The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Monday, October 11, 2010

30 Day Meme: Day 6

Read the intro to this: here

Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

Those who REALLY know me would find this list superbly boring. So i apologize in advance. Also because i'm really tired. I'm going to copy and paste something similar i wrote up a year ago that would work for this.
  1. I'm a fob. I listen to only chinese music, watch chinese dramas and can read chinese. 
  2. My first crush was a brown boy. 
  3. My first best friend was a black girl. 
  4. I've stolen before. And was caught. lolll
  5. When i'm stressed/working hard/angry, i listen to movie soundtracks (i.e. the Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, etc.) at max volume to calm myself down..
  6. I owe the Toronto Public Library $200 in late fees.
  7. Because i am such a "tall" asian girl, when we were little in "folk dancing"- i was ALWAYS danced as the "male" and had to partner with a girl (i feel sorry for that girl that had to be paired with she-boy aka me)....meanwhile all the other girls gets a BOY partner :(
  8. My favorite food is potatoes and yams. lollllllll
  9. i was totally into wrestling (like..WWE, WWF..haha) when i was little and would watch it with my mom and brother and idolized Kane (the undertaker's brother LOL)
  10. As you all know probably, i am a stalker. i have the word stalker stomped all over my forehead.
  11. i also have my wedding planned and am very obsessed with weddings in general. yes i follow wedding blogs even though im not a bride,i have inspiration boards, i know wedding designer names and can tell what dress is designed by whom, colors, flowers, invitations, themes, etc etc! you name it, i probably have thought of it AND can show you a picture reference.
  12. ive drowned before. none of that "help help"-im drowning but my friends pulled me up in time scenario. it was the kind where the lifeguard had to jump into the giant wave pool to save me because i was too close to where the "Wave machine" was and it was pulling me down and i was at the bottom of the pool. it was absolutely embarrassing when he had to blow the whistle and two of them went after me as i swung my arms wildly and screamed for help.
  13. i thought (emphasis on the word THOUGHT) i was the most bad-ass asian in my grade in middle school and dressed like a thug with a matching bandana wherever i went.
  14. Growing up i've always been a target for bullies, for obvious reasons haha it wasnt pleasant.
  15. i have the worst sense of smell in the world. i cannot smell anything even if its the worst BO in the world. and when i AM able to smell something.....its gotta be pretty bad...the type that makes others tear up
  16. With that said i am almost legally blind (with severe astigmatism), i am clumsy b/c im tall but have little feet thus unable to balance myself, i have no sense of smell, i have TERRIBLE hearing (half of the time im actually guessing what people are actually saying. im just reallly good at hiding it). THEREFORE- i. am. a. handicap. partially.
  17. Obsessed with: scarves (i have about 20 (lost five) and counting) and nail polish. even if im dirt poor i will not hesitate when it comes to buying these two things. l'll hesitate with necessities like food but not these two.
  18. i have a tendency to speak really LOUD and QUICKLY when im excited. Apparently this has been a character trait of mine since grade 1, seeing that the teacher has told my dad at a parent/teacher interview that i had a tendency to not breath when i spoke, when excited.
  19. i don't eat any vegetables at all, due to a psychological fear i developed when i was four. Meaning i haven't had anything relating to vegetables prior to that age. No salads, no onions in my pho, no vegetable soup, no tomato bits in my pasta, no NOTHING. I would literally pick it all out with my utensils or fingers and gross everyone out at the dinner table. those who dont know me think im being snobby and picky and those who knows questions my pooping habits. i cant win no matter what.
  20. i have drank gravy before and it was effing great. i would do it again.
  21. I use to be 160lbs and had a 38-40" waist. i ate and binged at night. i ate because my philosophy was im fat already, this bowl/plate/bag of whatever wont matter. i've worn my dad's straight cut jeans out of the house before because it fitted me at the time. it was a very dark dark period in my life
  22. ive gone into semi-depression before. the kind where i isolated myself at lunch time, in the dark in our art hall so i can cry without anyone seeing, crying in class, crying on the bus, crying at home, crying when i was throwing up, choking on my puke b/c i was crying. it was worst then my "Fat" period. i called this my 6453 period
  23. i consider myself to be a really big boy because im into guy things like pokemon, marvel, comics, creepy slasher things and perverted dirty jokes.
  24. All my life, ive always been into only white guys because i think they are beautiful eyecandy and great fantasy material...but ive dated only asians....sort of. So i won't date/or approach a white guy. Unless you're soccer player. Then yes i will date you.
  25. When i was five, my four front teeth were removed due to the fact my teeth were rotten from cavities. its actually pretty nasty. then over the years ive gotten root canals, more cavitiy fillings, wisdom teeth extraction and finally braces! i heart the dentist.
  26. I was seriously considering going into Forensic Pathology (the art of dissecting human corpses and finding out the cause of their death) instead of GCM but i switched paths when akemi pointed out i can have no family/normal life if i choose that path of doom and depression.
  27. i am the most emotional person you can meet (according to some personality test, i scored a whoooping 83% on the emotional scale. apparently 60% is the most any student has ever scored says one of my profs...pwahha i totally smashed that.)
  28. i cant draw if my life depended on it. and....i call myself a "Designer". i am a fraud. (i can draw using a mouse though!!!! if that helps.)
  29. When im really sad. instead of falling asleep, i go on the website, and read all about serial murderers, rapists, unsolved mysteries etc. its actually really creepy and i would read until the sun came up
    1.  i've actually read a good 60% of the stories on that site. i think thats even more...disturbing
  30. i find that the most peaceful place in the world, is sitting on the toilet with something to read. u mite wanna think twice about borrowing a book from me.



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