I walked into the building with my icecap and buttered raisin bagel , feeling all dandy because its a nice day. Then the elevator opens, look who's there- its my boss in his spiffy wear.

Capital eff-em-elle (FML). =_____=

My happy thoughts were shattered so fast (but not as fast as the time it took to come up with a story about why I was late) thumbs up.

I swear he can smell when im up to no good. lol

Next. I really shouldnt shop but......yeah no excuses. I really shouldnt shop lol
But i like to make lists anyways
  • Shorts, shorts, shorts (because its summer time!!!)
  • Long Boho Dress (For once, being tall has its perks)
  • Sandals (I'm upgrading from Old Navy flipflops)
  • Gladiator Heels (Just cause lol)
  • New bag for work (My bags are becoming hobo-looking)
  • Eyelash Curler (Any recommendations? Many are saying Shiseido?)
  • Contacts (Attempt at the unknown)
  • Sunglasses (because ive wanted them for the longest time)
  • The Time Travelers Wife (So I can watch the movie)
  • The Host (So I wont get beats from twin)
  • Salem Falls, or any Jodi Picoult Book (Because i am genuinely interested in seeing if her writing is as great as it has been hyped up to be)
Sadly, I know i will eventually get them all. I need retail therapy, along with other kinds of therapies, rehabilitation, and shock treatments.

Jumping to something totally random, ive been trying to get into reading New Moon (2nd book in the Twilight Saga) again but for some reason, this being maybe the third or fourth time again- i really, REALLY cant get through it. I think its gotten to a point where I am so attached to the character (Bella) and I put myself in her shoes, that I cannot go through the pain she experiences in the book. haha it is so TRAGIC and so heartbreaking that it literally kills me too, hence i am unable to finish the book to prep for the movie =[ im quite a loser, i know.

Oh and Robert Pattinson was "hit/glazed/brushed/collided" by a NYC cab because he was trying to run from fans. My god people, you all are going to kill this gorgeous piece of meat one day if you dont calm down and then NOBODY CAN HAVE HIMMMMMMMMMM. that would be a very sad day.

It's finally almost the end of the week. I've been somewhat productive this week in terms of utilizing the time that is not spent at work. I've gone shopping, ive done some work for a special project that i am not going to disclose yet, i cleaned my closet, im watching my dramas while doing all that....but still doing a little work nonethelesssss.

I think im venturing off into London tmr with the mister and his family for his sisters housewarming and the litttle one's birthday. That's going to be fun....if i am really going. lol

Okay thats it,my random bits and pieces.
My GCM-conclusion post is still pending.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mister Ing

sighs. i <3 you

i just felt like typing that since i dont want to call him up and interrupt his reading time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Post-Graduate-Post & Other Meaningful Thoughts

I'll be back later to type something because i am actually currently getting ready for work.... but yes! I am finally an undergraduate! Pictures to come.

As of now though bear with me with a teaser! ^^

I did it! ^^



I am back now with I guess my last "GCM"-related post EVER because as of yesterday, GCM is literally only memories and can only be proven with the gazillion stalker pictures that ive taken over the past four years and that 25,000 paper that i almost lost....haha

The day started out super early with me getting up at 5:30am to put on my makeup and do my hair. It was kinda blurry that chunk of the morning, i only recall Vo msn-ing me saying she didnt know what to wear haha it felt like an exam morning where she didnt know which class room we were suppose to go to. hehe i going to miss that : ) At around 7:15, LX came to get me and "surprised" me with flowers even though i asked for them a couple of months ealrier.....heh im glad you remembered B.

Our Classic Lurve in the Car Pic

His Purdy Urple Roses : )

So even though we were suppose to be down there at 7:30am, we ended up being fifteen minutes late anyways and enjoyed every minute of it because its OUR DAYYYY.....until i saw A, E and Jennut come out with their gowns on. haha Thats when i began to "run" aka "power jog" in shoes ive worn for about half an hour.

The period between us entering the theatre to be awarded our degrees and lining up in depressing Kerr Hall East was way too long. To past time, we all became each others mirrors and helped each other pin our parachutes (that sash thing) to our bodies and straighten it for each other : )
When the time did come, we did our walk around this giant field then entered the theatre and the ceremony began. Basically it went on for two hours, and the first hour and forty five minutes were boring. It literally took only fifteen minutes to hand out all the degrees to all the GCMers. I tried my best to cheer for all the kids but it was really awakard screaming for you guys from the side and while im walking back to my seat. So i TOTALLY missed seeing my own boyfriend get his award, same with a few other people too. argh. However though, im glad one of our friends (J) got the loudest appaluse from all the asian kids because he was last to go and i think we all secretly love him the most haha

Another thing that i did because i am the biggest dork in the world, was to take pictures WHILE i was recieving my handshakes and awards. haha While everybody was enjoying their moment in the spotlight, you see ME, the dork holding up her camera and taking pics from my perspective. I actually wanted to take a picture with the chinese chancellor man but i actually got REALLY nervous as i crossed the stage so i chickened out last minute............otherwise i would have SO DONE IT and lagged up the line. haha

Yes, I was the loser with the camera

heh heh toooo bad. It would have been THE final act to signify what a big cam whore and freak i am. Once the ceremony was over, we all went outside to take pictures and thats when i fulfilled my own facebook event and gather all the kids together to take a nice large group picture =D Unfortunately i realized that we were missing Khalid and Cowan....but i can always photoshop them in there : ) There was honestly way too many things going on at once after the ceremony.

My GCM family

Even though in my facebook event, i said that my dream picture was to take it with ALL the kids- that was kinda a lie to get everyone together lollllllll NOT, that the group picture was any less important- but the main picture that ive wanted to take ever since year one was with the girls. I think, from the moment we took our first photobooth pictures- i think i knew that l'll be graduating, linking arms and making funny faces we the four girls. It was just something so weird that tied all of us together, different personalities, different background- all brought together to create priceless memories. I think l'll blog more in-depthly about how much i love them in my next post lol.

My Girls <3

Just a side dork story-
After we came out, we all are pretty hyped up about taking pictures and running around all care-free. That was when i realized i did have my degree certificate. You know that piece of paper that costs $20,000????? Yeah i didnt have a clue where it was and that was when i practically yelled- OMG I DONT KNOW WHERE MY DEGREE WENT. Not a good idea because the reactions i received ranged from my brother yelling- YOU IDIOT in his very mean voice, to my parents frowning, i think Albert's parents frowned too haha, to nearby GCMers smirked, to other grads and their families gave me the STUPID GIRL glare, i think Jo said Epic Fail haha and lastly Albert simply said- be glad Coco isnt here because he would have been very angry with you. LOL I mustve been the only grad to have misplaced their degree certificate, half an hour into recieving it. THEN, it hit me that LX had it and that was the end of that. HEH. Only dorky, would lose the one thing you cannot lose. heh lolll

Ok back on track lol
My parents and my brother came to see me on this "big" day and i was very grateful and very happy that they showed up. i realized how very frustrating and hassle-ish the day was for them; but they showed up anyways just to see me in my ugly ryerson blue gown and to take pictures with me. Its one of those things where i cant thank them enough in words but can only show my appreciation through many actions in years to come.

My Parents, Baby Brother and I :)))))))

& the topic of that many have asked me. How was the parents meeting. Ha ha ha. lolllll From a personal standpoint, i thought it was a lil weirdddd....i mean....its parents meeting parents.....not significant other meeting parents.....Otherwise it went well overall haha i dreamt it was much worst to be honest. The thing that made me exceptionally happy was the mister did the introductions. For the longest time i thought i was going to have to do it, I recall telling my cousin about it too. I dont know how to explain it, but it really just made everything even more better by him doing that. It means a lot to me, and i think he probably felt it and knew it even though i didnt say anything. Another item which i need to add to my invisible list of meaningful things he has done for me lol

heart heart smiles im so proud of you<3

Overall i think that was my convocation summarized up? lollllllllllll

Couple of Regrets though.
  • i did not take enough pictures. in general. i was aiming for 200, but i came out short with 94.
  • i didnt take pics with some people because i couldnt keep track!! im sorry annnh,ernie,jin,khalid, jo,denis,cristal,cowan,denise,ashZ&clearly there were more but i forgot. im sorry :(
  • i didnt spend enough time taking pics of the mister. that makes me even more sad
  • i didnt take a picture with raymond chang (the chancellor) when i was shaking his hand on stage.
  • i didnt get to take a picture with my dream team boys that consists of Chocolate, Junior and the mister : (((
  • i didnt take a picture of the GCM building
  • i left my camera home when we went for karoke

& i dont remember the others. boooooos. >.<

I was going to write my last GCM-related post, but i am mentally and physically exhausted (which would explain all the grammatical errors) due to lack of sleep, but majority because today work treated me like shit. The day was long and extremely brutal. I've never been this upset on the job before and honestly if it wasnt for LX coming to get/see me after work, and then later in the evening ranting to chocolate and twin- i think i really would have cried myself to sleep.

Because of this reason l'll do that post another time.

Goodnights and outsssss

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rotten Luck

As titled, I have the most rotten luck in the world.

Yesterday afternoon, I left work early because i began to have a headache, heating up, aching muscles and coughs. Basically I couldnt concentrate because i KNEW i was getting sick. The mister dropped me home and i discovered that the Rogers people that came to fix my NEXT DOOR neighbours cable, somehow fuckked up OUR wires and my family was left Cable-less, PHONE-less, Internet-less. This is what we get for being DEPENDENT on Rogers Teleocommunications. I spent the next hour basically wasting my minutes away on my cellphone, to try to get all this fixed. In the end, i got nothing fixed (until today anyways), a fever sprung up in the midst of my mighty cussings and i lost 58mins in cellphone minutes. To top of my convocation is tommorrow and even though i dont have my fever currently, the aftermath of it is still here and im not feeling too great.

With that said, how did i get my fever? Well, its from walking in the cold with a thin jacket on! Why was I walking in the cold? Because I was leaving pacific mall at 8pm! Why was I leaving pacific mall at 8pm? This leads to another reason why i have rotten luck.

As I told some, I ordered my convocation dress online. This dress percisely:

Purdy eh? I think so too, and i was TOTALLY excited to have it shipped over and everything for a relatively low price. That was until i found out they forgot my order and it wouldnt come in this "batch" that was due on June 1st. Basically 2 and half weeks ago i found out i was convocation dress-less. Just my luck too!! I thought i had it and everything, bought matching shoes too and then this happens. Totally rubbish. !@#$% Anyways, which leads to why i went to Pacific Mall this Friday. Since this is an "asian/fob" dress, i figured my highest chances in finding this dress was to go to the most asian/fob place i know lol. Here i am, the picture loaded on my BB and I got into EVERY DAMN boutique in the mall to show them the picture and ask if they have it or anything similar. It was SUCH a long tedious thing to do but i did it anyways because i really wanted that dress : ( I guess the higher being felt my frustration and sadness so he granted me my replacement dress (as i went into the LAST CLOTHING STORE OUT OF THE FOURTY SHOPS !@#$%) >.<.

Sighs. I guess its better than nothing! The replacement dress is still flowery and girly....and it matches my shoes lol

Oh and i also went and got the mister his grad present ^^, that was another reason why i was there. I know he'll love it, because i love it. kekeke~! I hope he doesnt read this today.


Okay typing is making me tired. I need to save up my energy for tomorrow by stop typing and stocking my body up with more DEFENSE Vitamin Water.
Will be back with my FINAL GCM-RELATED post after convocation tmr!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Strong Enough

What annoys me and saddens me beyond anything imaginable is this:

Person A get dressed, gets excited, and waits for Person B because i guess they were going to hang out. Person B flops/ditches and tells Person A that they wont be hanging out for the day. Person A becomes moody, frustrated and pissed off at everyone in the house which inturns annoys the shit out of everyone. Everyone then gets moody and pissed off too and it snowballs into a family feud (not the fun one).

Person B has been doing this for the past three-four years and it just makes me hate them even more. Even when the slightest feeling of NEUTRAL-ness ever creeps up on me because i feel like i should give them a chance because they mean alot to Person A: all these incidents are just reminders of how much pain you bring into Person As life, my life and my families life.

I'm sure Person B's got some sort of unspoken truth that i dont know about, but its been almost four years, i think its time to deal with it (as painful, tough and heart-aching it will be)- its really time to EITHER move on or fucking change.

And Person A: I wish you were strong enough to let go.

People have no idea how one courtship/relationship can strain and affect an entire family's relationship.You are probably thinking and asking me: Who are you to say what justifies an actual relationship? I agree, I am not someone to justify anything. All I know and feel is,

It pains me as much as it pains you.

You Know You Love Me, XOXO Gossip Girl

The past couple of days ive been spending my lunches on and other hollywood gossip sites and I wanted to blog about a couple of items that came up as I did my intense celebrity stalkings. I thought i could do this as a weekly thing just because its fun to rant. lol

Starting with,

1. Edward Cullen you are a God
Haha enough said, he is gorgeous and a god-like creature that acts weird and awkward ONLY for the sake of turning off fans because the truth is, he has SOOO many that it has become harmful to his health and endangering his life. The risk of being jumped and sexually violated on the street by tweens, teens, women, and the elderly who wants a piece of him is too high. Just a small conclusion akemo and I thought of. Haha To this day I still regret not going to go see him at Muchmusic.

2. Burberry Day in New York
So I didn’t even know Burberry is such a hit over there? I mean, enough for it to be declared a day? Apparently there's even a building built for it. Shows what I know about NYC- not enough.

3. Jon and Kate plus 8
At first I was SO sad when I first saw the news that JON cheated. Then it became gay when they began to say KATE cheated. Now, whether people like it or not, or whether I accept the fact that one of my most favorite married couples whom I believed define the words marriage/parental bliss....- is going to split. Every damn media spotlight is focused on them and its just going to get worst and theyre just going to hate each other even more and there would be no more jon AND kate. I don’t thinkkkk they cheated on each other but I think the accusations provoked all the frustrations that have already been building up between them and leads to thisssss. I personally think Kates a big biatch (with her whole “Everybody wants my hair comment” - can you spell SELF-ABSORBED? I bet even your kids can spell that......but shes a good mother. Hmmm I wonder if being a biatch and being a good mother has any correlation with one another. Hm, Go figure. lol
Anyways, honestly Jon&kate, think of the children!!! Maybe they can give Aiden to me if the family becomes broken. KEKEKEKE.

4. Hayden Christensenn and Rachel Bilson
ENGAGED ARE THEY!?!I didn’t even noe they were going out!!! Mygosh.

5. meg ryans daughter is......chinese!?!

Omg hahaha what a cutie tho. She looks like a mini me but prettier cuz she looks mixed. Lol

6. Hugh Jackman Has Bulging Biceps
Hahaha nothing really. Its just the headline made me laugh out loud in the office haha

7. Scream 4
what the helllll. Haha that’s like bringing back, I Know What You Did Last Summer....interesting though.

8. Eminem/Bruno Stunt Was Staged (Duh)
I don’t believe that for a minute. The FURIOUS pissed off face eminem have was not part of an act or anything like that. Hes not THAT greAT OF an actor....we can all tell by 8 Mile....haha anyways ya holy shit Borats gonna have to look twice when hes crossing the street or watch his back cuz if eminem was still as ghetto as he use to be- he would take that guy out SO quicklyyyy for rubbing his balls in his face...yes. Gotta suck to be nut sacked by Borat haha

edit ###
ok so apparently eminem himself confirmed that he WAS part of the prank.....but i still dont believe him. haha He's not THAT great of an actor.


yeah i think thats it haha

Monday, June 1, 2009

This is why I want to work for big name corporations like Ernst&Young

Today i went and got Part 3 0f 3 Cavity Fillings appointments scheduled for me because i have SO many cavities they werent able to eliminate them in one go. Akemo must be so disappointed in me. In total, i paid 1300 dollars to get my teeth to be squeaky clean....with only 600 of it covered by insurance. sighs. Do the math, it equals to A DENT IN MY WALLETT. Which is why the lesson here is: work for a company that has a GOOD DENTAL BENEFITS PACKAGE. or ANY GOOOD benefits package to say the least. Or invest in one. Omg i need a freaking benefits package.

Moving on.

Then, i stepped next door to where i normally get my glasses to ask them about how the rates for contact lenses work. Because i have realtively a little bit excessive money (for the next 3 days anyways), i figured now is the time to attempt to be different by looking like an alien (that wears metal retainers. yes! i have new awkward retainers) and try out contact lenses. Anyways so it will cost me a bill-ish for 2 boxes....i dont have a clue whether thats reasonable or not, i gotta ask the mister for advice. I proceed on to ask her how much would COLOR contacts cost because i wanna be a colored-eye alien. She asked me some questions about how bad were my eyes and whether i have some sort of condition (light reflective or something technical like that) and i wasnt really able to answer because i didnt have a clue and told her i have a "file" with them. She asked for my name, I replied and for a good ten seconds i thought she was about to get up to grab it when she sat down quite quickly and answered in chinese:

No. Your case is too extreme. They dont make color contacts for cases like yours.

sobs = (

So apparently my case is so unique that she remembers my name. Or maybe im the only file under the "EXTREME CASES" cabinet. Either way it sucks to be almost legally blind with some sort of lights-reflective condition (!???!) . Normally i would be pretty insulted and insist that they check but knowing that my eyes are pretty bad i totally accepted it and just said, "Aw" while she frowned at me. She looked very unhappy.

double sobs = (((((((

Sucks to have cavity-proned teeth and bad eyes.

Other random bits on my agenda
- I officially dont have a convocation dress anymore because the people forgot to ship it on the plane! ha ha ha
- I officially start assisting in paying mortgage bills and OSAP starting July. ha ha ha
-I'm starting to take up an interest in really expensive Asian-brand skin care products. Right when i gotta start forking up 60% of my pay cheque. ha ha ha
- My nails r chipping. ha ha haaaaa

It hasnt been a good day/night.
Lets hope chicken wings tmr and migration to the misters for the next couple of days will make me happier.

tweeet tweeet