The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cookies and Futbol

2352 Bloor St. West

The other day i mustve ate the world's yummiest cookie (MY CREATION). I stumbled across this bakery called Sweet Flour (Bloor W and...Runnymede?!?!? Yeah. Don't ask what i was doing there.) and for 2.50 (!!! Actually it is rather pricey for a SB sized-cookie now that i think about it), you are able to create your own coookie!!!! You get to choose your dough (Original, Peanut Butter or Oatmeal) and then choose up to 2 (free) toppings to add to your cookie, bake for two minutes and you get a FRESHHHH-pipin'-hot-what-tastes-like-800-delicious-calories original cookie! Toppings includes the obvious- white/dark/fatty/bitter/special chocolates, peanut butter stuff, all types of nuts and dried fruits. There was a selection to choose from with about six different spreads you can put atop of the cookie. MMMMMMMM I came out with a Original, Pistachio Cookie with Salted Caramel Spread. And fak it was heavenly. Whoever came up with Salted Caramel is a bloody genius. He is right up there with the guy that invented air conditioning.

So go. If you are in the area. haha

Alright. Now its FUTBOL TIME AGAIN =D
Skip again if you wish to ignore my senseless babble

The Big Semifinal game that determines the two top giants to duke it out this coming Sunday!!! The first of two semi final games was today. Holland (Netherlands) vs Uruguay (or U-R-GAY- or UR-UGLY) and it was mad intense. Holland pulled off 3 spectacular goals (it wasnt even by fluke or anything) and Uruguay with 2, with the last goal being the most dramatic and awesome one of all 5 goals. I gotta give it to Uruguay for fighting to the end. This is what i call FIGHTING for the World Cup. None of that pansy shit that ENG demonstrated. Argh. Thinking about their lack of drive makes me so so so angry. Anyways. Netherlands to be fighting for the big bad cup this Sunday and Uruguay to fight for 3rd place aka the Losers Match as Tall J calls it. Sad face. Bright side though, i have a huge school girl crush on the Uruguay Goalie, Fernando Musler. Giggles.

Aw. Isnt he so dorky looking? His name is Fernando toooo...Giggle Giggle.
I get to see him one more time in the Saturday match!

As for the Spain and Germany game tomorrow. I am pretty much desperate and trying to convince everyone i know whos into futbol to come out to watch this serious semi-final game with me somewhere. It is going to either be a disgusting slaughter or a game of crazy LUCK (referring mainly to Spain). Personally i feel like the odds are with Germany and Spain should honestly start widening their options. Which comes to the next thing i wanted to share.

Spain's attack has a self paced feel to it with difficulties getting up tempo. They meet a German team that sets an attacking tone right from the get go. The Rojas do not want to go behind early. They need to force Germany into defensive measures early. Unfortunately, Fernando Torres's form and Vicente Del Bosque's tactic of two holding midfielders has slowed down the team to a crawl. They are the slowest of the four semi-finalists and out of the 32 teams only the North Koreans are slower. (That is so brutal and so sad)

Against Germany in Euro 2008, the blistering pace of Torres made the difference as he outclassed Philip Lahm in that footchase. Spain unfortunately cannot rely on him to provide that breakaway this World Cup.
El Nino has been a pale shadow- sadly lacking speed, strength, and touch. Without those elements, the Rojas have become a lateral passing team trying to break down defenses through the middle. The Paraguayans effectively marshaled their forces in that part of the pitch before another classical Xavi- Iniesta- Villa move unlocked the defense. But Spain had to sweat to the 83rd minute for that breakthrough.

The Germans will expect more of the same. Which is why Torres should sit on the bench. Spain can increase speed and widen its game by introducing Jesus Navas and hope the Sevilla player bears his crosses into the box. Del Bosque will go in for a 4-2-3-1. The Germans are looking for that correction too.
Del Bosque should be emboldened by doing away with one of the holding midfielders- preferably Busquets and pair up Fernando Llorente with David Villa up front with Jesus Navas out on the right flank. You create a 4-1-3-2 with a lot of speed and variation down the wings. Germany will be forced to stretch out their defense.

- Source

I am a die-heart-devoted Fernando Torres fan. But even i, believe that they really gotta bench him and freaking attack Germany. Spain has NEVER won the World Cup in all its histories and i think this would be a tremendous win for them if they're able to take home world cup and place it beside their Europcup from 08.

"El Nino has been a pale shadow- sadly lacking speed, strength, and touch" - as heartbroken as i am when i read that....its true. He's not at all aggressive, i feel like whenever he's on the pitch, he's a delicate little boy being attacked by vicious bulls coming at all directions and i fear for his legs when he falls. SOOOO. Unless my freckled face hunk is going to be so full of speed and strength that he'll be doing sumersults on the pitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's better off protecting his assets (erm legs haha) for his club as the next season approaches. I still love you though nando !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways. I'm realllllly hoping for the best for tomorrow's game. Paul the Octopus predicted a Germany loss and i realllllllllly hope he is on his mark for this one.

& for those who don't know who Paul the Octopus is. He's a Oracle octopus that has been predicting the outcomes of all of Germany's international football matches. To date (for all their FIFA games), he has yet to be lets hope he's right on this one!!!!!!!! Coincidentally though, he DID predict a EUROCUP (08) win for Germany, in a final game between them and SPAIN but it turned out that Spain actually ended up being the winner taking home the Eurocup (thnx to my baby Torres and his goal that allowed this teehehehe) might go crazy with its oracle-like vibes whenever Spain is in the picture. WHO KNOWS.

Let's pray for a damn GOOD, game tomorrow boys and girls. i shall have my torres jersey on for spiritual support muahhahaha THNX H FOR THE GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

AH yes. The end of FUTBOL. Moving on.

Ah. there really isn't anything else. A spontaneous Summerlicious dinner this friday with the boys, then bbq, and then WORLDCUP GAME. This weekend is going to be epic epic epic!!!

And as much as i complain about the weather. i effing love this humidity. =D



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