The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Laptop was just under a Trojan Attack.

Yes i am DEFINITELY buying a new laptop.

Monday, August 30, 2010


There are 3 things right now that i need replacing but i am unable to replace them all at once because....i can't afford it lol they are, a laptop, a blackberry and glasses. There are their pros and cons to which one i should get first.


Current Laptop Status

  • Had it for about 3 years, going onto 4. 
  • Stickers all peeled off. 
  • Exterior scratched up and dirty. 
  • The "E, A, R" keys are severely scratched and dented because of my nails. The "N" and a quarter of the "O" key is non existing. 
  • Reformatted about 8 times. 
  • Illegal version of Windows 7 installed.
  • Fan goes crazy at times. 
  • Going Slow. Starting to feel the lag when i open two Adobe Programs simultaneously. 
  • Feelings of fear arises multiple times during the week as the screen freezes....but then unfreezes itself after i do a couple of mad prayers to god asking for it to unfreeze.
Pros of getting a new one
  • New. Can work more efficiently. 
    • I'll even buy a laptop case for it. 
  • No more feelings of fear and failure. 
  • Should be proactive instead of reactive when it does in fact die on me and i have no back-up laptop.
Reasons in why i can delay
  • It's still working. I can still do work.
  • I don't know if i can choke up 7bills right now.

Current BB Status

  • It has a mind of its own (texts and calls people without my permission....seriously)
  • Indicator light runs wild for a couple of hours and then stops when it feels like its bugged me enough
  • No noise (meaning no ring tone, no text/msg noise)
  • Been through severe moisture damage
  • Just turned one year old in April....
  • Dropped numerous of times
  • But reception still good!
Pros of getting a new one
  • I get to have a white BB
  • I can actually hear my phone calls (very VERY important)
  • No crazy indicator light business
  • I will own it instead of it pwning me!!!!
Reasons in why i can delay
  • I guess i CANN do without the ringtone.....just call me many times people
  • It's only a years old....
  • Don't know if i can fork up the X amount involved to "upgrade" my contract...

Current Glasses Status
  • Scratched up beyond imaginable
    • My color perception is actually impaired because its THAT scratched 
    • People can see the scratches while talking to me
  • Four years old
  • Pretty bent up too
Pros of getting a new one
  • I can see properly. I think everyone deserves to see properly.
Reasons in why i can delay
  • I don't have 4bills to cough up (it takes THAT much because i am extremely blind and i tend to buy the ULTRA THIN lense so it doesnt look like i have coke bottle glasses and i also have crazy severe astigmatism)
  • I mean i haveeeee been living with impaired vision for sooo long.
  • I still like the style...

GAHHH Decisions!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


It hurts my heart when you turn around and slam the door on me in the middle of us speaking.....

It upsets me so much that to this day you don't understand....


The time has finally come. The skies turn purple at 730pm when I walk out of the gym, the Staples Back to School song is running on the radio and tv, i had to whip out a zippy to wear in the middle of the day, my allergies are here ( far) AND....i've begun shopping for fall/winter stuff. There is no way we can deny it and stop it from happening.....

but summer is coming to an end. 

Which to me normally just means that more weight is going to be gained, cold weather that makes my boots go bad, a zillion birthdays that i am going to get drunk at and holidays that i don't want to celebrate lol that said though i think the only THREE things I AM in fact looking forward to is K's Birthday, the Cousin's Birthday and HALLOWEEN.  

That being said though, the summer seems like it is ending with a smash. The past weekend has been anything but boring.
  • The other day i bumped into twin while wandering DT. It was absolutely pleasant and we were estactic when we saw each other. We clearly do not spend enough time with each other. 
  • Yesterday, started the day with K and brunched it up with shopping, paint-color-selecting, SB and cake decorating to follow. Then chilled at J's before her fundraiser BBQ (i hope it was successful and you raised some money!). Then i actually had to leave earlier to attend M's Bachelorette with C and the LaSenza Girls (whom i love to party with). It was such a random plan but i'm glad to have been invited and went out with the bridal party to Century Room. It was just too bad i missed out on getting molested by the male stripper they hired.
    • Century Room: First time at the club. and i have mixed feelings about the place. The crowd was mature (which was great. no under-aged girls that dress better than me). Dance Space? Cramped. Music? They had their moments of great music, but otherwise it was all dance and electro which i totally disliked. I think the best portion of the night played old-school Soca....which reminded me of how much i miss going dancing with the cousin. Its not the same when Soca is being played and she's not there lol. Oh and i was able to masterfully flirt my way into getting plenty of Shots on the house for myself and the girls. The Russian-Gymnist looking Bartender was uber charming, it was tres excellente.
  • Then driving in the dark (in the middle of no where) with C while discussing haunted places in Toronto and mcdonalds at 4am.
I am totally relaxing it out today. After meeting up with Junior in an hour to discuss business, i am totally relaxing it out for the rest of the day. My allergies are KILLING me. I need another SB fix to cure this.

Up next!
  • "Surprise" Party tmr with C.
  • W's Beach Bday BBQ
  • The Ex and their disgusting but to die for delicacies 
- to end off the summer that has flown by.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

For once, i did not want to know what the ending of the dream would have been like. I did not pursue the ending. I just woke up and was quite glad i did.

It might have been disastrous for my waking life.

I hate my subconscious sometimes.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Attack of the Hambugers



I know. I'm sorry. I have been so so lazy especially today for some reason. I even missed my 1215 combat class because i didn't get up in time to be productive.

Anyhoo. Plenty to rant about, plenty for youS to read. I actually blogged abouts several things since last Wednesday but have been totally putting it off because i've been pretty busy. Life is definitely moving forward with many things happening and i'm pretty content with the many "things" i have to tend to.

So as far as my memory can take me..........
  • Met up with Jleung for dimsum and flying.
    I remember when i use to get a little angry that he's always the 3rd wheel when i was with the prior-mister. Now thinking back, i feel uber guilty and ridiculous that i would get upset over something so trivial. I'm glad that we're still friends despite all that has happened. We went for dim sum at Pearl and it was the most expensive dim sum i've ever had (to date). God it was outrageous to pay 6 bucks for Hai Gow!!! Craziness. Even T&T sells it for only 2 bucks and to be honest it kinda tasted the same. I guess i'm paying for the view (which was very nice fyi). Of course during our brunch, he did his Quarterly Check-Up and Maintenance work on my BB. ^^ Patched it up and now its operating good as new!!! (With the exception of the ACCIDENT that almost costed me a bb which will be later discussed....) Then he spontaneously decides to take me on a city tour...IN THE AIR. Its like the coolest thing ever to have a friend that can operate a plane. We walked to the Toronto Islands Airport (the weather was soooo nice) and he did his thing and took us up. It was pretty cool. I've never seen J so serious at something because he's normally petty jokes and laid back lol It was a gooood experienceeeeee. Probably going to meet up again when he's back from HK and has me a solar-power device that can charge my BB!!! It was a pretty awesome day. I am glad i made that effort to meet up.

  • Jess's Farewell @ Spice Route.
    I actually am not very fond of that restaurant but the lounge area turned to be a lot better than their dining area. J was completely plastered and i had a really good time even though we left a bit earlier. I got my buzz, i dressed up and (thought) i looked good, lots of camera whoring. We got tequila shots on the house (courtesy of the cousin and our sneaky ways), bottle (courtesy of the cousin's bf). It was a VERY pleasant night. I want picturesssss.

  • Bloor West Date with K and J
    Met up with the girls for really good Hamburgers at Yellow Griffin Pub (they are famous for having 35 different types of burgers which includes a Peanut Butter and Jam one) over at the Bloor West end. The trip was also to check out a venue for her bday. The venue surprisingly looks extremely rustic (in a good way) and i'm surprised with how much i like it and the many things i can do to it to give K the best 25th bday a girl can have. Afterwards we went to Sweet Flour and baked a cookie that almost killed us 3 because of all the sugar and butter in one small pastry.....but personally i think its worth it because Salted Caramel is something worth dying for. 
    • We watched the Vampires Suck movie
      If people did not know what this movie was about, it's basically a movie poking at/making fun of Twilight
    • Yes. The movie poster TOTALLY says it all doesn't it. Being the devoted and loyal Twilight fan that i am, i felt i should watch it to see what people/non-fans feel about the franchise and what is there to make fun of since...i feel like....there IS nothing to make fun of.....haha I shouldn't be SO narrow-minded right? No. I SHOULD have been narrow minded and said NO to the movie because not even two minutes into the movie, i face palmed myself and then fell asleep about 40 minutes into the movie. It was a HUGE Twilight fan fail. Haha anyways i am glad J and K enjoyed the movie though. It would have been downright epic fail if they hated it too. lol
      Thoughhhhhhh i gotta say, Ken Jeong was the highlight of the movie. This man is seriously the funniest moveable, talkable human being on the face of this earth. Even his face is funny looking. hahah i enjoyed HIS parts (that i did not miss when i was actually awake). HA HA FAIL.
    The evening ended with us heading over to the Milestone Bar for apps and drinks. I love these two, i always such fun and relaxing girls day with them. <3
  • Job Interview Prep/Actual Interview with CI
    Okay so this was pretty interesting. I received a posting for the position last Wednesday and this was seriously the first job posting (since the Disney Creative Intern post.....that i regretfully missed due to bigger issues i was dealing with at the time) in a very long time that caught my eye. That said under Junior's advice i aimed to get my CV into their inbox before Thursday. Unfortunately for me, the state my resume and CL was in, it was NOT ready to be sent to anybody. So in between gymming and going out to see people, i pulled 3am nights just for this particular position at my dream company. Sent it in with complete confidence (along with two other company postings) but to my horror, i noticed that the company posted an external post on Monster. Obviously they are going to get a zillion better CVs and mine is going to be lost in the pile.

    To my surprise though, they actually called me back for a phone interview (that i have tweeted and somewhat mentioned before) that i felt like i completely bombed. Even more devastated now (then), i went ahead and did a personality index assessment that they requested and was basically not expecting a call back for a 2nd interview. I think i got really lucky because the day i was out with J, i received an e-mail request for a 2nd interview. This drove me into work mode and i began prepping my portfolio for the interview and even had to cancel my shopping date with C (i'm sorry again dear) because it took so much time to prepare and print.

    My interview was yesterday and i hate to type it but i really don't think i got the job. I don't think the interviewer girl liked me, she did not seem impressed and last but not least, i did NOT do a good job of "marketing"/selling myself. I later learned in the elevator (as i was leaving) from someone who worked there that the interviewer is some big shot Marketer chick that won a prestigious award for being Marketer of the year or something similar to that (from the Canadian Marketing Association). You guys should have seen my face. It was seriously a big FML moment. If i knew that marketing myself would have been THAT crucial (yes i know that is important too but not your-chance-at-being-hired-ois-on-the-line important when your interviewer is apparently CANADIAN MARKETER OF THE YEAR), i would have worked on my "TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF" speech instead of the "WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR US" speech. ARGHH. FML.

    I've wanted to work for this company since 3rd year (they offered a design competition and winner gets obviously the glory of winning but also an internship) and when i didn't "win" an internship with them, i was seriously crushed for weeks. I remember the boys taking me out for buffet lunches to cheer me up and it stung a lot when i saw whom i lost to (i hate that asshole) and the "design" i lost to. It sucked even more when the interviewer actually remembered the winner and brought his name up during the interview. SIGHS. It was like reopening a wound....IN THE MIDDLE OF AN INTERVIEW. I don't know whether l'll be able to handle another rejection from them. I think it might actually drive me into a emo frenzy crazy mode.

    None the less tho, do pray for me. The position and the projects that the hired designer gets to work on sounds unbelievably amazing.

  • My BB Crisis
    For the past couple of days i experienced one of the most devastating thing EVER- which was the ALMOST LOSS of my Blackberry. God it was soooo dreadful using a flip phone (who uses that anymore?!??!?). Basically my keyboard went crazy wonky and eventually just didn't even respond anymore. What happened was i knocked over a cup of ice water and it spilled on the BB. On TOP of that. I do have a habit of bringing it in the showers to talk to Twin (hey she does it TOOO) so there was already moisture damage.....the cup of water just pushed it over the edge that's all. Anyways so here i am trying to repair it and freaking out on Jleung. I was told by him (and a number of others too) to put it into a bucket of rice for 3-5 days and it should be okay? Since when was this a remedy?!?! I am SO out of the loop. I was pretty skeptical but i had nothing to lose since it felt like i lost a part of my life already. Still, i was left with nothing but a freaking flipphone- no net, no email, no pinning, no QWERTY keyboard. Sobs. Thnx the lord, A was able to grab me a Pearl from work. I survived on a downgraded Pearl for THREE days. It was torture. Absolute torture.

    But this story has a happy ending because i took it outta the rice box yesterday and IT ACTUALLY WORKS.


    holyshiet who knew that it was going to work!?!?? wow. This method totally saved me a couple of hundred (that i can spend ELSEWHERE giggle giggle) from buying a replacement phone (A White BB Bold to be specific.....that i am still going to get eventually......).

    I swear i am going to treat it with care and more love then before.

Random jots of thoughts:
  • Borrowed two seasons of the Office. Will start that soon!
  • The cousin and bf is in Vancouver. I hope they're having a blast. I'm very envious.
  • This appears to be the Year of the Breakups. Add on three more recent ones. This year is cursed. I am telling all you people who are still in relationships. It might be you guys next...........not to be cynical or anything. 
  • Oh yes, i FINALLY booked my G2 road test. Let's hope i pass it and not be the last 23 year old in Toronto that doesn't have their g2!!!!!
  • TIFF is about to start in a couple of weeks. 
    • Celebrities to stalk for: RYAN GOSLING, Josh Hartnett, James Franco, Ryan Reynolds, Penn Badgley, Jackson Rathbone. Only chick i care enough to stalk: Blake Lively. haahaaa. 
  • I need to load more pictures on facebook.
  • THISSSS close to buying a Real Madrid No.8 (Kaka) Soccer Jersey.....GAHHH. Temptation.
    • Soccer Jerseys are SO uber comfortable to wear after a nice long workout. The material glides on your a very erotic and comfortable way.
  • My mom just said i'm fat again. The funniest thing was that she thought i was skinner when i was still dating the prior-mister. Like i said, i thought that was the FUNNIEST thing in the world.....because i feel like i'm at my skinniest/fittest right now. Of course this was before i downed half that bag of Doritos. Face Palm. 
  • I sense that my ipod's expiration day is coming. It is fighting for its life every single day i use it.
    • Michelle Phan is such a goddess. It actually works. I would know. I tried it earlier today.
  • I'm actually REALLY sick of hamburgers (hence the entry title). I've been eating at least ONE every week since summer started. During camping it was literally what i had 3 days in a row. At home my parents LOVES grilling burgers because they want to make good use of our BBQ and i go out and i eat hugeeee cowburgers with people. I think if i eat another burger l'll freaking punch myself in the face. 
  • I have a list of shit i'm planning on buying in Buffalo. It includes things like RAINBOOTS, UGGS (both of which i was NOT allowed to buy when i was taken) and GYM CLOTHES. 
  • I also need a camera. My dad always lectures me whenever i borrow his.
  • READ: China Traffic Jam can last weeks. LINK
  • To Do: Continue to apply for jobs, continue to work out, continue to drive, buy tickets for TIFF, plan K's Birthday with J, continue w/ side jobs, eat less, drink for the buzz, not the hangover.



To do work.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Apparently Megan Fox isn't in this one?

Busy Bee

Okay i totally lied about having a rant for people to read on Monday morning. lol

I thought i had time but in fact i didn't. I've been busy prepping my portfolio for the damn interview that i even had to cancel my shopping date today with C and haven't even gotten around to starting the jobs Junior has assigned to me. Also the lack of sleep isnt helping either.

Ahhhh. Wish me good luck people!!! i mean, it isssss only an interview with one of my dream companies. lol

PS. I'm still without my Curve. I am currently utilizing a crappy Pearl and i am dying with it. The other night out @ J's farewell, CR completely called me out and taunted me the entire evening about my struggling, face-scrunched up look on my face as i was using the T9 feature while texting. Argh. It IS so damn painful using T9!! I need my QWERTY keyboard!!! The conclusion to my phone dilemma will be unveiled tomorrow when it (my beloved BB Curve) comes out of the rice bucket. 

Ok that's it. i need to finish reading up the company profile and get my "beauty" sleep.

Please incld me in your prayers. lolllll i need the job.


Saturday, August 21, 2010


Things are FINALLY starting to look positive in life.
  • Been driving
  • Been working on jobs
  • Been having fun
  • Been working out
  • Been applying for jobs
Huge rant coming up!

Friday, August 20, 2010



Wednesday, August 18, 2010


All my life there has always been one person that i have always looked out for, cared about, been supportive of and placed them as number 1 in my life. They are so important in my life that no boyfriend or friends can take their place because they are family to me. Someone i refuse to give up on no matter what situation, how grim and negative things are because i see the best in them. I see that small light that is blocked my all sorts of shadows in their lives and choose to give all the faith and support i can offer.

But when they go against all and betrays the trust you put in them, it makes you question whether you should give second chances or give up hope completely when they clearly took the trust you had for them and used it to their own advantage.

im torn. hurt and disappointed.

- - -

&& it was such a shitty day at the gym today. almost freaking broke my ankle b/c i was so unfocused.
Bright side. Dimsum tmr with my fave bb guru person in the whole wide world before he leaves for HK!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


How many of you guys have consented to be organ donors?

Anyways. Random blog urge at 1:16am:
  • I think tmr shall be picture loading day on facebook. Excited much? Better be. There's about 9 folders worth of pictures i havn't loaded since Cuba. 
  • I played with the ipad for the first time on Sunday. It was the most amazing thing in the world. I want an ipad equipped with pages and pages and PAGES of apps!!!!
  • I also got to play with the new Blackberry Torch. It was VERY disappointing and boring. I asked for the ipad back after 3 minutes of going through the screen.
  • I need to drive more.
  • Double combat tomolo.
  • Breaking out. Sad face. 
  • Finally went to Dangerous Dan's Diner and had the infamous FRIED MARS BAR. It was seriously the worst thing i can do to my body but i did it anyways. Dinner included Poutine, Strawberry Shake, Quarter of a Big Pig Burger, and 10% of a Fried Mars Bar. It was tres adventurous and lethal. I'm sure glad i didn't have to finish that mars bar....haha (sorry A).  
  • I want an ipad.
  • Got validation that my so-called "new" resume and cover letter (content) design actually has some sort of substance and appeal. Makes me more motivated to apply to companies that i actually want to work for. 
  • That said i fukked up on that CI phone interview (totally random, out of the blue, unprepared). I'm really sad and disappointed in myself. Lesson learned: when they ask if you would like them to set up a different time for them to call back, DO NOT decline. I hope i didnt fukk up that personality index survey either and end up scoring as a depressive, emo psychopath. 
  • Must download liverpool vs. arsenal game!!!!!!!!!!! gosh such futbol fail.
  • The government continues to fail me repeatedly.
  • I still hate the rat. With a deeper passion. 
  • I want an ipad. 
  • The movie "Unstoppable" (with Chris Pine and Denzel Washington...i think) looks SO epic. I wanna watch with the boys. 
 i should sleep. Afterall i AM planning to wake at 830am.


Monday, August 16, 2010

New Layout

it may be flawed for people who has larger, better, prettier monitors/resolution.
gonna attempt to work on that depending on how lazy i am.

and i think allergies are slowly creeping up on me.


Sunday, August 15, 2010


I've pretty much spent my entire day here at sb. &&& its been mad fail one after another.

lets start with how ive been here for 4+ hours and i have ONLY one download complete? yeah. because the net keeps on restarting. its either starbucks catching on (which i don't think is very likely because they dont have time to monitor bandwidth abusers like myself) or its just me and my (lack of) effing luck.

next. been trying to upload a new layout and i literally spent a whole hour sitting here trying to figure out a chunk of code and at the end the RESOLUTION to this rocket-science-like issue i had was simply adding a freaking "/" sign to the end of the code. !@#$%&

next. its like a damn icebox here. im sitting in an icebox wearing a summer dress.
i have to periodically get up from my seat and go outside because i am literally shivering in my seat.

next. effing china men sitting down at my table. yes. it is VERY OKAY for you to sit your green ass down without asking me when your friend who is sitting across from you and clearly has a table free but you choose to use mine. tard.

next. giving SB way too much of my money in one sitting because i've been so frustrated/annoyed/COLD that i needed food and more drinks to keep me sane.

i wonder how many more fails can occur before A gets here.


Saturday, August 14, 2010


Happy Weekend everyone! i know l'll be having a damn good one.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Five Champion Questions

Five questions

Ask yourself the following questions every day:

1. What am I thankful for today?
2. What did I learn today?
3. Where did I do a good job?
4. Who was I valuable to today?
5. How did I take care of myself today?

These five questions summarize what life is about. By asking yourself the questions and subconsciously answering them or being reminded of the way to be, you will improve your life.

They are reminders. They're a form of affirmation. They let you realize that you doing well and feeling better about yourself. Your perspective on life will change, s you move toward more fulfillment.

"Self-help" is so interesting. haha

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Judgement Day

I wish one day l'll be able to have a picture like this!!!

Tonight felt like judgement day.

Anyways. The five people that i know would never judge me no matter what i tell them. I'm gonna use names this time (i used special characters in the names for web security purposes). Because i feel like they should know how special they are to me and how absolutely thankful i am to have them in my life.






They're my girls, my bitches, the ones that's stuck by me during highs and lows. The ones that actually understands and if they don't, they TRY to understand because they give a damn. I know you guys come by, so no particular orders hahah

I love you girls so so much. Thank you thank you.


Look its a harry potter baby!!! hahaha AWWW look how cuteeeeeeeeeee he isssssssss.
i wanna raise him as my ownnnnnnnnn with twin hahahah

i know.

uber creepy.

Link Back

i love it when my cousin links my blog/blog entry on her facebook.
my hits jumps dramatically in an hour.
pwahaha it only shows how popular she is. <3

im still at it with the resume/cover letter writing!!!! except i got some bitch-tastic nails and starbucks beside me this time around.

be proud.

Resume building & designing

Been at this for the entire day. Kind of. I did a lot of other things too.

Most of the evening i was preoccupied with this........after my weekly timmies night out with albie. && then i was distracted thus my continuous hard work (right now) after my distraction was not a distraction anymore.

that made no sense. the tiredness is kicking in.

the rambling begins.

my original wake-up time is somewhere around 730am but i don't really know how that's going to play out given that i'm still at it. So not happening.

the people receiving this better think its kick ass. because its starting to look pretty damn kick-ass.

i need a starbucks. or a super-sized, super charged honey aloe green tea from green grotto room.

or both.

i also need a job too but we can't have it all now can we.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Do's

    I started watching House again after almost a year of hiatus from it....Time to jump back in and disregard why i began watching it in the first place. I am going to start The Office .....maybe start Dexter if i have enough bandwidth.........while still be on top of Project Runway, Hells Kitchen (season finale this week), True Blood and one of my TVB drama...............before Criminal Minds, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and Law&Order:SVU comes back on in September!!!!!!!!!!
  • Apply for first and only job that has captured my interest in months
    This is considered huge for me.
  • Continue with the freelance jobs.
    .....and hopefully secure a steady flow of these jobs to help with the bills.
  • Hassle the Government for my EI
    YUPP. I still havn't gotten it approved. Shit, even if they AREN'T going to approve it can they at least tell me that so i can go get a quick part-time job or something in the meantime!?? This has been on the TOP of my list of to-dos EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past week. They are soooo testing my patience. I think they have definitely flagged my number/file.
  • Meet-ups
    With J for SB, another J for DimSum. 
  • Zip/Upload both Camp trips pictures
    I've been procrastinating. i am sorry.
  • Beast Mode
    Maintain and double the cardio time.
  • Attend Hot Yoga
    There's a track during combat that requires balance and i cannot even survive half of it.
  • Figure out where i can watch the liverpool vs. aresenal game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Buy a pair of scissors from the dollar store
    i lost it while camping =[
  • Buy Honey Dijon Mustard
    Because i am addicted to it and add it to everything i eat
Now i am just becoming random.

Tis' all. Must get started.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Embracing Nature- Part Deux - RECAP

Enjoy. The Epicness. A sample until i carefully choose what to load at the of the month on fb.

Nights we can't remember

The day before the nights we can't remember
We weren't ALWAYS drunk lol


....with bites on my face, pimple-breakage, two shades darker, 5lbs heavier, partied out, and a shitload of stories to share with those whom i normally share with.

Good to be back! i miss having FREE showers and accessible power outlets.

Recap coming up dear friends.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Had to sneak this in. Way too interesting to wait.

Duck figurines (lots of them)
To see ducks in your dream, represent your spiritual freedom (if flying) or the unconscious (if swimming).They serve as a connection between the spiritual realm and the physical world. Ducks are multi-talented animals in that they can walk, swim and fly. Thus, a duck indicates your flexibility and your ability to blend and adapt in various situations. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are setting yourself up or being set up for the kill as associated by the phrase "sitting duck". Are you being targeted? Also, the duck may be a pun on "ducking" some issue or situation, instead of confronting it head-on. Consider the phrase, "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck". Some things are too obvious to deny.

To see figurines in your dream, indicate that you are underestimating your own abilities and in yourself. You need to stop comparing yourself to others. Consider what the figurine depicts and how you are belittling the quality in yourself.

Kept on changing outfits. Could not stay with one all while packing
To see a hanger in your dream, suggests that you are getting the hang of some situation or some task. Or it may mean that you are just hanging in there.

To dream of your clothes, is symbolic of your public self and how you are perceived. It is indicative of the act you put on in front of others. Clothes are also an indication of your condition and status in life. Thus, if you wear clothes that do not suit you or that you normally would not wear, then it suggests that you are putting up a front and trying to deceive others. Something in your life is "unsuitable". It may be a symbol of hypocrisy and being someone that you are not. Alternatively, it could also mean that you are revealing a hidden part of yourself to the world.

To dream that you are packing, signifies big changes ahead for you. You are putting past issues to test or past relationships behind you.

To dream that you are in a rush, indicates that you need to better manage your time. You feel that you do not have the time to do all the things you want to do. The dream is also representative of the pressure you are putting on yourself. You feel unprepared. Perhaps, the dream is telling you to slow down.

Okay now im really out for the weekend.

Embracing Nature- Part Deux

I will be entering the wilderness again in a couple of hours.

I know, it's pretty hardcore of me to do it two weekends in a row when i've never even done it once in previous years lol I can conclude from my last trip though, that i do enjoy "camping" (with workable toilets and tp provided, a power outlet and an electronic stove) very much. Even though the ground is hard, you wake up feeling like someone has beated you with a rusty pipe (multiple times) and everything is wet from the morning dew- the moment you emerge from your tent and the refreshing morning dew (a negative that turns positive) air hits your face (its a great way to be woken) and you are surrounded by nothing but trees, that moment is truly blissful.

This weekend however i think will be a little bit different from the last. One thing is for sure is that i will not be up in time inhale the fresh air. Instead i think i will probably be hungover late into the afternoon and will be whining to be fed from my bed.

Oh yes, this time around i am PROMISED a bed. haha

Regardless i think this is going to be mad epic. I will return with MUCH pictures (this group lurvessss pictures when they are drunk) and probably stories.

Wish me good luck again with my battle with:

  • the mosquitoes
    i REALLY do not think i will be so lucky this time
  • the bears
  • the liquor
    Tonight i believe is getting crunked night...the moment we are there and settled in. Regardless if its 5pm or 5am.
  • everything else
    There isn't much.... aside from my career and money issues that i need to put some serious thought into.
Some might notice that this time around leaving that my mood is significantly better than the last time i left. I guess this time around (unlike last week) i know that when i return life will still be okay if not better. Unlike last week i was afraid of returning and losing myself in the process. Its time to just enjoy life, not calculate and plan and eats lots of good food!

Anyways await my return with a recap!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens.
- Carrie Bradshaw

I swear every line from Sex and the City is golden. Its a sin to not love.

Summer Flying By

Coming ups for the month

  • Embracing Nature Part Deux in Tobermory
  • J Everyone-get-crunked Bday Fest
  • Liverpool vs. Aresenal Game
  • J Surprise Farewell @ Pan.  
  • Elementary Reunion @ Jacks (Pending)
  • J Fundraiser BBQ
All the while beast-moding it on biatchesssss.

I plan to load everything since May...which is quite a bit. i havnt been very facebook picture happy lately. It's going to be major fb picture loading at the end of the month!!!!

Many people (strangers) walking everywhere
To see people you don't know in your dream, denotes hidden aspects of yourself that you need to confront or acknowledge.

Going up the escalator multiple times and stairs

To dream of being or moving up, suggests that you are emerging from some depressing or negative situation. You may be feeling high or euphoric.

To dream that you are walking up a flight of stairs, indicate that you are achieving a higher level of understanding. You are making progress into your spiritual, emotional or material journey

To see an escalator in your dream, indicates movement between various levels of consciousness. If you are moving up in the escalator, then it suggests that you are addressing and confronting emotional issues. You are moving through your spiritual journey with great progress and ease.

As always- very interesting.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


A little laughter is good right now.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Embracing Nature- Part Un - RECAP

I thought l'll just do a quick summarized picture recap. I don't have all the photos because there was actually 3 other cameras. Surprisingly two of them belongs to boys which is weird because its always girls that likes doing all the picture grabbing.

On our way up to Ferris Park. The car was PACKED. We feared the car wouldn't move.

Dinner break in No-Asian Town.

We finally made it to Ferris Park. Set up our tents (thnx to Jenny being so intuitive) and played big2 into the night because the Park Warden told us to shut up while we were outside. But she came back to tell us to shut up anyways even after we were IN the tent.

We woke up and had no breakfast (we weren't the food group). Thnx god the 2nd batch came (with food) EARLY (thnxu thnxu A&N) but we had no utensils to cook with and cutlery to eat with (that was the 3rd batch). We had to resort to scrambled eggs, hotdogs and bacon cooked with stolen mcdonald salt and peper and a pair of kiddy scissors.

The 4km hike that we did to go look for a stupid suspension bridge. Here we are. That was the most exciting part.

Chicken Abalone flavored Instant noodles and Steak for breakfast one morning. It was fan-fucking-tastic. Along with eggs and hot dogs.

The Girls!

I wished you were here K

The Beers (There was 2 more coolers of it)

The people.

 The Beach we drove 30 mins to because the first beach was just...a playground.

B passed out from exhaustion.

The group after an intense, strategic game of touch football.

Typical Dinner in the dark.
Leaving : (

Other highlights:

  • Plotting to smuggle J and A into the campsite like criminal master minds
  • Which eventually ledto hiding the 3rd car in the bushes and putting up a tarp to cover it from view
  • The brutal cold showers
  • My daily morning training to combat a bear aka. me practicing my kickbox moves 
  • My mommy would be so proud of me but i didn't get drunk or even BUZZED. I'm proud of me. I can't say much about the next trip though haha
  • The sound curfew that was effective as of 11pm
  • The first times of many: camping in general, touch football, only ONE mosquito bites, etc. 
Overall- great first time camping experience. The guys are pretty chills and nice. im glad they dont find me weird and awkward (i hope not anyways). I actually had reception all weekend but i chose to not check my facebook/tweet/txt (except loading of 3 images!) or anything like that because the purpose was getting away. I got away, hoping to be reflective but instead i now see certain people and certain things in a different light. Different things from different perspectives.... It absolutely frightens me but its also reassuring at the same time.

What to do tis the question.

I say Embracing Nature Part DEUX might answer my question?


Oh and i lost my blackberry case. FML.

tweeet tweeet