The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairytales do come true!

Obviously today is zee biggg "Royal Wedding" or "the wedding of the decade". I really didn't give a damn to be honest and totally was going to brush it off. But really now. Me, not watching the wedding of the decade? The self-proclaim wedding addict not watch it? Don't be silly now. I got up to watch it at 6am with a mild hangover and totally soldiered it. So during the entire ceremony i did some "side commentaries" on my bb. As follows. Please read along as if this was a live (at the moment) play by play commentary.
  • I liked the trees in the church. Gave it a nice touch
  • Her makeup was pretty. Fierce fierce eyebrows. I'll get into my DRESS comments later in this entry. 
  • I think Kate's sister is hawt. So does half of my UK futbol guy friends on twitter haha
  • I wonder what the requirements are to be a choir boy? And why do some of the boys get to wear a military-looking uniform/outfit, while the others are forced to wear a fluffy shirt? Sucks to be those boys.
  • Some of the ladies hats are SO outrageous.
  • I'm bored as fak. If I was there I would have yawned a couple of times
    • And one lil black boy.
  • And of course the jolly choir MEN.
    • ok maybe there's TWO lil black boys.
  • Lil boy gets a solo during the singing. Bright future.
  • Whenever they say, "let us pray" I catch myself rolling my eyes. 
    • I'm sorry to all my religious friends and readers does bore me because i dont understand. Forgive me for being ignorant.
  • Crowd shot- i see several good-looking men.
    • I wonder how many are Arsenal fans.
    • Actually, there's this one RLLLLLLY hot looking guy in the crowd. Probably a distinct fifth cousin, twice removed, Wills side, because Kate's COMMMMONER extended family shall be forbidden from entering.
  • And of course there's kates sis (Pippa?) as Maid of Honour and Prince Harry as Best Man. Do i smell a hook-up? Heard they're both partay animals. Rwar. Sexy times.
    • Harry is actually pretty handsome. Ginger. Exotic.
  • WAYY to much singing. If your not singing, you're probably bored as hell.
    • Especially those who are seated behind that great big STONE WALL.
    • I don't understand the point in seating people where u can't even see kate and will.
      • Oh I will put Kate before will in sentences because I think she deserves it and Will gets enough spotlight, don't u think?
  • Oh oh, sexy guy in crowd again. The cam LOVES him. haha
  • A little sad that Diana wasn't present to see her boy get married.
  • So the whole ceremony took about an hour, with only about 10mins being the exchange of vows. No wonder guys dread weddings. Its a bloody bore!
  • What!?!? Kate and will are a duke and duchess. I thought it was prince and princess???? Now that's news to me. 
    • Actually rethinking it now, i guess it makes sense. Never mind lol.
  • Ok so I was wondering about the whole kiss the bride thing. Apparently they have do it at a balcony. Sexy time after that?
  • When Kate and Will got into the carriage, Will looked SO handsome with his white gloves and hat on. oh man. I was reminded of those school girl days when i would fondly daydream of the prince.
  • I guess no touching is allowed in the carriage?
  • NEWS AGAIN! Wills is 28!!?!?!? Kates 29!!!!!!!!! 
    • Never mind. Only by a couple of months. Confirmed to me by K. lol
  • Ohemgee, Beckham and Posh were guests at the church ceremony. I totally just experienced a crazy, futbol fan girl moment.
    • DAMNNNYNNNNN. The man has STILLLL got it in him. SO SO effing sexy.
    • !@#@$%& fangirl-ing.
  • I thought the Queen was cute wearing that yellow attire. 
    • That said, people on my twitter did not think that. A friend's tweet: " I'd I was Wills I'd say, "Look nan, if you don't stop stealing my thunder I'll put you in a home and won't visit."" 
    • ^ LOL!!!!
  • Bwahhaha omg harry gets to ride the carriage with the kids!!!!!! Sooooooo cuteeeeeeee.
  • " all night party Harry is hosting" x of course he would be hosting an all night party. He
    would probably be the first one to get shitfaced!!!!
- And i stopped there because the public ceremonies were done. Sorry about the grammer tenses. I kept on typing in past and present. That's what you get when im typing things so early in the morning. (I don't normally blog this early as you've noticed).

Ok now we move onto my DRESS rant

To be brutally honest, I was more thrilled by the baby flower girls dresses more. I'm NOT saying its ugly, its really just a question of taste and personal style right? I thought she could have gone and put more OMMPHHH in the volume of the dress but that's just my opinion. Its interesting because the first image of the Royal Wedding i saw when i turned on the tv was her dress and i was not "wow-ed" at all. That said.......she RLLLY looked like cinderella from.....cinderella. DISNEY.

Hahaha dont you think so?????

I would describe the dress to be very "timelless and exquisite". After watching it for a little longer it did start to grow on me. In particular the lace. I thought the lace work was absolutely beautiful. The dress is designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (very VERY unfortunate he is not alive to do it himself. I think that would have been so symbolic). The description for this dress goes:
The design of the long-awaited wedding-dress combined majesty and modernity, royal heritage and romantic history, passion and pageantry.
Which i think it does capture all that. You can read all about the fashion and motifs behind her dress here at this [ link ]. As for her tiara, ahhhhhh i am NOT a fan of tiaras. AT ALL. I think it ruins the outfit and VERY LITTLE people can pull it off nicely. 8/10 brides do NOT pull it off well. But the name of the tiara and story behind it is nice.

I think overall Kate pulled it off very gracefully and beautifully. She really COULD have gone with a really, REALLY big name designer but she chose someone who is important and well respected in England and the fashion world. She could have also went against the norm and did something a bit more "chic" and encrusted the dress with a zillion Swarovski to say "Hey, i'm not a commoner no more. I can be royalty too" to all those blue-blooded snoots. But no, she stuck to simplicity, to something I think a "common" girl can relate to. That to me means more than anything.

Ah. The famous kiss on the balcony. The kiss was so so so endearing (despite what everyone says about the kiss being so horrendous and their interaction with their dentist was sexier haha). It's seriously a modern fairytale. They seemed real. Genuine.

At the beginning of the church ceremony, there was a moment where you saw Harry saying something to Will, i guess maybe a joke or something because they both chuckled. And then you also see Will saying something to Kate, and you see another chuckle. At the end of the day, they're still young and i think that's what i appreciate most about this entire gigantic, broadcasted, almost scripted "event"- is that they (the couple) tried to stay as real as possible.

Worth the wake-up for!



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