The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

PAUL WAS RIGHT : A Futbol Post

Again. Quick warning that this is a futbol-filled post.
Skip ahead to read some footnotes i guess. lol

I think i am still in disbelief that Spain made it to the final, to duke it out with Netherlands for the World Cup this Sunday. I was seriously ready to watch them play in the losers match on Saturday and hang up my jersey when suddenly i saw their lineup and noticed that Torres was out!!?? That's when i thought omfg SPAIN HAS A CHANCE TO WIN!!!!!! Love the guy but without him, their defense was MUCH stronger and totally caught Germany off guard. The game was played exactly how Spain wanted it to be played. Pretty much the more possession they had, the harder their defense was for Germany to break through, the bigger chance they had. I was a little concern that it was going to go into OT. I think that would have been devastating and dangerous. Luckily one of Spain's veteran players heads it in to ensure a lead. I think the German lost a little momentum at that point and was discouraged a bit and wasn't able to score another one in because Spain's defense and keeper were too strong.

Side thing: I laughed my ass off when the "intruder" came running into the field in the middle of the game. AHAHHA omg what gets to me the most is the fact that hes holding a vuvuzela. As if that will help him hahaha I wonder what his purpose was. I was kind of hoping he would start dancing or start humping davi villa whom i believe was the closest to him. hahaha

I digress.

When they brought Torres back out, i was really hoping that playing against an old opponent would bring back that spark that makes oh-so-extraordinary. Back in 2008 during the FINAL between Germany and Spain for the Eurocup, Torres flew past Lahm to make the winning goal. I thought maybe going head to head with Lahm again on the pitch would bring his inner "bull" back out....heh. But no. Skip down to see why he was not given that opportunity.

Torres comforting my two fave German players, Podolski and their hot captain Phillip Lahm. What a sweetheart.

Just like that kiddos, Spain avenged for my darlings over there in ENG. teheheheh BIG SMILES.

That said though, one of the things that really pissed the fuck out of me, is what you see in the above graphic. As you can see, Torres (#9) was COMPLETELY OPEN, no Germans defender to be SEEN and the dick Pedro was too fucking selfish to see that and did not pass it but instead LOST the damn ball. If he was actually able to utilize that to his advantage then it wouldnt have been such a piss off. But the fact that he was such a ball hog whore and didnt give Torres a chance to score- makes him a big bitch. Torres seriously just needs that ONE GOAL, one fucking goal to give him back his strikers confidence and that bitch and a half totally ruined it. You can even see Torres flaring up in the graphic. He mustve been pissed as hell as i am.

Anyways. Why i think Spain will win the world cup
  1. Unity. I don't think i have ever seen a team with so much bromance on the field. hahah Not even just that. But they are honestly like brothers off the pitch when they practice, travel, eat and spend time with each other. Its absolutely adorable. Their bond is a very big advantage because of their common goal of wanting to win for the team/country and not for personal glorification. They're also a lot more in-sync with one another which allows coordination to be better. Their unity is incredible if i may say so myself.
  2. Their ability to catch up. Unlike the other teams, i find that Spain has really good momentum (good consistency) and are able to catch up if needed.
  3. Slow but Sturdy. Spain is considered the 2nd slowest team in the World Cup next to North Korea. They honestly cannot outrun a lot of the teams. That said though, they do love their passes and when they start passing and passing and passing the ball back and forth, back and forth- it wears the opponents down (which was exactly what happened in the germany game) and thats when they go for the kill.
  4. They were the EURO champs in 2008. What more can i say?
The boys definitely have taken Spain to new heights in this world cup. They have NEVER been in the finals. This itself is monumental enough. Sunday is going to be the game of a lifetime!!!! i am wearing my jersey every chance i get for the remainder of the week haha!
GO SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok now that's done with. A little bit about my day AS im watching the game lol. Thankfully, I was able to find people that actually took the day off to watch the game. Yes, futbol is THAT important to some of us!!!!! I was pleasantly surprised to see that many people that came out to watch it when i thought it was just going to be myself, J and S. We went to our usual bar to watch it on the big screen and did our usual 3.50 shots. After the game, for some reason we decided to bar hop and went somewhere else to drink even more. My god i was completely hammered by 6pm. It was actually really disgusting and i dont think l'll ever do something like that again hahah once is enough. Regardless though i had such a great time. What's really awesome about these guys and my cousin, is that they don't judge you no matter what you do. If i do what i do with a different bunch, iiiii don't think they'll still regard me in the same light. Also i don't know a bunch that will party harder then these guys and i loveeee that. I hope they like me. haha

Today's going to be quiet or rather i'm forced to be quiet. Currently staying in bed with a heat pad to my stomach because i have crazy crazy pains shooting at me. Today was originally gonna be a SB day with a 2 hour Combat and Pump session planned for later in the afternoon but with this- i can barely even make it to the washroom. So its just watching the game (again) and my HP book all day.

Wings with the boys tomolo! Saturday, J's bbq and watchin the losers match between Germany and Uruguay (may the cuties duke it out for 3rd place!) with K. My entire Sunday is reserved for futbol.

and then Monday means routines back into place. Can you believe it? Its already been a month and the tournament is ending!!!!!! Life is going to be so meaningless and empty.



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