The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

i jogged in on a teen couple making out. #awkward.

Greetings all. I finally have a moment to update on in what seems like FOREVER.

From where I last left off- i was in the middle of a mental breakdown (for what must have been the 5th one that week) and was freaking the hell out about there being an interview portion to Round 2 that I did not know about nor anticipated. I survived, the challenge portion that is and was ACTUALLY able to e-mail it on the requested original due date as oppose to the extension date I asked for. I actually loaded a recording of what I did for you guys to see.

Pretty much its a Sponsorship deck. Content was provided for me and I was asked to create a powerpoint presentation for it and to create infographics to illustrate the statistics (which you will see in the middle) in a visually appeasing and innovative way. I had all the creative freedom i want. All illustrations are by me as well as the banners, graphics, that mock-up website (with the video playing), and everything else. If you do happen to watch it, please please comment/pm me on twitter/bbm/fb or wherever to let me know what you think!!! I spent A LOT of time on it!!

Oh btw if i haven't mentioned it already- its for a Powerpoint Specialist/Designer position. Hence the slideshow lol.

Hopefully the people like it. I thought i did pretty well given the time I was allowed to work on this.The interview portion also went pretty well. Well, at the time i felt like it was great. After many reflections and talking to people about it i'm not so sure anymore. This is what i get for being over-confident, i become too comfortable too soon and show them what a big weirdo i am.

It doesn't help either, when one of the guys asked me which team i supported for the Champions League final game. FYI: I hate both teams (ManU and Barca). I hope my answer didn't affect what they think of me.

Anyways, so that's that. The "final decision" will be made this week and they'll contact me regardless of what kind of news it is. I REALLY don't know whether l'll be hired (lll probably cry for days and not admit to it if i dont get it) but at the very least i can say i REALLY gave it my all right? I somehow made it through hundreds of resume that were sent via Monster, fought my way through a round of about 20 candidates with a slow-ass laptop to create my first deck and then finally down to this round- two other candidates including myself and three days of sweat and effort. I think i deserve a LITTLE credit no? And its another piece to be added to my portfolio. But do wish me good luck people. I REALLY WANT THIS JOB/NEED THIS JOB.
Currently right now though, im working on some freelance side stuff again. I consider it my "commute" money. Its one of those jobs where the client has the worst taste in the world and if you present anything "decent" to them they'll hate but vice versa, if you present something shittey to them they would LOVE. You'd think creating shittey looking stuff is easy- ITS NOT.

&& im also behind on my tumblr posts. I dont even want to BOTHER going through about 10 days worth of posts. the thought is quite frightening. 

Would love to continue to blog more but im a lil behind of schedule today and just returned from jog which killed about an hour of my time.

Tis' all. I'll try to update more.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



No wonder they want this presentation by Wednesday.
Its because they want us to come in for round two INTERVIEWS on THURSDAY.

Monday, May 23, 2011



After this i do NOT want to do one for a VERY EFFING LONG TIME.
So i was able to get an extension (for that presentation thing im creating) to Thursday Morning, instead of the original Wednesday due date, and my request for Thursday Noon. Its about a 3 hour difference but I guess its better than nothing. I hope the request doesnt hurt my chances.

It also just means im probably not going to sleep Wednesday night.

Maybe i just wasnt meant for this job. I was sitting here for literally an hour and i wasnt able to come up with ANY concept for this piece i am illustrating. I have such a HUGE creative mental block right now it hurts. Fuck. Frustration level is at all time high right now.

Tis all.

Back to fucking illustrating..........or attempt to.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I attended my first Brown Engagement Blessing ceremony yesterday for S&N. It would say it was quite a pleasant culture experience. I think it was mostly stemmed from the fact that i was able to be part of the "back scene" by helping setting up things and being around the bridal party for the entire day. I think if i was to just arrive and not been around to do all those things, i would have been pretty bored.

The engagement ceremony went well, S looked so so beautiful. I think her and N are the most good-looking couple i know. Pretty babies are expected. It was SO SO hot though, i think i sweated up a storm and i was the one that didn't have to wear the traditional clothing which basically meant i got the better end of the deal. Afterwards it was pictures (the bridal party is SO cute) and drinking as down time.

So can i say that brown people can party? Like, even the grown-ups lololol omg it was INSANE. A few drinks and they start blasting reggae and dance hall. I didnt even need to go to the club to dance. And can i also add, that S's mom has got some hot swag. I cannot move like that woman. She is absolutely phenomenon!!!!!

One thing i do want to comment on though, is how envious I am of S&N. They are what you call, blissfully in love with one another. The perfect fairytale. Its not the sappy, barf-worthy kind of romance either. Its real yet storybook-like. They are both so so cool and so much fun when they're together. Everything you want in a relationship, they have with one another. I can even go as far as saying that they remind me a lot of when A and I were together, playful. But so much more. So much better. Lets not forget how much her in-laws LOVES her. And vice versa. The family bond is also visibly strong and its not quite official just yet either so you can only imagine how much stronger it will become when they become official. Honestly, the day just proves that happily ever afters do exist. There are guys out there that want to settle down and be devoted to building a life with you without needing to sacrifice anything. So thank you to the both of you, for giving me hope. Again. Sorta.

Needless to say though- i earned my Scarborough street creds yesterday. haha booya.

But now its TOTAL CRUNCH TIME. My entire day was pretty much wasted because of my hangover. (I drank on an empty stomach AGAIN. I really don't learn do i.)

The main theme for the deck i am creating is Playstation/Xbox's NBA 2K11. I hope being the boy that i am, i can design something so kickass that it doesn't look like a female did it. And then of course get hired and life would be almost perfect again.


Friday, May 20, 2011

holey moley

Earlier in the evening at Starbucks. This was the speed my downloads were going at.

What the hell?!?!?! omg mind you that the "normal" speed is about 190KB/sec (ON A GOOD DAY!)

The net was clearly on steroids today.

Anyhoo. So long weekend has dawn on us. A long weekend that i SHOULD be enjoying but suddenly at 5:30pm today a bomb was dropped on me thus i abid farewell to my highly anticipated many-hours-of-trolling-tumblr-for-Arsenal-Charity-Ball-pictures long weekend. Oh and of course S&N's engagement ceremony and the last Arsenal game of the Season - all of which i am highly anticipating

But now, to get into details of "the bomb" now.

I haven't really told anyone yet but yes, i did make the shortlist for that interview that i spent what seemed like endless nights and days working on the prep and presentation for it. Round 2 officially began today when one of the guys that interviewed me, sent an e-mail outlining the "challenge" of this round. In short- the e-mail included a folder with content and image assets and I am asked to create a presentation by the coming Wednesday. There's really no restrictions, I am at creative freedom. Basically be innovative, be wild and be hardcore

When I first read this i felt my brain turn into mush. For the past week i've pretty much been just working exclusively on my "Sample" portfolio site (because i felt the need to have something up, rather then being mad ghettos and sending PDFs of my work) and trying to get it up by today.
IT IS UP. FIND THE LINK YOURSELF......IT SHOULD BE PRETTY EASY FOR THOSE THAT SPENDS THEIR TIME LOOKING THROUGH MY STUFF. Let me know your thoughts if you DO see it. Feedback is much appreciated!!!!!!!!!
I spent SO much time redo-ing it and lost some sleep over it. It was extremely mentally draining and i thought after completing it this afternoon, i'd REALLY have some time to recover. Na Uh. No can do with Round 2 deadline in 4 days and I lose almost 2 days because of prior plans. I simply did not think i have the mental capacity to do anything spectacular and hardcore. I squeeeezed that creative sponge dry. I felt like I was out of tricks.

Lets also not forget about all the freelance opportunities that has suddenly popped up and i have to figure THAT out next week. 

That said though, after freaking out and crying internally for about 20 minutes- i was STILL able to send out another job application to a really awesome advertising and design boutique for an available position (TY cousin for showing me their website) and started drawing up a mental game plan for this Round 2 on the bus ride home.

Mental Note: Must watch what im drinking/eating this weekend. Potentially no gym until NEXT Thursday. :((((

But yes. Here we go. Round 2. *DING DING*

FUKKKEN BRING IT BIATCHES. I was made for this.

Let the games begin..................

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nerd Rant- LAST ONE!

Transformers 3 newest trailer

Now, THIS, looks a WHOLE LOT more promising than the previous one.
At the very least, i get to see optimus prime do his fighting thing in this one.


Huge Nerd Rant

This is a huge, long, COMICS related rant. If you don't understand nor have an interest in nerd talk, it would be wise to just skip it in its entirety.

X-Men: First Class Official Theatre trailer #2

Out of all the Marvel comics, i gotta say that X-Men is my absolute favorite. It's probably the series that I know most about next to Spiderman and also the first Marvel series that got me hooked on comics. Thus no matter what i WILL be biased and enjoy every film created for this series- regardless of how much they changed up the story and fuks it up. Me. Will. Lurve. (Cyclops). haha. As for this movie, i already know that they've messed up the storyline big time already but i still think its going to be pretty epic. Besides, i'm a huge James McAvoy fan. Him playing Charles Xavier makes Charles Xavier (the character) that much more badass.

Absolutely cannot wait. Two weeks-ish i believe????

Like all previous comic-related, action movies that no girls are interested (or understand) in seeing and/or movies that have lots to think about/discuss- the boys are the ones i turn to for that. We watched Thor in 3D (because Shadow read reviews that it would be OH-THAT-MUCH better) and i was pretty damn surprised on how good it was. When the initial screen caps for this movie was released last year at Comic Con- i had my reservations on this movie. I mean, just like every other movie before- it's "just" another Marvel comic-to-movie and on top of that, the Thor series never really appealed to me. It was way too mythical for my liking. That said, again- GREAT MOVIE. Even for non-nerds.
  • I thought the special "effects" were brilliant and just enough (it was not overdone at all). 
    • The Mjolnir (or the "Hammer") "fight" scenes were SOOO wicked. Omg. Don't judge a hammer. It can fucken blast you away. 
    • The "fighting" scenes in general were awesome.
  • Natalie Portman was a bit of a waste of film space. Her character (in the comics) was significant, but not enough for the movie.
  • Sif is HAWT. Her weapon is HAWT. Her fighting is HAWT. HAWT!!! (She was the only she-warrior on the team. THE MOST FIERCE).
  • The scenes that linked back to Iron Man II. [[ S.H.I.E.L.D ]]
  • All the "Avengers" previews/teasers/references. EXCITEMENTTTTT
    • I.e. Hawkeye's appearance. holey, i almost jizzed my pants seeing him with his bow and arrow.
    • The "secret" teaser clip after the credits. Clearly we know who's going to be the villain in the avengers movie now. (Loves).
  •  Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was pretty cute. I especially liked him when he acted all gentleman like. That said though, i was more into his sleazy, greasy, dark-haired, pale, doesnt-get-much sun, evil brother, Loki. Don't ask why. There was something very intriguing about his not so good looking face but oh-so-happening sorcery. I do have a thing for magic and wizards. Heh. (refer to Harry Potter obsession please)

Other Superhero movies coming
  • The Avengers
    *NERD SCREAM*. Thor's definitely back (for all you Chris Hemworth fans!!). Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr. aka one of the most perfect man in hollywood), Captain America (Chris Evans aka HOT), Hulk (errrr i just like his character). The movie just screams epicness even if the plot is shitttttttttttttttt.
  • Captain America in 3D|Chris Evans (the actor playing him) is sexy. Enough said. I personally don't like the Captain America series but hey, its marvel and sexy guy is playing that role. No loss.
  • Green Lantern
    It's the one with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Ahhhh it looks disgustingly CG-ed and its DC (im sure by now its obvious i perfer Marvel over DC)....but i'm curious about how its going to turn out. I do love hearing him say his oath though. It's sexy.
i heard they're going to be making a Wonder Woman? Which i think is a stupid, stupid idea. And probably have a Justice League movie which is lameo because i think the Avengers can kick the Justice League any day. Just saying.

BWAHAHHA 62 days i believe?

# # #

On a less geeky note- guess who got called back for a Round 2 for that dream job?


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gossip Girl Spam

Nobody is more perfect than they are.

Wronged Goodbyes // season 5 GG finale


goddamit if i cant have my happy ending, why cant you people let chuck and blair have theirsssssssssssssssss. SOBSSSSS. LIFE IS SOOOO UNFAIRRR. WAHHHH.


  1. I'm sorry but why is she giving blowjobs at the age of 10? What is there to blow?!?!?!
  2. Why must you type like a retard cute gayl
  3. "How do i swallow the baby down to my stomack" 
  4. If i were you hunny, i'd be more worried about your parents disowning you for being so FUCKING STUPID. Seeing this little boy (who clearly wanted u preggo by blowing his load down your throat #handovereyes) is the least of my concerns.
  5. TEN YEARS OLD!??!?!?!?!
  6. So she actually wants to keep it then, because she wants it to grow?
  7. Sounds like to me he blew more than a load down her throat 

the shit i find i swear i make myself angry

Monday, May 16, 2011

Annoyed as fak

  1. Its unbelievable how someone can be so rude, disrespectful and unappreciative. I think at the very least if you're "socially retarded" i can forgive you because its a disability. But being a big fucking bitch is NOT a disability. 
  2. Mother thinks i have a new boyfriend. Its a comedy. An annoying one at my expense. 
  3. The weather is so gloom and doom. 
  4. Arsenal had SUCH a shittey end to the season yesterday. I'm so upset over that.
  5. I don't have a starbucks next to me.
  6. I hate this design piece i am working on. Everything about it is annoying and tedious. 
  7. I have to go see my orthodontist today. The thought of his fake-concern for my teeth but really he just wants to milk my money alrdy peeves me.
I really can't wait to go combat tonight.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Allergies are killing me slowly

ZINGGGGGGGGG. BWAHHA I laughed out loud at several pics. Creative, no?

Observation made earlier tonight- I am terribly frighten of holding a knife.
I noticed this while i was cutting up slices of lemons earlier for my water. Shit, talk about being scared. Not good for future wife duties. Might have to tell future husband to hire someone to cut stuff for me. That or future mister is gonna be doing all the slicing, dicing and chopping.

Observation made this morning- I cannot drink red wine for the life of me.
A and i had our WAG evening last night and somehow we went through two bots of white and decided to go for more by drinking a newly vintage red she opened recently. I ALWAYS knew that i can't drink reds but i heard this thing about how its only certain Reds that would get you shtfaced (aka the cheap ones) and the real exquisite ones won't give you ANY hangovers. Needless to say i have yet to sample any exquisite ones because i always wake up feeling like DEATH. So yes, i woke up feeling like death today. There's no room for ambitions when it comes to drinking. I should remember that.

Noted people. NOTED.

Currently working on S&N's engagement present. On a friday night. Running into construction issues. I hate running into issuessss. If you're reading this dear, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!! <3

- I should also clean my room. Its getting dutty and chaotic again.

Ha, and today i was at FMP and bought myself a large bag of those......salty plum snack munchie thingys (Wa Mui's for all you chinks). The lady actually asked me if i was preggos.


BWAHHAHA i just looked at her with my "are you fucking with me" glare. She added quickly though, "Not that u look it. Its just that only pregnant girls buy this much". Good thing she did because she would have received a cussing from me! So apparently non-preggo girls cant munch on salty snacks no more. PREJUDICEEEEE. Not going back. EVER.

Shit its 2am.



Thursday, May 12, 2011


i think he should forget lisa the slut and marry me instead. just saying.

two bruises in one day- not good.

Strangers, again. - WongFu Productions
The youtube vid that practically almost killed me. Thought l'll share.


Almost end of the week again. I tried SO hard to be productive this week. I've been up early almost every single day (except for the exception of Tuesday because i was SO damn sore from combat/weights/stretches the night before),

Side note: I noticed have this crazy, CRAZY habit now (that i was telling the cousin about and she pretty much laughed and told me how insane i was). What it basically is, is that I would wake up at ungodly hours (530-630am) to check my twitter. How i do it is pretty ridiculous too. Because i am STILL half asleep, i would check with one eye closed and the other open. But it's actually REALLY painful because my blueberry light is BLINDING in the dark so it's like powerful brilliant laser beams being shot at my one eye that's open, while trying to skim my tweets. When that eye cannot endure the light no more, it closes and the other eye opens and subdues the same abuse. It kind of rotates until BOTH eyes can't take it anymore - and i pass out again.

So why do i do it? Simple, most of the people i follow (my Arsenal boys included) are from the UK and they're about 5 hours ahead. So when it's 5-6am for me, it's around 10-11am for them and that's THEIR PRIME TO TWEET. I would sacrifice an eye to read their tweets. Crazy huh. NO. It's DEVOTION. It's a WIFE/GIRLFRIEND quality OKAY. Gosh people.

But tis' my crazy habit. I digress. i was saying. Attempting to be productive. Which i think i have been. The productivity rate could definitely be higher though. But i'm working on it! Random thoughts:
  • My laptop Cyclops, still sounds like a fakken airport. He embarrasses me SO much when i take him out to Starbucks. 
  • There's officially TWO more futbol games left in my futbol season. Which basically means 80% of my tweets will be futbol-free. 
    • I know, HURRAH for all you people who put up with me and my intense, bolded, caps, yelling, cursing, makes-no-sense tweets. That said, i might just fill that 80% void with moaning about how DEPRIVED i am of futbol and how much i miss arsenal. 
      • Let's also not forget international friendlies and eurocup qualifiers.........aka. there's STILL going to be a bit of futbol tweets. IT NEVER GOES AWAY. I'M SORRY.
    • I look forward to getting shtfaced in honour of Arsenal this Sunday since @annnbug et co will be away on their roadtrip (which i am painfully going to be missing due to lack of funds) and will not be in town to drink seasons end with me. Sad face. 
  • Place still has yet to contact me for round two. i'm starting to get worried. Bigger sad face.
  • The barista at the SB i regular now, remembered my drink order today. It was a total win. I felt so important. 
    • Half-priced fraps needs to end soon. I've had about 4 this week. Shit son, its only going to my ass which is SO not cool. BUT SO DELICIOUS. I always lose to food. Sorry my toushy.
  •  Working on Project Special Engagement Present for S and N. Hopefully they'll love it. I'm exciteddddd to put it all together. I even drew up a blueprint for it, i can't wait to actually start "building" it. 
  • I've come to realization that i am no longer able to "fake" emotions. I use to be REALLY good at pretending to like someone, or for the sake of someone, i'd go along with something because that's just the kind of person i am. I'm really good at making people feel comfortable but I noticed that i can't do it anymore. Or at least not as well as i have been in the past. I simply don't tolerate bullshit anymore and i can't bring myself to go along pretending like i believe in something when i don't. It's especially painful when i have to deal with socially-retarded/courtesy-etiquette handicapped/sociopath-prone persons. There's an island for people like that. Its called BITCH island and i would prefer to be as far away as possible on my own island with hot futbol players and 24hr Poutineries.
    • Its 123am and i really don't know if what i just typed out made any sense. 
  • i miss hot yoga
  • I noticed the other day its been well over a year. Things that use to hurt doesn't stab me the way it use to.
    • Either a) my threshold for pain has increased, b) i'm numb orrrrrrr c) i'm just okay again. I'd like to think that i'm a fighter and have increased my threshold (a). The world doesn't stop spinning and life doesn't stop if you miss someone. I hope someone i'm close to understands this concept.
  • Thor in 3D this weekend w/ the boys. i miss them.
Ok the blogging fire extinguished right in time. Don't know will i have time to actually "blog" (like this) over the weekend but as per usual l'll entertain your time with a couple of fffounds here and there.

Peace out.

Monday, May 9, 2011



[ The weekend is done again and i know i promised/sorta, an entry yesterday but i got lazy and procrastinated and the next thing you know its 1230am and i need to sleep to get up for 7am, for a 9am game at the pub. My apologies, sleep was definitely priority seeing i did not get much of it from the past weeeeek. ] <- As you can see i wrote this YESTERDAY. I was not lying.

So from my previous couple of entries, you kind of get the idea that i was so exhausted to a point of insanity. To recap, i had an interview with a really awesome company for a position that's pretty much "tailored" for me. I really did NOT think i had a chance even though i fit the description of the type of person they are looking for. Reason being is that i responded to it from seeing a posting on Monster and everybody knows, how many hits Monster gets- especially for design jobs. Anyways, didn't think i would be called back but they did. The catch here was that they called a day AFTER i took my laptop in for servicing. They listed a lot of specific things they wanted me to bring in as portfolio pieces and being the big fukken dumbass that i am- i have none of that backed up. It was ALL on that laptop that is in servicing, that won't be available for me until 2 weeks later. Thankfully after a rant with the cousin after i read the call-back e-mail, i somewhat formulated a game plan which was pretttttttttttty much to RECREATE several pieces and create a kick ass presentation. I had about 4.5 days to do all that. Even though it sounds like a lot of time, it actually wasn't. During those couple of days even though i managed to get in 6 hours of sleep, it was extremely mentally exhausting because i would get up at 8am to start working at it and literally grind at it until 2 am. I did 7 hour starbucks session, i also somehow managed to fit in an hour or two at the gym and obvs my downtime which included eating/crapping/showering.....QUICKLY. There were many, MANY instances where i started to doubt myself and wondered whether I was being a little bit too ambitious with what I was trying to achieve for this interview. At the end though, i ACTUALLY finished on schedule (surprisingly) and i personally thought i did an amazing job given the amount of time i had and the shitty slow old laptop i was using.

For anyone that cares- the interview went amazing. I hope i dont jinx myself by saying this but i am SO confident that i made the short-list for round 2. Okay maybe i shouldnt have said that because now i dont feel so confident no more after i typed it out. ah fakerys.

Moving on.

The other evening was also the night of the advanced screening of Something Borrowed that i won tix to (remember?!?!). The movie itself was absolutely fantastic. I LOVED it. Every minute. I loved it so so much i'm actually going to watch it again with K this week. As mentioned before, i am so in love with John Krasinski. After watching the movie i am even MORE in love with him. It is definitely time to download all seasons of the Office. And of course at the end of the movie, C and I managed to take a picture with the main actor. I'm totally taking this experience as practice to when i actually meet one of my Arsenal boys and i won't fan girl the fuck out in front of them. Thumbs Up and Big Grins.

Now, some quick point-form thoughts-
  • E.I - So i've been informed that i will be not receiving employment insurance benefits as i thought i would be. This kind of spoils the summer in a way where i won't be able to patio as much, go out as much, go on certain camping trips and road trips, and obvs no new summer wardrobe. That said im hoping, hoping to be hired sooooon because i can't support this lifestyle of mine for very long on the savings i have. Wish me good luck kiddies.
  • Beastmode- Since i'm unemployed and the gym is STILL taking money from my acct every month, i'm trying really hard to get fit and down to how i was last summer. I discovered the other week that i actually gained TEN pounds since December. Very, VERY bad. So beast mode totally on. That said, i think i am in the best shape i've ever been (not as good as last summer but close enough) health-wise. Like i've said many times before, i'm fueled by negative energy when i work out. Hence why i look like i am going to kill someone when im at the gym. I don't like people being in my way. I think that's the competitive nature side of me. I'm quite a competitive and jealous person by nature.
  • HARRY POTTER- Had to add this. The trailer for the 2nd part of the 7th book aka 8th movie came out and as always- EPIC. EFFING EPIC. Watch watch watch.
  • Osama Bin Laden's Death- For everyone's whos celebrating, i dont really think there's that much to celebrate for. I mean, even though the man is dead- his ideas and legacy isn't. And my thought was confirmed when Al Queda sent out that "chilling threat" on their website. Something along the lines of "Americans blood will mingle with our tears.....his death will be a curse to you americans and your agents......" x lovely. now they're upset. Definitely not something worth celebrating over, no?
Ok i've delayed with other work and posting this long enough.

Sorry kids if ive become boring.


okay i KNOW that i said l'll have something typed up by YESTERDAY, and ive been typing something up for the past hour but im STILL not done and i want to sleep therefore not finish. But i feel like i SHOULD post something just because i HAVE been typing for the past hour. I guess this is it. hahah and a small fffound for your enjoyment. I'm sure you guys enjoys my fffounds right?

i PROMISE i will finish tomolo.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prince Harry *PIC HEAVY*

This is going to purely be a Prince Harry spam because i've developed a petite crush on the Ginger Head Prince. i think he is so much cooler than Will.
La sighs~

The rest of the guys: “It’s the fucking Queen of England. DON’T. MOVE.”
Harry: “Hey Gran!”

Please notice in picture:
1. Charles doesn't have trousers on
2. William clearly are just in his knockers and looking like a badassmuthafuker
3. Harry has on absolutely nothing but patriotic boxers
x epic

Young Boy: The prince! Where?
Prince Harry: I’m here, it’s me. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s only me.




And just wanted to throw this in for cuteness purposes:

Okay, lets all go AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW now.

Friday, May 6, 2011


This year July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years. This is called money bags. So copy this and money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese Feng Shui, the one who does not copy, will be without money. Figured I'd pass this on!

hey why not. only a reblog. i need the money. hahah


These people are fucking with me right? omfg.
Clearly these people have been living UNDER A ROCK FOR THE PAST TEN FUKING YEARS. 

ANYHOO, Planning on using tomorrow as blogging catch up day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Beer on the go? That's some legit shit!!!
Project by Russian design student Ivan Maximov
Absolutely brilliant.

i need a beer.or six.


tweeet tweeet