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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Prince of Persia

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After a day filled with lots of cheese grating, hamburger patties making and spending time with the cousin- comes my wonderful night with the Prince of Persia aka Jake Gyllenhaal.

Lame. haha

Watched the movie with C and it wasn't a bad movie at all (as the boys probably thought it would be)!!! At the very least- there was LOTS of fighting and war scenes in this movie that got me on the edge of my seat....while sex and the city i was just prayingggggggg for drama to happen. That's the difference there. Its SO sad that im comparing SATC2 with Prince of Persia but seeing i watched two movies back to back, i really gotta say i enjoyed watched Jake Gyllenhaal flex more. haha It WAS a bit outrageous how the movie turned him into this ancient spider-man/superman/jackie chan like person that can climb/jump/fight without a SCRATCH. There was this one scene there was like 10 of these creepy assassin men that was TRAINED to kill and he was able to get away perfectly fine!!!! I mean he's hot but his invincibility kinda bothered me lol

&& at the end this damn black guy stole what could have been MY ticket to claim Prince of Persia promo prizes that could have been the COUSINs gift...grrrrrr.

I gotta go on a movie detox. I swear.

PS. Got these GORGEOUS white Converse ballet flats from the cousin and i LOVE THEM. Thnx love! I can't wait to start dirtying them up by wearing them all summer lol


MsTran said...

you're welcome!!

and I was PLEASANTLY suprised to see numerous shots of Jake pop up on the blogger feed... I almost drowned in my drool just now! hahaah

& THANK YOU for helping me set up/prep for the bbq! If you weren't for you, I don't think we'd have those delicious burgers yesterday <3


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