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Friday, July 2, 2010

Titan Teams: Another futbol related post

Here's an article i found that pretty much summarizes my thoughts in a professional, well-articulated way. My comments are bolded and emphasis on sentences are in italics. Only for those interested of course.

The Big Three

Back on June 9, I predicted that only three teams could win the World Cup: Argentina, Brazil or Spain. (Those are actually my picks for the pool toooooo!!!!!!!) I was right then. I'm even more correct now. (YES YES!!) The Big Three are even bigger today than they were on June 9. They look pretty invincible and should make up 75% of the semi-finalists after the quarter-finals this weekend. The only question - and it's a very difficult question indeed - is who will end up as the Big One on July 11.

After the upsets in the group stage, the first round knock-out games went very much to plan. The only real surprise was the creative sophistication of young Mesut Ozil and the fluency of the German attack -- but the truth is that even you or I would've looked quick against a shockingly pedestrian English defense. Meanwhile, a David Villa inspired Spain - in spite of a malfunctioning Fernando Torres (Pouts) and a Xavi missing his usual incisiveness - comfortably beat a toothless Ronaldo-Portugal. Argentina (HA) - with Carlos Tevez as his most troublesome best - waltzed home against a classically lightweight Mexican side. Meanwhile, Brazil made a very good Chile look quite ordinary. The momentum seems to be with Dunga's side. Even Kaka, so disappointing for Real Madrid for most of this season, is beginning to rediscover the form that made him the best player in the world a couple of years ago (I am behind you 500% my humble sexy pet).

The only real question about the quarter finals is whether the Dutch or the Germans can pull off a surprise and restore North European pride. But, in spite of their four wins, it's hard to see the disappointing Dutch being able to outwit a Brazilian side that appears to have no weaknesses. It's one thing for tireless Dirk Kuyt to successfully hussle the Slovakians or Japanese, it quite another for him to have any success against a Brazilian defense brilliantly marshaled by their captain Lucio. For the Dutch to pull off a major surprise, they'll not only need Robin Van Persie back to his best, but also something very special from Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

Less unlikely is a Germany victory over Argentina. (I kind of disagree. I think there may be surprises) There's no doubt this is a very good German attack, capable of scoring goals against the best sides in the world. But their defense has yet to be tested. With Tevez and Messi and Higuain, not to mention Aguero and Milito on the bench, it's not hard to imagine Argentina scoring three or four times on Saturday. But Germany's best chance is an Argentina implosion or a Maradona meltdown.(LOL @ the Maradona meltdown part) This one could be a high scoring, dramatic classic. Not to be missed. (HELLS YEAHHH. I am UBER excited)

So far, this World Cup hasn't been exceptional. There's just too much of a gulf between the Big Three and the rest of the world. To make this a tournament remembered for more than its vuvuzelas and Jabulani ball (effing jabulani ball), we need to see two games between the Big Three. What I'm hoping for, therefore, is a Spain-Argentina semi-final with the winners playing Brazil in the final.(MY PICKS!!) Rather than giant-killing, what this World Cup desperately needs is some games between giants.




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i hate this world cup. i will see you saturday so we can play so epic drinking game in the morning.


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