The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something Borrowed

About a month ago, the trailer for this novel "Something Borrowed" was released. My first impression of the trailer/movie was that its a pretty cute chick romance flick and probably WILL end up seeing it just because. The thing is that i've never read the book despite it being the top book to read on every girls list and been out for so long. Most of the girls aren't surprised that I haven't read it because "chick" novels are not exactly my think whereas i prefer mysteries, drama and erm, wizards/vampires/teenagers killing each other (i lump them all in one category because everyone does lol) haha. So i had no plans of reading it whatsoever and will depend heavily on the critique of girlfriends whom has and will allow them to point out to me how faithful the movie was to the book. Something i was completely fine with.

Until this:

I won advance screening tickets (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to the movie through a blog contest that C told me to enter. I entered it not expecting to win (because i don't ever win anything) and the next thing you know i get an e-mail telling me i wonnnnnnnn. I really did not expect this advance screening to be much. I mean its shown two days before release night, how special can it be right? Ha. So it appears to be a tad more special than that because (as you can see in the above pic) the actor who plays Dex (the main guy in the novel) will be making a special appearanceeeeeeeeee. Bwhahaha. I totally experienced a fan girl moment when i saw that line of text in red and bold. Oh em geeeeeee. The guy is a GORGEOUS 38 year old. This means i must straighten the hair fo shuree now haha. and maybe wear a dress.

On another note- i did finish the book and fak it was GOOOOD. The way it was written is similar to Sex and the City, and everyone knows Sex and the City to me is a visual bible. Anything Carrie Bradshaw says is golden and sacred. Thus, this book is pretty effing awesome too.
Quick plot summary:
The novel centers around the protagonist and narrator, Rachel White, a thirty-year-old single woman who is a consummate good-girl. She and Darcy Rhone have been best friends since childhood, and hard-working Rachel is often in the shadow of flashy, sometimes ALWAYS selfish Darcy. Then, after a night of drinking on Rachel's thirtieth birthday, she sleeps with Darcy's fiance, Dex. After this turns into an affair, Rachel explores the meaning of friendship, true love, and ethics. - Courtesy of WIKIPEDIA.

Right, so I can relate to it in several aspects.

the whole 30 year old and single thing. I so see that happening to me and its going to suck ox balls. In the novel, the protagonist talked about how every girl dreams to be a 20s bride and have that beautiful family and house with the white fence around it by 30. But shit happens and the next thing you know, you're 28 and starting to freak the shit out until you actually hit 30 and that's when botox and lavalife commercials seems intriguing. Its really not that glamorous to be successful but single. Sure you can afford 14 dollar Caesars and bone a different guy every night but the party lifestyle can get tiresome. I would know, i've been living that lifestyle (being unemployed but having a sufficient income from the government) for almost a year now and i'm only twenty four. (Note: not saying i bone a different guy every night HA). I digress. So in the novel she's hit 30 and she's single. It sucks. That is- until she bones the guy shes been in love with for 7 years aka her bff's fiancee.
being cheated on. Another thing that sucks ox (or maybe buffalo) balls. Being cheated on is perhaps the worst thing in the world. The feeling of betrayal is so overwhelming and suffocating that adjectives just doesn't cut it. Which is why i am completely unsure on whether i agree with the main protagonist having an affair with her bff's boyfriend. No matter how much i hate the bff (whoms a major bitch id cut), it's just not cools. Its hard to judge because the plot is so much more complicated but at the end of the day, cheating is wrong. I strongly believe in Karma and how it can and will sneak up on you and bite you in the ass and you will have no one to blame but yourself. I'm tres cynical aren't i.
Three being the plain jane in the group. I don't care what anyone says- i have always been the larger, taller, bigger, uncooler one. I know what it feels like to live in the shadows. I know what it feels like when the guy likes your best friend and not you, or they they're talking to you just so you can be the wingman for them and one of your girls. Been there, done that. Maybe that's why I choose to live a certain lifestyle, just so i can be more special. Nobody likes dorks anyways when you can have a pretty fun girl. The type of guys i like anyways. HA. I DIGRESS AGAIN. I feel myself going emo again lol.

SO YES. FANTASTIC BOOK. Starting the 2nd book now. Hopefully its just as good. I heard that one of the characters i liked in the first book will have a bigger role in the second one. I am talking about Ethan, if anyone cares.


The dude with the arrow beside him is John Krasinski, and he's playing the character whom i am currently in live with (Ethan). I'm not sure why John Krasinski is part of the "main cast" because he doesn't really play that big of a role in the novel (not so sure about the 2nd book though) but HEY. I'M NOT COMPLAINING because i am IN LOVEEEEEE with him. I've come to a conclusion (this may change after reading the 2nd book) that if i was to marry a Caucasian guy, it would be a guy with a personality like the dude in the novel and looks like him.

Yeahhhhh. Geeky and wholesome as apple pie. So my cup of tea. 

Holey, i just realized i typed up an ESSAY. I really did NOT meant it to be that way. I also didn't mean it to be so damn emo either. I guess enjoy the read because it was totally accidental.

Wings and beer w/ some good company tmr evening. Paper shopping et Beastmode avec zee cousin first though. I will potentially be doing something extremely brave tomorrow. Will blog about it when it happens.




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