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Friday, November 12, 2010

International Friendly 2010 Fixtures

Next Wednesday is going to be football Wednesday for A and i (if anybody wants to join!!!!) and it is going to be absolutely spectacular because all our national teams are playing their friendlies that day. Catch? They're playing almost all at the same time....some AGAINST EACH OTHER.

Now in the futbol world, that just causes chaos and overdrives our ovaries because its sexiness and dorkiness all at once for a good couple of hours (i believe 6?).

I pray to god we survive to see the kids that night.

Anyways just a rundown of the schedule of games (that i am either going to watch or care enough to watch the highlights and results) as reference for myself and anybody that cares, here is the following-

Nov 17 06:35 ET China v Latvia [ I want to see how China plays....and possibly be ashamed ]
Nov 17 07:00 ET Hong Kong v Paraguay [ Same goes ]
Nov 17 12:00 ET Argentina v Brazil
Nov 17 14:30 ET Netherlands v Turkey [Because of prince charming]

Nov 17 14:30 ET South Africa v United States
Nov 17 14:30 ET Sweden v Germany [Because Germany is that good.]

Nov 17 15:00 ET England v France
Nov 17 16:00 ET Portugal v Spain

The bolded is obvs the games i will be watching. Bolded and underline is the one i will disregard all to watch lol

Yep. Definitely going to have a GOOOOOOD DAY. I am tres excited.


anh said...

excited to see some nekkid torsos post-match and lots of shirt swapping and ridiculously dorky bromance.

and of course kickass wins from France, Spain, Germany and a goal from Prince Charming (still don't want Netherlands to win)


tweeet tweeet