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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fifa 2010

Okay so everybody knows how i am totally into the World Cup. I'm such a bandwagon hoe and totally jumped on just because everybody did a couple years ago. But i am SO serious about following the games this year. Mainly because i have money riding on the games so it would be kind of nice to know whats going on haha.

Click to enlarge.

The guys are running a pool and i don't really know what my odds are and how the rules really work (i actually should get a lil more info from J who's running it haha) but all i heard from the cousin was "Soccer" "Pool" "Money" = SCHWEEEETTTT. OKAY IM IN FROM ME!!!!!!

As you click on the above image, you can see that my final pick came down to Brazil. I was completelyyyy torn between Spain and Brazil and i actually changed it three times (in pencil) from initially Spain to Brazil...back to Spain...then Brazil and then back again and just SETTLED for Brazil because i would kick myself in the ass if they won.....but i think i would kick myself even harder if Span did (they won the lastest Eurocup for anyone that cares).  That said though, i think the underdogs are Argentina and Germany and can totally spook everyone....maybe even the US too...i read some stuff on them. Sadly my beloved England is not going to make the cut so i'm going to try to wear my (ENG) shirt every chance i get haha.

Saturday, first ENG match vs USA. wahaha

Let the games beginnnnnnnnn and win me some good drinking money!!!!!!! =D


anh said...

REALLY!?!? England over France? I'm breaking up with you K!


tweeet tweeet