The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Monday, August 1, 2011

i know i fail

i know i know i promised a PRE-SANDIEGO trip post.

That obviously did not happen.

But here i am, i made the effort, i put on my face and travelled my arse to the ghettos of what they call scarbaria, to sit down in a dark corner at a Starbucks/Chapters (because i know my usual SB will be packed to the max with asians who are afraid of the sun) with two and a half venti drinks by my side.

So greetings, to whoever that hasn't given up on me. Indeed i am back (duh) for exactly a week. Ive been sick (a cold with fever to be precise) the minute i got off of that much delayed plane hence the terrible lag in updating. To contribute to further delays, the minute i felt remotely better i was out of the house and not in front of the computer. When i was, it was only to watch my Arsenal games and....not blog.

Right, i shall stop it with the excuses! Onwards with zee trip.

San Diego was a lot of fun. It didn't really feel like a 7 day trip because everyday went by extremely quickly because we packed it in with what seems like a zillion things to do each day. I don't really want to bother going into great depths of what we did each day because that's boring. I think a general outline will suffice?

The first three days of the trip was dedicated mostly to doing tourist-like stuff and running errands. We stayed at the Mariott Residential Suites where there was an in-suite kitchen (completed with cutlery and cookware) for us to make food and pretty much live there comfortably for a week. Great place. The cleaning ladies did our dishes (we are SO awful), they delivered a toothbrush to us in the middle of the night, excellent warm morning breakfast buffet and HOT WATER ALL THE TIME. No complaints what so ever about the hotel.
As for living with the boys, thankfully and miraculously i survived. Its a good thing that K is a very neat and clean boy and i know most of lx's habits thus there was no need to try to poison their eggs. For most days, we slept around midnight and got up at 4am (or at least i did). We made lunchboxes for convention days, ate breakfast in (whether it was the hotel buffet or stolen food from the hotel buffet from the day before), and public transited our arse to the con (which was a 45 minute trip each time). I'm proud of our very economical ways.

San Diego as a city is very lovely. I especially lurve their Gaslamp district which is equivalent to our distillery district, queen street and king street - all in one. Because our commute was so long and treacherous, we were not able to spend that much time there after the convention for offsite events and after parties. Personally if i was with other people id probably stay out til 4am and forget sleep but i chose to be a tad bit more responsible and opted to NOT do that. Also plus i couldn't really afford the drinking. If i was to go back id DEFINITELY want to party it up nice and hard there.

As for the actual convention, from a perspective of a wannabe-geek: it was AMAZING. I can only imagine for much more hardcore geeks, how much MORE amazing it must have been. I was not able to attend as many panels as i hoped to. Mainly because i was quite naive in believing that i only had to lineup max, 3 hours for a more "popular" panel but in reality that turned out to be about 3 hours MINIMUM waiting time and went up to 5-7 hours for my longest day. One of my tweeters tweeted me: Seems like all you are doing is that (line up). Which in fact that really WAS all i did. If you guys been through my albums, you would see how fukking ridiculous the line-up to go to some of these panels were. You really would not understand unless you were there. I have never seen anything like that in my life.

It was a joy to see everyone cosplay and i guess what made it count the most was the fact that nobody was judging anyone. You'd be surprised but there's people of ALL ages there- families, seniors, teens, kids, middle-aged Asian women, big black guys that cosplays. Its really not just, socially awkward fat white dudes as stereotypically comic geeks are portrayed as. There were some REALLY good looking guys too (BELIEVE IT OR NOT), so it was like a big satisfying buffet for me. Giggles giggles.

The real moment of the trip though, was when i touched Alex Skarsgards (Eric Northman from True Blood) thigh. It was so bloody amazing. I told EVERYONE that i knew about this. I was practically shaking after he handed my pass and sharpie back to me (fuk ya for bringing extra markers!!). But what made it EXTRA sweet was that i got sweet fucking revenge on this bitch that stole my seat earlier in the afternoon. She was behind me (even though she sat much closer to the stage then me) and was trying to get to him. She dropped her marker and USUALLY, i would pick it up for the person (even though it was seriously a fucking stampede. GIRLS ARE WILD) but no. For stealing my fucking seat, you get your marker kicked AWAY from you. That's right. I won't stay angry. i get fucking even. Don't mess. Karma is a BITCHHH.

i digress.

If i was given a chance to go again- i definitely WOULD go and l would probably dress up as well. It was nice to be surrounded by people who share the same excitement as you as oppose to people who don't understand why you are so excited about a fictional character. I know that a lot of my friends think im a tad bit weird for being such a geek and even though they don't say it nor judge me (not that much anyways lol), i do still feel a bit left out and a bit like a loser. Its not really their fault though because society has set up this aspect to be subjected to lots of judging. But its like that feeling that you get when all the popular kids talk about all the cool things they did on the weekend and asks you what you did and your the odd one standing out like a sore thumb. Yeah, its that feeling i get sometimes but its ok! I'm use to it!! And i have the boys to turn to for things like this.

So that's my trip is a nutshell! If i will be seeing you i will probably add in more detail and if you're just a reader than....i guess that's all you get.

l'll write up another entry on just a general update.....soon. HA.


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