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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On-the-go Blogging/Bitching

Yawns. I'm currently at the Pension/Old Age Security Canada Office with zee mother and grandma to get an address change. We've been waiting for about 45mins (and counting) to get a simple address change. Omgoddd. What in the world is going on in the "back" that is taking soooo long.


Unbelievable. Its either there's some old age security crisis they need to tend to for the Prime Ministers grandma that requires ALL on-duty employees or all the damn workers are waiting for their freaking Timmiez and aren't moving their asses until they get it!!!! I have already "kindly helped myself" (took) all the available "employment" resources for my brother, printed plenty of job listings for myself, brother and father (the Pension/OldAge office is shared with Employment Canada) and almost finished my Sb tea ON TOP of the waiting - almost no change in the sequence of people who were here before us. Only 2 people were served. GAHH.

There's also a guy here that's walking around helping the patrons on the computers. Clearly he works for the government too. He came up to me too and asked if I needed help. The first thing I thought was how much was he paid (must be plentifuls!!!!!), not what I should answer him (a polite no thanks).

I along with the many people I know, we hold a strong stereotype biased against Government workers and feel like they are snooty and enjoys taking their time doing nothing....while being paid quite "healthy"-ly. All workers should be paid healthyyyyyyyyyy like these........I just saw a man walk to the back carrying newspapers and lots of timmiessss.


Wells. Since I can't join em. I can only hate. Haaaa

Okay Bye.


Ok so it was finally our turn just now and the address change took literally 3 minutes. Why? Because they actually received prior notification from Revenue Canada about the address change but they were unable to "accept" (and chose to IGNORE IT) it because the person (my grandma) has not come to confirm this with them (being Pension/OldAgeSecurity). Um. I would think if one side of the government has already verified and approved of the change, why would the other side not trust that? Talk about INEFFICIENCIES. OMGG. So I literally think all she had to do was click a CONFIRM button and there goes my morning!!!!!I lost my morning to a CLICK OF A BUTTON. ( I hate being SO dramatic but i really could have been doing something else and saved almost 7 bucks in bus fare cuz i paid for both my mom AND my grandma).

That said, after being helped and on our way going home my grandma did not stop raving to my mom about how:
"lek" (successful/good/smart)
"see mun" (polite/courteous)
and "lang" (pretty) 
the Chinese girl that did the CLICKING for us, was. I suppose comparatively, i am pretty not lek, not lang and really not that see mun. In fact im quite cho lo (butch, mean, rough). I can definitely see why my grandma preferred the clicky girl. Bleh&sighs.

Oh and btw. during my walk towards/out from the "back", I noticed people mingling with timmies in one hand and trail mix in the other.


Government of Canada you fail.  
(But I would still love to work for u and maybe show my grandma i can be "lek" too....)

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holy shit, you wrote all of this on your bb??!!! talk about efficient!! LOL
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ok i'm talking to myself now.. i'll ttyl :)


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