The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Attack of the Hambugers



I know. I'm sorry. I have been so so lazy especially today for some reason. I even missed my 1215 combat class because i didn't get up in time to be productive.

Anyhoo. Plenty to rant about, plenty for youS to read. I actually blogged abouts several things since last Wednesday but have been totally putting it off because i've been pretty busy. Life is definitely moving forward with many things happening and i'm pretty content with the many "things" i have to tend to.

So as far as my memory can take me..........
  • Met up with Jleung for dimsum and flying.
    I remember when i use to get a little angry that he's always the 3rd wheel when i was with the prior-mister. Now thinking back, i feel uber guilty and ridiculous that i would get upset over something so trivial. I'm glad that we're still friends despite all that has happened. We went for dim sum at Pearl and it was the most expensive dim sum i've ever had (to date). God it was outrageous to pay 6 bucks for Hai Gow!!! Craziness. Even T&T sells it for only 2 bucks and to be honest it kinda tasted the same. I guess i'm paying for the view (which was very nice fyi). Of course during our brunch, he did his Quarterly Check-Up and Maintenance work on my BB. ^^ Patched it up and now its operating good as new!!! (With the exception of the ACCIDENT that almost costed me a bb which will be later discussed....) Then he spontaneously decides to take me on a city tour...IN THE AIR. Its like the coolest thing ever to have a friend that can operate a plane. We walked to the Toronto Islands Airport (the weather was soooo nice) and he did his thing and took us up. It was pretty cool. I've never seen J so serious at something because he's normally petty jokes and laid back lol It was a gooood experienceeeeee. Probably going to meet up again when he's back from HK and has me a solar-power device that can charge my BB!!! It was a pretty awesome day. I am glad i made that effort to meet up.

  • Jess's Farewell @ Spice Route.
    I actually am not very fond of that restaurant but the lounge area turned to be a lot better than their dining area. J was completely plastered and i had a really good time even though we left a bit earlier. I got my buzz, i dressed up and (thought) i looked good, lots of camera whoring. We got tequila shots on the house (courtesy of the cousin and our sneaky ways), bottle (courtesy of the cousin's bf). It was a VERY pleasant night. I want picturesssss.

  • Bloor West Date with K and J
    Met up with the girls for really good Hamburgers at Yellow Griffin Pub (they are famous for having 35 different types of burgers which includes a Peanut Butter and Jam one) over at the Bloor West end. The trip was also to check out a venue for her bday. The venue surprisingly looks extremely rustic (in a good way) and i'm surprised with how much i like it and the many things i can do to it to give K the best 25th bday a girl can have. Afterwards we went to Sweet Flour and baked a cookie that almost killed us 3 because of all the sugar and butter in one small pastry.....but personally i think its worth it because Salted Caramel is something worth dying for. 
    • We watched the Vampires Suck movie
      If people did not know what this movie was about, it's basically a movie poking at/making fun of Twilight
    • Yes. The movie poster TOTALLY says it all doesn't it. Being the devoted and loyal Twilight fan that i am, i felt i should watch it to see what people/non-fans feel about the franchise and what is there to make fun of since...i feel like....there IS nothing to make fun of.....haha I shouldn't be SO narrow-minded right? No. I SHOULD have been narrow minded and said NO to the movie because not even two minutes into the movie, i face palmed myself and then fell asleep about 40 minutes into the movie. It was a HUGE Twilight fan fail. Haha anyways i am glad J and K enjoyed the movie though. It would have been downright epic fail if they hated it too. lol
      Thoughhhhhhh i gotta say, Ken Jeong was the highlight of the movie. This man is seriously the funniest moveable, talkable human being on the face of this earth. Even his face is funny looking. hahah i enjoyed HIS parts (that i did not miss when i was actually awake). HA HA FAIL.
    The evening ended with us heading over to the Milestone Bar for apps and drinks. I love these two, i always such fun and relaxing girls day with them. <3
  • Job Interview Prep/Actual Interview with CI
    Okay so this was pretty interesting. I received a posting for the position last Wednesday and this was seriously the first job posting (since the Disney Creative Intern post.....that i regretfully missed due to bigger issues i was dealing with at the time) in a very long time that caught my eye. That said under Junior's advice i aimed to get my CV into their inbox before Thursday. Unfortunately for me, the state my resume and CL was in, it was NOT ready to be sent to anybody. So in between gymming and going out to see people, i pulled 3am nights just for this particular position at my dream company. Sent it in with complete confidence (along with two other company postings) but to my horror, i noticed that the company posted an external post on Monster. Obviously they are going to get a zillion better CVs and mine is going to be lost in the pile.

    To my surprise though, they actually called me back for a phone interview (that i have tweeted and somewhat mentioned before) that i felt like i completely bombed. Even more devastated now (then), i went ahead and did a personality index assessment that they requested and was basically not expecting a call back for a 2nd interview. I think i got really lucky because the day i was out with J, i received an e-mail request for a 2nd interview. This drove me into work mode and i began prepping my portfolio for the interview and even had to cancel my shopping date with C (i'm sorry again dear) because it took so much time to prepare and print.

    My interview was yesterday and i hate to type it but i really don't think i got the job. I don't think the interviewer girl liked me, she did not seem impressed and last but not least, i did NOT do a good job of "marketing"/selling myself. I later learned in the elevator (as i was leaving) from someone who worked there that the interviewer is some big shot Marketer chick that won a prestigious award for being Marketer of the year or something similar to that (from the Canadian Marketing Association). You guys should have seen my face. It was seriously a big FML moment. If i knew that marketing myself would have been THAT crucial (yes i know that is important too but not your-chance-at-being-hired-ois-on-the-line important when your interviewer is apparently CANADIAN MARKETER OF THE YEAR), i would have worked on my "TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF" speech instead of the "WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR US" speech. ARGHH. FML.

    I've wanted to work for this company since 3rd year (they offered a design competition and winner gets obviously the glory of winning but also an internship) and when i didn't "win" an internship with them, i was seriously crushed for weeks. I remember the boys taking me out for buffet lunches to cheer me up and it stung a lot when i saw whom i lost to (i hate that asshole) and the "design" i lost to. It sucked even more when the interviewer actually remembered the winner and brought his name up during the interview. SIGHS. It was like reopening a wound....IN THE MIDDLE OF AN INTERVIEW. I don't know whether l'll be able to handle another rejection from them. I think it might actually drive me into a emo frenzy crazy mode.

    None the less tho, do pray for me. The position and the projects that the hired designer gets to work on sounds unbelievably amazing.

  • My BB Crisis
    For the past couple of days i experienced one of the most devastating thing EVER- which was the ALMOST LOSS of my Blackberry. God it was soooo dreadful using a flip phone (who uses that anymore?!??!?). Basically my keyboard went crazy wonky and eventually just didn't even respond anymore. What happened was i knocked over a cup of ice water and it spilled on the BB. On TOP of that. I do have a habit of bringing it in the showers to talk to Twin (hey she does it TOOO) so there was already moisture damage.....the cup of water just pushed it over the edge that's all. Anyways so here i am trying to repair it and freaking out on Jleung. I was told by him (and a number of others too) to put it into a bucket of rice for 3-5 days and it should be okay? Since when was this a remedy?!?! I am SO out of the loop. I was pretty skeptical but i had nothing to lose since it felt like i lost a part of my life already. Still, i was left with nothing but a freaking flipphone- no net, no email, no pinning, no QWERTY keyboard. Sobs. Thnx the lord, A was able to grab me a Pearl from work. I survived on a downgraded Pearl for THREE days. It was torture. Absolute torture.

    But this story has a happy ending because i took it outta the rice box yesterday and IT ACTUALLY WORKS.


    holyshiet who knew that it was going to work!?!?? wow. This method totally saved me a couple of hundred (that i can spend ELSEWHERE giggle giggle) from buying a replacement phone (A White BB Bold to be specific.....that i am still going to get eventually......).

    I swear i am going to treat it with care and more love then before.

Random jots of thoughts:
  • Borrowed two seasons of the Office. Will start that soon!
  • The cousin and bf is in Vancouver. I hope they're having a blast. I'm very envious.
  • This appears to be the Year of the Breakups. Add on three more recent ones. This year is cursed. I am telling all you people who are still in relationships. It might be you guys next...........not to be cynical or anything. 
  • Oh yes, i FINALLY booked my G2 road test. Let's hope i pass it and not be the last 23 year old in Toronto that doesn't have their g2!!!!!
  • TIFF is about to start in a couple of weeks. 
    • Celebrities to stalk for: RYAN GOSLING, Josh Hartnett, James Franco, Ryan Reynolds, Penn Badgley, Jackson Rathbone. Only chick i care enough to stalk: Blake Lively. haahaaa. 
  • I need to load more pictures on facebook.
  • THISSSS close to buying a Real Madrid No.8 (Kaka) Soccer Jersey.....GAHHH. Temptation.
    • Soccer Jerseys are SO uber comfortable to wear after a nice long workout. The material glides on your a very erotic and comfortable way.
  • My mom just said i'm fat again. The funniest thing was that she thought i was skinner when i was still dating the prior-mister. Like i said, i thought that was the FUNNIEST thing in the world.....because i feel like i'm at my skinniest/fittest right now. Of course this was before i downed half that bag of Doritos. Face Palm. 
  • I sense that my ipod's expiration day is coming. It is fighting for its life every single day i use it.
    • Michelle Phan is such a goddess. It actually works. I would know. I tried it earlier today.
  • I'm actually REALLY sick of hamburgers (hence the entry title). I've been eating at least ONE every week since summer started. During camping it was literally what i had 3 days in a row. At home my parents LOVES grilling burgers because they want to make good use of our BBQ and i go out and i eat hugeeee cowburgers with people. I think if i eat another burger l'll freaking punch myself in the face. 
  • I have a list of shit i'm planning on buying in Buffalo. It includes things like RAINBOOTS, UGGS (both of which i was NOT allowed to buy when i was taken) and GYM CLOTHES. 
  • I also need a camera. My dad always lectures me whenever i borrow his.
  • READ: China Traffic Jam can last weeks. LINK
  • To Do: Continue to apply for jobs, continue to work out, continue to drive, buy tickets for TIFF, plan K's Birthday with J, continue w/ side jobs, eat less, drink for the buzz, not the hangover.



To do work.


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