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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Adventure to find the perfect Futbol Bar

As everyone know (from my status updates, tweets and share-age of excitement) yesterday was my International Friendlys Day for FIFA and as most people would have noticed, i was MISSING IN ACTION for pretty much the entire day (i'm sorry!). A and I really thought our day was going to be "smooth" because we've been planning for this day for a while now. She took the day off of work (hardcore) and the plan was to spend our entire day at Philthy McNasty's with the England vs. France game until it was time for MWDC.

Nopes. Did not happen.
  • The day started quite pleasant with Flapjacks as a light Brunch over the Brazil and Argentina game (which Argentina won and i was extremely happy about only because of Messi)
  • We head out for Philthy McNasty, parked for a total of.....9 minutes?!?! Paid 12 dollars for 9 minutes. Why?
    • Because freaking Philthy McNasty did NOT have the channels playing our game
    • We stood there as the manager (i guess) was flipping through the channels and appears to be flabbergasted with himself on WHY he did not have the channels (or "packages" as he referred to them as) to watch the International Friendlys.
    • We left...IMMEDIATELY because it was 5 minutes into the game and we concluded over BBM that the situation was hopeless and we MUST leave to find a place that's playing it. 
  •  We ran up and down Yonge (i believe....or could have been eglington. Doesn't matter. We RAN) going into multiple pubs and bars asking if they could play the game for us. 
    • NO LUCK.
  • Life was completely hopeless. A mustve been so devastated. We got into the car and was ready to zoom back to her place to stream the game when i noticed a couple more places and i suggested that we REALLLLLY should try to see if they were because i really didn't want to be at home watching these games (doesn't feel the same). 
  • I go into a couple more places when one of the bartenders suggested i go across the street to this place call "Main Event" and more than likely they ARE playing it?
    • Indeed they were. 
    • God loves us.
  • We parked AGAIN. This time paid 2 dollars for about 17 minutes. Why again?
    • We were SO ecstatic about finding a place that was playing a game that we RAN to the pub (The Main Event) in time to watch France score one on England. 
    • Obvs, A went crazy cheering for France (her team).
    • While it was a good goal that i happily cheered for too, this man at the bar tapped me on my shoulder and pretty much said, "Tell your friend there to" [ insert hand slit to throat gesture ]. It was pretty loud at the pub and i replied, "excuse me? i dont understand.". He answers, "THIS IS AN ENGLISH PUB. TELL YOUR FRIEND TO *insert hand slit gesture again* OR SHES GOING TO *insert hand slit gesture*.
      • Erm. I totally tried to calm A down and whispered to her that we were in an ENGLISH pub and that man pretty much is going to kill you if you don't contain your excitement.
    • For the next 14 minutes of the game (there was about that much time left before half-time) while A watched it, i was busy calling MORE pubs to watch the games elsewhere because i know for a fact they were not going to switch over to the Spain vs. Portugal game and i feared for A's life. lol 
      • I called the Football Factory (our usual pub) and indeed they were playing it AND they were willing to reserve a booth for me to watch my Spain game in private. 
          • i told the girl that we were at another bar and we are going to fly over during half time like real devoted fans.
    • Oh and don't forget the fact that we paid 10 dollars cover (EACH) and downed a pitcher of beer in 14minutes as well. And left RIGHT at half-time. So not worth it.
  •  We head over to the Football Factory in record time in time....while tipsy.
    • Quick back story on why we didn't go to the Footback factory in the FIRST PLACE.
      So we called ahead of time to discover that they were charging a ten dollar cover. Don't know why we did not want to pay that "ridiculous" cover and decided we can find somewhere else that won't charge cover.
      • Clearly we were wrong. We now know better to never hesitate in needing to pay cover for a GUARANTEED, non-hostile, no-death-threat, fun, exciting time.
      • Our lesson costed EACH of us about 70 ish dollars. When it really could have just costed TOTAL.  
  • We had a BLAST there. We even met a French guy! haha 
  • I was actually a tad bit disappointed because they actually were not able to show me the Spain vs. Portugal game. I was the only fan there in my jersey and was really sad!!! 
    • The owner felt terrible that he couldnt carry out his promise of showing the game. And so to compensate for that he gave us poutine and yagerbombs on the house. 
      • He really didn't have to. I am still returning either way lol
        • But its still pretty awesome that we got freebies.
  • I stayed true to my words and took three tequlia shots to mourn Spain's brutal defeat by portugal. 
    • Sighs. : (
  • Then off we went for Pho....slightly tipsy and then back to A's place to wait for the kids to go for more drinking.
Pretty adventurous!!! If i would say so myself.

I missed the game completely and i am so upset about the loss. UGH i need to download the game to see what went wrong1!! i feel completely defenseless because i didn't watch the game and  i dont know how to retaliate if i stumble upon a Portugal fan and they happen to be smug about it. i am seriously upset and screw you all for making fun of me. lol

That said- Football Factory, we will never, EVER turn our backs on you AGAINNNNNNN.


anh said...

Okay, I miss this day already.

Adventruous and frikken epic, but next time we need to watch each match in WHOLE. I basically missed half of the France vs England match.



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