The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Childhood

Something that’s worth too much, coming to an end.
.................well technically July 15th 2011 for part 2 of the last movie. But who cares for details. 

 Watching HP 7 with Twin tomorrow after work! This is going to be EPICCCC. Oh je suis tres tres excited.



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