The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


God clearly hates me on Tuesdays & Fridays because every single time there is a game on while im at work…..around the 2pm mark… phone stops receiving data connection and I am left stranded again….with no scoremobile (thank GOD for leaving me with Yahoo Sports play by play…), no twitter, no fb, no bbm, no msn, no NOTHING. I feel SOOO disconnected YET AGAIN.

Thus I resort to "email" blogging as a method to let people know that I am DATA-DEPRIVED yet again.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Second Home

This is our second home whenever a huge match is on. Loves it here. I think the owner loves us too : )
My life is pretty much on hold for about 2 hours whenever a huge futbol match is on (like today). And what's really sad is i am STARTING to not mind the taste of beer..........yuck. i know.

Anyways dont have much to say. The other night was le cousin's anniversaire à le karoke avec all you can drink and we rightfully got plastered. I'm waiting for her pictures so i can jack them and load them on my fb lol I hope she enjoyed her birthday this year!! i really tried my best to make it really awesome!

Up next is K's 25th!!! Going to be so so much fun!!!

oh. btw people. Im going to Miami next week. (80% confirmed).

Thought l'll share.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh the sapppp. Its overwhelming

I am IN LOVE. The song is downloaded and totally on my repeat playlist.

Aside from the obvious reasons to why i love this vid (cough HOT guys) i cannot believe how they were able to translate the lyrics so perfectly. You know when there's an english version of any Chinese/Mando song the translation tends to be completely different from what the original song because of the way the language is its difficult to have a perfect translation. I am totally wrong after watching this. 

I think i melted when Jason Chen started playing the violin. There is seriously something about a guy who can play the violin (or piano) that is so so sexy and attractive. &&&&& J Rice is SO hot. Fak. It was like a triple combo- Hot Guys + Hot Voices + Sad, Romantic Song. All in which results in my almost-death but on life support long enough to watch the El Clasico match tomolo. 

Yo J Rice, play soccer? You have the makings (physically). haha sighs.

Its official guys. I want a footballer boyfriend that can play the violin. And he's going to have to play the exact song at our wedding as a gift to me. Yes. That will happen.

Are my requests a bit demanding and outrageous?

I think so.

Big Happy Face goes here.


Okay watched it again after an hour and melted again. Thought lll share.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Love and Other Drugs

Just came home from watching this movie. I have to admit that i enjoyed it very much. It seems like every Jake movie that ive watched lately has been a hit. I have no idea why. I don't normally go out to watch his movies but the ones i have has been quite good. I wouldnt really like to say i liked the ending because i dont believe that someone can be that lucky. Its probably because i am bitter as hell but ur gonna hafta see it for yourself to know what i mean. lol I liked it more when it was all about the game in the beginning. Notice people, the moment she says I LOVE YOU to him. That's when it went DOWNHILLLLLL.Not good. Not defensive. Lesson right there.


In my dream you held my hand again and everything was how it was but you asked me,

Would you have accepted all the choices i have made and will make? 

I didn't have an answer. I just wanted to prolong that moment as long as i can. Then the reality of it all being a dream hit me and i said,

This is all a dream isn't it. 

You nodded. And i sobbed until it actually woke me up with tears running down my face.

I feel sad. But not because we are no longer together (as i have felt for so many, many months and that occasional slip that i get over). I feel sad because i think my answer would have been no.....or a very uncertain maybe. Which should never be the case because in order for it to have worked i would have needed to agree with no uncertainty. This dream was almost like a realization that perhaps it is better this way. For now anyways......

Anyways. Strange. Time to wipe that face to get ready to go to Chapters/SB (hope the net is amazingly fast) to work for the day and then Love & Other Drugs with C tonight.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


omfg EPIC. this is the best FFFOUND ever.


i find the coolest reads. EVER.
Good Nights!~!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Girls are Psychotic Bitches

If people haven't already heard about the viet/chinese markham home invasion....well you do now because im blogging about it lol. Case goes, 3 men (black, black and white) entered a home, tied the 24yr old daughter up and killed the mother and shot the father multiple times in the upper body and in the neck area (but he somehow managed to stumble over to the neighbours?!?! Solider) and the daughter manage to break free and called the cops.

So its all pretty creepy you see because of the many similarities between that family and mine. The parents are the same age as mine. I am also Chinese Vietnamese, I live in Markham, I have a younger brother roughly the same age too and we both are 24. The similarities are definitely eerie.

Anyways. So C bbms and tells me how shes unable to get over the news! Here i am completely confused and asks her whats up?! What news. And she hits me with the insaneness.

(I quote the Globe and Mail)

In a major twist, Jennifer Pan – who was initially considered a witness to the horrific crime – has been charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

What the shit!!?!? The DAUGHTER was part of this WHOLEEE home invasion thing. Holy fucknuts that is crazyyyyyy.

This is what happens in the measly 5 hours that i don't have connection to the internet.

Adding onto that, apparently i know a crapload of people who went to school with her and worked with her. The idea that someone that is so similar (lifestyle. not mental state) to myself is capable of cold blood murder is unbelievable. People need to be careful who they mess with because if ANYONE ever told me this chick is gonna slaughter her mother, i would just laugh in their face because she does NOT look she could. I would share how i really feel but l'll shut my trap now in case she googles her case and finds me. & kills me.

Just saying.

Anyways! Moving on.

Earlier this evening A tweeted me this

Wondered what she meant. I thought maybe its Torres holding a really fat asian mixed kid or something. Clicked on the link. Saw this:


Ohmygoddddddddddd. That is DEFINITELY my kid. Saving the pic to use as reference for i am gonna make it for my future kid for Halloween. She's going to be so snurky and tell her classmates: "My mommy says i'm a sweet Vanilla Bean Coffee-Based Frappicuno with a Venti Straw!" Man. My daughter is going to be such a smart cookie.

Okay feeling productive again tonight. Must get to it and not let the Arsenal lost today put me down.

Mobile Blogging. Sort. Of. Not Really. SOBS.

Okay this is not so much MOBILE blogging because i am typing in the notepad and will be "emailing" it to this blog.|

This is my plea of how disconnected i feel from the world. As of GOD KNOWS WHEN, my blackberry data service has been LOST/OUT/GONE/DEAD. I consider lack anything longer than 2 minutes- TORTURE. Even though I may have the internet, but they blocked Twitter, Blogspot/Blogger, Facebook (Obvs) and even TUMBLR!!!! So i cant tweet/update status and this is the most creative way i came up with as means to communicate with the outside world. I have absolutely no idea what is going on outside of my cubicle. Are people wondering if i am DEAD?!?!? Did the world stop spinning? Ohmygawd i am going INSANE.
The fact that my manager is working from home today doesn't help because i have zero things to do and the stuff she has left for me i finished before noon! The one day I can chat on day on my bb i can't even do so!

My only source of comfort is that they did NOT block Yahoo Sports (thnx god) so I can follow my soccer game's play by play in approximately 3 minutes.

On top of that, i just learned that i have to edumahcate myself on how to use Microsoft Publisher. AKA. INDESIGN FOR NON-CREATIVE PEOPLE.

!@#$%&!!! FAK.

Does it make me a retard if i find Publisher harder to use than InDesign!?! (Okay l'l answer my own question- I THINK SO). Omg i wish they would just let me design it in InDesign. I would even do it on my own time.

Come onnn Rogers EDGE. COME BACK.

fffound.....& for the sake of posting something entertaining

Seems like something i would do as well in a crisis.....text someone. haha

I really should sleep but im on this crazy design-high and normally when im on one of those....the shit i come up with is usually pretty awesome. Not to sound completely self-absorbed or anything like that.

Also because a late Peking Duck dinner tonight with K and the cousin has not fully digested itself in the belly.

BIG YAWNSSSS. Looks like its going to be a five hour night again tonight.

Gossip Girl Haul - to make up for the lack of GG tonight

*takes a deep breath* Weekly dosage of chuck & blair is needed.
This part was particularly stabby to the heart as well.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

There is no such thing anymore

Disney Animation is closing the book on fairy tales

Source: Link


CARTOON OR NOT- there really is no hope for anyone in this world anymore.


to not to be affected by anything

ITS SNOWING mutha-effers

When people first wake up the "normal" thing to do is to go by the window to open the blinds or go to the washroom to sober up (from i refer to it as lol). For me its to turn on the laptop to check facebook, tweetdeck, emails, blog tracker and tumblr dashboard. Anyways long boring unnecessary details short, i discovered that it was actually SNOWING....from facebook. UGHHH. UGHGHH. I look outside and in fact there was flurries swirling and the rooftops were glazed white. FAK MAN. Its not even the cousins birthday and its snowed already!

People, je ne suis pas content with snow and cold weather.

I digress.

So on Friday evening i (obviously) went to see Harry Potter 7 (Part 1) with twin. Most people would (and should) know that i have extremely high expectations and hated all the movies with the exception of the most recent one (#6- duh) where it was "entertaining" in a comedic way. That said i expected nothing from this movie except lots of shit talk on my part about how unfaithful it was to the book, the scenes were terrible and what not. We watch the 1030 show (after waiting for AN HOUR in line) and,

HAAAAA. To my shocking surprise, the movie was SO GOOD.

Holycrap. Hands down. The best out of all the movies. Finally in 10 years of doing this, Warner Brothers finally got it right!!!! There was a lot of comedic parts that made me laugh really hard, they chose key parts to react, and even though they made up a lot of the scenes/scenes not in reading order- it was brilliantly done in a way where it worked very well with the flow of the movie. God i am so impressed, i think people should REALLY give it a chance. Why not right?! It's the last movie in the franchise! So so looking forward to the 2nd part in July. Until then, i am definitely watching it again.


I spent the afternoon with two of the boys minus Albie. And they presented me with my belated present which turned out to be a CHEESE BASKET (with wine, mini baguettes and utilities to eat the cheese!!)


Hahah honestly, Chocolate should get into making gift baskets because he is so so GOOD at it lol The gift is SO uber fattening but i love love love!!! Can't wait to bring it over to annbugs so we can have some cheese and wine over intellectual, non-dirty conversations about futbol.

Now that the weekend is practically over. Must do work tonight.


Playing the game like a man and being defensive guarantees that you will never strike out.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Childhood

Something that’s worth too much, coming to an end.
.................well technically July 15th 2011 for part 2 of the last movie. But who cares for details. 

 Watching HP 7 with Twin tomorrow after work! This is going to be EPICCCC. Oh je suis tres tres excited.

Our Adventure to find the perfect Futbol Bar

As everyone know (from my status updates, tweets and share-age of excitement) yesterday was my International Friendlys Day for FIFA and as most people would have noticed, i was MISSING IN ACTION for pretty much the entire day (i'm sorry!). A and I really thought our day was going to be "smooth" because we've been planning for this day for a while now. She took the day off of work (hardcore) and the plan was to spend our entire day at Philthy McNasty's with the England vs. France game until it was time for MWDC.

Nopes. Did not happen.
  • The day started quite pleasant with Flapjacks as a light Brunch over the Brazil and Argentina game (which Argentina won and i was extremely happy about only because of Messi)
  • We head out for Philthy McNasty, parked for a total of.....9 minutes?!?! Paid 12 dollars for 9 minutes. Why?
    • Because freaking Philthy McNasty did NOT have the channels playing our game
    • We stood there as the manager (i guess) was flipping through the channels and appears to be flabbergasted with himself on WHY he did not have the channels (or "packages" as he referred to them as) to watch the International Friendlys.
    • We left...IMMEDIATELY because it was 5 minutes into the game and we concluded over BBM that the situation was hopeless and we MUST leave to find a place that's playing it. 
  •  We ran up and down Yonge (i believe....or could have been eglington. Doesn't matter. We RAN) going into multiple pubs and bars asking if they could play the game for us. 
    • NO LUCK.
  • Life was completely hopeless. A mustve been so devastated. We got into the car and was ready to zoom back to her place to stream the game when i noticed a couple more places and i suggested that we REALLLLLY should try to see if they were because i really didn't want to be at home watching these games (doesn't feel the same). 
  • I go into a couple more places when one of the bartenders suggested i go across the street to this place call "Main Event" and more than likely they ARE playing it?
    • Indeed they were. 
    • God loves us.
  • We parked AGAIN. This time paid 2 dollars for about 17 minutes. Why again?
    • We were SO ecstatic about finding a place that was playing a game that we RAN to the pub (The Main Event) in time to watch France score one on England. 
    • Obvs, A went crazy cheering for France (her team).
    • While it was a good goal that i happily cheered for too, this man at the bar tapped me on my shoulder and pretty much said, "Tell your friend there to" [ insert hand slit to throat gesture ]. It was pretty loud at the pub and i replied, "excuse me? i dont understand.". He answers, "THIS IS AN ENGLISH PUB. TELL YOUR FRIEND TO *insert hand slit gesture again* OR SHES GOING TO *insert hand slit gesture*.
      • Erm. I totally tried to calm A down and whispered to her that we were in an ENGLISH pub and that man pretty much is going to kill you if you don't contain your excitement.
    • For the next 14 minutes of the game (there was about that much time left before half-time) while A watched it, i was busy calling MORE pubs to watch the games elsewhere because i know for a fact they were not going to switch over to the Spain vs. Portugal game and i feared for A's life. lol 
      • I called the Football Factory (our usual pub) and indeed they were playing it AND they were willing to reserve a booth for me to watch my Spain game in private. 
          • i told the girl that we were at another bar and we are going to fly over during half time like real devoted fans.
    • Oh and don't forget the fact that we paid 10 dollars cover (EACH) and downed a pitcher of beer in 14minutes as well. And left RIGHT at half-time. So not worth it.
  •  We head over to the Football Factory in record time in time....while tipsy.
    • Quick back story on why we didn't go to the Footback factory in the FIRST PLACE.
      So we called ahead of time to discover that they were charging a ten dollar cover. Don't know why we did not want to pay that "ridiculous" cover and decided we can find somewhere else that won't charge cover.
      • Clearly we were wrong. We now know better to never hesitate in needing to pay cover for a GUARANTEED, non-hostile, no-death-threat, fun, exciting time.
      • Our lesson costed EACH of us about 70 ish dollars. When it really could have just costed TOTAL.  
  • We had a BLAST there. We even met a French guy! haha 
  • I was actually a tad bit disappointed because they actually were not able to show me the Spain vs. Portugal game. I was the only fan there in my jersey and was really sad!!! 
    • The owner felt terrible that he couldnt carry out his promise of showing the game. And so to compensate for that he gave us poutine and yagerbombs on the house. 
      • He really didn't have to. I am still returning either way lol
        • But its still pretty awesome that we got freebies.
  • I stayed true to my words and took three tequlia shots to mourn Spain's brutal defeat by portugal. 
    • Sighs. : (
  • Then off we went for Pho....slightly tipsy and then back to A's place to wait for the kids to go for more drinking.
Pretty adventurous!!! If i would say so myself.

I missed the game completely and i am so upset about the loss. UGH i need to download the game to see what went wrong1!! i feel completely defenseless because i didn't watch the game and  i dont know how to retaliate if i stumble upon a Portugal fan and they happen to be smug about it. i am seriously upset and screw you all for making fun of me. lol

That said- Football Factory, we will never, EVER turn our backs on you AGAINNNNNNN.

GG Haul - 3

Sighs. Le Love.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GG Haul - 2

Even Gossip Girl believes in that.....
MUST BE TRUE because GG is golden.

These are for you K!

GG Haul - 1

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just playing it defensively

Unless i don't expect anything at all. Never am i going to get burned again.

Okay this is for all you people who don't understand why i love soccer

Football is more than a sport, it's a way of life. It's seeing your teams play & cursing when the ref gives a yellow. It's crying when your teams lose and even more when they win. It's praying that the player who got injured heals quickly and without complications. It's the pride you feel, when you say their name, or wear that jersey. It's sticking with your team no matter if they win or lose because they will always be champions to you.


Swearing obscene things at the bar. cussing out random strangers for talking shit about your team and making new bffs for liking the same teams?!

- added on by A.

Its the same for all you people who support the raps/leafs/jays!!!!!

Futbol Jerseys....a Rant

I think all my friends (aside from A) would frown and disagree with the fact that i am willing to spend hundreds of dollars on Soccer Jerseys. It has somehow evolved into an obsession now. One part is not only because i have clearly (whole-heartedly) indulge myself into the wonderful sexy world of Futbol and i want to show/express my support materialistically but the other part is because they're so expensive and i can't afford them therefore, i must have them.

I am so crazy right?

Before i was extremely skeptical about acquiring any other team's jersey (aside from Spain's) because I was afraid i would be subjected to interrogation by a fan who recognizes the club crest and at the time i did not know much about the team aside from naming the men whom i want to become my kid's daddy. Now i feel confident enough to wear them and thus even bigger reason to buy, wear and show off that i am more than just a fan-girl!!!!

Not to mention that jerseys are so unbelievably comfortable. God they feel so nice on the skin after the gym. I think its the material. Its truly like sex stitched into a shirt rubbing against your skin.

Okay maybe im exaggerating a LILLOOOO bit. haha but i really do go ape shit over them (even though i only have one).

Anyways this all started since this morning when the first thing i did when i woke up was to check the debut of the new Spain team's jersey for 2011. Sexy jerseys. I can't wait to not only own one, but to watch the boys wear em while destroying Portugal on Wednesday.

In all seriousness though, there's about four (Arsenal Fabregas, Liverpool Torres, Spain Away Torres, Barcelona Messi) i want and they cost around 70 bucks a piece. Lets NOT do the math shall we? lol

SIGHS. What have become of me.

New Spontaneous Layout

I suddenly felt like changing up the layout. It could possibly be because my mood and attitude towards certain things have changed drastically during the past 2 weeks. I havnt been blogging much because i HAVE in fact been out and about a lot but at the same time i feel myself going through some transitions and was not motivated to really disclose or share how i've been feeling.

Anyways, i like it! lol

New look, new attitude.


Omg even three years old can find love.


LOLOL FAIL. Click to enlarge

Done and done

Okay i think i am done with clubbing for the next little while. I was looking through my agenda and ive actually gone clubbing every weekend for the past MONTH. Two of those weekends were back to back which is absolutely MADNESS.

This week is going to absolutely flyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Work, Gym, Futbol Wednesday, MWDC and Harry Potter 7!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

International Friendly 2010 Fixtures

Next Wednesday is going to be football Wednesday for A and i (if anybody wants to join!!!!) and it is going to be absolutely spectacular because all our national teams are playing their friendlies that day. Catch? They're playing almost all at the same time....some AGAINST EACH OTHER.

Now in the futbol world, that just causes chaos and overdrives our ovaries because its sexiness and dorkiness all at once for a good couple of hours (i believe 6?).

I pray to god we survive to see the kids that night.

Anyways just a rundown of the schedule of games (that i am either going to watch or care enough to watch the highlights and results) as reference for myself and anybody that cares, here is the following-

Nov 17 06:35 ET China v Latvia [ I want to see how China plays....and possibly be ashamed ]
Nov 17 07:00 ET Hong Kong v Paraguay [ Same goes ]
Nov 17 12:00 ET Argentina v Brazil
Nov 17 14:30 ET Netherlands v Turkey [Because of prince charming]

Nov 17 14:30 ET South Africa v United States
Nov 17 14:30 ET Sweden v Germany [Because Germany is that good.]

Nov 17 15:00 ET England v France
Nov 17 16:00 ET Portugal v Spain

The bolded is obvs the games i will be watching. Bolded and underline is the one i will disregard all to watch lol

Yep. Definitely going to have a GOOOOOOD DAY. I am tres excited.


Remember back in the good ol' days there were these three brothers call THE HANSONS?!?!?

Okay if you don't remember THEM exactly you should remember their absolutely non-making sense but catchy song, MMMbop?!? (To this day i STILL have no idea what that song is about and i dont plan to find out because i dont want anyone to catch me loading it on Youtube at Starbucks lol)

Anyways. Someone on my fb changed their status saying that theyre sad that they're going to miss them in concert in Toronto and they also loaded a picture of them, being this one:


At first im like WHAT. No effing way in this world that's them. They looked like monkeys before!!!! Omfg not getting it. Looked closer.


IT IS THEM. ohmygee. They look GOOOOOD. Well the older two anyways. The oldest one looks like shia labeouf and the middle brother just looks good.

Craziness. With age comes sexiness. im impressed.


But im not gonna start listening to them. haha

Mobile Blogging

I'm annoyed.

Seriously people- if you think I'm a Starbucks No-doer that gets drunk all the time. You really don't know me at all and in that case I don't need to give two shit about you.

Don't fucking judge me if you don't know me. Fuck off.

Good day.
Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

Thursday, November 11, 2010


omg whyyyy asian woman. WHYYYY.


So, like, i would TOTALLY love to wake up every morning looking at that gorgeous face. 
GAH. Gossip Girl <3

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


i love the googlys.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


for the past couple of days i havnt been feeling the blogging drive.

not sure why?

anyways started new part time job today. i love downtown SO SO much.

other than that i dont really have much else to say. maybe later in the week?

Sunday, November 7, 2010


omg i actually survived this weekend.
i went to sleep and woke up at 8am to catch the Arsenal game at 830 just because a specific prince charming player was on the bench and i wanted a glimpse of him. Can you say devotion? haha

anyways l'll blog more later and upload pics on fb soon for ppl to look at!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm alive

LOL. I laughed out loud when i saw this. haha oh Ralph. My dork <3

Anyways. I havn't been blogging anything with actual "substance" lately because i've been really lazy and not been doing anything worthy of being called "productive". I think i'm just allowing this to be my birthday "week" and start up again after this weekend. That said i've been pretty good with beast mode (when i can reach the gym anyways).

O right, i have a new part time job starting next week. But that's not really exciting. I don't think so anyways. lol My "conquest" begins though heh.

Two weeks until HP7 pt.Un!!!!!!

And i started a SOCCER-related blog somewhere. I thought it was about time. Not like anyone would care though. Except A. hahah

and ya. That's all.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

24th Birthday

Let me start off by saying how i felt before i went out for dinner last night.

I stayed home the other night and welcomed my 24th birthday alone. For the past 3 birthdays i have spent it with the ex-mister (or at least he would have been the first person i received a phone call from) but obviously that would not have been the case this year.  I was surprisingly not sad or anything like that but rather i was very indifferent towards that matter. I stayed home, still trying to recover from Halloween and spent the evening reading up on the Barcelona team and hot team members' interviews. Obvs when midnight hit i get that wave of texts/pins/bb fb notifications that somebody has written on my wall or pm's were waiting to be read from then until now. I appreciate every single one of you who took the time to text me, to message me, and to call. I will slowly get back to everybody (on fb) once the day is over.

Anyways, still feeling indifferent through-out the day but a tadddd bit more cheerful than most years. To those who doesn't know this but i actually do not like celebrating my birthday at all. I mean in past years, how many birthday "party" of mine have you attended? Probably zero. Birthday dinners.....meeeeh ya perhaps one on one. But that's about it. This year however i've actually made plans to do stuff with people as a "group" because truth be told, i was afraid that l'll get horribly emotionally depressed at the fact that i had "no one" to spend my birthday with anymore. A part of me was terribly afraid of being alone and was afraid of not being use to that "loneliness". Which was why i made plans to have a highly anticipated lesbian dinner with K, MWDC with the Kids, Meet-Up w/ C, Century Room Clubbing, Lunch with the Boys, Dinner w/ Twin at some point and more clubbing next week. Pretty eventful right??? I thought being less of a social hermit this year would do me some good. Yesterday i went abouts with my day combating, watching soccer and doing my nails haha seems like thats ALLL i do doesnt it? Minus the starbucks part (UGH which i SHOULD have went to because its a free drink on your bdayyyyy).

Evening falls, K shows up at my doorsteps with flowers like the PERFECT date (hahah) i felt myself go red like a little school girl even though it was not a guy lol we journeyed to the Italian bistro and it was funny because she said she wanted to get gas but......we never did. That should have been a trigger for suspicions but since i'm not a very intuitive kind of person i just let it go. Get to the restaurant, waiter lead to our table and then,


there they were- C, J, A and Cousin sitting there.

The moment was SUCH a blur. I don't know whether it was the shock, or the dim warm-sexy-lightings, or the fact i had on contacts on and i can't see as well with them or maybe even a combination of everything but my brain actually did not register at all what was happening. I stood there with thoughts racing through my head like, "Omg is that really Twin sitting next to the girl that looks like Cousin?!? No, can't be. Holy shit that girl looks like C but it can't be here?!?! And there is nooooooooooo way that's Bestest." UHHH. TWILIGHT ZONE (but not the TWILIGHT that i like with the Cullens haha) much?!?!?! This wasn't suppose to happen until i get married?!?! I'M CONFUZZZLED YO.

Being the big dork i am and somewhat making sense of the situation (complete delayed reaction) i made a scene and swore so loudly in shock that probably the chefs in the kitchen heard me. (I'm sorry).


Turns out the girls (sneaky) have been talking to each other (behind my back!!!!!) for MONTHS planning to get together while here i was thinking how in the world am i going to introduce everyone. I cannot describe how i felt at that moment. Even now a couple of hours later i am still speechless and weepy. At that moment i wanted to cry soooo badly because i was extremely moved and overwhelmed with happiness. But i didn't because Twin gave me the "If you cry l'll punish you severely" eye. haha  Remember what i said earlier about afraid of being alone? When i saw the girls all there in the same room as me it made me feel so so stupid. Like how did i ever think they would ever let me spend my first birthday after a breakup, alone. It's so ridiculous how i even thought that would happen. I'm so grateful for having them in my life and simply by them doing this for me made my friendship with them even more valuable.

Time flies SO quickly. I've known some of these girls since i was 8.

I'm also really glad EVERYBODY got along. Haha. I guess that was one of my fears too, that a big cat fight would break out or something because all the girl's have very easy-going distinct personalities but at the same time they are also very, very blunt (funny, i'm not) so they don't take shit from anyone which can cause problems lol Dinner was extremely fun. I enjoyed myself tremendously and i hope you girls did too. I can't wait to load up the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, feelings after dinner.

I went through all the cards after dinner at home and the two things that was common in all the girl's cards was the words- Big Changes in your Life. & You will Good again. And that touched me very deeply because its true. So much has changed this year and it has broke so many of my hopes, my ability in believing in certain things and to an extent even my character. I'm sure they know and can see how hard i've been struggling to fight for the past half year. But for them to be there along the way to encourage me and believe in me- it makes all the difference in the world. It makes facing the unknown that less scary.

I know ALL of you are reading this. Thank you K for planning this. You are beyond amazing. Thank you girls for showing up, for spending so much money when you really don't need to (seriously) on me, for showing unconditional support and love. I really don't mean to sound like such a sap but seriously i gotta get it outta my system. Thank you for absolutely everything, i appreciate it SO so much even though i can be a bit of a weird turd sometime. This is the type of Sex and the City bonds/friendship every girl wants and i feel so fortunate to have five.

I love you girls. You girls give me hope.

...................and the partying continues biatches!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Birthday.....EVER

I have a SUPERRRR LONGGGGGG blog post written up last night.

But i can't post it without pictures.

Cough. Cousin.........Bestest........


This was seriously the BEST birthday EVER. I really don't think anything else can top this.

Await the entry! It's epic and sappy. haha

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Ready for Halloween Again

I'm feeling this you guys.


I know i know. You are crazy Kay. WHATEVER. I get to hold a fucking wand. How many of you can say you can hold a wand. Pwahhah I found ONE of my costumes for next year.


tweeet tweeet