The most important thing I realized is that painful breakups, unrequited love, shitty jobs and the like help us to BUILD CHARACTER and that no matter how bad it feels, we are much better off because of it. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make sure you can. Forget what you want to remember what you deserve.You may not end up where you thought you'd be, but you'll always end up where you were meant to be. You can either let these bad things, define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Fight through it like a warrior. Greater things are to come.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Montreal & GNOx3

Warning now. This is going to be long.&& Things will be added periodically throughout the day because i wanted to publish this so people have something to read!!!! So come back!

I am finally back from Montreal and it feels really different coming back. Aside from the astronomical pain from my feet (i still can't walk properly) which completely makes me wonder how its possible. I swear ive clubbed more before and i've never had this problem so i am suspicious it might be something else but no idea what in the world it can be. I digress. Anyways i returned feeling really bittersweet because of the epiphany morning i had on my second night in MTRL. It's like the awakening from a really amazing dream but the reality is that you can't be dreaming forever. I'll elaborate on that later. Back to the trip.

DAY 0.5. 
The girls came to get me and we departed TOR at around 7pm and arrived in MTRL at 12:30am ish and decided to start on the dancing and drinking. P's friend L was very generous and kind to offer us his hospitality for the night (since we booked the hotel for Sat morning and on) and actually for the entire weekend he was a great host. We totally owe him one on that. Just some thoughts in point-form:

  • The poutine wasn't very good. And this was my after drinking snack at 330am and most of the time food after drinking is always food...i was royally disappointed because i expected to eat the most amazing poutine in Mtrl & i didnt. Boourns.
  • The clubs/bars/lounge (we club-hopped) we went to....were 90% guys. Not good looking ones either. There were ALOT of "Afro-Canadians" (lol). I found that UBER weird.
  • There were NO asians (guy or girl!!!!!!!!). Only P, L and i were asian.
  • They played ONLY House music. No need to elaborate there because house music gives me a fucking headache.
  • Slept at 5am after a failed attempt to inflate an air mattress lol

Day 2

  • I think i'm on an Eggs Benedict high. I love that stuff. I can drink that hollandaise sauce stuff i swear
  • We spent the day roaming DT Mtrl. It was actually the same day that the Mtrl Habs were playing and i was really scared because of the previous "happy riot" which resulted in stores being looted and lots of arrests made. I was kinda antsy for sure. 
  • Also got our nails and toes done. We spent FOUR HOURS at P's Dad's salon. It was LONG haha. lol 
  • Ok but that was NOTHING compared to us getting ready to go out that night with Ram and the boys. 
  • It was mainly us trying to keep K in the washroom so we can prepare for her belated birthday "surprise". Hapy Belated Dear!!! =]
  • Usher's OMG has OFFICIALLY become our new anthem. When that song is played, we seriously go freaking nuts (in the club or at the hotel room). It's SO annoying but i can't stop putting it on repeat. 
  • I got SO trashed that night. It was the best type of buzz/trashed where I don't remember portions of the night (actually they were VERY fuzzzzy) and danced without feeling the pain in my feeet but I don't rmb half of the shit that happened. i REALLY need someone to tell me what happened. haha
  • I walked home barefooted. The whole nine yards!!! 
  • This was also my epiphany night. Slept at 6am

But the cousin read somewhere that Urban Outfitters is going bankrupt!??! (In Canada). Someone confirm that for me please!!!!!!!!!

Day 3

  • We morphed into tourists and did lots of tourist-y like things. 
  • I had a bitching time during dimsum. I really don't like poor customer service and i especially do not like it coming from CHINESE people. Specifically little dimsum ladies that basically BULLY us because we're a bunch of younger girls that don't know how to properly eat dimsum. Yeah well when poor service involves food, i actually get ALOT more pissed and then i become mouthy. Not a good experience, i completely lost my appetite.
  • Walked around Old Montreal and eventually became so exhausted we HAD to go back to nap for a good 3 hours before going out to eat and club for one more night
  • We played 100 during dinner and was TERRIBLY disappointed. Zero hot men. i Swear they mustve gone to Toronto
  • The club/party we went to was actually really dry.....until DJ Baby Yu (Toronto Dj!!!!!!) started spinning and that's when it became pretty awesome
  • I was surprised how good looking he was. (Y) Too bad i heard he's a midget.
  • I would say this would be our wildest night. I also must keep in mind that i am NOT 21 anymore and i cannot do what i use to be able to do. It is very dangerous. lol
  • The girls dancing on stage here in MTRL are so much friendlier than the ones in toronto!! they invite you to go up on stage and even dance with you!! i swear all the girls in TO they just wanna hog the damn stage/platform and gives you the bitch stare of death of u dare try to come on. Some might even wanna try to kill you!!! But that's just me exaggerating.
  • Slept at 5am

Day 4 (Things slowed down)
  • On the last day, we honestly were just so damn pooped. Cleaning up of the hotel room was brutal because it looked like the room exploded and threw up plastic cups, towels, makeup and pink feathers lol
  • Had breakfast with L at Coras. Again, me with the awesome Egg Benedict.
  • Then went around town to buy smoked meat and bagels. I was at the point that i couldn't even walk in i stayed in the car and opted out of these "Delicious" bagels i was told about.
  • So i also bought this...smoked meat sandwich and it was DISGUSTINGLY good. I should have bought about 8 of them home.
  • The car ride home was soooo long. Thank god for Sex and the City on DVD!!

I love you girls.

Thank you for being there with a shoulder when i needed it most (cousin).


MsTran said...

we had an incredibly wonderful time! lots and lots memories! hahah i was telling Joo some stories but kept hopping from one to another... TOO MANY MEMORIES! loves ya!

&& i'm sooo sorry!! it was actually American Apparel.. not urban outfitters! LOL i got mixed up because they mention both:


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